The 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

The 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees will be enshrined at the induction ceremony on April 8th, 2016 in New York City.

The inductees were leaked by Eddie Trunk on Twitter a few hours before the official announcement on December 17th. The Non-Performer inductee was announced on January 28.



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Congratulations to N.W.A. on being inducted into the White Guys Playing Guitars Hall Of Fame!!

Posted by Philip on Wednesday, 12.16.15 @ 23:45pm

Somebody wake up Roy.

Posted by FRL on Wednesday, 12.16.15 @ 23:55pm

Nah, let him sleep. He's a had a busy time hunting down and forcing the Illuminati to make Chicago an inductee.

Posted by Philip on Wednesday, 12.16.15 @ 23:59pm

First impressions? Definitely a fan-service ballot. And what irritates me is that classic rock guys will still be irritated that NWA got in, like 4 of the 5 spots wasn't enough.

Still, I think that taken individually, all 5 we know of so far are each deserving on their own merits. And that includes Steve Miller- few other classic rock groups created a kind of subculture around themselves so well- and he fused psychedelia and singer-songwriter instincts with a bit of his blues background for a small armada of memorable hits.

I have to say, though, out of all the outcomes and permutations I imagined for this class, I never thought Janet wouldn't get in. That's a shame, especially after all the exemplary work of the Induct Janet campaign. Indeed, her absence highlights a troubling lack of R&B in this class (maybe the Rock Hall needs to add more voters inclined in that direction, rather than servicing Eddie Trunk.)

I do hope that they have some women or some R&B/soul folks included among the Musical Excellence or Non-Performer categories. This would be a great time to pick Carole Kaye, or the JBS or the Meters, or Nile or Sylvia Robinson or Thom Bell for some honors...

This ceremony will be different from 2015's in a few ways: all the inductees are mostly still alive, with an odd member here or there who passed away. Deep Purple and Cheap Trick have longstanding feuds between members that may or may not be resolved. And while I ultimately think Peter Cetera and Danny Seraphine will show up, that's not a given. Neither has performed with the band since their respective departures in 1985 and 1990.

Posted by AlexVoltaire on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 03:02am

Hey FRL, the Rock Hall finally posted who the members will be inducted on the press release in the link below.

Posted by John R.C. on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 03:25am

Congrats to all 5 groups who were inducted into RRHOF. I was right 3/5 very happy for Deep Purple and their different Mark lineups. They made classic songs Burn,Highway Star, Hush, Smoke On The Water, Space Truckin' etc. Definitely deserving.
Steve Miller similar to Hall & Oates and Rush. Longevity and consistency over 50 years of hits. A musician's musician.Abracadabra, Fly Like An Eagle,The Joker, Swingtown, Winter Time etc. Good to see Chicago inducted for their loyal fans.

Cheap Trick and N.W.A. were also solid choices. I'm curious how close YES & Janet were to induction. There is still a logjam with Chic,YES, The Smiths,The Spinners etc as multiple nominees now. I'm really worried about Spinners. They might try another R&B group like Kool & The Gang or The Commodores. Enig's YES failed again and tough news for the Prog. Chicago & Deep Purple could be considered adjacent though. Other than Pearl Jam, it would be difficult to predict any 2017Inductee. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 03:26am

An utterly dreadful class from the strongest nominee class in ages. Guess we should've expected that. Only inducting five is ludicrous.

Posted by Scott Fitz on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 04:07am

Wow. So there it is. The Big Announcement for the 2016 Rock Class. I only got one correct if you go by my official list. Chicago were on my official prediction list. However Steve Miller was a back up as a 7th if there were 7. I was a bit off on that. There is again only 5 inductees. That brings us back to that problem we had even more.

I am very Happy about Deep Purple going in. I DID NOT predict them so I ended up wrong even though I'm a bit of a fan. I mentioned in a couple posts that N.W.A. was possible because of at least a couple nominations and making way for other Rappers. I did not go far enough to predict them. I was going with half Classic Rock and half Classic R&B.

I can't believe Yes did not Go in. I am actually saying it before Enig. Yes failed again. Bad news on the Prog end. I know the Hall doesn't like Prog I just thought there would be enough support from Voters I guess Not. I know Enig will be on here later. I was also wrong on the Cars and Chic. The Cars would have been a New Wave choice and with Chic this means an 11th Nomination.

I was right about them sadly putting off the Spinners. I felt for some reason it would be Classic Rock and other R&B. As it turns out there was NO R&B. This makes for an interesting Logjam for Next Year's Nominees Perhaps.

In general I like the 2016 Rock Hall class. It did lean to 70's Rock. That much I can say. Unlike some other Classic Rock fans I can understand N.W.A. going in based on the inclusion of Rap in the past. Other than Pearl Jam it is a little difficult to predict any 2017 Nominees at this time. In any case these are the 2016 Inductees for the Rock N'Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 04:51am

"I do have backups like Steve Miller if there is 7. He could end up in the 6 I figure. I will also say that despite not liking them N.W.A. could get pushed in. They are a Key Rap group. I do know that. I am keeping them outside my actual predictions. I am still saying no to Nine Inch Nails. Too many others I think that are more possible. So I am saying that N.W.A. is more possible."

I did say that above about Steve Miller and N.W.A. Steve Miller is a great talent that has played in a few genres. I at least thought of him as an Inductee Perhaps in some way. I did say that N.W.A. could get pushed in. I know they are a key Rap Group. In these changing times of the Hall I realize about Rap getting included at times even though I am a Classic Rocker. I did keep them outside my actual predictions So I was wrong. I was keeping them in mind.

So the 2016 Class isn't bad. It does make sense even though my choices like the Cars and Yes didn't get in. I won't be predicting any 2017 nominees until next year.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 05:24am

Oh, and I was right about 4 of my 5 picks from my final predictions: Cheap Trick, Steve Miller, Chicago, and NWA. I was wrong about Janet, but let's get real- almost everybody thought Janet would get in. Deep Purple was the one I missed.

Some people are saying it's a terrible class already- I think the artists are all deserving, but not very diverse or representative of rock's breadth. If you subbed Janet for Steve Miller, people would be calling this the best class in recent memory.

Posted by AlexVoltaire on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 05:49am

"I think the artists are all deserving, but not very diverse or representative of rock's breadth."

That's exactly where I'm at. Five deserving acts who come together as a really narrow, bland whole.

Posted by DarinRG on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 06:42am

the cars didnt make it, what a crock of s**t !!!!

Posted by Frank on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 07:14am

I will also say that all the artists are deserving. Although I love Classic Rock I will actually say that it isn't very diverse. Even my predictions were a little more diverse with half Classic Rock and half Classic R&B. I really thought Chaka Khan was going in. I'm not real into her but it would have brought diversity as would the Spinners have. I think a lot of us thought Janet Jackson were going in including me.
She is a superstar. the 5 Inductee thing bothers me.

I was going with flushing out Classic artists in a sort of diverse way. I would never predict all Classic Rock despite my love for it. It turns out that almost happened here. I'm a bit shaky with Cheap Trick but what are you going to do. I thought my predictions were Fair by including Chaka Khan and Yes and also having 6 Inductees. Oh well.

My predictions for Nominees for next Year will be more diverse and Perhaps the Inductees will be while still having at least a couple that are Classic.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 07:18am

Ben and KING,

I can only say that I am extremely disappointed that Yes was not inducted, however 2/3 of my "progressive rock" picks (Chicago and Deep Purple) were. I did not predict n.w.a., nor Cheap Trick. Nor, did I predict Janet Jackson, unlike almost everyone else.

I must admit that other than n.w.a., whom I strongly detest for espousing filth encrusted misogynistic and homophobic dialogue, I am not terribly displeased with the results. Since Yes did not get inducted, I have absolutely zero reason to take a vacation, something which I have not partaken of since 1988, and attend the proceedings in New York City.

On a positive note, the induction of Chicago and Deep Purple, 66.6% of the progressive rock bands that I had predicted, should lead to a nomination for The Moody Blues. I still think that Duran Duran will also finally get the nomination later next year. If the ceremony is held in Los Angeles in 2017 and those aforementioned progressive rock artists (Yes, The Moody Blues and Duran Duran) are inducted, I will definitely attend the ceremony.

Oh by the way, Professor Voltaire, I do not like the Rush fanbase either, but unlike some other individuals who do not need to be named, I do like the band quite a bit.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 07:36am

I agree with the Roy, the inductee choices for Deep Purple are very odd. Including Rod Evans but skipping Nick Simper doesn't seem right. Also you know there is going to be issues with not including the current members who have been in the band for 20-10 years.

Posted by Gassman on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 07:37am

Although, it is still really too early to predict, who do I think will be on next year's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ballot?

01. Duran Duran
02. Yes
03. The Moody Blues
04. Sade
05. Carly Simon
06. Electric Light Orchestra
07. Pearl Jam
08. Foreigner
09. Doobie Brothers
10. Nine Inch Nails
11. Smashing Pumpkins
12. King Crimson

Posted by Enigmaticus on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 07:46am

My text editor does not like the word inductions for some very odd reason. Oh well, it's back to the proverbial drawing board. By the way, I am extremely disappointed Mike Tiano, that Yes did not get inducted and n.w.a. did! ;-P.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 07:52am


It is almost completely incomprehensible to me, that Yes has not yet been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Of course, even worse, as far as I am concerned, is the induction of n.w.a. In my honest opinion, their induction gives the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, a black eye. I do not think that most of the members of that body are misogynistic and homophobic, but their induction certainly does make it look like they are. In my honest opinion, n.w.a. represents everything bad about rap. On The other hand, I had voted for The Spinners, an infinitely more deserving group and if given six choices, I would have voted for Chaka Khan.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 08:39am

Can't argue against any of the inductees this year, but there are two things that irk me:

1.) So they're JUST inducting Steve Miller and not the Steve Miller Band, even though the "Band" performed on every recording minus one (non-essential) album. It's not like their lineup was so terribly confusing.

2.) Five inductees is WAY too small a class. This is how the backlog gets so MASSIVE. I have a feeling that they're limiting the size of the inductee class in order to fit a nice little time slot for their show and if so, that'd be very disappointing.

Posted by Steve Z on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 08:42am


It is indeed Unbelievable that It's A NO to Yes. Now while I do understand the Inclusion of N.W.A. I will not labor the point since neither of us are fans. I was only being realistic about the Hall. It was at the expense of Yes. This happened also because they shrank the Class to 5.

The Spinners and Chaka Khan would have been better choices. Again such is life. What can be done.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 08:57am

N.W.A., Deep Purple, Chicago Chosen for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 09:17am

N.W.A, Cheap Trick, Chicago, Deep Purple & Steve Miller Are 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 09:20am

N.W.A, Deep Purple, Cheap Trick Chosen for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Steve Miller and Chicago will also be inducted at Brooklyn ceremony on April 8th

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 09:41am

I'm not buying that this is a weak class. Any class that has Deep Purple, one of the cornerstones of hard rock, Chicago, as Roy can tell you has sold a TON of records, and NWA, a top 3 or 4 rap group of all-time, is solid.

I'm very surprised that Steve Miller got in. Sure, he has about 8 songs that are classic rock staples, but I thought it would take him a few nominations to get in.

Now that Kiss, Rush, Chicago, and Deep Purple are all in, who is the most-snubbed artist that will get the most outcry from the internet? Yes maybe? Janet?

Posted by Classic Rock on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 09:48am


Cheap Trick

01. Robin Zander (1974-Present: vocals, guitar)
02. Tom Petersson (1974-Present: bass)
03. Rick Nielsen (1974-Present: guitar)
04. Bun E. Carlos (1974-2010: drums)


01. Walter Parazaider (1967-Present: saxophone; clarinet; flute; songwriter)
02. Lee Loughnane (1967-Present: vocals; trumpet; flugelhorn; songwriter)
03. James Pankow (1967-Present: vocals; trombone; songwriter)
04. Robert Lamm (1967-Present: vocals; piano; keyboards; songwriter)
05. Terry Kath (1967-1978: vocals; guitar; songwriter)
06. Peter Cetera (1967-1985: vocals; bass guitar; songwriter)
07. Danny Seraphine (1967-1990: drums; songwriter)

Deep Purple

01. Rod Evans (1968-1969: vocals)
02. Ritchie Blackmore (1968-1975; 1984-1993: guitar; Rainbow)
03. Jon Lord (1968-1976; 1984-2002: organ, keyboards; Whitesnake)
04. Ian Paice (1968-1976; 1984-Present: drums, percussion; Whitesnake)
05. Ian Gillan (1969-1973; 1984-1989; 1992-Present: vocals, harmonica, percussion; Episode Six)
06. Roger Glover (1969-1973; 1984-Present: bass guitar; Episode Six, Rainbow)
07. David Coverdale (1973-1976: vocals; Whitesnake)
08. Glenn Hughes (1973-1976: bass guitar)

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 10:22am

Classic Rock, I would think Yes would now be considered the biggest Rock Hall snub at this point. They are one of the defining progressive rock groups from the 1970s and they keep coming up short with voters. I think if they appear on another ballot, they have a much better chance with less classic rock nominees on the same ballot. They'll definitely make it in at some point thou.

The Cure remains the 2nd biggest snub in the Rock Hall. Why is the Rock Hall hesitating to induct 80's alternative rock, especially the important contributions from English artists and bands? Alongside The Replacements (U.S.), The Smiths, and Sonic Youth (U.S.), The Cure represents one of the Rock Hall's weakest areas: Alternative Rock in the 1980s.

N.W.A.'s induction opens the door for LL Cool J to once again appear on the ballot as the next hip-hop/rap choice. But isn't 2Pac also eligible next year too? That might complicates things, but 2Pac should definitely be a 1st-ballot Hall of Famer. We all know Pearl Jam are shoe-ins for the 2017 ceremony and will be 1st-ballot Hall of Famers.

Posted by Nick on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 10:22am

Classic Rock: I don't think I would label this class as weak because all of the artists inducted are deserving. I've seen 3 of the 5 acts live before (Cheap Trick, Chicago, and Steve Miller) and they all put on great shows. It's just that it isn't that diverse of a select in regards to genre (other than N.W.A.) and the lack of women inducted is troublesome. I also totally agree that this class has really helped clear out a lot of the backlog and the huge snubs that you mentioned and others like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Heart, etc are finally inducted. Janet Jackson and Yes are both good choices for big time snubs. I think you could also add T.Rex, Roxy Music, ELO, and Judas Priest to the list. Hopefully Deep Purple getting inducted will open things up to other Metal/Hard Rock Bands, especially the ones Tom Morello mentioned in a recent tweet (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and Thin Lizzy).

Posted by Gassman on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 10:31am

This is a great class. Seems like I say this every year but each and every one is deserving. Now if the JB's was on here, maybe I'd say it differently (ha!). At the risk of repeating myself, I'll put my thoughts on this page:

-Chicago is finally in. Enough said. Okay, congratulations to those who have longed for them to get in. Yes, I'm talking about you Roy....who lives on this site. He's having quite a field day (laughs).
-The other four are finally in as well. Two of them it took the longest time to get nominated, and the other two the longest time to get inducted. N.W.A. was actually predictable, as was Chicago.
-Even though I probably won't be seeing it on TV (well, there's Youtube I guess), but the ceremony will be worth watching. Can't wait to see who inducts whom, and who actually joins in on the reunion. I hope Peter Cetera jams with his old bandmates, and I hope Cheap Trick is 'gonna raise hell' with the Rock Hall!

-No women. To be fair, there were only two women nominated. I'm not one of those pc liberals that rallies for diversity, but you would think the RRHOF would have at least one woman representing the ballot?!
-Uhh, what about Steve Miller's BAND?
-I understand this would be a headache for the HOF, but why be selective on group members of Chicago and Deep Purple to induct?
-For all you Chic lovers, it looks like they will be setting a new record. Need I say it?
-Some of those that were nominated now have to wait at a certain time and I guess I can say for all of them it will be more difficult to get in. This would have been a perfect year for NIN. Oh well....
-Say, what about the other categories? Like non-performer, sidemen, etc.....

Somebody asked who is now 'the' snubbed one in the Hall. Hmmm, in the last five years I've always said it was Kraftwerk. I'll still stick to my answer because to me they are the most innovative, influential and important game changers in music that is not in. I'll also add Yes, Janet Jackson and the Guess Who. There's plenty of names that still come to mind, but I'll stop there...

Posted by Jason Voigt on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 10:35am

My early predictions for next year I have a feeling it will be similar to this year with 4 Classic Rock inductees again next year with Pearl Jam getting in 1st ballot and no Hip-Hop/Rap or R&B Inductees next year
Pearl Jam(Shoo-in)
The Cars(same with Yes I bet they return again next year and get inducted)
Yes(same with The Cars I bet they also return again next year and get inducted)
Bon Jovi(I bet they will get a 2nd nomination and if nominated expect them to win the fan vote and get inducted like Rush Kiss Stevie Ray Vaughan and Chicago)
The J Geils Band(now that Steve Miller is in I have a feeling they will be nominated for a 4th time and inducted)

Posted by richie on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 10:36am

Huh. Feel a little letdown, actually. I said when the nominees were announced that this was the stronger group as a whole in years. I also said that each nominee had a strong case for induction. And I feel that these inductees are all deserving. But the Nominee list was SO strong, this is the year they decide to go back to 5 inductees? Ridiculous.

Some of my biggest snubs were nominated, and by and large, they remain snubs. Yes and The Cars are probably the biggest for me. I was expecting Yes to make it, and was hoping for The Cars. (I know The Cars and Cheap Trick were taking each other's votes, but I sort of expected The Cars to come out on top). I was a big booster for Los Lobos too, and sort of hoped for one of those left field upsets for them.

All of that being said, looking at this class on its face and not thinking about their competition in the list of nominees, it is a very good class.

Posted by Dezmond on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 10:48am

Pearl Jam and 2pac (one would hope) are both 1st ballot inductees. Possibly only 3 remaining spots for next years class.

Also Kraftwerk is the number 1 snub, can't believe I forgot about them in my post above.

Posted by Gassman on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 10:49am

The biggest snubs, to me at this point now are among the following...

The Moody Blues
Janet Jackson
Judas Priest
The Monkees (yes)
Electric Light Orchestra
T. Rex
Whitney Houston
The Cure
Depeche Mode
Def Leppard

Among many others

Posted by Donnie on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 10:56am

I totally forgot about Kraftwerk as well, hugely influential and highly innovative. They are without question among the biggest oversights from the Rock Hall. I think my top 10 snubbed acts (in no order) are Kraftwerk, Yes, Chic, The Cure, The Moody Blues, Nine Inch Nails, The Smiths, War, Gram Parsons, and now Janet Jackson.

Posted by Nick on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 11:01am

I'll go way more in depth on my thoughts of this year's class, and I've already posted some brief thought tweets about the class, but I'll go into a little more detail on my thoughts, briefly.

I'm ecstatic about Deep Purple, Chicago, and N.W.A. getting. Deep Purple allows the Hall to move onto late 70's/early 80's hard rock and metal. This should open the door for Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Bon Jovi, etc. (Bon Jovi being previously nominated and Iron Maiden and Def Leppard being previously considered). I know there's a number of good 70's hard rock bands that deserve a look, but with Deep Purple now being inducted, off the top of my head, all of the major no-brainers of 70's Hard Rock are now inducted, so in theory the Hall should be able to close the book on 70's classic hard rock, and move on to the 80's now. (Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, AC/DC, KISS, Rush, Black Sabbath, Queen, Led Zeppelin, the Who, Van Halen, and now Deep Purple).

Getting Chicago in can lead to more populist and/or progressive rock bands. I think an induction for Chicago bodes very well for someone like the Moody Blues, a band that fits in both categories as a prog band as well as populist rocker band, and also covers the British Invasion which the Hall always loves to revisit. I think it also bodes well for someone like Journey, and band that was heavier but was just as populist and had a number of big monster hits that critics hated.

The induction of N.W.A. allows the Hall to finally move on into the timeline of rap and go for someone else. Unfortunately for them, their first year without having to worry about N.W.A., features another one of the major figures in rap music, Tupac, an artist who should join Pearl Jam as the headliners/first time eligible inductees of the class. If Tupac can get in automatically, then the Hall will have two years to either go for, by that time "backlog" rap artists like LL Cool J, Eric B. and Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest, Salt N' Pepa, Afrika Bambaattaa, etc. 1992 will see Dr. Dre becoming eligible who would also be a no brainer, but with him being inducted with N.W.A., the Hall might pass on him at first. 1993 will see Snoop Dogg and the Wu-Tang Clan, but I could see the Hall ignoring them for a bit to go for some of the 80's rap pioneers. 1994 brings about the Notorious B.I.G., OutKast, and Nas. The Hall won't be able to ignore Biggie and OutKast for long.

