Future Rock Legends predicts the 2008
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees

Update: The official 2008 Rock Hall Nominees have been announced.

Future Rock Legends forecasts which of today's artists will be the next generation's Rock & Roll Hall of Famers by using a combination of historically predictive criteria, user votes, and nomination patterns. The official 2008 nominations are determined by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation's 32-member Nominating Committee and typically are finalized in mid-September.

Future Rock Legends predicts the following artists will be on the 2008 ballot. The "Current Induction Chances" represent the artist's odds of ever being inducted into the Hall of Fame, as calculated by Future Rock Legends and its users.
  • Metallica - Easily the most important heavy metal band of the last quarter century, Metallica are as sure-fire Hall of Famers as they come.
    Current Induction Chances: 89%

  • Madonna - The Queen of Pop is clearly one of the most exceptional and enduring artists to have emerged from the 80's.
    Current Induction Chances: 83%

  • Sonic Youth - In addition to creating what many consider the best album of the 1980's (Daydream Nation), Sonic Youth continue to serve as role models for an entire generation of indie rockers.
    Current Induction Chances: 68%

  • Beastie Boys - Although it would be odd to induct the Beastie Boys before the likes of Run DMC and other hip hop forerunners, momentum has been building for their induction.
    Current Induction Chances: 82%

  • Afrika Bambaataa - The Rock Hall inducted Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five in 2007, so now it can set its sights on another hip hop pioneer.
    Current Induction Chances: 29%

  • The Stooges - Iggy Pop and company have been nominated six times since 1997, including each of the last four years. This should be the year that finally puts them over the top.
    Current Induction Chances: 69%

  • The Dave Clark Five - After last year's widely publicized voting scandal involving the DC5, look for the Nominating Committee to give them another chance this year.
    Current Induction Chances: 42%

  • Chic - The Nominating Committee loves to keep putting their favorite artists on the ballot until the voters finally relent and induct them. Chic have been nominated in 2003, 2006, and 2007.
    Current Induction Chances: 46%

  • John Mellencamp - The Nominating Committee put Mellencamp's name on the ballot in 2004 and 2006, so it seems likely it could be his time again in 2008.
    Current Induction Chances: 62%

  • The Cure - The Cure gave birth to goth rock then crossed over to the mainstream and became an important influence on today's emo bands.
    Current Induction Chances: 68%

  • Kraftwerk - Allmusic.com declares that Kraftwerk's music "resonates in virtually every new development to impact the contemporary pop scene of the late- 20th century, and as pioneers of the electronic music form, their enduring influence cannot be overstated." Kraftwerk were nominated in 2003, so they should still have advocates on the Nominating Committee.
    Current Induction Chances: 67%

[Predictions posted September 19, 2007]

Update: The official 2008 Rock Hall Nominees have been announced.

The Rock Hall voting committee should receive their official ballots in late September or October, and the winners will be announced in December or January. The 2008 inductees will then be honored at the annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony in March.

Last year, Future Rock Legends correctly predicted five of the nine nominees, and four out of the five inductees.

Artists are eligible for the Rock Hall 25 years after releasing their first record (anyone with a record released up through 1982). Future Rock Legends lists eligible artists by first year of eligiblity or alphabetically.

This site is not affiliated in any way with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation.

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For induction:

kraftwerk (wildcard)

The science, the science...

Posted by Full Fibre on Tuesday, 09.18.07 @ 23:04pm

Unfortunately we're still leaving out important artists like Alice Cooper, KISS, and Little Feat.

Posted by Dick Weed on Wednesday, 09.19.07 @ 00:50am

What, no Ringo?

Actually a pretty good list, though I would have included Tom Waits and Joy Division.

Posted by kenny on Wednesday, 09.19.07 @ 09:15am

This seems like a sensible list. The kind of list that I would HOPE that the Rock Hall comes up with.

The only thing is, the Rock Hall typically comes up with at least one out-of-left-field nomination that nobody sees coming. I'm talking about the Ronettes last year and Miles Davis the year before. What you need to do is randomly pick one artist who's been eligible for at least 15 years and never been nominated. The Association or Peter & Gordon or somebody like that, except the Rock Hall will come up with somebody more obscure than that.

