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What are people talking about?

About The Album Project, Ryan wrote:
The Sonics - Here Are The Sonics (1965)
Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 2 (2014)

Genre Nomination:
Albums that never made the Billboard 200
Sunday, 02.1.15 @ 14:35pm

About The Album Project, BSLO wrote:
Mary J. Blige - My Life (1994)

Genre: Country
Sunday, 02.1.15 @ 13:42pm

About The Song Project, BSLO wrote:

The Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands to Yourself (1986)
Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta (1997)

Cheering for the Seahawks tonight! I still have no idea how the Chiefs beat both Super Bowl teams this season yet lost to the Raiders and Titans and missed the playoffs. Any Given Sunday I guess.
Sunday, 02.1.15 @ 13:40pm

About Phil Ochs, Zach wrote:
Back again, I see, Dork (err, I mean, Derek)? My intention was not to troll this page. If that were the case, I simply would have just posted "Phil Ochs sucks!" However, I prefer to go beyond just one-line opinions and actually provide reasoning for why I like or dislike a particular artist.

Besides the unnecessary politics, Ochs's music irritates me because of his droning voice and appalling lack of musicianship. Let's face it, the guy wasn't a Django Reinhardt or Les Paul on the guitar, which is par for the course with folkies. That Ochs broke with tradition for the two albums you cited isn't all that impressive when you consider Bob Dylan already achieved the same thing but with more success and influence. He also demonstrated his inability to make interesting covers of others' material with his Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley medleys on the Carnegie Hall album (A concert that thankfully flopped. :)) He could have thrown in some interesting changes, but instead merely aped the originals as closely as possible, thus sounding more like a cover band or impersonator.

It has never been a requirement for music to mean anything in order to be great or transcendent. The world is divided enough as it is, we don't need songwriters to jump on the bandwagon. Politically-oriented songs age badly, much like milk. The protest and counter-protest songs of the 1960s (most overrated decade for music) mean nothing to subsequent generations as the issues and landscape change constantly. I don't exactly see a Phil Ochs or Country Joe and the Fish resurgence happening anytime soon. They're odd footnotes that may occasionally arouse discussion, but nothing more. The music of the '60s that has stood the test of time is generally apolitical, such as The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, John Coltrane, The Temptations, Booker and the MG's, and Dave Brubeck.

All music needs to do is to provide pleasure to the listener. I am a strict proponent of the art for art's sake school of thought. This is why I eschew politically-based music and prefer instrumentally-based music. I don't profess to understand how to read music, but I know what sounds complex and interesting to my ears. Chord progressions, solos, technical ability, virtuosity, and the interplay among band members are all qualities I favor. Certain genres just breed more innovation and experimentation, which is why jazz has become my preferred genre these days. Whether it's ragtime, Dixieland, swing, bop, cool, Latin, or any of the other styles, I can always find something in jazz to challenge my listening and provide the ultimate form of musical excitement. I don't like all jazz, but I respect anyone who's ever picked up a trumpet, saxophone, or what-have-you and played something good.

Although I mostly avoid insults, your lack of decorum has given me no choice but to describe you with the term of endearment I used at the beginning of this post. You honestly haven't posted anything intelligent or stimulating, so just stop now.

BTW, Arrow Man, I currently don't drive due to financial and personal matters, so I won't take your advice under consderation. I'd also recommend that you keep your options as low as possible because a musical nonentity isn't worth the gamble. I pay little attention to the Hall because of their recent embarrassments. Whether Ochs ever gets inducted or not, I won't care all that much because I know his real place in history.
Sunday, 02.1.15 @ 13:25pm

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