I'm absolutely stunned though that Janet Jackson was passed over. To me that's almost like Madonna or Prince or Michael Jackson getting passed over on their first nomination. That's how big Janet is. I really wonder who the 6th top vote getter was, I would not be surprised one bit if it was Janet Jackson. The Hall really should've went with 6 inductees.

I'd rather Yes and the Cars both have been chosen over Cheap Trick and Steve Miller personally.

Needless to say, this is a good class, but with a 6th inductee to add an R&B act (whether it was Janet, the Spinners, Chic, or Chaka Khan) to the group would've made this group even better. Yeah, like AlexVoltaire stated, if Janet had been picked as a 6th inductees, this would've been the best group of inductees of the decade thus far, IMO.

Even so, it's still up there, when it comes to the merits of the inductees, but it's just not very diverse.

Once again, the Hall is killing itself by having such a small class and is only making their backlog of snubbed artists problem even bigger than it already is. With so many great artists becoming eligible very year, it's only gonna get even worse.

Posted by Donnie on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 11:10am

Although that Good Day NY segment was very stupid (it didn't seem like the interviewers knew ANYTHING about the Rock Hall, even where it was located or the induction process), they bought up two excellent points (I don't have to say anything more because it's so straight-forward and very true):

1. The absence of Chic (and particularly Nile Rodger) form the Rock Hall

2. The fact there are no women inducted in the performer category.

Posted by Nick on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 11:10am

My Twitter blog on who should get inducted.

Posted by danny on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 11:16am

Personally I'd rather see Dr. Dre get a second induction for his work as a producer than his solo stuff as a performer. Maybe the Non-Performer/Ahmet Ertegun Award category. Dre became probably the most influential music producer in the 1990s and 2000s and he sporadically released solo material in the last 20 years. I'd be fine either way but I think he's better recognized for his producing credits.

Posted by Nick on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 11:24am

Personally I'd rather see Dr. Dre get a second induction for his work as a producer than his solo stuff as a performer. Maybe the Non-Performer/Ahmet Ertegun Award category. Dre became probably the most influential music producer in the 1990s and 2000s and he sporadically released solo material in the last 20 years. I'd be fine either way but I think he's better recognized for his producing credits.

Posted by Nick on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 11:24am

Harry Nilsson
Jane's Addiction
Janet Jackson
Link Wray
LL Cool J
Nina Simone
Nine Inch Nails
Pearl Jam
Phil Collins
The Cars
The Cure
The Doobie Brothers
Tracy Chapman

Posted by dmg on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 11:28am

My early, early, early nomination predictions for next year:

Harry Nilsson
Jane's Addiction
Janet Jackson
Link Wray
LL Cool J
Nina Simone
Nine Inch Nails
Pearl Jam
Phil Collins
The Cars
The Cure
The Doobie Brothers
Tracy Chapman

Posted by dmg on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 11:29am


Janet Jackson
Bon Jovi
Pearl Jam
The Moody Blues
Whitney Houston
Jethro Tull

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 11:32am

Chicago on Their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction: 'I Had No Idea It Would Be As Exciting As It Is'

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 11:43am

Whitney Houston and Jethro Tull have replaced Chicago and Deep Purple on the Most Yes Votes List, and Whitney Houston and Eminem have replaced Chicago and Deep Purple on the Most Total Votes list.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 11:45am

My picks for next years ballot:
Pearl Jam
Nine Inch Nails
Janet Jackson
Dick Dale
The Smiths
Joy Division
The Marvelettes
Judas Priest
Whitney Houston
Electric Light Orchestra
Procul Harum

Posted by Evan on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 13:16pm

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016: Chicago, Deep Purple, N.W.A. to be inducted

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 13:22pm

King's Early 2016-2017 Predictions.
1.The Cure
2.Pearl Jam
3.Janet Jackson
5.Duran Duran
6.J.Geils Band
7.Bon Jovi
8.Kool & The Gang
9.Moody Blues
10.Rufus/Chaka Khan
11.Nine Inch Nails
12.Procol Harum
13.Black Crowes
15.The Cars
16.Bad Company
17.The Spinners
18.Smashing Pumpkins
KING's Induction Class 2016-2017
1.Bon Jovi
3.Janet Jackson
4.Moody Blues
5.Pearl Jam
6.The J.Geils Band


Posted by KING on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 14:49pm

The delay in selecting the committee inductees gives the HOF a chance to fix a bit of the diversity glut in the current performers class.

How About going ahead with an early influence inductee (even though based on nnormal cycles, you wouldn't expect there to be one this year) and giving it to the much deserving Big Mama Thorton.

And how about giving Sheila E a musical excellence nod? A truly great woman percussionist, and a chance to potentially draw Prince in to give the induction speech and again lend his guitar to the concert proceedings.

Posted by Shrek on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 16:01pm now there's a "ballot" for non-performer inductees...

...and the list includes Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Jeff Lynne, and Trent Reznor?

So we may end up with a class that includes only one non-classic rock act, and it may get individual members of Yes or NIN non-performers?

Has this institute gone insane?

Posted by SotN on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 16:56pm

That's just something that that writer came up with. He's been known to venture into Roger Friedman/Eddie Trunk levels of "please don't take me seriously".

Posted by DarinRG on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 17:53pm

Sotn - take a breath and read that article again. It's got nothing to do with the intentions of the HOF; it's just fanboy musings that have as much relevance to the process as all our speculation on this forum does.

"Is it likely? Not really. But that's the thing with non-performer awards. Nobody who is not in the inner circle of the Rock Hall Foundation ever knows who's even being considered."

In other words, it's all just guesswork, like our guesses at the actual nominees and who gets selected from those nominees.

Posted by Shrek on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 17:59pm

I don't take that non-performer ballot too seriously, but I find it interesting that they are waiting with releasing the names of the inductees in the other categories. If it is done to draw extra attention to the induction ceremony, it must mean that they are planning something spectacular. I can't see this Hall of Fame giving a press release about the induction of some dusty record company owner from the 1950s that only the music buffs remember. Maybe a couple of high-profile non-performers/sidemen (Rubin? Eno? Rundgren?) or backing groups (The Wailers!).

The fact that they are only inducting five acts, might also mean that they are planning more time for the other categories, so it is also possible that they will be inducting more people in the other categories than usual.

Posted by The_Claw on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 18:17pm

Well, I can't deny this is a little bit disappointing. Nobody totally undeserving, indeed most were way overdue, but given the diversity that the ballot had this group seems a little bit unimaginative.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 19:00pm

Darin, Shrek: Whew...thanks. I got worried for nothing there. Was beginning to think that the Hall really did lose its marbles.

Posted by SotN on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 19:15pm

Maybe the Hall does have something up its sleeve, that is with the other categories. Maybe we'll see some Early Influences (Big Mama Thornton, Odetta, Frank Sinatra...just a guess!), non-performers (I'm thinking maybe more songwriters, or like I've mentioned before, radio people like Casey Kasem, Wolfman Jack, Kid Leo, etc). Hell, maybe they'll put in Rick Rubin, even though he has zero connection to this year's inductees.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 19:32pm

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2016 Inductees

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 20:37pm

I'm glad Chicago and Steve Miller's going to be inducted.But next year I want ballot to look like:
1.Pat Benatar
2.The Cars
3.Dick Dale
5.Emerson,Lake and Palmer
6.The Go-Go's
7.Kool and the Gang
8.LL Cool J
9.Pearl Jam
10.The Replacements
11.Neil Sedaka
12.Smashing Pumpkins
13.Mary Wells
15.Warren Zevon

Posted by Robert Henry on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 21:05pm

Some of the posters wondered who the Early Influences or Musical Excellence could be. Frank Sinatra just turned 100 in December. He's dead over 15 years now but since they moved the ceremony to New York...That would be some kind of induction. Various performers singing New York, New York, My Way, It Was A Very Good Year, etc. Would bring down the house. Chic makes good sense as a Musical Excellence. The voters have decided 10 times Chic not Hall worthy. I've heard Brian Eno & Sheila E's name bantered about. Would be good choices. They can solve the Chic quandary by putting them in 2016 as Musical Excellence. They need to do something with Paul Rodgers & Ronnie James Duo too. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 21:44pm

Hi fellow posters! I must apologize for my absence, what with Christmas coming and all.

Well, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced the 5 artists that received the automatic votes to be inducted into the Class of 2016. Hopefully, this will not be the only inductees. Now then, some 24 hours after the initial leaks were named, I have been thinking about this initial class of inductees.

Let me start out by stating that I only got One out of 5 inductees correct. Then again, I had hoped there would be 7. Fortunately, N.W.A. has been inducted, which will be phase one of inductions to come. The second phase will be when Dr. Dre goes in on his own by next year or so. By the way, if any of you fellow posters have not yet seen Straight Outta Compton, you are missing out on one of the better movies of the year. It was this movie among other ventures that finally got N.W.A. the induction they richly deserve. This will help pave the way for more rap and hip-hop artists to be inducted in the years to come.

Chicago have finally been inducted, and not a moment too soon I might add. Easily one of the best groups to come out of their time and still pretty active despite the death of Terry Kath and the departure of Peter Cetera. Roy, if you are reading this; now you probably know of the same feeling of elation you get when one of your favored artists finally gets the call to be inducted. Your persistence has paid off.

Deep Purple are now inducted; this band should have gone in years ago, yet only know will take their rightful place in the pantheon. I am however quizzical that neither Steve Morse, Don Airey, Nick Simper, Joe Lynn Turner or Tommy Bolin are not included among inductees. It does not seem right, and also seems rather arbitrary. Hopefully this will be rectified soon enough.

I am surprised that Steve Miller was inducted. Perhaps in retrospect I should not be surprised, given Miller's collaborations and innovative songs. Interestingly, his most recent work has got some teeth that I hardly see with other artists his age.

I did not expect Cheap Trick to be inducted; yet this is a pleasant surprise. Some five years ago, along with N.W.A., Cheap Trick were considered by VH1 to be among their 100 greatest rock artists of all time. And honestly, there are few power pop bands that are still potent and still matter after the late 1970s.

So, those are the five inductees announced so far. My congratulations to all inducted. I do have some concerns though.

Chic were snubbed yet again! I sincerely hope one of the other named inductees for next year include at least Nile Rodgers, if not Chic proper. This snubbing of disco and dance pop is completely ludicrous.

There are no women! Would it have hurt the voters to include at least One female artist?

Janet Jackson got snubbed! There is a paucity of African American female artists in the Hall of Fame, and sadly Janet's lack of induction is a harmful precedence. What are some of these voters thinking? We had Janet leading our own fan poll; this is not right.

Yes were again snubbed! A very prickish move to not honor one of the most inspiring and interesting bands of all time. Not the best way to memorialize Chris Squire if you ask me.

Nine Inch Nails snubbed once more! I hope this will not take a long time for them to be inducted. I had thought the Hall was forward looking for the most part.

A lack of the 1990s represented.

Only one African american act.

most troubling, only 5 inductees! We at the website induct at least 7 each year in the Performers category, along with 6 more in other categories. Five inductees is too little, and the logjam continues.

Well, those are my thoughts at the moment. It will be interesting to see who shows up to the ceremony. I say this because with three of the inductees, there have been issues between current and past bandmates. Steve Miller will not need to have this concern, nor do N.W.A. have this issue as is. These will need more analysis on my end. It just might not be tonight though.

One thing is for certain though. The RRHOF is still following our well heeded advice on this website. Now perhaps they will add more inductees before next year and for 2017 they will hopefully follow our method of the amount of inductees.

Happy Life Day!,


Posted by Lax32 on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 22:08pm


Cheap Trick could likely push ELO into the RRHOF because they recorded a cover of The Move's "California Man" and also had a song called "ELO Kiddies"

Chicago and Steve Miller could likely push The Doobie Brothers because both have toured with the Doobies at one point or another. Also Steve Miller could push Free because the main guitar riff of "Rock 'N Me" was inspired by Paul Kossoff's famous guitar riff in "All Right Now" Steve could also push Boz Scaggs because Boz was his protege. Steve could also push The Moody Blues because the opening instrumental track on "Book Of Dreams was called "Threshold" which was the name of the Moody Blues' cumtom record company and the music sound very similar to some cuts on "On The Threshold Of A Dream"

Deep Purple could push Uriah Heep because a keyboard riff from "Highway Star" was lifted from Heep's "Bird Of Prey" Also Ritchie Blackmore's current band, Blackmore's Night covered Heep's "Lady In Black

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Friday, 12.18.15 @ 00:40am

Lax: The omission of Nick Simper is weird. His time produced their first monster hit (Hush) and that early phase of Purple is quite underrated. Two of the others I disagree with, however: Bolin was only in for one album, after which the band split. Turner also wasn't in long enough. He was RB's old mate from Rainbow, brought in for one album because of Gillan and Blackmore not getting along, after which the rest of the band decided they needed Gillan back.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 12.18.15 @ 08:49am

For what it's worth, here's my early and prohibitively useless prediction for the 2017 ballot: Janet Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk, De La Soul, Nina Simone, The Smiths, Pearl Jam, Tupac, Warren Zevon, The Meters, Chic, Sting, Dire Straits, the Cars, and either Bjork or the Eurythmics.

It will be as un-classic rock as this year's was full-on classic rock.

Posted by AlexVoltaire on Friday, 12.18.15 @ 11:05am

Why N.W.A's Rock Hall Induction Salutes the Spirit of Rule-Breaking

Posted by Roy on Friday, 12.18.15 @ 17:14pm

Deep Purple on Its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction: 'It's A Somewhat Complicated Situation

Posted by Roy on Friday, 12.18.15 @ 17:14pm

For those who think this is a weakish class, think about the strong list of songs that could be played at the ceremony:

25 or 6 to 4
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
Saturday In The Park

Cheap Trick:
Dream Police
I Want You To Want Me

Steve Miller:
The Joker
Rock'n Me
Fly Like An Eagle

Deep Purple:
Smoke on the Water
Highway Star

Posted by Classic Rock on Friday, 12.18.15 @ 21:53pm

And to make that list a little more diverse:

Express Yourself
F*** Tha Police
Straight Outta Compton

Posted by The_Claw on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 03:01am

My predictions for the induction speeches:

Cheap Trick - Billy Corgan. A well-known fan, Corgan has stated several times his appreciation of the band. He has performed with Cheap Trick and Smashing Pumpkins have toured together.

Deep Purple - Lars Ulrich is the most obvious choice, one of the most vocal supporters of their induction.

Steve Miller - Why not Boz Scaggs? Part of the original Steve Miller Band line-up, and while he himself is not an inductee, he is a beloved member of the rock community.

N.W.A. - Snoop Dogg, one of the most succesful of Dr Dre's proteges and named as the most likely rapper to replace the late Eazy-E onstage during the induction. Another option is Kendrick Lamar, the biggest rising star in hiphop and also straight out of Compton.

Chicago - Could be anyone, really. Obama, Clinton, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, the Pope, Stephen Hawking, Demi Lovato... All jokes aside, Bill Clinton might not be such an unlikely person to give the speech. I hope he has the time and the HoF has the budget. Otherwise, I think Robin Thicke would be a good choice.

Posted by The_Claw on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 05:28am

The_Claw: One more name to consider for the N.W.A induction speech: Eminem. He was one of Dr. Dre's most successful proteges, frequently teaming up with him from the late 90s all the way to as recently as 2011. Also, a persistent rumor in mid-2015 was him and N.W.A doing a tour with him replacing Eazy-E.

Finally, he does have some claim to involvement with the Hall of Fame: he gave the induction speech for Run DMC.

Posted by SotN on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 05:44am

*also one of [...]

Posted by SotN on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 05:50am

So now that we Have the Inductees announced I want to come up with Song lists for each Inductee. Classic Rock is on the right Track. So here we go.

Chicago- 25 or 6 to 4
Saturday in the Park
Old Days
They have so many hits. Hard to say.

Cheap Trick- Dream Police
I Want You to Want Me

Deep Purple -Smoke on the Water
Woman from Tokyo
Highway Star

Steve Miller-Jet Airliner
Rock n Me
Fly Like an Eagle

N.W.A.-Express Yourself
F*** the Police

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 07:24am

On your Rainbow & Whitesnake comments earlier, I don't see them getting into the RRHOF this decade. That would be a double induction for members of Deep Purple probably too close together. I could see Ronnie James Dio receiving some kind of solo nomination though. I notice RRHOF getting more stringent on these double inductees. Other than Peter Gabriel, I can't think of many artists inducted twice recently.
Rainbow & Whitesnake had some good music in 70's & 80's and could receive some support in 2025-2030 time frame. My guess is the hard rock/metal inductions might go something like Bon Jovi, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Motley Crue, Queensryche. As you have seen, the RRHOF Nom Com might nominate a group time wise before another group. Or not at all. I think the goal for 2016-2017 is to get Moody Blues, Procol Harum, YES nominated at least 2 out of 3. Moody Blues might have the best shot at induction now. On Whitesnake, I like Here I Go Again, Slow and Easy, In The Still Of The Night. Coverdale is an excellent singer for sure. KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 14:50pm


First of all I would like to know what Date Enig had those Rainbow and Whitesnake comments anywhere or You can tell me Enig. Those are double inductions that are not so likely that soon.

I also agree on Hard Rock/Metal inductions. We'll be in touch.

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 15:17pm


I could not find your Rainbow and Whitesnake Comments. It would have been nice to view. I have no idea where they are. No idea at all. Can you please tell me what date that is located in. Is it in the Nominee postings?

It will be awhile on those 2. It is a triumph to have Deep Purple.

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 17:58pm

N.W.A’s Resurgent Year Continues

Remember MTV? This is all they had to say about the 2016 inductees

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 18:24pm

In the video above, Todd Mesek, Rock Hall VP of Marketing and Communications responds to the issue of the fan vote being hacked. He said the Rock Hall contacted the nominees and told them to send some traffic their way. Get your fans behind it. They had artist engagement in a deeper way and more promotion behind it.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 20:01pm


Those comments that I had made about Whitesnake and Rainbow are on the Deep Purple page.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 01:33am

My prediction for the induction ceremony (order, inductor, songs):

1. Cheap Trick (They will play before the speeches to kick off the show like they did last year with Joan Jett) - Eddie Vedder (With Pearl Jam eligible next year, they are going to want him there)
- Hello There
- I Want You To Want Me
- Surrender

2. Steve Miller - Boz Scaggs (Great choice The_Claw)
- Fly Like An Eagle
- Living in the U.S.A.
- The Joker

3. Special Award Winners (Baring the lack of a huge choice like Ringo last year)

4. Chicago - Philip Bailey and Verdine White (I have to credit this choice to Alex Voltaire)
- Saturday In The Park
- If You Leave Me Now
- 25 Or 6 To 4
(Assumes That Peter Cetera plays with the group)

5. Deep Purple - Lars Ulrich (Another great choice The_Claw)
- Hush
- Burn
- Smoke On The Water
(This is assuming that everyone, including Ritchie Blackmore, shows up and plays)

6. N.W.A. - Kendrick Lamar (Dude had the most critically acclaimed album of 2015 and is literally from Compton)
- Straight Outta Compton
- Express Yourself
- F**k The Police
(Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar all sit in for Eazy-E)

- Walk This Way (Aerosmith/Run-DMC version - Best mix of all of the talents inducted)

Posted by Gassman on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 13:55pm

No offense Glassman, but under no circumstances whatsoever does N.W.A. deserve to be the headliner of this class. I do not even think that they should be inducted. As I have said several times previously, "N.W.A. represents everything bad about the rap music genre, and their selection leaves the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame with a black eye." I do not support artists who are racist, hate mongering, homophobic and misogynistic. Not to mention the alleged fact that one of their members nearly beat an innocent woman to death, because he thought that as a celebrity he was above the law and could get away with it. N.W.A. are the worst possible choice for inductees, and subsequently headliners, period!

Now, as far as who the headliners should be, I think that Deep Purple, or Chicago would be great choices. A reunion with Peter Cetera and Chicago would certainly be a highlight. Another possibility that both David Cloverdale and Ritchie Blackmore would play together again, would be another possible higlight.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 14:46pm

No offense Gassman, but under no circumstances whatsoever does N.W.A. deserve to be the headliner of this class. I do not even think that they should be inducted. As I have said several times previously, "N.W.A. represents everything that is bad about the rap music genre, and their selection leaves the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame with a black eye." I do not under any circumstances, support artists who are racist, hate mongering, homophobic and misogynistic. Not to mention the alleged fact that one of their members nearly beat an innocent woman to death, because he thought that as a celebrity he was above the law and could get away with it. N.W.A. are the worst possible choice for inductees, and subsequently headliners, period!