Posted by A-Killa on Wednesday, 09.19.07 @ 09:26am

Genesis and ABBA have a big chance too. Genesis (without Peter Gabriel) reunited recently and went on a succesful tour, gaining quite a lot of publicity and a renewed interest in their music. Same goes for ABBA, as the musical "Mamma Mia!" was based on their best known hits and became one of the most succesful musicals of the decade, and Madonna sampled one of their songs for the biggest hit on her latest album. RRHOF would probably love to see Madonna being accompanied by Björn & Benny, doing a "Hung Up/Gimme Gimme Gimme" medley at the induction ceremony.

Posted by The Claw on Wednesday, 09.19.07 @ 09:36am

If this is what happens then I say

Beastie Boys
The Stooges
John Mellencamp

Once the real nominations are announce hopefully we see artist like Rush, Genesis, Def Leppard, Kiss, and Alice Copper on the ballot.

According to cleveland.com, they say that this could be the year of Ringo Starr, so there could be a chance that we see his name on the 2008 rock hall nominees ballot.

Posted by KVP on Wednesday, 09.19.07 @ 12:29pm

Alternative universe Music Journalism Bigwig Kit looks at this slate, and fills his ballot as follows:

Sonic Youth
The Stooges
The Cure
Beastie Boys

It's time for the rock hall to step into what the next generation had to offer, or it risks becoming a completely insular "Hey, weren't the sixties cool?" building.

Posted by Kit on Wednesday, 09.19.07 @ 12:38pm

The nominees should hopefully be

Def Leppard
Alice Cooper
The Stooges
The Moody Blues
The Guess Who
The Dooibe Brothers

But that deffitly won't happen and if it did the inductees should be

The Doobie Brothers
Def Leppard
The Moody Blues

Posted by OZZY on Wednesday, 09.19.07 @ 15:57pm


Posted by Greg on Wednesday, 09.19.07 @ 16:01pm

what about janet jackson over madonna anyone?
however, i would like to see some of the vocal groups from 70's inducted. and what about the ohio players or war or chicago.
but if the beasties boys get in before run-dmc that would be a shame, i mean who brought who where.

Posted by kirby on Wednesday, 09.19.07 @ 19:34pm

Janet Jackson will probably be in 25 years after Control because that's when alot of people found out about her music and pushed her away from her superstar brothers.

Beastie Boys should get in at their first year because they were huge icon in the hip hop world, the rock world, and the MTV viewers.

John Mellencamp
Alice Cooper
Def Leppard
Ringo Starr
Bon Jovi
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Peter Gabriel
Dire Straits

Should be honored by the next 5 years at least as well as other deserving artist who have been overlooked

Posted by KVP on Wednesday, 09.19.07 @ 20:25pm

Madonna has to inducted. Love or hate her she is one of the most innovative and creative artists in history she is a true icon and legend. Without Madonna there would be lost music culture. Michael Jackson?? Prince???

Posted by jen on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 00:03am

Cat Stevens, for sure, should be nominated and inducted!

Posted by Missy on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 00:51am

My ballot from the above choices:

1. Kraftwerk
2. The Stooges
3. Sonic Youth
4. The Cure
5. Beastie Boys

Beasties are last because it's not really 25 years since they dropped their guitars and yells and traded them in for turn tables, Dust Brothers, and Buddhism.

Metallica is a lock no matter, so I'd let them wait. Call it revenge for everything done after Puppets.

Madonna really doesn't deserve it. Totally an image thing and it seems like it's always the case that only her latest album is the one that's a limp, turgid and stale record, outdated to the core with no real merits for the wonder kids of tomorrow. In fact, SY's "Into The Groove(y)" is better than the rest of Madonna's discography combined.

John Mellencamp has no business even being on the ballot. I delved into his stuff, and I don't want to smell verbal diarrhea from his fanbase. Just say no.

Kit, did you have a brainfart? Metallica over Kraftwerk? Must I still away your cred?

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 02:21am

typo - I meant to say "latest album is the ONLY one" for Madonna. In other words, she's good at staying modern, but at the sacrifice of creating anything of lasting impact. Honestly, pick up the Immaculate Collection if you don't believe me and try to refrain from pressing the skip button. Just try.

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 02:23am

Oh my god, ignoring the fanboy Janet shite, etc....are people really throwing Ringo in because they read some article from a Beatles fanatic? That article strained credulity to the core and I didn't even bother passing it onto FutureRockHall when I first ran across it. It's just an individual that listens to McCartney's Ram everyday and anything else done by ex-Beatles (and together, naturally). Nobody's more obsessive than these guys, but there's no real case that can be made for Ringo. Two acknowledged good (but certainly not great albums) that were elevated above insipid thanks to (guess who) appearances by the other three former band mates. That's it. Nothing innovative, hardly influential, blah blah.

