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What are people talking about?

About The Song Project, Jennifer wrote:
Billy R, I hope your health improves greatly for you soon. I also have health issues I struggle with daily. I totally agree that we will get to it and that the hits are easier to get to.

Rather than complain when songs or artists that people do not agree with get in and not enough of your favorites get in during a particular vote, Please Everyone Strongly Consider voting to increase the number of inductees per vote when the we vote on it again next December. With almost every vote, there are always songs that I am very happy to see get in/Finally Get In and there are always Many, Many more that I wish could get in sooner. Many great songs often repeatedly seem to come so close but fall just short of getting enough votes over several ballots. Similar to the Rock Hall of Fame, this will only improve When and If we vote to increase the number of inductees that get in at a time.

Please Remember that (also like the Rock Hall) what gets voted in is subjective since it is chosen by a majority of voters based on what each person thinks are the best songs in their opinion. Each of us is entitled to our opinions and should not be belittled simply because we do not agree. I try hard not to complain or put anyone down when they vote for a song or artist that I do not like or that I think already has too much representation because they are overrated while many songs/artists that I love do not yet have enough or any representation. Like Billy R so eloquently put it, we will get to it.

We each have our own ideas and opinions about what genres and artists are vastly underrepresented. Lets show more respect to our fellow voters by talking more about what still needs to get in rather than moaning about what songs or artists should not have gotten in during a particular vote. Like DarinRG has also eloquently described, we all have our areas of music and musicians that we can't get into and that sound the same to us so it is harder to judge the quality.

Personally, I try to see the glass as half full rather than half empty and I am grateful for each vote and/or last cut that each song that I Care a Lot about gets, most of which are not just my own nominees. (This is also part of why I try to include a list of my last cuts when I have the time to do so as well as commend the often really great lists of nominees.) Other people's positive and informative comments about nominees makes me more likely to vote for them, especially if i am not as familiar with some of them. Negative comments makes me less likely to vote for what the negative commenter is voting for rather than against whatever song/genre/artist is being complained about.
Wednesday, 05.25.16 @ 19:00pm

About The Song Project, Billy R wrote:
I tried to change the Prince momentum, few listened. Sorry for missing the last votes, I have some serious medical issues. Sucks being an ill 32 year old. Anyways, it's not like the project has to end today, or ever. Guys we will get to it, that I'm sure of. It's certainly easier to get to the hits, for obvious reasons. We will get to it though.
Wednesday, 05.25.16 @ 15:08pm

About Rock Hall Projected, Paul K. wrote:
Wire and Beyonce have my support for sure, and I'd like to make a big push for Elliott Smith if we don't feel there's bigger snubs in his category.

Also, I'd like to suggest Walt Disney as a Non-Performer, considering the major perpetuation Disney soundtracks have had on pop culture.
Wednesday, 05.25.16 @ 13:45pm

About The Song Project, Steve Z wrote:
Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better (1985) [4 Points]
The Kinks - Destroyer (1981) [3 Points]
M - Pop Muzik (1979) [2 Points]
Culture Club - I'll Tumble 4 Ya (1982) [1 Point]

I'm not a fan of how we've more than doubled the amount of Prince songs we've had in one month. Some people are speaking as if Prince was an act that had a hard time getting songs in previously. To put things in perspective, Michael Jackson has only three more songs inducted in total than the amount of Prince songs we've brought in this month alone. (And this isn't me trying to ignite a Michael Jackson push - just showing a comparison to a contemporary artist of similar acclaim from the same time period.) Just grossly excessive, in my opinion.
Wednesday, 05.25.16 @ 11:28am

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