Now, as far as who the headliners should be, I think that Deep Purple, or Chicago would be great choices. A reunion with Peter Cetera and Chicago would certainly be a highlight. Another possibility that both David Cloverdale and Ritchie Blackmore would play together again, would be another possible higlight.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 15:12pm


I found your Comments on Rainbow and Whitesnake.
It was on Dec 19th on Deep Purple Page. I do think it will be awhile for both those bands. Hey at work we originally thought it would take until 2026 or 2027 due to the way the Hall does things. It is terrific that didn't happen. Besides the Moody Blues it was a dream to have Deep Purple perform Smoke on the Water before they are real elderly.

It will probably be about 2026 2027 for Rainbow and Whitesnake. On the good side A lot of the biggest 70s Hard Rock Artists are now inducted with Deep Purple. It seems like after the Kiss controversy the Hall gave 70s Hard Rock a Rest. Truthfully Deep Purple should have been first. Deep Purple would do well as the lead off act. Although they could be the last act like Rush in 2013.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 15:56pm

Wow - this would be a dream ballot. I love the inclusion of Bjork and De La Soul. I'll be very curious to see how the nomcom handles PJ Harvey. She's a critical darling - but hasn't had major success here in the USA. It would be great to see NIN, Janet, Kraftwerk, The Meters and The Cars return to the ballot.

It's pretty safe to assume that Pearl Jam and 2Pac are likely first-ballot nominations.

@AlexVoltaire wrote:
For what it's worth, here's my early and prohibitively useless prediction for the 2017 ballot: Janet Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk, De La Soul, Nina Simone, The Smiths, Pearl Jam, Tupac, Warren Zevon, The Meters, Chic, Sting, Dire Straits, the Cars, and either Bjork or the Eurythmics.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 16:04pm

Here is my nominees list for 2017:

01. Yes
02. The Moody Blues
03. Duran Duran
04. Procol Harum
05. Sade
06. Carly Simon
07. Foreigner
08. Electric Light Orchestra
09. Pearl Jam
10. The Spinners
11. The Cars
12. Nine Inch Nails
13. Los Lobos
14. Chaka Khan
15. Kraftwerk

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 17:28pm

"I'll be very curious to see how the nomcom handles PJ Harvey. She's a critical darling - but hasn't had major success here in the USA."

I recently brought this up on another site. She's someone who deserves attention right out of the gate, but when the NomCom hasn't dropped even the slightest hint that they even know about the existence of women like Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux, Bjork or Elizabeth Fraser it's hard to imagine that PJ will be any different. It's also hard to justify skipping over at least Bush, Siouxsie, Bjork or even Annie Lennox or Sinead O'Connor to get to her (to their credit, they've at least considered O'Connor and Eurythmics.)

And please don't read the absence of Janet Jackson from that list as a slight. I'm just thinking of credible female candidates off the top of my head who would fall into a similar broad grouping as PJ Harvey.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 18:36pm

No slight taken at all, DarinRG.

Kate Bush, Bjork and Siouxsie and the Banshees are very high on my radar. In my opinion, PJ Harvey deserves a nomination next year. I'd argue for Alanis Morissette too, but she'll likely have to wait a bit.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 19:18pm

"PJ Harvey deserves a nomination next year."

Now, with what I said having been said, I wouldn't complain if that happened.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 19:30pm

I am unfamiliar with PJ Harvey. I will have give her a few listens.

Posted by dmg on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 19:49pm

RRHOF Committee moving towards more groups who sold millions of records and are good headliners.You can see Janet,Bon Jovi, The Cars those type of groups. It also helps to be living and breathing. You can see Morello and his influence on the Nom Com. More rocking acts. That's what I like. Powerful guitars music man. Hoping Moody Blues & Procol Harum can make it in 2017. The major snubs are starting to diminish with Chicago, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Steve Miller going inthis year. KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 20:54pm

Of all the women mentioned in Mike's post, I'd have to say Alanis would be the next to get in out of all of them. She's the most influential of all of them. Just ask Avril Lavigne and many others. Kate Bush would be a likely one too. PJ Harvey? Not so sure. I know Rolling Stone put one or two of her albums on their Top 500 list but I'm not sure where she would come in as far as well, anything. 'Down By The Water' was an alright song back in the day.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 21:40pm

PJH was interesting because she made an almost immediate impact when she surfaced in 1992, an impact that reached much wider than the "Alternative" press and radio programmers who first championed her. She had a voice that demanded your attention and didn't ask nicely and songs that could be confrontational, experimental and challenging, but almost always remained accessible.

Dry(1992)and Rid Of Me(1993), her first two albums, will give you a good view of her introduction to the world. Her third album To Bring You My Love (1995) is more sonically experimental, mostly because of the production work of Mick Harvey (the Birthday Party, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds) and is the point where talk of her being an important generational artist started to be thrown around. All of her albums after that are strong, but I recommend that anybody exploring her work for the first time start with those first three albums as well as her most recent, Let England Shake, which was a regular fixture on Best of 2011 lists. If those four albums grab you at all, the rest are well worth checking out.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 21:41pm

Alanis more influential than PJ Harvey, Siouxsie and the Banshees or Kate Bush? We'll have to agree to disagree on that one.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 21:45pm

What they really should have done this year or sometime in the future is to automatically induct those that were nominated the first few years (1986-90). This is only because, well, who knows if they will ever show up on a ballot? Those acts are:

Ben E. King
Johnny Ace
Esther Phillips
Chuck Willis
Mary Wells
Carole King (performer)

Since this was a 'Heinz 57' year, they could have done that or at least given them some sort of award. That would be kind of foolish on the Rock Hall's part if they don't ever get inducted, in my opinion. It's a pipe dream, I know; it'll never happen. Just spouting it out

Posted by Jason Voigt on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 21:46pm

I like the idea that Charles Crossley has brought up of the Rock Hall having a veteran's committee like the Baseball Hall of Fame who each year would pick one or two important early artists who don't stand a chance on the main ballot and add them to the class.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 21:56pm

@DarinRG--I think it was Tom Lane who suggested a veterans' committee. Could have been Charles, though. I strongly disdain the idea, as I feel it creates a second (and would be interpreted as "inferior") tier of Performer inductees. Really don't like it at all.

@The_Claw--the only way Bill would do the induction speech for Chicago would be as a means to help further his wife's campaign for the presidency. A purely calculated political move. If it can't be used as an occasion to bolster her numbers, he won't do it.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 22:24pm

Philip - I completely understand your point, but realistically, I think for most of the acts that it would apply to their only choice at this point is to be inducted in a way that makes them look second tier or don't be inducted at all, which makes them look second tier.

Adding to that is that we may understand the cases for those artists but to Joe Rockist and Sally Soccermom the list of acts who a Veteran's Committee would induct is full of names that ring with all the familiarity as the names on one of my lists of Great Post-punk Bands Who Sold Five Albums. I don't believe that anything should be dumbed down to the comfort level of the least knowledgeable observer, but lack of a broader familiarity than most of their already inducted contemporaries already carries a second tier stigma.

Which is better? I don't know. I suppose that those artists are the only ones who could truly answer that.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 23:13pm

Honestly, Darin, that's a topic for the RHM blog that's been stewing around for quite a bit. As soon as I finish the initial reaction, I hope to make that the next entry, sometime in mid-January.

Scheduling of course, is tentative.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 00:37am

So, I'm a bit late on this, but I just finally got around to doing some research on the band members of Deep Purple throughout their history, and I would say this is who should've been inducted.

Rod Evans (Vocals: 1968-1969)
Ian Gillan (Vocals: 1969-1973; 1984-1989; 1992-Present)
David Coverdale (Vocals: 1973-1976)

Nick Simper (Bass: 1968-1969)
Roger Glover (Bass: (1969-1976; 1984-Present)

Jon Lord (Organ, Keyboards: 1968-1976; 1984-2002)
Don Airey (Organ, Keyboards: 2002-Present)

Ritchie Blackmore (Guitar: 1968-1975; 1984-1993)
Tommy Bolin (Guitar: 1975-1976)
Steve Morse (Guitar: 1994-Present)

Ian Paice (Drums: 1968-1976; 1984-Present)

I would pass on Joe Lynn Turner who only performed on one album with them, and I would definitely pass on Joe Satriani who didn't perform on a single album with them and only did one tour with them. Joe Satriani deserves recognition at some point on his own and not as a member of Deep Purple. I don't think anyone even really thinks of him as a member of Deep Purple. Joe Lynn Turner is a very notable vocalist who probably deserves recognition in some fashion, but I think if Rainbow were to ever be inducted, he would be better suited being inducted with them.

The other two members that I actually had a small debate on was Tommy Bolin and Don Airey. Tommy Bolin only performed on one album with them and was only with them for a year, which makes him somewhat of a questionable inductee. However, he was one of the most notable and influential guitar players of the 1970's and deserves recognition in some fashion. And an induction with Deep Purple would be the best way to get him in frankly. The James Gang will never be inducted, and I don't see the Hall inducting him on his own, unless they put him in the "Musical Excellence" category, which I don't see happening anytime soon. So Deep Purple would've been the best route to go.

As for Don Airey, he's been with Purple since 2002, which is a good 13 year run, however, I don't think any of their albums in that time have been that significant, and he doesn't really stand out to me as a leading figure for his instrument like Steve Morse is for the guitar. However, he played with so many other bands for such a long time before Purple, he ultimately deserves recognition, so I would induct him as well.

If Rod Evans is gonna be inducted, than Nick Simper should be as well. It makes no sense. Sure both artists weren't with the band for long, only one year, but they did perform on the band's first three albums, and thus should both be included.

The entire Mark II lineup (Lord, Gillan, Paice, Blackmore, and Glover), duh, lol.

Hughes and Coverdale both deserve it too.

So yeah, I would've basically inducted everyone except Joe Lynn Turner, and Joe Satriani. Purple's lineup history really isn't all that complicated when you sit down and actually look at it.

Posted by Donnie on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 04:50am

So I've Chatted about Deep Purple. It is indeed a Triumph that Deep Purple have been inducted. I want to focus on another Fav that has been Inducted. Chicago. This is certainly a Triumph for sure. A very key Rock group of the 70s as well as the 80s. Particularly in the 70s Chicago were highly revered. I am quite a bit of a Fan. Although I don't know their albums after the 70s. Just those pop Hits.

As Enig has mentioned and Roy too. Their early material was rather progressive. Chicago has always been an ensemble. Dan Seraphine,Peter Cetera, James Pankow and Robert Lamm along with many other members. Chicago were snubbed a long time. One of the most snubbed along with the Moody Blues. I love the tune Beginnings and own Chicago II, V and a couple other 70s albums. Chicago in fact could lead to the nomination of the Moody Blues. I think the Hall saw Chicago as more universal than the Moodys.
But now that Chicago has been Inductees it brings Hope for the Moodys. Moody Blues are more straight Prog Rock. I'm saying that Chicago can lead to Moody Blues because the Hall seems to be dealing with acts long snubbed.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 05:03am

Now I said that I would only choose one Prog act a year moving forward. I assumed that
Yes would go in. So what happens with my predictions. Well its a dilemma. Hmmm. My tradition is to always Predict Moody Blues until they are in. Since the Hall is clearly not kind to Prog I will stay the course with Moody Blues as my prog prediction. I call them pure Prog. I will predict Duran Duran next year though. I am not giving a full list at all right now. Just saying. They may give a rest to Yes and try Moodys instead. I see the Cars and the Spinners coming back as well as Chaka Khan. That's as far as I go with any predictions at this time. Just thought I'd mention some Acts that missed this Year.

On the good side Chicago and Deep Purple are 2 acts long snubbed. So the Hall is reacting to complaints. Those 2 acts are certainly different from eachother. This is not the most diverse Class but it is diverse within the Classic Rock realm. Also worth noting is due to firing the Old Oldies Experts Chicago is the oldest group this year. In 2015 where you have all kinds of current Loud Rock and Rap artists they are old enough. Chicago is now what Martha & the Vandellas and Shirelles were at one time. Those went in 20 Years ago. So Classic Rock and beyond is the thing now. So Moody Blues the Cure and Duran Duran can all go in at the same time at this point. Hypothetically. The Cure deserve to go in even though I don't understand them too well. I am into Siouxie and the Banshees a little more but either of those 2. I conveyed a strictly Classic Rock image this year. I see an 80s trend coming soon alongside Classic Rock.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 07:17am


Thank you, I do agree that The Moody Blues will be next to appear on the ballot. What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the summer of Love than to place The Moody Blues and Procol Harum on the ballot together?

I suspect that Yes will also return to the ballot. But this time, they will be competing against E.L.O. Have you ever noticed that the Hall likes to pit certain artists against each other?

I think that The Cars will return also, but this time their main competition will be Duran Duran. As great as The Cars were, I don't think that they stand a chance against Duran Duran. Duran Duran has nearly four decades of excellence. 'Ordinary World' is a timeless song which has helped to give Duran Duran a certain amount of respect and it's only one great song in their catalog; they have several more.

As far as female artists are concerned, I think that Sade and Carly Simon are long overdue for nominations and inductions, also.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 08:22am

So I have a photo album of all the RNRHOF inductees on my Facebook page, and I've been going through, researching all of the inducted members for every act.

One of the most controversial things about the Hall is whom the Hall chooses to induct in regards to bands. Many complaints and criticism have been brought up over the years with groups like Fleetwood Mac, the Grateful Dead, the Drifters (a really complicated task that group was), and now Deep Purple and the lack of anyone from the Steve Miller Band. But I think I just came across one of the dumbest and most nonsensical examples of this problem. Whom am I talking about? Why, none other than the O'Jays. A group no one ever really brings up, probably because many aren't too familiar with their history of members most likely. I honestly wasn't either until I just researched them, and who the Hall chose really makes no sense.

To give a bit of history on the O'Jays. The O'Jays were a five piece group among the group's founding in 1958. And up until 1972, the group kept the same five members. Those members being Eddie Levert, William Powell, Walter Williams, Bill Isles, and Bobby Massey.

In 1972, Massey and Isles left the group, and Levert, Powell, and Williams forged on as a trio and right afterwards signed with Philadelphia International label, headed by Leon Huff and Kenneth Gamble. Right aftewards the O'Jays became a major success with the Backstabbers and Ship Ahoy albums, and the singles "Love Train," "Backstabbers," "For the Love of Money," etc. It was at this time that the O'Jays became R&B legends and one of the all-time great R&B vocal groups of the 70's and in general.

William Powell died in 1977 of cancer, and Sammy Strain (a member of Little Anthony and the Imperials who was inducted with that group in 2009), basically replaced him, and the O'Jays continued on with some hits on the R&B charts and a few others on the pop charts, but overall started to fade from the limelight.

In 2005, the O'Jays were inducted. During the 1960's, the O'Jays had minimal chart success, even on the R&B charts, so in that period they were honestly not a HOF worthy band. Their tenure in the late 70's and 80's and beyond wasn't really HOF worthy either. What made the O'Jays a HOF worthy group was their run from 1972-1978, as one of the 2-3 leading R&B vocal groups of that time (along with the Spinners). So in choosing who the Hall would induct, you would think they'd go one of two ways.

1. Induct just the trio of Eddie Levert, William Powell, and Walter Williams, the most famous and successful incarnation of the band.

2. Induct the original five and either leave out or include Sammy Strain. Either including or leaving out Strain would make sense.

So what does the Hall do? They induct four out of the five original members. Eddie Levert, William Powell, and Walter Williams, the famous, iconic trio during their run in the 70's, but also include Bill Massey. But they leave out Bill Isles, and instead induct Sammy Strain, a member from the late 70's and early 80's period.

WTF? That makes absolutely no sense. If you want to induct the 70's era of the O'Jays, by also including Sammy Strain, then ok. That makes sense to a degree as the O'Jays dis have some hits with him, though their peak had ended by that point. But then why include only one of the two original members of the group from their 60's period? That just makes absolutely no sense.

It's very similar to this year with Deep Purple, the Hall including Rod Evans, the original lead singer, but not inducting Nick Simper, the original bassist.

These things really make me shake my hand. What is the Hall thinking when it comes to these issues?

Posted by Donnie on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 11:54am

I spent some time playing around with ideas for the ceremony:

Cheap Trick:
Inducted by: Dave Clark?
Rick Nielson mentioned Dave Clark a number of times in his Rolling Stone interview, seems pretty close to him; already a member of the HOF, and I can totally see how Cheap Trick would have been influenced by The Dave Clark 5. Dave Clark could give a pretty interesting analysis of the core of Cheap Trick's long time appeal.

Three most likely songs to play:
I Want You To Want Me
Dream Police

Cover song they have done that could also be used for end of show jam:
Ain't That A Shame

Inducted by: I suggest Michael McDonald of Doobie Brothers (and solo recordings) fame

Three most likely songs to play:
25 or 6 To 4
Saturday In The Park
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Cover song they have done that could also be used for end of show jam: I'm A Man

Deep Purple:
Inducted By: Kirk Hammett - The loudest of many choices that have been lobbying for them to join the HOF.

Three most likely songs to play:
Smoke On The Water
Highway Star

Cover song they have done that could also be used for end of show jam: River Deep - Mountain High

Inducted by: Kendrick Lamar - on top of the world right now with the critics widespread choice for album of the year, and helps to pull in some younger viewers.

Three Most Likely Songs to play:
Straight Outta Compton
Express Yourself
Gangsta Gangsta

Cover song they have done that could also be used for end of show jam: Already mentioned - Express Yourself

Steve Miller:
Inducted By: Dave Matthews - seems like one of the most famous current musicians that would be a modern descendent of Miller's sound - John Mayer would be another but was just used last year for Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Three Most Likely songs to play:
Fly Like An Ealge
Rockn Me
The Joker

Cover song they have done that could also be used for end of show jam: Mercury Blues

Posted by Shrek on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 13:29pm

I am slowly going through the Inductees. As far as Steve Miller. I have fond memories of the Steve Miller BAND. Would it have hurt the Hall so much to make it the Steve Miller Band. This would include Gray Mallaber and Lonnie Turner as well as early members like Boz Scaggs. It's kinda stupid that the induction is for Steve Miller and not also the Band. What's that all about?

So anyway I will say the Steve Miller Band. I have fond memories of them back in the 70s. I was a fan at 12 in 1977. I came to know the earlier stuff. I do know an album called Brave New World. Such great songs in the 70s like Fly Like an Eagle, Rock N' Me Serenade Jet Airliner Winter Time and soo many others. Another key 70s act that had been snubbed for some time. I would rather have seen Yes first but the Hall didn't agree. Steve Miller Band is great nonetheless.

Cheap Trick was a surprise. I forgot about the Steve Van Zant influence. He loves them. They were a No Hold barred band in the late 70s early 80s. I would have held off but again the Hall likes them and many Voters apparently did. Cheap Trick in before Yes. Oh well. What can I say. So that's all the Classic Rock.

NWA is not a total surprise actually. I really thought it would be a few R&B acts for variety but apparently Not. Whether we like it or Not Rap pops up in the Hall sometimes. The thinking must have been that LL Cool J will then get a chance and there is 2Pac that has a very good chance Next Year

Posted by Ben on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 13:54pm

Inducting Steve Miller without the Steve Miller Band is like inducting Gladys Knight without the Pips or KC without the Sunshine Band.

Posted by Classic Rock on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 16:49pm

Classic Rock,

Exactly. I love your analogy with Gladys Knight without the Pips and KC. That was good. It makes no sense. I'll just refer to The Steve Miller Band as it should be.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 17:43pm

The recent tweet re-tweeted here titled "The Embarrassing Class of 2016" got under my skin a little. In the piece, the author says:

"The only artists I was 100% sure should not gain entry were Chicago and Deep Purple."

OK, where should I start...

As part of his argument against DP, he says "Also, name one influential song by Deep Purple beyond Smoke on the Water? I bet nobody but a die hard DP fan could name four total DP songs period."

I might accept this point, although I can name several off the top of my head, except he MAKES A CASE FOR KRAFTWERK and JOY DIVISION. Quick, pick a person off of the street and have them name ANY song by these artists. I'm not making a case against either of those bands by the way, just the author.

And to answer his dumb rhetorical question:
Smoke of the Water
Highway Star
Knocking At Your Back Door
Perfect Strangers

Posted by Classic Rock on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 19:04pm

Yeah. His rage against Deep Purple is weird. I'm not a fan, and I can name 4 songs:

Smoke on the Water
Space Truckin
Woman From Tokyo

Plus to deny their influence on metal is pure ignorance at best.

I'd say the two most deserving acts in this year's class are Deep Purple and N.W.A. (Steve Miller's SOLO induction can eff right off.)

Posted by dmg on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 19:35pm

I just read that tweet and your irritation is well placed.

It hits one of my biggest pet peeves, which is people dismissing acts because they don't like them or their genre or they're not familiar with an artist's work or legacy and they allow their ignorance to become a valid benchmark to frame that act's importance or legitimacy.

Classic Rock is spot on in the thought that if you advocate for Joy Division and Kraftwerk you don't get to turn around and dismiss Deep Purple as too fringe or obscure. In fact, I think that the primary arguments in favor of Joy Division, Kraftwerk and Deep Purple are essentially the same, all three have a freakishly deep and broad reach of influence.