Now, there's been a few odd dissenters that would agree with this point and argue that the other three's inductions were also a farce, but they each have their own merits that I won't go into now, but they're hardly a stretch.

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 02:28am

K. Wouldn't that suck if like they had Kraftwerk, The Stooges and Nick Drake all on the ballot. The SAME ballot with four obvious locks. Ugh. Then the imbecilic committee would say "look, nobody voted for them" and they'd be cleared from the ballot. :(

Hell, if anything I would like it to be the four unavoidable choices and The Stooges and for the ballot not to contain any left-of-center choices for people like Kit and myself. They'd have a fair shot next year.

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 02:40am

The day Janet Jackson gets indiucted is the day I lose faith in all mankind.

Posted by Grant on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 06:27am

I'd put the predicted acts in this order of "canonicality" (a vague combination of historical importance, critical acclaim, popularity, status, and other related terms):

1. Kraftwerk
2. Madonna
3. Metallica
4. The Stooges
5. The Beastie Boys
6. Chic
7. The Cure
8. Sonic Youth
9. Afrika Bambaataa
10. John Mellencamp
11. The Dave Clark Five

Posted by The Claw on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 06:27am

"John Mellencamp has no business even being on the ballot. I delved into his stuff, and I don't want to smell verbal diarrhea from his fanbase. Just say no." -Casper

As a tryue believer in Mellencamp, allow me to squirt some of my explosive bowel movement all over you, Casper - he absolutely belongs. If you can't grasp his songwriting prowess and appreciate his contributions and longevity and just plain talent... then I pity you.

Posted by shawn on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 09:41am

"K. Wouldn't that suck if like they had Kraftwerk, The Stooges and Nick Drake all on the ballot. The SAME ballot with four obvious locks." - Casper

This is precisely why I keep advocating inducting 9 or 10 acts now for the next 5-6 years. Why is it suddenly policy to only induct 5? The gridlock is only going to worsen year after year after year now, and impossible choices are going to have to be made, more left behind yet another year.

Posted by shawn on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 09:46am

"Kit, did you have a brainfart? Metallica over Kraftwerk? Must I still away your cred?"

Kraftwerk gets honorary slot 5A, used in case someone suddenly gives me some sort of personal slight.

Metallica hasn't put out a good album in close to twenty years, but their first foru albums are too big, too important, and too good to be obfuscated by everything that came after.

Posted by Kit on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 11:57am

Mellencamp has hokey lyrics, minimal musicianship, and the obvious fact that he's looking in the Springsteen play book at nearly every corner. Still, as far as (and yes I will use the word) mainstream acts that are eligible, but not in the Hall, I'd concede he's in the Top 30, but there's at least forty more valuable acts that haven't even been discussed in a Hall round table as of yet.

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 13:22pm

Metallica is my top choice. It goes without saying.

I also have to give it up to Madonna. I read the following about her when I googled: ""She was upset and in tears a lot of the time. Normally she's a very fast worker, but it took maybe three or four times as long to make tis record because she kept breaking down" recalled Pat Leonard. "We called it her divorce album". Madonna was in a tense mood. "She and Pat fought even more on this record. They were fighting because it was her second time producing, and she had to prove to everyone it wasn't a fluke", says Bruce Gaitsch, a guitarist on the album. "Madonna was in a determined mood. Things were falling apart with Sean and she was on her way to becoming single, so she was concentrating on the music. She'd make very detailed notes on our playing. A lot of the time I was sweating".

Not only was Madonna delving deep for lyrical content, she was also a new woman in the studio. Gone was the girl on the Like a Virgin sessions, working on hunch and instinct. With Like a Prayer she had clear knowledge, not just of what different instruments were capable of, but how to articulate and achieve the sounds she heard in her head. Guy Pratt (bassist) recalls: "I remember the first take of my first session with all the band. We played the song 'Oh Father' once through with Madonna singing. As soon as we finished, she said 'OK Jon (drummer Jonathan Moffet), do less of the high hat in the middle eight and more of a fill towards the end. Guy, I want duck's eggs (semibreves) on the end, and Chester, bring in your guitar on the second verse..." While singing this song for the first time with us, she noted what each of us had done, and could convey what she wanted in clear, concise English. We ran through it once again, did one take with vocals, once more with strings and that was it, I was amazed".

Bruce Gaitsch was impressed with her decisiveness. "She'd say to Pat, "That's as good as it's gonna get". He'd raise his eyebrow. She'd say "I'm serious it's done".

Crouch (from the LA Community Choir) was struck by her dedication to the music. His sister Sandra was playing tambourine on the track, and for the recording they tried out different rhythms. After a while Madonna stopped and said "Sandra, will you go back to bar 32 and do that" and she tapped out the rhythm...Crouch was shocked: "Madonna knew what bar it was and we'd gone through it just one time. I wouldn't expect her to remember that in a thousand years - I can't do that! She knows her music."

Impressive and her music really is good. And I think she has real artistic merit.

Def Leppard would be awesome. Beasties of course. Good good selection.

Posted by Jimmy on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 20:51pm

If Bob Seger and Jackson Browne were inducted, then I expect John Mellencamp will be inducted too.

Since The Police and The Eagles reunited this year, I wouldn't be surprised if Sting and Don Henley get nominated for their solo careers.

Is Tina Turner's solo work already eligible? She seems like a lock. Maybe she will be eligible 25 years after her "Private Dancer" album ?

I think Peter Gabriel will be inducted soon.

Female fronted bands like The Pretenders and Blondie have been inducted lately. I expect The B-52's to be inducted soon.

I wouldn't be surprised if unexpected wildcards turn up on the ballot like The Kingsmen, Procol Harum, Derek And The Dominoes or The Crystals.


Casper - You keep mentioning influence. Catalog of music is also a huge factor in getting inducted.

Posted by David on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 21:17pm

Metallica, Madonna, The Stooges, and The Dave Clark Five. The fifth will either be another first-time eligible, or a backlog from any era (obviously. my money is on Chic.

As much as Sonic Youth deserves to be a first-ballot lock, I just don't see them getting in this year. Maybe I'll be proven wrong. :)

I agree with the Beastie Boys waiting until the 25th anniversary of Licensed to Ill. I can't realistically see them being inducted before Run-DMC.

I loathe John Mellencamp's music, but if they've already inducted someone like Bob Seger, there's no doubt he's getting in eventually.

Also, the nominating committee needs to seriously start discussing The Cure and Depeche Mode. Any person who's the least bit knowledgeable about innovative and influential 80's music should consider them shoo-ins.

Posted by Antonio on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 06:02am

Ozzy Osbourne
Iron Maiden
Deep Purple
Alice Cooper
Judas Priest
Thin Lizzy

Posted by yoodik on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 07:57am

"Ozzy Osbourne
Iron Maiden
Deep Purple
Alice Cooper
Judas Priest
Thin Lizzy"

anything not to do with metal AT ALL?

Posted by liam on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 10:10am

I can't believe there isn't more love and support for one of the top 3 guitarists of all time, the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan. Even Eric Clapton refers to SRV as one of the greatest, and who's to argue with God himself?

Stevie wailed the Blues during a decade when the Blues had no following, and he single handedly elevated the sound and emotion of the Blues to a new level.

When popular music was dominated by trashy metal hair bands (see previous posts) who dripped trashy style and no musical substance from every pore, SRV blew them all away with a real, authentic, powerful and emotional wall of sound.

Since Rock and Roll is the ugly red haired stepchild of the Blues, stealing (or borrowing liberally without returning in kind) much of what the Blues has to offer, it only makes sense that the HOF should honor the best of Rock and Roll's roots.

SRV is the heart and soul of the Blues for the past 25 years, and each year that passes from 2008 and beyond without his place in the HOF, the bigger the hole is in the hall's credibility.

RIP SRV. Forever gone by not forgotten.

Posted by Don Andrews on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 11:20am

Vaughan isn't eligible until next year. Dial back the outrage a notch.

Posted by Kit on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 12:28pm

The Beasties have momentum this year, but it just doesn't make any sense. This is the 25th year of their hardcore punk recordings, not their hip-hop recordings. They'll have to come a few years later when License to Ill turns 25.

Metallica is a lock...forget St. Anger...they revolutionized the metal field...thrash legends, One is on Guitar Hero III, tons of awards, major influence on today's metal/rock bands, played hard rock, heavy metal, and thrash metal, even tried out the ballad, something most metal bands don't do.

Like it or not, it's evident Madonna will be in as mentioned before. She was the pop icon of the 80s, and if Michael Jackson got in, then expect her to get in too.

The Stooges have been knocking for a while so it's either this year or next year before the door finally breaks down.