It irritates me when someone will dismiss the acts that I generally advocate for, considering them obscure or irrelevant because they didn't pack arenas or have any thousand times platinum albums, then turn around and advocate for acts from another genre or era that aren't any better known to the casual music fan and were no more innovative or impactful to an era or generation. He's doing exactly that in reverse and it's just as unacceptable.

I haven't had many positive comments on this class, granted, but that's solely based on a lack of diversity in the class, particularly with how many important artists of other genres and eras were on the ballot, but to say that any of this year's five inductees are undeserving even in the slightest is very much a case of a person holding their ignorance high as a standard of measurement.

Posted by DarinRG on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 20:47pm

Still thinking about the Deep Purple diss. Looking at the rankings on this site, here is this year's class:

Deep Purple #69
NWA #101
Chicago #191
Cheap Trick #194
Steve Miller BAND #256

So, it appears that many around here would agree that the Deep Purple induction isn't out of line. I'm not even that much of a fan of DP, but to steal a thought from a recent Dave Marsh interview on this same topic (how DP hadn't been inducted and should have been long ago), this is Deep <expletive>-ing Purple we're talking about. *shaking head*

Posted by Classic Rock on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 22:38pm

That article annoyed me greatly as well.

I agree with Classic Rock on the guy's Deep Purple hate.

But another comment from him that jumped out at me and I thought was really condescending and downright insulting was his claim that "many women started to love music because of Janet Jackson."

I get he's trying to say that Janet Jackson was a massively influential female artist for future female music artist as well as on pop culture. But he's completely insulting female music fans as whole IMO. He's basically saying that until Janet Jackson came along, women didn't care at all about music. That's just a really dumb and insulting comment. I found that really insulting, and I'm a man for crying out loud!

I'm kind of ashamed of FRL for even tweeting/sharing that piece of garbage of an article. Maybe, I'm tired and grouchy, but that article kind of ticked me off.

I think honestly, I'm just starting to get really tired of all the negativity about this year's group of inductees. I just made a post about it on my Facebook page, and I think it sums my thoughts up pretty well. I'm gonna share it actually...

"You know, I'm all for diversity when it comes to the RNRHOF classes. I want all genres to be represented like most die-hard HOF watchers and music lovers. Yes, I think it was an absolute crock that Janet Jackson was passed over. Yes, I was disappointed not to see the Cars, Yes, Nine Inch Nails, the Smiths, and the Spinners get a much deserved induction. But you know what, I'm starting to get really tired of all the complaints and negativity about this year's group of inductees. About how it's too "classic rock heavy." That other than Cheap Trick and N.W.A, the rest of the inductees suck. Deep Purple never influenced anyone, etc. That's such crap. I'm starting to get just as annoyed with the "anti-classic rock" crowd, as I am the "anti-anyone that's not a long haired white guy playing guitar" crowd. I love Janet Jackson, the Cars, and the Spinners, and greatly respect the J.B.'s, Chic, Chaka Khan, Yes, Nine Inch Nails, the Smiths, etc. But let's not just competely dismiss and shit on Chicago, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, Cheap Trick, and/or N.W.A. in the process either. Your political, social, and music views aside, all five acts chosen for induction are very deserving and deserve respect and appreciation for all they did for music over the last 50 years."

Posted by Donnie on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 00:38am

DarinRG: Sadly, ignorance might become a future issue with the Hall of Fame, especially voters. After this class and the immediate fall-out, I'm starting to wonder about acts that we chalked up as locks in the 90s.

Posted by SotN on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 00:59am

Something that I've brought up a couple other places but not here is that I think it will be interesting to see if 90s acts who display primarily 70s associated rock influences (Green Day, Pearl Jam) fly in while acts who are more unique or eclectic and difficult to pin down (Radiohead, Beck, Blur) or acts who reflect influences most associated with the 80s (Nine Inch Nails)get swatted away (the examples are just a few big name, 1st ballot credible acts, we could look deeper than that).

One major legacy of the 90s was the rise of so many electronic artists to mainstream or A-list levels. Within the next few years we're going to see the start of a wave of electronic based candidates who you can make a 1st or 2nd ballot case for, but the VoteComm can't even wrap their heads around freaking Kraftwerk. Brian Enwho?

The Rock Hall talks about wanting to draw younger fans, how about starting with an overhaul of the Voting Committee and adding a significant core of voters who have a grasp and understanding of the post-seventies music landscape. That seems glaringly absent right now. I'm not saying to close the door on the 50s, 60s and 70s or any genre, there's still plenty of work to do in almost every corner, but we're into the 90s now, it's time to add a relevant number of voters who actually understand where these 80s and 90s acts fit into the historical narrative, what their legacy is and who from previous decades may not have been commercial giants, but were indispensable in building the foundation for the innovators of the 80s and 90s to work from.

Posted by DarinRG on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 01:45am

I think the voting system is getting better. 800+ voters some of the best artists of all time in Blues, R&B, Rock, Metal etc. Also some select Music Business Producers & Executives who have been voted in the Hall. It would seem these people would know what musical excellence and talent would sound like. I think the voters did an outstanding job this cycle. Chicago, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple,Steve Miller are all deserving. I don't know enough about N.W.A. Don't listen to that much rap. You have to remember that there are some other awards for this class. Adding a Chic, Link Wray, The Lettermen, or other artists makes this an even greater class. I suggest they go to a 20 Nominee list. Pick 3 out of each 10 list. That guarantees 6 every cycle. They still would have several deserving groups including deserving 2x inductees like Don Henley, Ben E. King, Sting, Stevie Nicks, Phil Collins etc. I suppose Janet Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, YES will be inducted soon. KING

Posted by KING on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 02:10am

"But another comment from him that jumped out at me and I thought was really condescending and downright insulting was his claim that "many women started to love music because of Janet Jackson."

I get he's trying to say that Janet Jackson was a massively influential female artist for future female music artist as well as on pop culture. But he's completely insulting female music fans as whole IMO. He's basically saying that until Janet Jackson came along, women didn't care at all about music. That's just a really dumb and insulting comment. I found that really insulting, and I'm a man for crying out loud!" -Donnie

Yeah, all those girls I went to school with who dressed like Madonna, wore their Pat Benatar or Cyndi Lauper t-shirts or had Joan Jett, Siouxsie Sioux or Terri Nunn haircuts would've been surprised.

(God, did I just seriously date myself...)

Posted by DarinRG on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 02:21am

I just read that tweet to see what this Chat is about. This is a good chat. Deep Purple not influential? Wow. Huge influence on Metal. I admit not every DP song is recognizable to a Non Fan. It's like Classic Rock said there are several songs. Highway Star is a very influential song. I suppose Knocking at Your Back Door may cater more to a Diehard fan but this guy makes the point to advocate Kraftwerk and Joy Division. I am a huge music fan. I can name Autobahn and Tran Europe Express. If you ask a random person on the street will they name those?

Just be fair I am not denying the influence of these acts but this Author is ridiculous. He dissed Chicago for not Rocking. In fact he has probably not heard their first 5 albums. He was busy with his own Fav genres. I am not going to turn around and say Kraftwerk and Joy Division aren't rocking simply because I don't know them well enough. It's not for me to Judge. I went overboard recently about when artists should be inducted. I got over it. That's been discussed.

There is a lack of diversity in this Class that's True. However, It's just ridiculous to say that this Class is Undeserving. I agree that it's a case of a person holding their Ignorance. I agree with King. Chicago, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple and Steve Miller are all deserving. It's only a matter of timing on Cheap Trick but still deserving. I too Don't know enough about N.W.A. I don't listen to that much Rap. I'm not a Rap person. I will say that since the Hall is including Rap as a genre that it makes sense. Hey King. You mentioned Chic, Link Wray and Lettermen. Are you telling us or maybe suggesting the special awards like Musical Excellence.

I like Pat Benatar, Cindi Lauper, Joan Jett. I love her. And Siouxie Sioux. I like the tunes Spellbound and the Killing Jar along with a few others. They were huge hits in England back in the 80s. I realize I conveyed an all Classic Rock image at first so that may impress You. I heard lots of genres growing up. Classic Rock is my biggest genre but I like other stuff too.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 04:59am

Clearly, all 5 of the inductees are deserving and all have contributed greatly to the world of music. The biggest complaint is likely that there were only 5 inductees. Yes and Janet Jackson should have been included - it just makes no sense to only induct 5.

I'm really torn on Chic. The voters just refuse to vote them in. Hopefully they'll award Nile/Chic with the musical excellence award. At least it'll get them in and it would free up a spot on the ballot.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 07:27am

Hey Everybody. I'm going to put an interesting spin on things. I have never done this on here. I don't plan to. Let's go back 25 years in the Rock Hall. The 1991 Rock Hall Inductees had just been inducted. It only went up to including artists that released their first record in 1965.
The Class was LaVern Baker, The Byrds, John Lee Hooker, The Impressions Wilson Pickett Jimmy Reed and Ike& Tina Turner. It was starting to reflect artists of the 60s heavily. This was one of the first Classes I was interested. I like The Byrds quite a bit as well as John Lee Hooker The Impressions and Wilson Pickett. They all made sense. It was a real decent Class I think.

Why am I mentioning this. Well since that time there has been a lot of bias combined with the Fact that Rock & R&B split into many numerous directions and there is other genres to consider. Thus the Hall became complicated. We ended up with so many snubs and a reduction in the # of artists along the Way. The 1991 Class was easier.

1992 1993 and 1994 classes were decent too. They made a lot of sense. I followed the Hall then too as I do now. As the years went by I tuned in More. They were into eras of interest to me. There was Allman Brothers, Zep, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd Joni Mitchell and Parliament. Snubs became noticeable after the Classes of the 90s.

Skip to the present. We are finally seeing the Hall catch up more. The Byrds and Wilson Pickett went in promptly. So did Cream, CCR and the Doors. Various others. Truthfully Jeff Beck, The Hollies, Alice Cooper Albert King Rush Donna Summer Bill Withers could have gone in much earlier. Perhaps not promptly. Same with Chicago and Deep Purple. I was going to say promptly but thought it over and decided on earlier not prompt. I'm taking into account 1st Tier, 2nd Tier type thing. Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen Tom Petty the Ramones and the Clash went in exactly when they should. I embraced the Clash somewhat back around 1979 1980. Not the Sex Pistols. Thus my foolish Pistols comment. It was foolish. Not into them but they were revolutionary.

So things gave gotten a lot more complicated since that 1991 Ceremony. Indeed. I agreed 10 years ago with Black Sabbath Blondie and Skynyrd and the Sex Pistols in is fine to be objective. Still we must say things went wrong along the way. I agreed with R.E.M. and the Ronettes in 2008 as well as Van Halen. Couldn't there have been a way to Have Sex Pistols and Rush at the same time. Maybe Yes couldn't go in promptly but wouldn't 2003 have been alright at the same time as AC/DC the Clash and the Police. That's more fair. Certainly Chicago could have gone in much earlier. In any case this is why we have the catching up. The new Class is Fine.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 07:58am

The hall is catching up it seems, and the classes may be a little unbalanced as they do this.

It is appearing more and more like inductions for 60's artists are pretty much over. We may get a stray induction of a band that started in the 60's, like a Procol Harum or the Moody Blues, but it seems dried up at the moment.

Posted by Classic Rock on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 12:18pm

Classic Rock,
We do agree once again. I think most people on here do. That's why we the Future Rock site. You are certainly correct about the 60s. It has dried up right Now. Most key 60s acts are in. We may get some strays like Procul Harum Moody Blues and Steppenwolf. They were notable from what I know
The 70s is mainly the Era to catch up On. Yes,Jethro Tull Doobie Bros The Spinners War. All kinds. There are many in the 70s. Also 80s for sure
People like The Cure,Duran Duran,Siouxie and the Banshees The Replacements Journey. Just mentioning some Variety. Also Chaka Khan and Sade. There is many as we know

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 14:06pm

Good stuff Ben on the Hall and the Classes and snubs. The Hall can really help themselves with some cool Early Influences and Musical Excellence Awards. Here are 5 that interest me. 1.Frank Sinatra-Probably the most famous singer in the 40's & 50's and one of the favorites of all time. Frank turned 100 years old in December if he was still alive and Hall moved ceremony to New York. Makes sense to me. 2. Chic-The voters have rejected Chic 10x. That's a statement. Hall can put them in now. 3.Brian Eno-Should be in with Roxy Music and his various collaborations. 4.Peter,Paul,and Mary. A leader in folk music and around 50 year longevity. Mary's death was a sad day. Deserve to be honored in some capacity. An American treasure. 5.Jeff Lynne. This one's for Rick. His talent with ELO as singer and multi-instrumentalist cannot be denied. Worked on other projects and deserves Musical Excellence. I wonder what other FRL regulars think on who could win these other awards. Keep up the good work Ben! KING

Posted by KING on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 16:39pm


Oh Wow. I didn't think of that. Chic can go in as Music Excellence. Peter, Paul and Mary is another possibility. Often the Music Excellence is more off best than the Performers. How do the special Awards work? I guess they are not Voted by the Voting Body. It seems like The committee takes care of those.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 18:53pm

One more time on that. Often the Music Excellence is more off beat than the Performers. I do want to know how the Special words work as far as them being picked.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 18:59pm

Deep Purple rants #12 & #35

And another thing...

I love arguments against Deep Purple's induction that start with "except for Smoke on the Water..."

My answer is, simply, why except it at all? You do realize that Percy Sledge is in, don't you? Why except the song that every 13 year old who ever walked into a Guitar Center in the last 40 years has played?

No, they get credit for that, a lot of it, along with the rest of their solid catalog and influence.

Posted by Classic Rock on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 20:48pm

"Musical Excellence" was actually a pretty clever award for the Rock Hall to invent. "Musical Excellence" sounds grand and artistically accomplished, yet means absolutely nothing.

For some people "Musical Excellence" might mean the skilled virtuosity of Steve Vai or Rush, to others the height of "Musical Excellence" might be the more rudimentary, primal feel that they get listening to Black Flag or Minor Threat. Maybe the height of "Musical Excellence" is in the social commentary of Public Enemy or N.W.A. For some it might exist in the glitchy, raging sound collages of Skinny Puppy or Ministry or the dreamscapes of the Cure and Cocteau Twins. Maybe it's in the bombast of Queen or the brash, carefree guitars of Deep Purple or Aerosmith. Some of our friends here find it in the pristine vocal melodies of the Temptations or the Flamingos. I've known plenty of people who found it in the empowerment of Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney and others who identify it the saintly charm of Johnny Cash, the wry Bodhisattva wisdom of Leonard Cohen, in the sonic pummel of Slayer, the Bukowski back alley swagger of Tom Waits, the irreverent sendups of our icons by Weird Al Yankovic or the alien horns of Sun Ra or Ornette Coleman.

Or in the case of the RRHoF "Musical Excellence" means, "Cool, now we have a way to induct Ringo Starr and the backing bands that we screwed up on".

Posted by DarinRG on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 21:47pm

Darin RG

Good post on Music Excellence. I don't know nearly as much about the special Categories as the Performers. A lot of the people you say can Be Inducted in theory as performers and have been.

I looked up recent Music Excellence awards in the Rock Hall site before. Some recent ones are Leon Russell, Tom Dowd Cosimo Mantassa. I had no idea who that last one was. He was a producer for people like Fats Domino. I am not knowledgable on 50s much. In 2013 there was no Music Excellence award. It was Lifetime achievement. Quincy JOnes. I certainly know him. One of the most known producers. He produced Michael Jackson. 2014 it was Music Excellence to the E Street Band and of course 2015 had Ringo Starr.

If I'm to guess. The Music Excellence this year would not be anyone older than the 60s era since tat crowd was fired. I think Chic stand a good chance after 10 noms. They fail every time. In the last couple years Chic was no match for Joan Jett, Lou Reed, Cheap Trick, Chicago Deep Purple and Steve Miller. Although I am not a big Rap fan at all but I would say NWA were a stronger contender than Chic.

Chic fit well in the Music Excellence. The Hall could of course catch up on a Back Up band of the 60s and 70s they forgot. Just a guess given the Classics this year. There is the JBs who appeared this year. Perhaps a producer. I can't Guess right Now. An Older one maybe from around the 70s like the Inductees.

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 12.23.15 @ 07:48am

Yes, I had read the comments of that offensive critic who professes to not be a hater, but had the unmitigated gall to denigrate Yes, Chicago and Deep Purple.

Can I name more than 4 songs by Deep Purple? Why yes, even though I am not even remotely a fan of their music, I think that I can name a few more than that, just off the top of my head:

Speed King
Smoke On The Water
Highway Star

How about Chicago?

Saturday In The Park
25 or 6 to 4
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
Color My World
Wishing You Were Here
Baby, What a Big Surprise

What about Yes?

Too numerous to mention, where would you like me to start?

Did Deep Purple influence any bands? That is like asking did Rush influence any artists? Countless bands from many different genres, including: Rush, Heart, Metallica, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, etc. to name but a few.

Why Rush? Rush has always been a "progressive rock" band, and as such, they have been a musical sponge for nearly 48 years. If you want to place Deep Purple, or that other artist, on the third tier of the pyramid, then you should definitely move Rush up to the 5th tier. How many artists and genres have been influenced by Rush? The number is incalculable. Not only "progressive rock," but "neo-progressive," "progressive metal," "heavy metal," "hard rock," "jazz," "folk" "classical," "rock," etc. To put it simply, many Rush fans are musicians. I am sure that this critic does not like Rush either.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Wednesday, 12.23.15 @ 09:14am

Classic Rock,

You make such good points about Deep Purple. The "except for Smoke on the Water" line. I remember when Percy Sledge. When a Man Loves a Woman as we all know is the main Hit. Some officianados of 60s R&B decided he was worthy. Ok. There may be tunes we have no idea about that the experts know. So to be equal the same should apply to Deep Purple. I have great knowledge of them. I am a fan. One of my dreams for the Rock Hall was to see Deep Purple play Smoke on the Water at a Ceremony. The other dream is to have the Moody Blues go in.

I like all kinds of Music. I loved it thru the years when Allman Brothers, Zep, Neil Young Zappa Pink Floyd Jefferson Airplane Joni Mitchell Fleetwood Mac Santana Eric Clapton and Earth, Wind and Fire all went in Years back. I also liked it when Tom Petty Talking Heads The Ramones The Clash The Police Bob Seger Traffic ZZ Top OJays The Pretenders. I did Understand U2. Makes sense. Not a huge fan. A few songs. Black Sabbath Blondie and Skynyrd. Many more that followed. Just mentioning Inductees of the Past. I just wanted to be clear on what I like and there are others I understand like

So in the same way Deep Purple who I dig now go in. They were influential on Heavy Metal that followed. I think this paves the way for others like Judas Priest and Twisted Sister. I do think it will be awhile on those. After all it took so long for Deep Purple. I had a Heavy Metal phase in the 80s. Somewhat brief. I am not really a true Metal guy but like a bunch. I did like the less synthesized New wave and 80s alt. The Replacements is a good example.

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 12.23.15 @ 09:23am


Nice comments on Deep Purple. A lot of us are pretty offended by that Critic. You're not a fan? You seem like a bit of a fan. I am a bit of a fan. I own a couple albums from them. Who Do we Think We Are. They are Deep Purple.

You certainly support them fan or Not. They may be Harder than what you're used to. You certainly know they're deserved. The Critic probably don't like Rush as you said.

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 12.23.15 @ 10:32am

Yes, agreed that "Smoke On The Water" can't be dismissed as an anomaly. It's not just Deep Purple's biggest legacy (though *not* their only major contribution). It is simply so huge that even *if* it was the band's only real moment of greatness, that it alone seems enough since it is such a dominating presence.

It's similar to why I think The Commodores need very badly to get in the HOF. The band that recorded "Brick House". A song that can still instantly pack a dance floor to this very day. They had some other hits, but "Brick House" is more than just a hit, it is a permanent part of American music culture, just as the riffs to "Smoke On The Water" are.

Posted by shrek on Wednesday, 12.23.15 @ 13:33pm

I cannot believe ELO has never been nominated.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 12.23.15 @ 18:41pm


You are very welcome.

No, I really would not consider myself to be a fan of Deep Purple, since I only own 2 studio albums by Deep Purple thus far: "Deep Purple," "Burn" and of course, a greatest hits collection. I do have a BluRay and a dvd of their performance, but that's about it. For what it's worth, I think that the exclusions of Nick Simper, Don Airey and Steve Morse should be rectified.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Thursday, 12.24.15 @ 10:15am

Actually I'm not a real Huge fan of Deep Purple either then. I own 2 Studio albums Who Do We Think We Are and Perfect Strangers. I have the great Live Album Made in Japan and also the Very Best of. That is the Deep Purple I have. So I'm a bit of a fan but not Huge. I do know plenty of tunes though. I own more Yes albums.