The Cure better be on the nominations. More than ever have they been influential. Robert Smith's vocal has been influential to others...he's hooked up with a whole load of bands.

Posted by maplejet on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 13:14pm

Prety much agreed with most of that, except the current state of The Cure is incredibly offputting. Aswell as that South Park ep. Disgrace

Posted by liam on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 13:21pm

As long as anti-American shitheads like John Mellencamp,and Madonna and rap artists don't get in,then everything will be fine

Moody Blues
Ringo Starr
Deep Purple
Dave Clark Five
Herman's Hermits
Grand Funk Railroad
Cheap Trick
Chubby Checker
Procol Harum
Steve Winwood
Doobie Brothers
Steve Miller
Phil Ochs
The Zombies/Argent
Thin Lizzy
Carole King (solo)

people who are ACTUALLY Rock and Roll artists who've had a temendous impact on the genre for 40 years and are being overlooked

wake up hall of fame and induct these fine people before they all die, and not the political bastards that plauge the image of the hall

Posted by danny on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 17:56pm

See I was worried you were serious until I got to Chubby Checker. I salute you for your amazing sense of humor.

Posted by Kit on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 18:17pm

There you go again...seing the trees rather than the forest..oh well

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 19:20pm

Hasn't Mellancamp raised millions for farmers in need? How is that anti-American?

Posted by A-Killa on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 20:45pm

JM is more anti-Bush than anti-American. It is funny though when someone engages in the very thing that makes the USA unique to some other countries (i.e. being permissible to criticize the president or gov't), he or she is pinned as anti-American when nothing could be further from the truth. That is, what separates the US from many other nations - is that we are allowed to criticize our gov't and president and not have to be worried that someone will shoot us, fine us or put us in jail.

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 22:26pm

"Vaughan isn't eligible until next year. Dial back the outrage a notch."

Outrage? His post seemed sincere and laudable towards SRV more than anything else.

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 22:34pm

"See I was worried you were serious until I got to Chubby Checker."

Really? I got it at Ringo

Posted by liam on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 11:31am

oh let's not get into politics here. Anti-American? Mellencamp and Madonna? I don't think so. They are anti-Bush which seems to offend some sensitive souls. Get over it.

Also, some of you don't understand that R&R just doesn't encompass music heavy on guitar. Pop music IS a form of Rock, like it or not. I really hate musical snobbery. Its the sign of intellectual weakness.

There are many nominees that deserve to get in. Madonna being #1. She is an innovative artists, has taken tremendous musical risks( research her legendary battles with WBR and insisting on releasing many un-radio friendly singles), she is a gifted songwriter and always had that rebel rock attitude. Not too mention she performed in many punk and ska bands before becoming famous, playing both guitar and drums. Oh, lets not forget she is the most successful female recording artit of all time, by far.

I will have opinions on the others when I research them later.

Posted by Andrea on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 15:59pm

Metallica and Madonna are definate locks among the newcomers. Having released a new album this year, the Stooges will finally get in. And Kraftwerk must be inducted so New Order and Depeche Mode can get in; it all about order.

With the release of the movie Control and the re-release of their all their albums, Joy Division has agood chance of making the ballot this year. Hopefully thy get in as well.
Same goes for Genesis with thier tour. This probably the most deserving band not to be in the Hall yet!!!

Finally, I'm holding a light for Toto this year: they begin their 30 anniversary toor next year and hoefully that would make people wake up and realise what a kick -ass band they really are!

Oh...and the Cure should be in there too.

Posted by Joseph on Sunday, 09.23.07 @ 03:13am

still no MIRACLES on this , the 20th anniversary of Smokey's individual induction. This doesn't bode well. not only for them , but for numerous other classic soul/ R&B groups, none of which have been even MENTIONED for induction.Looks like RAP & HIP- HOP has not only blown R&B off the radio, but also out of the minds of the RRHOF induction committee.No R&b groups in 4 YEARS AND COUNTING.Do you really think AFRIKA BAMBAATAA and GRANDMASTER FLASH have had more hits than THE MIRACLES ??

Posted by bill g on Monday, 09.24.07 @ 06:57am

..... not to mention THE RONETTES ( 4 hits ) and PERCY SLEDGE (1 hit. ) .

Posted by bill g on Monday, 09.24.07 @ 07:18am

Again: Hits do not matter because the public ≠ musicians.

Posted by William on Monday, 09.24.07 @ 11:45am

genesis, judas priest, iron maiden, def leppard, duran duran should also be on the ballot

Posted by martin on Tuesday, 09.25.07 @ 21:34pm

No, they shouldn't. Then we run the risk of the old fogeys not voting for Sonic Youth or the Beastie Boys. The voters have proven themselves so horribly misinformed in the past that it's really about shoving artists into the Hall Of Fame by putting no-chancers on the ballot with them.

Posted by Casper on Wednesday, 09.26.07 @ 02:29am

they deserve it

id blow my brains out if they ever out someone snobby like yoko ono or samantha foox

Posted by martin on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 11:58am

-Afrika Bambaataa
-Beastie Boys
-Leonard Cohen
-Dave Clark Five
-John Mellencamp
-Donna Summer
-The Ventures



For Immediate Release:


(New York) — The nominations for 2008 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were announced today. The nine nominees are: Afrika Bambaataa, Beastie Boys, Chic, Leonard Cohen, The Dave Clark Five, Madonna, John Mellencamp, Donna Summer and The Ventures. Ballots with these nominees will be sent to over 500 voters who will choose the acts for inclusion into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for this year. Five new inductees will be honored at the annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on March 10, 2008 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York.

To be eligible for nomination into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an act must have released its first single or album at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. This year’s nominees had to release their first single no later than 1982.

Afrika Bambaataabegan DJing at block parties in the Bronx in 1977 with the help of Universal Zulu Nation, an organization he founded to help pull Bronx youth away from gangs. Bambaataa’s stunning knowledge of obscure funk grooves and his turntable skills earned him the nickname “Master of Records.” As his parties grew, so did his Zulu Nation – which soon encompassed the Bronx’s finest rappers, break dancers and graffiti artists. In 1982, Bambaataa released the Kraftwerk-sampling hit single “Planet Rock” which spawned an entirely new genre of music: electro funk. In 1984, he teamed up with former Sex Pistol John Lydon for “World Destruction” one of the earliest examples of rap fusing with rock and roll.

The Beastie Boys began as a hardcore punk band in 1982, but soon jumped to the city’s vibrant rap scene. Their Rick Rubin-produced album, Licensed to Ill, was a masterful collage of classic rock samples, pop culture references and bratty attitude. Its fifth single, “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” became an MTV staple and the party anthem of the 1980s. The Beasties’ follow up, 1989’s Paul’s Boutique was a critically loved masterwork of sampling. In the 1990s, they became elder statesmen of the genre, scoring monster hits (“Sabotage”, “Intergalatic”) while speaking out about social and political issues such as the Tibetan Freedom Concerts. In 2007, the Beasties released The Mix-Up, a post-punk instrumental album further showcasing their boundless originality.

Chic was a pioneering New York jazz-funk group led by Nile Rodgers on guitar, Bernard Edwards on bass and Tony Thompson on drums. Chic brought refined musicianship and rhythmic innovation to 1970s disco, and also laid the foundation for hip hop, with their song “Good Times” providing the music for the groundbreaking hit “Rapper’s Delight.” Chic created some of the disco era’s classic songs such as “Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)” and “Le Freak.” Rodgers and Edwards went on to write and produce some of the ’80s’ biggest pop songs for Madonna, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, and others.

With the 1966 release of In My Life by Judy Collins, containing Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” and “Dress Rehearsal Rag,” Cohen became a folk rock icon of the singer songwriter movement. Already an acclaimed poet and novelist in his native Canada, Cohen moved to New York in 1967 and released his classic album Songs of Leonard Cohen on Columbia Records. Its music launched Leonard Cohen into the highest and most influential echelon of songwriters. Cohen’s elegiac work is widely used in film and covered by artists from Jeff Buckley to Bono to Bob Dylan to R.E.M. As Kurt Cobain said, “Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld so I can sigh eternally.”

One of the most successful British Invasion bands of the Sixties, The Dave Clark Five topped the UK charts in 1965 with their iconic pop song “Glad All Over.” Thundering production set the DC5 apart. Their slick melodic sensibility masked their boom factor: The DC5 were the loudest group in the U.K. until the advent of The Who. Drummer, songwriter and manager Dave Clark provided a perfect foundation for Mike Smith’s soulful vocals. Reaching the Top Forty 17 times in just three years, with more appearances on the Ed Sullivan show than the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, the DC5 were an enormous pop phenomenon before disbanding in 1970. The Dave Clark Five have sold more than 50 million records worldwide to date.