I think what happened is the Hard Rock snubs were being addressed already so they went with that. In recent year there has been Alice Cooper and Kiss. Deep Purple shouldn't be nearly as controversial. I know Ian Gillan said some negative things about the Hall last week. He finds the Hall silly but no Crazy talk like G Simmons and Paul Stanley did. All the DP members should have been Inducted but there isn't Crazy talk so far. The exclusions should be rectified.

It's like some us said DP's inductions paves the way for Heavy Metal bands. You know who those are. Actual Prog would be tackled next I think.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 12.24.15 @ 13:42pm


Just to be clear I meant Actual Prog would be tackled next Year. I'm still only choosing one with Moody Blues. They may give Yes a rest. I think there was a strong attempt at Yes this Year due to the passing of Chris Squire but since it failed they'll try Moody Blues. Im not doing a 2017 list until Jan.

So what they did this year is go with Deep Purple since the Hard Rock snubs were already being dealt with. The Hall is more used to that. Opposite to that they went with Chicago who are very deserved. They are the Mellow choice this year. They are certainly mellower than Deep Purple. Cheap Trick is a Steve Van Zant fav. The Hall loves Basic Rock.

Steve Miller Band as I say was a bit of a surprise. They were indeed key in the 70s. They combine Basic Rock with a little Prog. There is good keyboard work on many cuts. Wild Mountain Honey and parts of Book of Dreams do.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 12.24.15 @ 14:45pm


I think 2016-2017 cycle should be a big year for Prog on the ballot. Yes should return on the ballot and Moody Blues going to appear. I had to cut a Rap and Heavy Rock act to get Procol Harum on my 18 artist ballot. It's worth it. Watching Procol Harum concerts...It's like attending concert and theater all in 1. I think they helped elevate music with excellent lyrics and incredible musicianship. Procol Harum has to be inducted for Whiter Shade Of Pale, Conquistador, Crucifiction Lane and as an originator of Progressive Rock. Duran Duran will be on my 2017 ballot too. That's 4 on the list. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 12.24.15 @ 16:53pm


I'm not doing any predictions of Nominees for 2017 yet. What I will say is after the triumph of both Deep Purple and Chicago there is more room for Yes Moody Blues and other prog as well as Blues rock like J Geils Band in the future. I won't specify next year. I dig my Blues Rock. There will be a bunch of R&B in the next couple years also.

No prediction list at this time for 2017. Just mentioning Genres that will be covered soon. Much like this year. There will be some extra 80s New Wave and Rock I think.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 12.24.15 @ 17:28pm

I'm just realizing now that they announced the Hall Class for this yr. I'm getting to the party a little late this yr.

I'm really not sure what to make of this. On one hand, Purple, Chicago, etc., is great. I honestly did not see either Miller or Cheap Trick making the Hall this yr., despite the fact that they were very worthy to begin with. As for NWA, I believe they could've chosen better in the hip-hop field (if they had to induct an act), but they're in, as it stands.

Only 5 inductees, though? Even as they take a step forward, they manage to take a step back. This cannot be an attempt to prize exclusivity, as they've already locked the doors to half the worthy eligible groups to begin with. A sixth, surprise addition would be nice.

They've managed to clear up a bit of the backlog, but they've now added Alice in Chains, the Smashing Pumpkins, Blur, & a slew of others to the list. It's a 50/50 trade when you look at it. Next yr. seems to be a weak year, what with only Pearl Jam & 2Pac as being the obvious locks. While everyone probably wanted a class like this, it seems odd to choose this yr. to do it, when next yr. could have been much easier. I might have chosen one or two older acts this yr., and then chock-loaded next yrs. class. You could have two really great classes back-to-back. Maybe next yr. will be a heavy tilted 80's/90's class (it would be nice, as a counter-balance).

One senses the bitter taste of "we had to do this" emanating from the voting block this yr., what with the shrunken class. At the same time, had they put these artists in a way's back, you wouldn't have had to deal w/it. Overall, I'm glad these gents finally received their due.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Saturday, 12.26.15 @ 06:18am

I would say it's a decent Class even if the Classic Choices should have gone in years ago. I was in fact right That Nine Inch Nails would wait due to the Classics. I think the backlog was dealt with Pretty well. I think it paves the way for a bit more 80s and 90s next Year. I'm not a 90s expert but I expected Alice in Chains and Pumpkins to be Nomd this Year. So I see a bunch of 80s and 90s for next Year. A bunch of 80s for Sure. Not making a list right Now

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 12.26.15 @ 10:55am

Last week, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced who were the five top vote getters in the Performers category for their class of 2016. This means these five artists are definitely getting inducted, with perhaps more to come in other categories. The five artists are:

N.W.A: This will be the first of two inductions for Dr. Dre; I expect him to get inducted on his own, probably as a Non-Performer in a couple years time. Also going in as part of N.W.A. will be Ice Cube, Eric "Eazy-E" Wright (1964-1995), MC Ren, DJ Yella and Arabian Prince.

Chicago: Including the inductions of Terry Kath (1946-1978) and Peter Cetera.

Deep Purple: Inducted would be Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Jon Lord (1941-2012), Roger Glover, Ian Paice, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Steve Morse, Don Airey, Rod Evans, Nick Simper, Joe Lynn Turner and Tommy Bolin (1951-1976). Not included is Joe Satriani; he was never really a member of Deep Purple and is more than likely to get inducted one day on his own, probably as a Sideman.

Steve Miller

Cheap Trick

Since the announcement, there have been a number of bone headed moves and odd reasons given for why this is the leading artists for induction next year, and other issues that come with the territory of the RRHOF. Indeed, on Sunday, the webmasters at Future Rock Legends posted on their blog page 20 questions regarding this year's named inductees and the future of the RRHOF. It is intended to be posted in public so that those that run the Hall of Fame (Jann Wenner, Jon Landau, Joel Peresman and Greg Harris to name four) can provide the answers and give transparency in their voting and induction methods.

I should come out and say this: I doubt any of the four, including Jon Landau but especially Jann Wenner, will answer these questions. For myself, having been a regular poster and participant in elections on the Future Rock Legends website, I figured that since no one in the leadership will likely respond; here then are my answers to these questions.

My assumption as to why there are only five Performers inductees instead of six, which is still small since we at FRL have inducted seven Performers per year into our Rock Hall Project: This may have been suggested by HBO along with Play Tone (Tom Hanks' production company) to have the telecast go within 3 and a half hours and attempt to lessen the editing of speeches and performances. The ceremony is not broadcast live. It does indeed revert back to a sense of creating a massive backlog that I had hoped was starting to ease since 2012.

Perhaps only having 5 inductees as Performers will in turn shorten the ceremony, subsequently fitting the time alloted for the HBO telecast.

The Barclays Center is quite the state of the art arena, one that is indeed expanding in importance since the New York Islanders have now called Barclays home. As well, Jay-Z owns a percentage of the arena; perhaps this is a second test run for when Jay-Z one day gets inducted in the arena he calls home turf.

I am rather aghast that Nick Simper, Steve Morse, Don Airey, Joe Lynn Turner and Tommy Bolin are not yet listed as inducted members of Deep Purple. I do think, if there are no goof ups, this was an intentional act by the hall of fame for a particular reason. Mark II and III are fully in, yet Mark I are 4/5ths in mainly as a way to somehow entice Rod Evans to show his face in public after 35 years. Well, that is not going to happen; and here is why.

Fake Deep Purple: find it on Youtube.

To discuss this stupid and asinine move would be an essay in itself. Suffice to say, Ritchie Blackmore in particular became so incensed that he and the band's attorneys cut off Evans' royalties. Yes, Blackmore has a problem with most people but he does have a legitimate gripe against Evans. As do most Deep Purple fans.

Steve Miller, under himself or as part of Steve Miller Band, has always had the focus be upon him. This is most true once Boz Scaggs went on to do his own thing. I can hardly name off the top of my head every person involved in the Steve Miller Band, and neither in fact can most RRHOF voters. So, the easiest and most honest route is to induct Steve Miller, and not the backing Band whichever it may be.

It is absolutely certain that bands with complicated memberships seem to have more trouble getting inducted than bands with clear lineups, even if only classic lineups. It is perhaps one reason why King Crimson is not yet inducted, and the same goes with Megadeth. Those are just a couple examples.

I do not who these "experts" might be to determine honorees in a band. I wold not be surprised if these "experts" include someone's father's sister's brother's nephew's cousin's doctor's roommate. In other words, a complete unknown.

The fan poll, I think, is utilized as a way to determine who will be inducted. Since 2012, most of the Performers inductees per year from 2013 onwards has been determined by who eventually gets to be on the fan ballot. For 2013 and 2014, 4 out of the top 6 on each fan ballot was inducted. In 2015, it was 5 out of 6. In 2016, it is 4 out of 5. As well, each artist that led the fan ballot (Rush, Kiss, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, and Chicago) all got inducted. It appears that more often than not, the fan ballot is what determines the sort of inductees that will be presented in each class. It would not surprise me if the official 'experts" that receive a ballot also vote on the fan ballot.

As has been determined in post October 15th voting and voting on the Future Rock Legends website, Yes and Janet Jackson respectfully led each poll and by all rights should have gotten inducted. However, I believe it was determined that 2016 would be the year for classic rock and a high percentage of 1970s based acts. In particular, since Chicago, Steve Miller and Cheap Trick were first time nominees, lifelong fans of these artists who also are tech savvy elected to bot the voting. Most of the bot votes went to Chicago. Now, I do not have a problem with Chicago getting inducted, nor any of the named inductees so far. Yet I do think the RRHOF allowed the tainting of the vote to be enacted primarily to enforce a Peter Cetera reunion with Chicago at least.

As I mentioned before, the fan vote adds a lot more teeth if, and I think it has happened, people with an actual ballot get to also vote on the fan ballot. So that one vote on the fan ballot ideal gets tossed aside when Voting Committee members place their votes online on the fan ballot for all to see.

I do not think in past years this sort of chicanery was utilized. In 2015 though, it may have been used on an experimental scale in order to legitimize fan support for an induction of Paul Butterfield and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Since the Butterfield experiment proved a success (and mind you, I felt he should have gotten in before he passed away), it seemed that this experiment could be utilized to have fan support be named for at least a few of the nominees. The fact that by October 15 Chicago received some 20 million votes, most of it by bots, and two months later the inductees were announced shows that this ballot was completely flawed.

For the record, I do not receive a ballot and thus I am not on the Voting Committee. In truth, aside from known inductees who have a ballot and vote on it, along with several other names, I do not know every person who gets a vote. It very well could be hacks and lackeys. Sadly, I also do not see much gender diversity in who might be added to the Voting Committee. It is a bit sad, considering the gradual rise of female artists and pioneers in rock and pop music in the past half century.

I have know idea how and why Gary Dell'Abate received an official ballot. Being a Steely Dan fan and having an admittedly nice home theater does not say to me that this man needs a ballot.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a gender diversity problem. By comparison, our most recent projected Rock Hall Project inductees, while not as much as I would like, inducted Mariah Carey and Pat Benatar this past October. By the way, Ms. Carey and Ms. Benatar have not yet been seriously Considered by the Nominating Committee as of yet. I would request the RRHOF conduct a special election and ballot for this coming new year consisting solely of female candidates and female inductees. Indeed, if I had a ballot for 10 female inductees, mine would look like this:

Mariah Carey
Pat Benatar
Janet Jackson
Whitney Houston
The Runaways
Siousxie Sioux
Carole Kaye
Joan Baez
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Connie Francis

All were inducted into our Rock Hall Project, yet not the actual Hall of Fame. That is not right.

I tend to believe the NomCom should have final say on who will eventually be inducted. The Voting Committee apparently are best used as a recommendation body, not a voting body.

I would tend to believe that less than half of the 800 ballots were returned. Perhaps even lesser than years before after the fan vote bots locked in the fan ballot.

The voted were likely counted by a computer software of some kind. I also doubt that the voting ballot totals will be released to the public.

As mentioned before, it appears that the RRHOF wanted enforced reunions of three different groups (Peter Cetera with Chicago, Ritchie Blackmore with Deep Purple, Cheap Trick with their past drummer). The Cheap Trick reunion might happen, though it will not be easy. I doubt Ritchie Blackmore appears at the ceremony, and while Peter Cetera could entertain the idea of reuniting with Chicago for a final time; Mr. Cetera has not felt the need to reunite in the past 30 years. The Kiss reunion uncertainty in 2014 only involved One act. 2016 has Three acts that people want to see a reunion at any cost. As for N.W.A,, a reunion of surviving members, including Dr. Dre, has always been on the offering so no problem there.

We all assume the remaining inductees will be announced early in the new year. I am not sure who gets inducted through other means, though I assume they will generate a lot of needed buzz. I am guessing the RRHOF do not want a second Ringo Starr situation when the inductee that was not on a nominating ballot gets to be the headliner.

This may sound absurd, yet i think the RRHOF made the decision to scrap the Los Angeles location for one in New York due to the every several years weather pattern El Nino. A pattern in which the West Coast gets colder and wetter, and the East Coast remains wet yet far milder. We just noticed this peculiarity when on Christmas Eve, New York City was in the upper 60s. Fortunately, this will not last long and is expected to be considerably colder in the days and months and even years to come. I say years because after an El Nino there is a La Nina. Not to mention there has been a methane gas leak off the coast of California that has only been given nationwide attention on Christmas Eve: after 6 weeks of leakage! To give you an idea, methane is far more dangerous than carbon dioxide. So, environment, weather patterns and short sighted ideals have the ceremony now taking place in New York. Perhaps next year the ceremony will return to Los Angeles.

Well, since I doubt you will get official answers from Jann Wenner, Jon Landau and Co., I do hope these answers I gave will suffice. I was going to finish this before Christmas Eve; yet dinners, parties and a far amount of gifts I received made this get posted at this time, Leave it to the Holiday season to receive much desired gifts like new Roger Waters and David Gilmour films and albums, a new LP player, two more vinyl LPs and finally getting the Beatles on music streaming services like Apple Music. And that is just rock and roll and music related.

Any comments and/or questions are greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Talk to you all sooner than later,


Posted by Lax32 on Saturday, 12.26.15 @ 21:59pm

My current top 10 female snubs for the Hall of Fame - Performer category are as follows (Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Petula Clark are in my list for early influence snubs). I consider an artist to be a snub if they've been eligible for at least 10 years:

1. Big Mama Thornton
2. Nina Simone
3. Connie Francis
4. Mary Wells
5. Ella Fitzgerald
6. Carly Simon
7. Brigitte Fontaine
8. Emmylou Harris
9. Cher
10. Patti LaBelle

Posted by dmg on Saturday, 12.26.15 @ 22:25pm

"I tend to believe the NomCom should have final say on who will eventually be inducted. The Voting Committee apparently are best used as a recommendation body, not a voting body."

I've never considered this, but when you compare the records of both bodies, we'd be looking at a much stronger and more historically accurate HoF if the NomComm were making the final call. The voters on this site generally make better informed and more credible choices on just about everything that the Rock Hall's VoteComm does,

Posted by DarinRG on Saturday, 12.26.15 @ 22:28pm


You have provided us with an interesting analysis. Thank you for your viewpoint. I suspect that the ceremony was moved to New York City, because the Nominating Committee had known that they had needed a larger venue for the paying attendees. Also, the seems to be a trend in recent years to induct those that are perceived to be "hard rock" groups in New York City.

Even though, Deep Purple has been considered to be one of the godfathers of heavy metal, they are in reality a "progressive rock" band, and have been one since their beginning. Unlike Rush however who had supposedly moved from "hard rock" to "prog," Deep Purple had moved from "prog" to "hard rock" and back to "prog" again. Even some songs in the Mark III lineup, such as 'Burn' feature those tendencies.

I suspect that the 6th inducted was Yes and the logistics associated with inducting Yes would have been quite complicated, considering lineup changes, etc.

Chicago had won the fan vote and founding member Robert Lamm's admission that Chicago had always been a "progressive rock" group was quite revelatory.

The hall had only inducted 8 what they may have perceived to be "progressive rock" acts previously: Pink Floyd and Jefferson Airplane in 1996, Queen in 2001, Talking Heads in 2002, Traffic in 2004, Genesis in 2010, Rush in 2013 and Peter Gabriel in 2014. With two more "progressive rock" acts inducted in 2016, the Hall now probably feels that their previous "anti-prog" sentiment has been corrected. In reality, most of those artists are "art rock" artists with the exceptions of Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Genesis and Rush.

Now, I suspect that at least two not previously nominated prog bands will be nominated on next year's ballot. My guess is that Yes will return again and The Moody Blues will finally receive their first nomination. However, Duran Duran may also receive their first nomination and so may the Electric Light Orchestra. It is also possible that Procol Harum will receive another nomination. If so, 2017's class could be mostly prog.

This would be a great idea, since "progressive rock" will celebrate it's 50th anniversary next year. Plus it will help to erase much of the "anti-prog" bias that the Hall has. How will this effect the possible later induction of King Crimson and Jethro Tull? It's anybody's guess.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 12.27.15 @ 04:24am

Many apologies, since once again, my text editor has changed my wording on my previous posting.

I had meant to say the following, instead:

Also, there seems to be a trend in recent years to induct those artists who are perceived to be "hard rock" artists in New York City.

I suspect that the 6th inductee was Yes and that the logistics associated with inducting them would have been quite complicated, considering their many lineup changes, etc.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 12.27.15 @ 04:37am


You make some good points. As far as Hard Rock groups. Were Van Halen and Alice Cooper inducted in New York? I can look it up but you may know. Guns n Roses are so obvious that it don't matter where the Venue was for them.

I know you consider Rush To be prog and Rightfully so. So perhaps Heart were the Hard Rock Group for 2013. Were they inducted in New York. I liked the 2013 Class. I know that the 2014 class was in NY. Brooklyn in fact. Kiss were inducted in that Year. They took a Rest on Hard Rock last year. Joan Jett is considered more Punk and Basic Rock. And so this year comes the great Deep Purple.

I do think also that Yes were the 6th and the Hall said No. That may be How the # became 5. I mean they could have easily chosen Janet or Chaka Khan as a replacement for Yes but mayb the Hall threw their Hands in the Air and Inducted 5 at that point

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 12.27.15 @ 05:17am


I would not consider Heart to only be a "hard rock" band, they also have quite a few progressive tendencies, therefore Heart is "prog adjacent." Heart was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Los Angeles in 2013, alongside Rush.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 12.27.15 @ 05:52am


I can agree with that about Heart. This is because I know their 70s albums Very Well. In support of what you say About Prog Adjacent is Cuts like Soul if the Sea and Nada One. Not a lot of people know those tunes so I thought The Hall looked at them as Hard Rock. Although they do seem knowledgeable at times. Heart have an under rated Acoustic Side. I'm huge fan of Heart. I was talking about how they may b perceived with Barracuda and ones like that. So Prog Adjacent fits

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 12.27.15 @ 16:33pm


I have a question. When do you think Jethro Tull will go in? They are a key Prog group. They are one of my Fav bands. In my Top Ten of all time artists.
I just think the Moody Blues will be inducted first because they came first and they are a bit more known. I wondered what you think. I own a lot of albums by Tull. Ian Anderson is a great talent. Martin Barre and Barrymore Barlow were also good in J Tull. I think Jethro Tull were somewhat key in the 70s. The early albums are real good.

There is also Emerson Lake and Palmer to consider. However I think The Hall will wait at least 6 or 7 Years on them. I'm Curious what you think. I think Moody Blues and Yes would be first before Tull and ELP.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 12.28.15 @ 04:07am

I would not consider Heart to only be a "hard rock" band, they also have quite a few progressive tendencies, therefore Heart is "prog adjacent." Heart was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Los Angeles in 2013, alongside Rush.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 12.27.15 @ 05:52am
Enig - A ways back, I saw you write something about what you term "prog adjacent". I am interested, inasmuch as there are some groups that would seem to sit outside the "prog" listing, yet who might fit under your term "prog adjacent".

If you're talking about bands that simply used strings on recordings, then Nirvana ("Dumb" and "All Apologies") and Alice In Chains ("I Stay Away") have what would be termed "prog adjacent" qualities. Also, Collective Soul ("December" and "The World I Know") should also logically fit in here. Thing is, I'm not so sure I'd ever refer to them in those terms. I'm interested in your take.

In addition, does being "progressive" have to include strings? As a for instance, Soundgarden rarely if ever used strings on their recordings, yet they certainly used unconventional time changes ("Outshined" as an example). Also, they went one place that I believe no "progressive" group ever went before them, by employing a man who played the spoons (named Artis) on the song "Spoonman". This song will probably remain the only one ever to have a guitar solo replaced w/a spoon solo.