Doors opened wide for Madonna Louise Ciccone in 1982, after five years as a singer and dancer on New York City’s competitive club circuit. She signed with Sire Records (her label for the next 14 years) where her idiosyncratic persona exploded onto turntables, dance floors and airwaves and captured the imagination of the first generation of MTV viewers. She went on to become the top female star of the 1980s with seven #1 hits, three #1 albums and seventeen top ten hits in that decade. In addition to molding her public image, Madonna is a meticulous studio craftsperson and completely uninhibited stage performer. From her first #1, 1984’s “Like A Virgin” (produced by Nile Rogers of Chic) to her most recent two year Confessions campaign, Madonna remains one of the most ferociously original artists in music today.

Over the course of his career, John Mellencamp has become a symbol of the hopes, struggles and passions of America’s heartland. As a songwriter, many of his efforts have transcended “hit” status (“Hurts So Good,” “Pink Houses,” “I Need A Lover”) and have entered the cultural vernacular. Mellencamp’s musical heart is in his ballads and rock numbers rooted in late 50s and early 60s rock and roll. His music describes the American experience; the hopes and fears of the common everyman. As co-founder of Farm Aid, Indiana’s favorite son gives voice to issues that might otherwise be ignored, from our disappearing farmlands to the role of race and class in America.

Raised in the church, rooted in gospel, LaDonna Andrea Gaines would become Donna Summer, the undisputed “Queen of Disco.” In 1975, “Love To Love You Baby” began a long-term association with Munich-based songwriters and producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. Summer made history from 1979-1980 as the only artist ever to have three consecutive multi disc albums all hit #1: Live and More, Bad Girls and On The Radio. Her first U.S. recorded LP, the self-titled Donna Summer, produced by Quincy Jones in 1982 featured Bruce Springsteen and other notable rock contributors. “She Works Hard For The Money” kept Summer at the top of the charts in 1983, followed by the top 10 hit “This Time I Know It’s Real” in 1989. Endless covers and sampling of her music proves that Summers’ contribution remains compelling and classic.

From Seattle, The Ventures defined instrumental guitar rock in the 1960s. Their hits bookended the decade, from 1960’s “Walk Don’t Run” to 1969’s “Hawaii Five-O.” Nokie Edwards’ twang-guitar and the crisp rhythm of Don Wilson, bassist Bob Bogle and drummer Mel Taylor gave every Ventures album their trademark bent note sound. Long admired by other bands like the Beatles (and especially George Harrison), Stephen Stills, Joe Walsh, Aerosmith, and others, The Ventures hit the Billboard chart nearly three dozen times in the 1960s. The transparent stereo mixes enabled guitarists to isolate and learn every riff, an idea that fueled 1965’s essential instruction LP Play Guitar With The Ventures. Founders of surf rock, The Ventures inspired a classic line of Mosrite guitars and have maintained a flourishing touring and recording career for decades, especially in Europe and Japan.

Five new members will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The five inductees will be announced in January, 2008, and the induction ceremony will take place on March 10, 2008. All inductees are ultimately represented in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, in Cleveland, Ohio. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is a nonprofit organization that exists to educate visitors, fans and scholars from around the world about the history and continuing significance of rock and roll music. It carries out this mission both through its operation of a world-class museum that collects, preserves, exhibits and interprets this art form and through its library and archives as well as its educational programs.

Posted by David on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 16:39pm

This is really funny...LOL, LOL, ha ha ha...what a disgrace the "rock" hall of fame is..

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 17:17pm

What a horrible ballot. Please tell me you're joking.

Posted by Kit on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 17:22pm

What is funny is that except for JM, none are even "rock" artists. Looks like the hall is at it again, attempting to re-write history through THEIR eyes.

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 17:24pm

Holy hell that's bad.

Posted by William on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 17:33pm

What? No Metallica? Still no whiff of any prog rock bands?? What tools. Do they want their institution to become irrelevant?

Madonna and the Beastie Boys are shoo-ins, and Mellencamp is solid. I agree with those three choices. If they are going to go ahead and do the rap thing, then Bambaataa seems the next logical choice. Although, Run DMC should be inducted before the Beasties. The Dave Clark 5 almost had to be given another chance due to the voting scandal last year, but they are marginal. Should not have been on the ballot at all last year anyway. The Ventures are cool, but there are more important artists still waiting. Although, with the choice of The Ventures, it is nice to see that they have not closed to door on that era just yet. Cohen is talented and respected, I guess I don't have a problem there. Although it would seem random inducting him vs. some similar artists who have yet to be nominated. Chic and Donna Summer, come on. With the titans that are still out, we're going to consider Donna freakin' Summer? Ridiculous.