Another group that I mentioned before to you (I believe) is Tool, which deals in complex time changes and song shifts. At the same time, I'd also have a hard time referring to either Soundgarden or Tool as "prog", though once again, they may be seen as "prog adjacent".

I guess I'm interested in where your line falls. Your definition seems to be wide open, as I often see you reference Duran Duran, a group I would never consider progressive, or "prog adjacent". I ask that you take a few minutes and check out the songs I mentioned here. Let me know what you think.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Monday, 12.28.15 @ 06:06am


Let me know how you feel about Jethro Tull and ELP in the Hall. It seems logical they will be inducted sometime in somewhat near future. I'm thinking 6 or 7 years with ELP. Roxy Music is another that comes to mind as well as King Crimson. I don't know King Crimson very well actually. They should probably be inducted in the near future too.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 12.29.15 @ 05:51am


Although it's anybody's guess, I would not be surprised to see a nomination for Jethro Tull before 2019. If you are not familiar with King Crimson, I would strongly suggest finding a copy of "The Compact King Crimson," on cd, or perhaps, "A Young Person's Guide To King Crimson," on cassette.

Another choice might be "The Abbreviated King Crimson," although it cuts off most of 'Starless.' If you happen to like what you hear, I would recommend purchasing the following albums remixed by Steven Wilson: "In The Court Of The Crimson King," "Red" and "Discipline." "Beat" is also great, although I have not yet seen the expanded version by Steven Wilson, yet.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Tuesday, 12.29.15 @ 13:26pm

Now I'm still Not predicting anything for 2017. I'll do that in January sometime I would say. There has been some confusion in the past to my Nominee choices. I'm not listing any predictions I thought I would establish what My Music tastes are more and How I choose Nominees in general.

Clearly I like a lot of Classic Rock. I do like lots and Lots of that. Many of my Favs have gone in. The Who, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Allman Brothers Band Grateful Dead. I am a bit of a Dead head at times. Although I only own legitmate cds from them like American Beauty "Skull and Roses" Europe 72 and various others. I own 30 albums on cd from Bob Dylan. I love Mr. Bob. I love Jethro Tull Pink Floyd Moody Blues and Yes a few of these have been snubbed. I clearly like Steely Dan and Chicago as well. There is of course hundreds of others.

Now I do like my share of 80s. I like the Talking Heads, The Police, The Pretenders, early R.E.M. the Cars, Joan Jett, Duran Duran, Journey, some Foreigner, Def Leppard Twisted Sister. There is a decent amount of 80s Metal I do like. I do like bands in the 80s like the Replacements and the Smithereens.

I like quite a bit of Classic 70s R&B. Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire, the Spinners, Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes, War Commodores in the Brick House era. There is a bunch of other R&B. It is true that I dig Rock the Most.

Now when I predict I do not always go for the ones I like as nominees and Inductees. Last year I predicted Lou Reed even though Im not a big fan. I predicted Chic and Janet Jackson to the Hall this year but was wrong. It doesn't matter if I like those. I felt they had a good chance. In fact I predicted Chic and Not Deep Purple who I love. I am very sure acts like the Cure and B52s will go in the Hall in due time. I do own some tunes from Siouxie and the Banshees. Not a lot but some. They were huge England. That justifies their induction some time. It was only that I felt this year the Hall wanted to focus on Classic Rock backlog. I will not feel that way every year. I just wanted to clarify my backround before any predictions. I do however feel there will be Classic Rock nominees of some kind each year for a long time to come.

Eventually years from Now you would have a Classic act like Blue Oyster Cult and Kansas nominated with a whole lot of 80s and 90s like Siouxie and the Banshees, B52s, and other more modern ones. So while I lean to Classic Rock I do foresee a time when this will happen. I like Blue Oyster Cult a bit and Kansas but don't see them in all that soon. Maybe in 10 years. I don't think there will be a massive amount of 70s Rock at one time by then. That's happening Now.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 12.29.15 @ 13:35pm


Rolling Stone Magazine definitely did not like Emerson, Lake & Palmer. They thought that they were "pretentious." I would not expect ELP to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, until 2020, at the earliest. It is more likely that Kansas and Styx will be inducted, before ELP.


I will need to check out 'Spoonman.' Tool is considered to be a "prog metal" band, although they happen to appeal to the alternative rock
aficionados. Progressive rock does not just imply that a band utilizes string ensembles, but also odd and shifting time signatures, etc. the definition is actually quite complex. Prog Archives attempts to define it on their website. In my honest opinion, Duran Duran should be classified as belonging to "Crossover Prog."

Posted by Enigmaticus on Tuesday, 12.29.15 @ 13:42pm


We do agree on ELP. I loved them growing Up but Rolling Stone did not like them. I could see Kansas and Styx given the fact that The Hall is warming up to Arena Rock as it's Called. Rush which we Have agreed is Prog were associated with Arena Rock at that time in the late 70s early 80s and they went in first. A bunch of later Prog bands are called Arena Rock.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 12.29.15 @ 13:59pm


Good talk on King Crimson. I'm partial on In The Court Of The Crimson King & Red as albums. It seems that Nom Com starting to lean towards artists with some notoriety, appeal, commercial success last voting cycle. Duran Duran fits many hats New Wave, 80's Alternative, Prog...They should make nomination & Moody Blues. I keep hearing artists and different social media talking about the Moodies. My new 2016-2017 list has Duran Duran, Moody Blues, Procol Harum, YES on it. I'm expanding my ballot to 20 this year. I wouldn't be surprised if Nom Com goes to 18 or 20. It would even out voting and put another Prog or female artist on. I like Bad Company & Kool and The Gang as 1st time selections. KING

Posted by KING on Wednesday, 12.30.15 @ 00:46am


Yesterday I was mentioning some of my Music backround so when I give predictions they would be more understood. I foresee a time years from Now when Classic acts like Blue Oyster Cult and Kansas are nominated with a whole lot of 80s and 90s like Black Flag, Siouxie and the Banshees Sonic Youth Joy Division and Jane's Addiction. I don't see Blue Oyster Cult or Kansas going in all that soon. I actually predict that the Cure and the B52s will be nominated in the Near future.

I like being right on predictions so this is a realistic and fair way to look at it. Lord knows I was off this year. I only got one right. I threw B52s in this bunch because I like them. Since the Cure were nominated already it is logical to nominate them again soon. I have mentioned to friends that although the Cure are not my cup of Tea they were influential. I will state that the Cure will more likely go in before Blue Oyster Cult and Kansas.

A well balanced Ballot will have the Cure, Duran Duran Jethro Tull Notorious BIG and the Meters. These are just near future examples. These are not predictions for 2017. I don't even think Jethro Tull will be on a ballot yet. I'm not even sure when BIG is eligible. Not yet I think

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 12.30.15 @ 05:46am

@Ben - Notorious B.I.G. becomes eligible in 2019. As does Outkast. An Outkast nomination that year is a virtual lock.

Hopefully several of the other very deserving hip hop acts will already be in. Those include Eric B & Rakim, LL Cool J, A Tribe Called Quest. Maybe De La Soul? Tupac, too I suppose. Although I'm not sure he'll be inducted on his first ballot.

For 2017, I really hope we see some female artists inducted. Janet Jackson is a MUST. Others that deserve their first nomination include: Bjork, Kate Bush, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Pat Benatar among others. Stevie Nicks would be a nice nominee - although she's already in with Fleetwood Mac. Some long shots include: Cyndi Lauper, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston perhaps.

Noteworthy female artists that become eligible next year include PJ Harvey and Alanis Morissette.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 12.30.15 @ 09:10am

Thank You. I wasn't sure when Notorious BIG was eligible. I'm hoping for a response from DarinRg.
I love my Classic Rock based on upbringing. I certainly won't exclude Hip and Alternative from the Mix at all.

This is a prelude to my 2017 predictions. I was just giving some general examples for a Well balanced Ballot of the Near future. The Cure and Duran Duran seem like logical nominations in the Near future. SO does BIG. Jethro Tull is a personal choice of preference. My Ballot example is Diverse. Beyond my actual tastes.

I thought I made a good point about Blue Oyster Cult and Kansas in at least 10 years. Neither one is key in Our Culture. The ones in my previous post I presume would come first. Kate Bush and Pat Benatar seem pretty likely as Female nominees in the Near future. That is to say the next few Years.

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 12.30.15 @ 10:13am


It's always good to hear from you. I certainly appreciate your continuing support of Duran Duran and The Moody Blues. I am also appreciative of your familiarity with King Crimson. I have not really said that much about King Crimson yet. I have been extremely disappointed that Yes has not yet been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. As I have said previously, "Yes is my co-favorite band, alongside Rush."

However, I have to realize realistically that this organization is certainly allowed to determine which artists they wish to induct and when they wish to induct them. However, the individuals who have visited their museum are going to always ask the question, "Why isn't my favorite artist immortalized inside of your institution?"

I had been asking that same question for nearly 15 years about Rush. I had reasoned that if I could help to increase other individuals familiarity with the music of Rush, then Rush would be inducted. I had started my website one year after Pink Floyd had been inducted. Other than perhaps the tens of thousands of signatures that had been gathered on the many Rush petitions, there was not a lot of activity supporting Rush, until around 2009. I think that their documentary, "Beyond The Lighted Stage" had done quite a lot, to increase interest and show just how important Rush's influence had been overall.

Now that Yes, The Moody Blues, Duran Duran, Electric Light Orchestra, Procol Harum and others are starting to be recognized for their contributions and influence upon other artists, the Rock Hall may decide to nominate them. Perhaps, The Moody Blues and others need a documentary, as well. What do you think?

Posted by Enigmaticus on Wednesday, 12.30.15 @ 10:56am


To the Prog King! I think Moody Blues has the best chance of nomination. The last few cycles the Nom Com has valued longevity and continued musical excellence. Look at these year inductees. Chicago, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Steve Miller. All 4 continue to tour and make new music 40-50 years of musical excellence and experience. That should help Moody Blues 50 years still going strong. I think it's Moody Blues time. Duran Duran has a good chance. That 80's slot has struck out in recent years. The Cure, The Replacements, The Smiths, etc. Maybe time to give Duran Duran a whirl. I'm curious with Lemmy's death if Hawkwind or Motorhead gets more consideration. KING

Posted by KING on Wednesday, 12.30.15 @ 15:10pm

Ben- As far as next year I really don't think there's a clear perspective on what the revamped NomComm is looking to do. My notion is that they're beginning the process of hitting areas where you find significant clusters of big name, high importance, high influence and/or high popularity acts. The area that they focused on this year was the chronologically earliest place where you find that (nobody should read into that that I think there aren't plenty of important 50s-60s acts still out there, but those decades don't have huge groups of important and popular acts waiting that you find in the 70s and 80s. There are also a large number of more Innovation & Influence type acts in the same time frame, but the focus this year was clearly popularity.).

I'd prefer not to see any era or broader genre dominate the class and ballot like this year, but maybe a bit of a rotation where a few genres share in ballot focus each year. For example, next year we see a first ballot no-brainer in Pearl Jam, generally considered an alternative act (a categorization that I find dubious, but that's a completely different essay)and a highly likely first ballot rapper in 2Pac. Alanis Morrisette, Aphex Twin, Cypress Hill, PJ Harvey and Tori Amos and to a lesser extent Bikini Kill and the Prodigy are all perfectly credible candidates to varying degrees becoming eligible next year, but I don't think there's an expectation of any of them being first ballot nominees.

So, next year I'd love to see a ballot based around Pearl Jam, 2Pac and a return of Nine Inch Nails (too significant an act to let the VoteComm off the hook) and Janet Jackson (this year's most surprising snub to many, both fans and non-fans alike).

If you use those four acts as a starting point you have three areas with a lot of strong candidates waiting in R&B, Rap/Hip Hop and Alternative. After the current ballot and class, they need to give the 70s hard rockers a rest for a year, but I could see the case for a Prog band, which is another logjam area and a different enough musical lineage from this year's inductees that I can draw a distinction. A Prog band also fits my theme ballot as influences on Trent Reznor.

Yeah, this is the type of speculating and overthinking that I usually make fun of, but it sounds better than what I'm really thinking-- "who knows what kind of clusterf--- they'll give us next year".

Posted by DarinRG on Wednesday, 12.30.15 @ 23:19pm


Thank you for your response. I am still not predicting for 2017. But Ok I'll say 2 obvious ones. 2Pac and Pearl Jam are No brainers. Those 2 are too key to not be nominated. Also a return of Nine Inch Nails I think will happen as well as Janet Jackson. She was a surprising snub. I am not a fan but that Nipplegate stuff won't affect her at all. That is NOT the reason she was snubbed. It's because the Hall was going mainly for popular Classic acts which I do like on a personal level. I'll throw in with those 4 the act that is always my most obvious prediction-the Moody Blues.

So I guess I just predicted 5 for 2017. Those are obvious predictions for me. I don't know the material of 2Pac very well but I do know enough to know he is a No Brainer. I like Pearl Jam quite a bit. I wasn't as big on 90s but I was impressed with Pearl Jam.

Also PJ Harvey and Tori Amos could have a small shot but I doubt they will be first ballot Nominees. I think for the rest there will be strong candidates for R&B and Alternative. There will be some Classic Rock acts I think but less than this year. There were 6 this year. But alas I will not go all out with a whole list. Some like Enig and King have done that. I'm mulling that over. It's a Good post for the New Year.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 12.31.15 @ 04:38am


This is my last Post of the Year. I'll be busy for New Years. I am not generally predicting 2017 nominees. You may Notice that I did end up predicting 5 ones that are obvious to me. I do think 2Pac and Pearl Jam are no Brainers. I do agree that the Moody Blues has the best chance of nomination as far as Prog choices. The Moodys certainly have longevity and Musical Excellence.

I think it's the Moody Blues time. It hasn't been tried yet. The 4 Classic acts this year are a step in that direction of catching up. I think there will be less Classic Rock acts next Year but Moody Blues will be among them. I'm lessening the Prog choices to 1 per year unless I see a change. I predicted 3 this year and fell flat. Stay tuned for my predictions of 2017 in the New Year

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 12.31.15 @ 08:38am


I really do appreciate the fact that you had predicted several "art rock/progressive rock" groups. I had been taken aback by the unexpected change of venue from Los Angeles to New York City. Had the venue remained within Los Angeles, then I suspect that several more progressive rock artists would have been nominated. However, it appears that New York City is more appropriate for the induction of the harder acts.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Thursday, 12.31.15 @ 11:24am

This one's about FRL's tweet about the number of women in the HOF:

I'd like to add that not a single one of them are members of the Clyde McPhatter club (for those that don't know, its for the ones inducted more than once). One would think it would be accomplished already since there are many members. Some people would think maybe Diana Ross, Carole King or Tina Turner would be the first. Starting with Diana: we know she had a long solo career from 1970 on, and she scored several hit singles such as 'Chain Reaction', 'Upside Down' and 'I'm Coming Out'. Carole King and Tina Turner are both inducted along with their ex-husbands (one as performer, and one a non-performer).

Looking at the list provided in the tweet, it seems the CM category doesn't look to be open for any of them anytime soon. Unless you're Stevie Nicks. Those that read my posts on this site know that I've praised Stevie Nicks most of last year after seeing her performance with Fleetwood Mac last year. A lot of people agreed that she should be inducted as a solo artist. Her solo career was so-so, but her image and style has inspired countless female rock stars. Just ask Courtney Love (ha!). Otherwise, I can't think at the top of my head for future women. Next year looks to be promising, hopefully, for some of them in the backlog.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Sunday, 01.3.16 @ 19:51pm

Ok. So Welcome to 2016. Sometime soon I will post my predictions for 2017. It's still Very early but at least it's 2016 Now so I will have one in the near future. I'm giving this list some extra thought. I am thinking slightly less Classic Rock in favor of R&B, Alternative and Rap.

My feeling is there will always be a few Classic Rock choices. This year had extra Classic Rock and I was disappointed that Yes did not get their Big Chance. However Fair is Fair. My next list will be slightly more diverse. As an example I was delighted when the Talking Heads were inducted back in 2002. I was good with the Clash and the Police. However somehow a lot of Older ones got missed at the time which is why we have this problem. The shrinking cause that.

So they caught up somewhat this Year. I think Next year will be More diverse. I will reflect that in my list. I am curious In the meantime on the Special Categories like Music Excellence. That could influence my list. Chic comes to mind in that category. I will wait a little more. Im mulling it over.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 01.4.16 @ 14:32pm

I agree with your post, Ben. They sort of caught up with the public response by putting Chicago and the rest in there. So what's in it for all the others, we ask? How long must we wait for Kraftwerk, The Cure, The Cars, Janet Jackson, etc.? Predicting next year's nominations will be more than a challenge. But I got 8-10 months to get it together. We all know Pearl Jam is a shoo-in, maybe 2Pac.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 01.4.16 @ 16:16pm

Lessee...Cetera being a tease about his big news, so he probably won't be playing with Chicago onstage at the induction, Deep Purple is a big no about playing again, Cheap Trick has some drama going on with original members, only Steve Miller inducted and no band members... my my my.... even without Eazy-E, it looks N.W.A. will be the headliners of the night after all!

Posted by Philip on Monday, 01.4.16 @ 22:51pm


What I will say is there will be A couple women on my List for 2017. I can think of some future Women like Pat Benatar as well as Cindi Lauper and Siouxie and the Banshees with Siouxie Sioux. I don't think any of those are next year though. I'm thinking of a repeat of Janet Jackson. It seems to me she just missed. I prefer the ones above but Janet has got the popularity.

Kraftwerk, The Cure, The Cars and also Squeeze are all ones that should go in. Ah yes I threw in Squeeze. Now there is an act that should go in. Although it's always possible I'm not thinking of Squeeze for 2017. You are right next year's nominations are more of a challenge. One that I will say is Pearl Jam as a shoe in, and maybe 2PAc. That's what I got to say right Now.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 01.5.16 @ 05:18am

Chicago will be the highest Billboard charting act at the 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It's Chicago's music that should be performed at the All-Star jam, and it most likely will be. Not Deep Purple, and absolutely not N.W.A!!! That's not happening!

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 01.6.16 @ 08:08am


I sort of agree. Chicago I think will either headline as the first act or be the last and have the All star Jam. It would Not be Deep Purple even though DP performing Smoke On the Water is an awesome thing. Chicago's music is more Universal for the Crowds so I lean towards Chicago as the All Star Jam. It could possibly be the Steve Miller Band but as much a Crowd pleaser as Chicago. The Hall and HBO would not have NWA as the All star Jam. Rap is included in the Hall but I think they would certainly go more conservative.

Rap does get included in the Hall. But not as an All star Jam. In 2013 Public Enemy were inducted in the middle of the Ceremony and was followed by Donna Summer. Something Classic will follow NWA. Perhaps Steve Miller will follow them. That doesn't matter. Anyway Chicago could easily be the All Star Jam. Lots of Hits. What was the all Star jam Last year? 2 Years ago was nobody. Nirvana was the last act and it quietly ended. I mean last Year.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 01.7.16 @ 11:48am

Ringo Star was the last inducted.

N.W.A. is the biggest act being inducted, with a huge critically acclaimed movie from last year and the two biggest "stars" (Ice Cube and Dr. Dre). If we are going by influence, innovation, name recognition, and merits, they should be the closing headliner act. Yet like Ben I wouldn't be shocked if they were put in the middle somewhere in order to be conservative. Also it should be noted that the order during the live show is not necessarily the order they will put on HBO. It's been rearranged in the past.

My guess is Cheap Trick would go first. "Hello There" is a great opener.

Posted by Gassman on Thursday, 01.7.16 @ 12:38pm

Ahh that's right. Ringo was last and they had a great All Star Jam that lots of Classic fans related to. I remember now. Paul and Joe Walsh joined Ringo. With a Little Help from my Friends was one of them.

NWA is a huge Rap act True but based on a Classic pattern in the All Star Jam even in recent Years. It will most likely be Chicago. I like Deep Purple a whole lot but Chicago have lots of huge mellower hits as well as some Rock. I can see If You Leave Me Now as one of the songs. But Feeling Stronger Everyday would make a Nice Closer

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 01.7.16 @ 15:44pm

In the past 20-25 years or so, The Jam is almost always songs from acts that were not inducted that night. Last year with Ringo was different from the norm. The year before "Highway To Hell" was supposed to be the jam song, but the show ran too long. I strongly doubt they would have everyone play Chicago songs.

Posted by Gassman on Thursday, 01.7.16 @ 17:27pm

Gassman... any chance you could compile a list of jam songs? They could easily be added to the induction ceremonies page.

Posted by FRL on Thursday, 01.7.16 @ 17:48pm

FRL - I only know for sure the songs from the past couple years and a couple from the first few years (They brought out Chubby Checker to help play 'The Twist" for the 1986 induction). I could look through the DVD's I have and explore what's on YouTube. Probably impossible to get the full list, put I could get some.

Posted by Gassman on Friday, 01.8.16 @ 09:32am

Sooo. I'm going to switch the Subject. What the Heck happened to the Music Excellence award. Or Early influence? Does anyone know. I don't pay attention to those too much normally. I looked at the Rock Hall site. There was only performers in 2007. THis could be the Case this year.

As a reminder the 2007 Class was REM, Grandmaster Flash, Ronettes, Patti Smith and Van Halen. No special Awards. So it's happened before. 2007 was a class that made sense. It was only 5 which started screwing things up More. I understand that Punk needed to be represented. Patti Smith represented that in 2007. It was a bit diverse with 80s alt of REM, Rap, Oldies and Hard Rock too as well as Patti Smith. 6 or 7 would have been so much better. Keep the ones that were in and you could have added Jeff Beck or Rush to those. The backlog would have been less. We have been thru this.

Anyway there were no special Awards. I'm learning more bout those Now. I usually focus on Performers. It was 2 years ago that I noticed Music Excellence more. Both Brian Epstein and Andrew Loog Oldham were inducted. Managers for the 2 biggest groups of all time. Ringo was last year. I know very little about Early Influence. Those are usually Vocal or early Doo Wop until Now. Since they fired most of the ones who know that perhaps that is done way with. Don't look at me. Similar to Enig my music knowledge starts with mid 60s. The only difference is I bother with much more than Prog for me. I know people like Mitch Ryder and the Turtles real well too. As far as Music Excellence I know that there's people like Kit Lambert. He was an early producer for The Who my favorite band. Just mentioning that. It can just as well be Jeff Lynne or Chic. I don't know this category well. Someone give me feedback on an announcement of that.

Posted by Ben on Friday, 01.8.16 @ 10:15am

With the recent change regarding Rage Against the Machine being eligible for the Hall of Fame next year, it makes me wonder if the Hall's aware of this (then again, Tom Morello, so...)

If so, next year may see three possible (and deserving) first-balloter nominees (2Pac, Pearl Jam, and RatM). That...may be a sight to see.

Posted by SotN on Sunday, 01.10.16 @ 02:27am

I can also see Morello being mortified by a Rage Against the Machine suggestion at the next Nom Com meeting, and saying, "look, guys, that was just a demo; it's not really our first record. We really shouldn't be up for this yet." I hope Morello is classy enough to abstain from voting for himself, but the fact that he'd even be in that position is a good example of the conflicts of interest inherent in the ballot process.

Posted by AlexVoltaire on Sunday, 01.10.16 @ 07:46am

Today on the Howard Stern Wrap-up show, Gary "Baba-Booey" DelAbate was talking to Jon Hein, who is also on the Stern Show staff, and it was mentioned that BOTH of them have rock hall votes.

I have no idea what qualifies Jon Hein to be a rock hall voter. He invented and later sold the website "Jump the Shark". Very puzzling choice for a voter. Btw, Baba Booey asked him who he voted for and he said he wasn't revealing until after the ceremony.

Posted by Classic Rock on Monday, 01.11.16 @ 13:49pm

Yeah that confuses me too. Why on earth would Jon Hein be a voter?! I used to dig his site until he made it overly commercialized. I did read his book he put out several years ago, and he talked a lot about rock's legends in the 'Music section' so he does have a vast knowledge as much as we do (unless someone else wrote it?). After he sold JTS to TV Guide that was the final nail in the coffin. Just a greedy guy in my opinion who should be continuing to celebrate pop culture with the masses...

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 01.11.16 @ 14:17pm

Wnen will the non-performer inductees be announced?

Posted by Roy on Monday, 01.18.16 @ 13:44pm

There may not be any. If we make it to February without hearing anything, that will probably be the case.

Posted by dmg on Monday, 01.18.16 @ 13:59pm

I am thinking there won't be any Non Performer inductees. This has happened before. I searched the Rock Hall site and found that out. It was within the last 10 Years. Perhaps 2006 or 2007.

The Hall may have been indecisive due to all the people let go. I think it will return perhaps next year

Posted by Ben on Monday, 01.18.16 @ 14:43pm

At this point, it might have been a good decision: a lot of that time will probably now go to memorializing Bowie, Frey, Lemmy, etc.

Posted by AlexVoltaire on Monday, 01.18.16 @ 17:39pm

I do agree. I was shocked a week ago by the passing of Bowie. I do like a bit of his stuff. I'm not into his really experimental stuff. He is Certainly a Rock legend. We now also have the passing of Frey. I do think the emphasis will be on a Bowie tribute with some sort of tribute to Lemmy and Frey as well. The industry and Media have always embraced Bowie a lot.

A lot of time will sadly go to memorializing. A Lemmy tribute can clearly happen with Eddie Trunk involved with the Hall. It just worked out that there are no Non performer awards.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 01.19.16 @ 06:51am

Also I have given the Jam a little thought. I was thinking about the All Star Jam for this Year. I read about some of the recent ones to refresh my Memory. In 2012 Higher Ground was the Jam. I remember. Red Hot Chili Peppers led the way and many others like Slash and Kid Rock got in it.
In 2013 the Jam was Crossroads with Rush, Public Enemy, Ann and Nancy Wilson along with many others. 2014 didn't have one but was supposed to. 2015 was the Ringo salute. It tends to be an old Rock tune the Older crowds Know well.

So for this year. I was thinking a Chicago tune like Feelin Stronger Everyday. But I say No. At this point it may be a David Bowie tune like Rebel Rebel. If not a Rock Classic or 2 that everyone from Chicago to NWA can get jam on. Bowie tunes seem fitting.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 01.19.16 @ 07:49am

I think/hope the all-star jam will be a Steve Miller Band tune. Plus, I really wanna see NWA rapping Abracadabra.

Posted by Max on Tuesday, 01.19.16 @ 15:05pm

Wow. I didn't think of that. I can picture Abracadabra as an all star Jam. I don't support NWA but I can picture them rapping on this song. I am leaning towards a Bowie tribute of some kind but that Steve Miller tune works.

As an alternate to that a tune like the Edwin Starr hit War may work. That's due to all the Upheaval in the world but I doubt that. IT's just a Random Guess of mine. There is hundreds of covers that work.

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 01.20.16 @ 05:46am

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame used to get the online biographies of the inductees completed before the night of the induction ceremony, but for some reason for the past three years it has not been that way. The induction ceremony is in April, but don't expect to read the complete online Rock Hall bios until August or September at the latest.

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 01.20.16 @ 17:37pm


Rolling Stone shows a post-Terry Kath photo of Chicago, which includes Laudir De Oliveira and Donnie Dacus, who are not being inducted. Andy Greene calls Peter Cetera Chicago's guitarist, instead of bass guitarist or just bassist.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 01.21.16 @ 19:39pm

So I was thinking about the Ceremony for this Year some more. I agree with Gassman. Cheap Trick Im predicting as the Opening Act. Hello There is a great Opener. I recall words like Let It Rock. Im not predicting the acts in the Middle. Who knows. I do think that Chicago stands a good chance at being the last act. However not the All Star Jam. What do you think of that. They may save tribute to the Icons we lost for the End. Im figuring on at least the Bowie One.

Here is a thought. Dancing in the Street. It would be a combo of a Bowie tribute and a Classic All Star Jam. Now since he simply did it with Jagger it would also serve as a Classic all the acts from Chicago to NWA can get in ON. NWA could rap that up. I aint NO rapper but I'm making the best of it. NWA could add Rap to that song. While at the same time The Classic acts like Chicago and Steve Miller can get in on it. Again just a Guess.

Posted by Ben on Friday, 01.22.16 @ 16:32pm

Now as far as this year. There is a lot of Classic Rock glory. Although I will share that I am still disappointed on the snub of Yes Not being Inducted as well as the Total snub as always of the Moody Blues. I also Love Blues Rock like Stevie Ray last year. Im a big fan. I notice there was a lack of Blues on the roster this year. I just want to focus on that a second. I think that following both Paul Butterfield and Stevie Ray in the same class they were giving that a rest.

Blues or Blues rock would probably return next Year along with other genres. I will recognize the fact that Steve Miller has played some Blues. He certainly did on his early Albums in the late 60s. He has not been known strictly for Blues Rock like PBBB and Stevie Ray. I figure that may return next year.

Also 60s acts I would figure are not done. It was simply that they wanted to catch up on 70s this Year. I don't mean early 60s oldies. Im talking mid to late 60s Rock. There are plenty. Ive mentioned Moody Blues and Procul Harum and How about Steppenwolf someday? NO not right away on Steppenwolf. I like them It don't mean they go in right away. Steppenwolf would be first nominated no sooner than 2022 I figure. In fact I think a bunch of 80s acts will go in before Steppenwolf.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 01.24.16 @ 05:54am

Uh, Ben, blues rock got represented this year. Even inducted. Its name is Steve Miller.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 01.24.16 @ 13:09pm

"Blues or Blues rock would probably return next Year along with other genres. I will recognize the fact that Steve Miller has played some Blues. He certainly did on his early Albums in the late 60s. He has not been known strictly for Blues Rock like PBBB and Stevie Ray. I figure that may return next year."

That above was in my last Post. I have recognized that Steve Miller has played some Blues. His early albums in the late 60s had Blues Rock. He did not maintain Blues Rock throughout his Career. The Fly Like an Eagle and Book of Dreams albums were Not Blues Rock Albums. He's the closest we got to a blues Rock career this Year. Paul Butterfield and Stevie Ray were always Blues Rock thick and through. That is what I meant that is what I was saying. In Fact Steve Miller I recall was involved with Blues in San Francisco briefly. He did not stay with that.

The 2 artists above stayed with Blues playing consistently. Steve Miller did play some Blues but it was temporary. He plays some Bluesy things in concert a bit but not a lot. But next Year there will probably be a consistent Blues Rock artist Nominated. An artist devoted to the Blues all the time.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 01.24.16 @ 19:24pm

Regardless, Ben, Steve Miller was the blues-rock pick this year. Not the strongest name in the category... well actually from a commercial success/name recognition standpoint he probably was... but he's considered a part of that camp as well as the "classic rock" camp. You can't say that blues or blues rock were missing, since Miller's name was on the ballot. He's got the chops and the connections in the community as well as those records you recognize. He's blues-rock.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 01.24.16 @ 21:49pm

I was curious which of the Prog groups are your FAV and deserve induction out of: King Crimson, Moody Blues, Procol Harum, and YES. I'm hoping Moody Blues gets nominated this year and Procol Harum. Enig had some good success with Prog Adjacent acts Chicago & Deep Purple earning induction. Really enjoying Alex Top 100 Bands list on his site. I'm hoping Def Leppard gets nominated this year but Bon Jovi & Judas Priest safer bets. KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 01.24.16 @ 22:24pm


To be truthful, I'm not really a prog fan, period. The hardcore prog stuff tends to bore me. Jethro Tull is among the least boring for me because they at least keep (some of) their songs tight, timewise, so they don't go on forever. I realize that the exploratory nature of prog almost necessitates excessive play length, but it has trouble holding my attention most of the time. I will say, I'm not so much a supporter of Emerson, Lake, And Palmer, simply because a lot of their stuff was covers, and if prog truly is the apex of exploration and originality, then much of what ELP is best known for should be held as anathema.

As for the four acts you asked me on, I've already stated before how ear-splittingly painful Yes is to me.... which is another place where I differ vastly from several others here: if I don't like the vocalist, it's hard for me to get past it and analyze the rest of it. King Crimson is an act that many want to see inducted more for reasons of zeitgeist or even gestalt than of musical excellence. People want to see King Crimson inducted because they want to see King Crimson inducted. It's almost more a matter of their name rather than their music, I feel. Which brings us to the other two, which is really no contest. Procol Harum is fine for the few they're known for, but the Moody Blues far and away blow them away in terms of accomplishments of innovation, influence, sales, etc. And they have a few songs I like: Go Now, Ride My Seesaw, I'm Just A Singer In A Rock And Roll Band... so it's really almost the Moody Blues by default. And if pressed for my list of biggest snubs, they'd definitely be in my top ten, maybe even top 5 (though that might be pushing it), but if they put some awesome 60's rock or '70s Philly soul acts on the ballot, they might not get my vote even then, if we're being totally honest. Maybe, maybe not.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 01.24.16 @ 23:27pm


I fold on my issue of No Blues Rock this Year. Steve Miller is the Blues Rock pick just not the strongest in the Category. You said that. Also I guess due to his commercial success that makes him known for at least playing Bluesy things in Concert. I always think of Jet Airliner as a Huge Top Ten hit but Yes it is Bluesy. It was an interpretation of Crossroads. There is also a great cut Sacrifice on Book of Dreams that I love. SO I rethought it. I do that.

I want to go to another topic Now. The Moody Blues and Prog. I do have to say that what you said proves that the Moody Blues deserve their chance. I don't even know King Crimson too well. I think its more their name than their Music. Yes failed and they aren't your cup of tea so I wont belabor the point. I think the Hall may give them a rest. Procul Harum are Ok but the Moody Blues do indeed blow them away. I've talked with people in the last couple years about that. People from that era. The concensus is why is Procul Harum nominated and not Moody Blues? The Moody Blues are indeed one of the biggest snubs.

Now I support all kinds. I mentioned 60s Rock. Just to be accurate those are bands that were notable mid to late 60s. I would say that was not represented this Year. The Moody Blues are in fact 60s Rock to an extent. Go Now was in 65 and Days of Future Passed 1968. I mentioned Steppenwolf. There is also Procul Harum and the Zombies among others. 70s Philly soul and other R&B is also something to consider. There is plenty of opportunity there.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 01.25.16 @ 04:53am

Now this year 60s Rock took a back seat. The Classic acts this Year became prominent in the 1970s. I don't think this means no More 60s Rock. It would probably come back.

Also Singer/Songwriters were possibly skipped on this year. However Mellower music was certainly not ignored. The act representing Mellower music would be Chicago. They had some great Wild Jazz Rock improvisations but had some Mellow stuff for sure. Lots of their Hits were Mellow like Just You n' Me, Wishing You Were Here, and If You Leave Me Now. Now I will be more careful this time.

I'm not going to say positively that Singer/Songwriters were ignored. Some out there may consider Chicago in this Category. I tend to think of somebody singing solo in a Folk Rock style. People like James Taylor, Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman Cat Stevens. Those have been Inducted. It seems to me Chicago doesn't quite fit in with those. When the Nom Com change happened I don't think it damaged this category totally. After all the Singer/Songwriter movement didn't become prominent until the early 70s.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 05:36am

The non-performer inductees should be announced sometime this week!

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 07:20am

Who will they induct this year?

Non-Performer Candidates

Willie Mitchell, Bernie Lowe, John Simon, Arif Mardin, Phil Ramone, Richard Barrett, Robert Blackwell, Rudy Toombs, Bob Crewe, David Porter, Bernie Taupin, David Foster, Jim Steinman, Carole Bayer Sager, Diane Warren, Wolfman Jack, Casey Kasem, Don Cornelius, Tommy Mottola

Kal Mann and Dave Appell
Bert Berns and Jerry Ragovoy
Norman Whitfield and Barret Strong
Burt Bacharach and Hal David
Henry Cosby and Sylvia Moy
Thom Bell and Linda Creed
Boudleaux and Felice Bryant
Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 07:29am

Why no non-performer leaks?

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 07:54am


Really. No joke there is a Non Performer inductee this year. I do recall the Hall said there would be more announcements. Thus they would probably save tributes to those like Bowie and Frey for the end.

I need to know. Are these actual Non Performer Nominees or your predictions. If so its hard for me to Guess due to lack of knowledge. I'll have to do some reading. Based on the ones I know I would say either Bernie Taupin or Casey Kasem. I need to know if this list is actual. Those some guesses.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 08:38am

Those were predictions.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 08:43am

2013 was the last year the Rock Hall included timelines with the inductee bios.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 09:13am

Ok I see. Predictions. I just googled a lot of the ones I Never heard of. I would say a lot of them are too old only because of the Nom Com change that made the Nom Com slightly younger. Only slightly though. There are plenty of Nom Com members in their 60s. Those members would therefore have great knowledge of the 1960s. So I will venture 3 as Non Performer Inductees based on your list. David Porter, Bernie Taupin and Casey Kasem. We'll see. I really don't know these categories enough. The Hall could also pick Chic as group or Nile Rodgers. That would get Chic off the Plate.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 10:46am

Where did you read that non-performer inductees would be announced this week?

Posted by dmg on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 13:07pm


I was wondering the same thing. Where did you read that non Performer Inductees would be announced this week? The Hall said in Dec more announcements would follow. That doesn't mean Non Performers necessarily. That could just be info on which members or something like that. Let us know if you heard something concrete.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 16:51pm

Bert Berns is being inducted in the Lifetime Achievement category.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 01.28.16 @ 09:01am

Actually, lifetime achievement in the non-performers category.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 01.28.16 @ 09:07am

The Bert Berns page isn't up yet on FRL.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 01.28.16 @ 09:12am

No Bert Berns here yet.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 01.28.16 @ 09:35am

Bert Berns needs to be added to the top of this page.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 01.28.16 @ 10:19am

There you Go. That is legitimate. I just looked. It was announced. It was one of your Predictions Roy. Bert Berns in the Lifetime Achievement category. I have heard of him quite a bit. I read about him just Now. I knew he was in the 1960's. This proves that the 60s are alive at the Hall. I read that Piece of my Heart was written by Him and he worked with Van the Man Morrison. I would not have remembered that.

I did say that although they fired the Very Oldest Nom Com people that there are plenty there Now who were young in the 1960s. They perhaps they needed more time due to the Nom Com change. Those like Jann Wenner, Dave Marsh and Steve Van Zant as well as other that age probably influenced that Choice.

You paired Bert Berns with Jerry Ragovoy. Who is that? I can look later. Easier to tell me. But Bert Berns is in! I do know the Name. Very good. Non performer is good to Have.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 01.28.16 @ 13:19pm

Jerry Ragovoy is also a songwriter. Berns & Ragovoy wrote several songs together, including Piece of My Heart and another song that is probably best remembered in the Janis Joplin version, Cry Baby. Ragovoy also wrote Stay With Me by Lorraine Ellison and Time Is On My Side, famously covered by the Stones.

Posted by The_Claw on Thursday, 01.28.16 @ 14:57pm

I'm glad with the induction of Berns. I was hoping for either a producer or a songwriter, and it shows that they haven't completely closed the book on the 1960s. Although it would have been great if they had used the opportunity to induct a woman. Valerie Simpson, for instance, would have been a good choice.

Maybe a Berns song will be the end jam. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Twist and Shout? I can see that happening.

Posted by The_Claw on Thursday, 01.28.16 @ 15:06pm

After reading up on Bert Berns, he's clearly a deserving candidate for the RNRHOF. He's really one of the most under-appreciated songwriting greats of the 1960's, so it's nice to see him get some acknowledgment, even if it's for financial purposes in regards to Little Steven and Paul Shaffer.

That being said, the Hall once again shot itself in the foot with the lack of diversity in their Non-Performers category, which like the Performers category could've been rectified if the Hall would've just inducted more people.

5 Performer Inductees with a ballot of nominees that so amazingly stacked is ridiculous. The queue/backlog for non-performers is also ridiculously long, and having only one Non-Performer inductee is just such a disservice and will only make the backlog grow more.

This is the class of white males, and there's plenty of worthy female inductees and black and other minority inductees that could've really added some balance.

In the Non-Performers category, in addition to Berns why not induct someone like Sylvia Robinson, who could've not only served as a female inductee, but also a black inductee as well. Her founding of Sugarhill Records, basically the first prominent record label for rap music would've fit in perfectly with N.W.A.'s induction.

Or an Early Influence inductee like Big Mama Thornton or Sister Rosetta Tharpe, once again two black women that could've added some diversity to the class.

Everyone's biggest complaint about this year's class is the lack of diversity, but the biggest cause of that problem is the fact that the Hall decided to go so small with this year's class. 5 Performer Inductees and 1 Non-Performer inductee for a total of 6 inductees is just downright ridiculous. I'm almost wanting the Hall to stop filming and showing the Induction ceremony on TV each year, as the time constraints and the Hall wanting to "put on a good show that fits well for TV" is killing their process of inducting great classes.

But congratulations to Bert Berns though. A very deserving candidate.

Posted by Donnie on Thursday, 01.28.16 @ 16:48pm

This probably just a coincidence but many members from the Rock Hall's class of 1996 have passed away in the last month alone: William Guest (Gladys Knight & The Pips), David Bowie, and now Paul Kantner (Jefferson Airplane). In addition, Glenn Frey (The Eagles) from the class of 1998. This is a terrible time for rock music fans.