Posted by Dezmond on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 18:06pm

What The Hell!!!!

First off, this is the second year in a row that they nominate only 9 artist. What happen to 15 nominees per year????

Secondly, The nominees are weak as always. Madonna, Beastie Boys, and Mellencamp are the only worthy artist.

What happen to

Alice Cooper
Def Leppard
Ringo Starr
The Cars
and other great artist.

Mellencamp better be inducted or else!!!!!!!1

Posted by Kyle on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 19:01pm

Let's see.... what highly influential and innovative early 80's artists' have they overlooked so far? Kate Bush, The Cure, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Husker Du, The Replacements, New Order... and now Sonic Youth and Metallica.

I don't know about anyone else, but they need a major overhaul on that committee if they want an accurate representation of the 80's. And if they've already had one recently, they desperately need to do it again.

Also, never did I expect Afrika Bambaataa to end up on the ballot. I guess that proves they're dead serious about letting hip-hop make its way through in the coming years. It also makes Erik B. & Rakim's chances much, much higher.

Posted by Antonio on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 19:08pm

First of all let me say that I'm SHOCKED not to see Metallica on the nominee list. Shocked. Now, as said before, the Beasties and Madonna are shoo-ins. As are the Dave Clark Five after last years fiasco. Cohen deserved to go in along time ago based on precedent, but I'm still not sure they'll recognize him (again :s). Chances are since the Beasties are probably locks Bambaataa won't go in (more than one hip-hop act might cause an uproar). The Ventures are an underrated group and probably deserve enshrinement one day. Summer & Chic I could care less about. Mellencamp had a few hits but he's basically a Springsteen/Seger wannabe and I firmly believe he doesn't belong (ironically he's probably the only REAL rock act nominated). I'm fairly dissapointed not to see the Stooges and Sonic Youth on the ballot, hopefully they'll make up for that next year (yeah, right).

If I had a ballot it would look like this...

The Beastie Boys
Leonard Cohen
The Dave Clark Five
The Ventures

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 19:50pm

Depeche Mode !
Rap can have their own Hall of Fame . By nominating artists that have little to nothing to do with Rock and Roll they are overlooking great artists like the above , Kraftwerk , Joy Division/New Order , The Smiths , Television , New York Dolls and many others that are more deserving than Donna Summer...Rock and Disco don't mix .

Posted by agent orange on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 20:13pm

"Depeche Mode !
Rap can have their own Hall of Fame . By nominating artists that have little to nothing to do with Rock and Roll..."

You mean like Depeche Mode & Kraftwerk?

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 20:24pm

I guess metallica isn't going to be consider untill next year for their debut album

Posted by martin on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 23:38pm

i don´t care who is madonna, who are the B boys.. they are not rock! they are not ROCK...

metallica most be in

Posted by ripper on Friday, 09.28.07 @ 12:15pm

The Carpenters. A huge influence.

Posted by S on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 11:08am

What about
anybody but Madonna

Posted by Rick on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 15:08pm

My Prediction in order of most likely to be inducted;

-John Mellencamp
-Donna Summer
-The Ventures
-Beastie Boys

Posted by Randy on Wednesday, 10.3.07 @ 18:26pm

yep...what you said

Posted by TROUBLE on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 01:17am

Where is Alice Cooper - Rock and Roll Hall of Shame is more like it

Posted by Ron Armstrong on Tuesday, 10.9.07 @ 19:54pm

Any rock hall that does not include the greatest and most well-rounded American rock band ever is a farce. These guys were, along with Led Zeppelin, the premier rock bands of the 70s.

Put Chicago in!

Posted by Larry Launstein Jr. on Thursday, 10.18.07 @ 06:47am

i still dont see peter frampton, thin lizzy, kiss, or the monkees on these ballads, whats goin on?

Posted by qthecosco on Thursday, 10.18.07 @ 09:34am

Madonna? Shining Star = Shit Star
Kiss - might as well nominate Spinal Tap because they Suuuuucked!
Rush - rush home and get some taste.

Posted by Phil D. Void on Monday, 10.29.07 @ 18:53pm

"rush home and get some taste."

So eloquent

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 10.29.07 @ 20:54pm

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