Posted by Nick on Friday, 01.29.16 @ 10:39am

In an interview with Earle Bailey on SiriusXM's Classic Vinyl station, Rock Hall CEO Joel Peresman confirmed that Rob Thomas will induct Chicago and Lars Ulrich will induct Deep Purple at April's ceremony. He didn't say whether Thomas would perform with Chicago, but did mention that Ulrich will perform with Deep Purple.

Posted by Nick on Friday, 01.29.16 @ 17:10pm

Rob Thomas has never given a Rock Hall induction speech. His speech for Chicago will be his first.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 01.29.16 @ 18:44pm

I'm pretty surprised that so far the only people they have on board are Rob Thomas and Lars Ulrich. Not exactly must see TV.

Posted by Classic Rock on Friday, 01.29.16 @ 20:47pm

Who do you think the Black Keys are performing for? Could they be giving the induction speech for Cheap Trick?

Posted by Roy on Friday, 01.29.16 @ 20:53pm

Who are the Black Keys inducting and performing for? Cheap Trick or Steve Miller?

Posted by Roy on Friday, 01.29.16 @ 20:54pm

If I had to guess, I think the Black Keys would perform with Steve Miller given the blues-rock connection. But I can see them perform with Cheap Trick as well, so who knows. It's also possible that the Black Keys are simply performing with one of the inducted acts and not actually inducting someone (akin to Karen O, Beck, and Joe Walsh from last year's ceremony).

Posted by Nick on Friday, 01.29.16 @ 21:25pm

Wait a second, Roy. I thought you said president Obama was likely as the inductor of Chicago. Rob Thomas seems a step down. Perhaps there will be a surprise video message from all living former presidents during the induction congratulating Chicago.

Posted by Dezmond on Sunday, 01.31.16 @ 13:52pm

It must be, Dezmond... the Illuminati would demand nothing less.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 01.31.16 @ 16:10pm

Rob Thomas was one of my guesses for inducting Chicago.

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 01.31.16 @ 19:24pm

I never Had a chance to Predict who would induct Chicago. I was wrong. I thought it would be either Michael McDonald or Bruce Hornsby. I thought those seemed logical. Rob Thomas. Not a guess of mine.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 02.1.16 @ 04:33am

Ok. I feel it is time for my predictions for the 2017 Rock Hall nominees. I put extra thought into it this time for further diversity. Now the Nominee list for 2016 was actually kind of diverse. It became less diverse with actual Inductees. Here is my List

The Commodores
The Cure
Janet Jackson
Judas Priest
Carole King
The Meters
The Moody Blues
Nine Inch Nails
Pearl Jam
Sonic Youth
The Spinners
Johnny Winter
The Zombies

There it is. Extra thought put into it. I won't discuss any Inductees. Those are reasonable and logical predictions for 2017. We all know they won't be announce until October I figure. 2Pac and Pearl Jam are both No Brainers. Also as always I predict the Moody Blues. I am predicting Johnny Winter. A posthumous nomination that is logical. The Hall does dig Blues Rock and they skipped him this year. The Zombies are 60s choice. The 60s are clearly Not Dead in the Hall.

You will note that I have 2 80s Alt acts in this list. The Cure and Sonic Youth. You should appreciate that Darin. Part of my extra thought. The way I figure. The Hall went with extra Classic Rock this year. In the past they have had 1 80s alt act each year in the last 4 years. Why not 2 as they modernize a bit. R&B is here. Chic and the Commodores would be 2 more likely as well as the Spinners. So guys lets Go. Please PLease your comments. Finally my list. Its still very early on this.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 02.4.16 @ 07:49am


You have a very interesting list of 2017 nominees. Here is my list:

01. Yes
02. Duran Duran
03. The Moody Blues
04. Electric Light Orchestra
05. Sade
06. Carly Simon
07. Foreigner
08. Doobie Brothers
09. Pearl Jam
10. The Spinners
11. Tori Amos
12. Procol Harum
13. Jefferson Starship
14. The Zombies
15. Nine Inch Nails
16. Smashing Pumpkins

Posted by Enigmaticus on Thursday, 02.4.16 @ 08:24am


Based on what's going on with the Hall I was careful with this list. I have chosen Carole King as the Singer/Songwriter choice. This genre was sadly neglected this year. I would choose Carly Simon but I looked people up. She has never been considered. Carole King has. As always I predict the Moody Blues. I feel their time has come after Chicago and the Other Classic acts this year.

I am predicting The Blues Rock act as Johnny Winter. I don't know where you stand. Johnny Winter died and recall Rolling Stone was good to Him.

Judas Priest seems somewhat likely due to the fact that Eddie Trunk is involved with the Hall. It's a followup to Deep Purple as the Heavy Act. I would pick Def Leppard but that's 80s Hard Rock. It seems like they are going with the earlier Heavy acts first. I almost picked the Doobie Brothers but I was thinking less Classic acts and I'm keeping Moody Blues, Judas Priest and Johnny Winter in mind.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 02.4.16 @ 11:06am


The hall sometimes nominates artists who have never been discussed previously. I do think that the inductions of Chicago, Deep Purple, Rush, Genesis and Pink Floyd will lead to a nomination for The Moody Blues.

Likewise, the previous induction of Rush should lead to another nomination for Yes.

Thirdly, since The Cars have not yet been inducted, the so-called "new wave" slot might be filled by Duran Duran. Their let several albums, including "Paper Gods," "A Diamond In The Mind, and "All You Need Is Now" have done relatively well among the press.

I still think that Carly Simon and Sade will receive nominations. We should know in about 8 months or so.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Thursday, 02.4.16 @ 23:03pm


The hall sometimes nominates artists who have never been discussed previously. I do think that the inductions of Chicago, Deep Purple, Rush, Genesis and Pink Floyd will lead to a nomination for The Moody Blues.

Likewise, the previous induction of Rush should lead to another nomination for Yes.

Thirdly, since The Cars have not yet been inducted, the so-called "new wave" slot might be filled by Duran Duran. Their last several albums, including "Paper Gods," "A Diamond In The Mind, and "All You Need Is Now" have done relatively well among the press.

I still think that Carly Simon and Sade will receive nominations. We should know in about 8 months or so.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Friday, 02.5.16 @ 00:51am


I think that Duran Duran, Carly Simon and Sade are all worthy choices but I think acts previously Considered are more Likely. I will check it out but I think all The acts Nominated for 2016 were previously discussed. I'll check that out.

Moody Blues are an Act we both predict all the time. The Moody Blues have been previously considered by the Hall. We are always in full agreement about the Moody Blues. I notice a trend towards nominating an 80s alt act like the Smiths.
I'm predicting 2 this year with the Cure and Sonic Youth. The Hall may want those before Duran Duran .
In Years to come there will be a return of Yes and also there should be ELO.

Posted by Ben on Friday, 02.5.16 @ 05:19am

So with Cetera having a tantrum and threatening to walk, Miller inducted without his band, Deep Purple having all sorts of member drama, and Cheap Trick having problems with a former member... looks more and more like the headliner for the night will be... N.W.A.!! That's right folks, better start memorizing the lyrics to "Gangsta, Gangsta," so you can rap along with the show-stopping performance of the night.... N.W.A.!!!

Posted by Philip on Friday, 02.5.16 @ 20:03pm


I don't think it's as bad as that. Peter Cetera refuses to sing with Chicago. They have played without him since 1985. So I figure Chicago will play without a problem. There are many acts that have played a Rock Hall ceremonies without a Full reunion. I'm not sure but I think Traffic played without a full reunion and Also Blondie and Van Halen. So Chicago should play without a problem. It would just be better with Cetera. I am also Very sure Steve Miller will play without his famous 70s band. There may be issues with Cheap Trick and Deep Purple playing due to member Problems. Sometimes member problems do Cause if they are making a point about it. Chicago would not logically because they have managed so long without him. So I think you can brush up on your lyrics to Feeling Stronger Everyday

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 02.6.16 @ 07:17am

Whether or not Peter Cetera performs, he is still attending the ceremony and collecting his trophy instead of asking to have it mailed to him.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 02.6.16 @ 08:26am

Does anyone also have comments on my Prediction list for 2017 besides Enigmaticus. Thank you Enig for your Comments. I put extra thought into it. I took into account various genres. I don't have as much Classic Rock. I have some of course like the Moody Blues and the Zombies. You got to say Johnny Winter is a good Blues Rock choice. I could have chosen the J Geils Band but Johnny Winter did die and the Hall skipped him this year.

I think acts like Chic and the Spinners will return as far as R&B. Soo let me some more comments.

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 02.6.16 @ 13:28pm

It is quite early to make predictions, but I think you have a very likely ballot, Ben. My thoughts: with Lemmy's death, there is a chance they rather go for Motörhead than Judas Priest. And even though Carole King's performing career is worthy of induction, I have a feeling they already consider her inducted as she is in the Non-Performer category with Gerry Goffin. Emmylou Harris might be a solid replacement.

Posted by The_Claw on Saturday, 02.6.16 @ 13:47pm


Thank you for your response. I still remember last year you mentioned a lack of African American Artists. This time I have Chic, The Commodores, Janet Jackson The Meters and the Spinners as R&B picks as well as 2Pac for a Rap act. That's 6 African American acts. You got to say that these may be logical and realistic in those genres. I recall you're the one who commented on that for my 2016 List.

I had planned on predicting a bunch of R&B for 2017 to catch up on that genre. There was after all 5 R&B acts nominated for 2016. Too bad none of them were inducted. Also I see your point about the Carole King thing. Maybe the reason she hasn't been nominated is because of that Non Performer award. Emmylou Harris is in fact a worthy choice I didn't think of. I own a few albums by Emmylou in fact. I actually like Emmylou Harris more than Carole King. She would also bring females to the Ballot.

It is quite early for predictions. I can always change my list. I have 8 months.

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 02.6.16 @ 14:28pm


That's a solid ballot. I tend to agree that we'll get less classic rock and more R&B noms this year based on 2015 inductees. The_Claw brings up a good point about Motorhead / judas Priest. It could go either way.

I love your return picks of The Cure & Janet Jackson. Chic is a much less exciting return pick but they seem to have a guaranteed slot every year. I'd love to see Depeche Mode get a first nomination. Pat Benatar, too.

For newly eligibles: 2Pac and Pearl Jam are locks. PJ Harvey can't be underestimated here, either.

We've got many months to wait, but as always it'll be fun discussion until we get there!

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 02.6.16 @ 14:34pm

I agree with the majority of your predictions for the 2017 ballot. It’s still 7-8 months away, so anything can change between now and then. Here are some thoughts below on your choices (I apologize in advance how long it is but I have a lot of thoughts on those you chose; hopefully it's helpful/useful):

2Pac and Pearl Jam are basically locks at this point. Eddie Vedder inducted many people throughout the years and all first-ballot HOF-ers: The Doors, Neil Young and R.E.M. Given their long-lasting popularity and huge critical acclaim, Pearl Jam is arguably the most sure-fire first-ballot HOF group/act since Nirvana. Plus, it helps that besides Nirvana, Pearl Jam helped shape the Seattle Grunge movement in the early 1990s. I didn’t have to convince anyone here thou that Pearl Jam is worthy, they are a no-brainer for the Rock Hall. 2 Pac is a little more interesting because he will most likely receive a nomination, but I’m worried the voters might pass him over a couple of times. He should be first-ballot but most of us thought the same thing as Nine Inch Nails 2 years ago and looked what happened. I do think Nine Inch Nails will appear on the 2017 ballot as well; it’s more likely that they will be continually nominated until they get enough votes and receive induction. Almost like the waiting game, akin to The Stooges, The Velvet Underground and Black Sabbath.

When Peter Wolf inducted Paul Butterfield Blues Band last year, it’s pretty inevitable that the J. Gelis Band will return to the Rock Hall at some point. They will most likely be the next blues-rock/blues choice if the committee decides to go with one from that genre (and they love the blues/blues-rock almost as much as 60s Rock and Singer-Songwriters). Now with Steve Miller’s upcoming induction, the changes of the J. Gelis Band are increased dramatically (especially since Steve Miller (Band) had more hits and more populist support). Also remember last year when Little Stevie Van Zandt wrote that Peter Wolf was one of the best-ever frontmen and the J. Gelis Band were one of the best live acts he’d seen. Van Zandt is on the committee and arguably one of the most influential members (think 60s British Invasion inductees in recent years: the Dave Clark Five, Hollies, Small Faces/Faces; and the appearances of the Zombies and Procol Harum). Around that same time he posted that tweet he also posted his support for Cheap Trick, and they got nominated and inducted. Van Zandt’s support can only help the J. Gelis Band receive their 4th nomination. The problem thou is that that band is only really known for 2 80’s songs: “Centerfold” and “Freeze Frame.” They had some incredible blues-rock records and songs that most people are not familiar with like “Must Of Got Lost” among others. Maybe Johnny Winter will receive a nomination in the future, but the sure bet right now would be J. Gelis Band. Also, the Rock Hall didn’t skip blues-rock this year, Steve Miller was inducted. Even his 70s/80s hits have elements of blues-rock in the songs.

The exclusion of Janet Jackson this year was probably the most shocking news in Rock Hall forums since probably the rejection of Bon Jovi in 2011 and Kiss in 2010. it’s shocking because virtually everyone expected Jackson to be the female choice by the voters (no offense Chaka Khan). She is absolutely deserving and someone who, if reappears, will be inducted. Also, her failed attempt to receive induction doesn’t bode well for other female R&B talents like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and even Chaka Khan. If not Jackson, maybe they’ll go for female rockers like Pat Benatar, someone who I think was just as worthy (if not more) than Joan Jett. The Rock Hall will be pressured to induct at least 1 female singer for their all-male 2016 class.

Chic will return for the 11th time for the 2017 ballot, a new record for any artist. It’s kinda depressing at this point they haven’t been able to receive enough votes. My thoughts are that the committee clearly wants them inducted, it’s a problem with the voters. But Chic must be receiving some decant numbers from the voters as they keep reappearing on Rock Hall ballots. Maybe the committee should just make a pack and all vote for Chic to get their induction over it. I mean, Nile Rodgers should already be in the Rock Hall at this point anyway.

I don’t see the Commodores receiving a nomination until after the induction of the Spinners. No offense to the Commodores (who deserve a nomination eventually), but I really love the Spinners and always pull for them when they are nominated. Just like how no 70s Hard Rock act could/should be inducted until Deep Purple (in the last few years I mean), the Spinners should be the next 70s Soul group inducted to the Rock Hall. Plus, if the Spinners are having this much trouble receiving nomination, this doesn’t broad well for Soul acts (Bill Withers is the only Soul artist/act inducted this decade; how sad and pathetic is that).

As The Claw mentioned above, Carole King will most likely not receive a nomination for her solo career at this point. The Rock stupidly inducted her as a non-performer in 1990 (she was actually nominated in 1989). I think it’s more usable for King to be the next choice for the annual Rock Hall Master series, the one that honors a Rock Hall inductee each year with a week-long tribute to that inductee that ends with an all-star tribute concert. Given King’s long career and writing songs for other artists and her own solo work, this would be a perfect tribute for her.

Dave Marsh noted in that interview months ago that one of the Rock Hall’s weakest areas is Hard Rock/Metal. I tend to agree with him here. Deep Purple now widely opened the gates for some worthy candidates from this neglected genre to be nominated. I think Judas Priest is a good choice. Perhaps Motorhead, Iron Maiden, King Crimson or someone like that. Personally thou I think the Rock Hall will probably not nominate any Metal/Hard Rock for the 2017 ballot. This is just a guess and I have no reason to back up such a statement, but I’m going with my gut here.

What the funk does the Rock Hall wanna do with Funk acts in recent years? They all seem having trouble receiving inductions. War, The JB’s, and The Meters have been nominated in recent years. I gonna feeling War will be the next ones chosen at this point. They have cross-appeal for voters and should prevail but who knows at this point. I’m pulling for a Funk inductee next year but I’m not exactly holding my breath either.

The Zombies will most likely be the next (and final?) British Invasion act receiving nomination/induction. They deserve induction and have many classic hits (Time of the Season, Tell Her No, She’s Not There). They are a group I’m just predicting will return every year until they appear on a ballot again. If not, maybe the return of Procol Harum? Or maybe they’ll go for an American 60s act like Tommy James and the Shondells?

The Rock Hall doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing in regards to 80s Alternative Rock, both British and American. The Smiths have received nomination 2 years in a row in addition to The Cure and The Replacements receiving nods in recent years. It’s just a mess what the Rock Hall is doing with this genre and many worthy acts are just being neglected. The fear I have is that this will create a clogged backlog of Alternative picks from this understated genre. Sonic Youth might as well be a good choice for this spot as anyone else.

The Moody Blues would be a nice surprise at this point. It helps that the Rock Hall committee is becoming more populist and once critically derailed groups are receiving nominations and inductions. The Moody Blues helped shape Progressive Rock and have a lot of classics in their catalogue. I don’t really know why they’ve been dismissed for nearly 25+ years, but it’s only a matter of time before they get a nomination. Maybe Stevie Van Zandt, someone who likes British music of that time period anyway, could get behind the Moody Blues. Who knows if he will but anything will help at this point. I hope your right about Moody Blues thou. If not Moody Blues, maybe Electric Light Orchestra would be a good choice. Jeff Lynne should have no problem getting in on his first appearance with all his HOF friends. Or maybe, and most likely, the return of Yes. They finished 2nd on the Fan Ballot so that’s a good indication they will be nominated for 2017.

Posted by Nick on Saturday, 02.6.16 @ 14:50pm


That was a great long response to my prediction List for 2017. I like long responses sometimes. They are cool to read. I just want to point out that I think The Commodores will be nominated but do Not feel they will be inducted at all yet. Both the Commodores and the Spinners are on my list. The Spinners will probably be inducted first I would say. I like the Spinners myself.

I'm going to rethink the Hard Rock/Metal area. I do think some act in this area will be nominated. There is usually some Harder act nominated and Eddie Trunk is now involved in the Hall. I forgot about Motorhead in light of Lemmy's death.

The Rock does not know what to do with the Funk acts but I think they'll nominate the Meters again. There is some support for them.

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 02.6.16 @ 19:33pm


True, but it's not the show-stopping, headliner, big event unless you can get surviving band members to put aside their egos and drama and give it one last huzzah, like Talking Heads did. And not including solo Steve Miller, who may not perform to protest his band members not getting included, only one act seems outright willing to do that and give the people what they want. Your headliner, show-stopper for 2016's induction.... N.W.A!!!

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 02.6.16 @ 22:30pm


I was thinking of acts in general playing at the Hall. You're talking about the Headliner. When you say Headliner are you saying the first act that plays or the last? You mentioned the Talking Heads. They performed at their induction during the 2002 Ceremony putting aside their egos and all that. My memory is vague. I recall they were the last act. So that means you're defining last act as the headliner.

So just to refer to the past. At the 2013 Ceremony Rush was the Headliner and last year was Ringo Starr as the Headliner. You have to tell me if that's right. I was thinking that Chicago would be the last act. Is that what you define as the Headliner? In which case you're saying that NWA would be the Headliner. So I know Nirvana was the last act at the 2014 ceremony. So they were the Headliner? It certainly wasn't Kiss! There was a lot of annoying Drama with them in 2014. So let me know.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 02.7.16 @ 05:48am

Nick and everyone,

I am revising my list fast. This is in light of the comments so far.

The Cure
J. Geils Band
Janet Jackson
The Meters
The Moody Blues
Nine Inch Nails
Pearl Jam
Todd Rundgren
Sonic Youth
The Spinners
The Zombies

I do remember now about Peter Wolf inducting Paul Butterfield Blues Band last year. It's inevitable as you said that J. Geils Band returns to the Rock Hall. So I have replaced Johnny Winter with J. Geils. I have also taken out the Commodores in light of the Spinners. They are both Soul groups so it's duly noted. I am choosing Sade instead. A solo artist and totally different. I feel she is headed for a nomination.

Also the Claw mentioned that Carole King will most likely not get a nomination for her solo Career. The Rock Hall as mentioned inducted her as a Non Performer with Gerry Goffin in 1990. So I have now picked Todd Rundgren. He is a more unusual Singer/Songwriter but deserves a shot. I am picking several Picks new to the Hall because I have noticed the Hall does that. After all so many were new for this Year. The Cars, Cheap Trick Chicago Janet Jackson and various others.
I know it's early but I revised so people comment on the list I'm going with Right Now. So please Comment everyone!

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 02.7.16 @ 07:37am

Good stuff.

Sade is a band with a female lead singer. Just throwing that out there.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 02.7.16 @ 07:54am


We might as well have some fun discussion on next Year's Noms. I mean we're in a lull with Future Rock right Now. we could just sit around chatting on and On about the 2016 Ceremony coming Up. Who is first who is Headlining and all that. This sparks a different discussion.

I revised my list fast so people Can comment on what I'm really feeling now. Most of it is the same. It reflects the times. Acts like the Cure and Janet Jackson make sense. I predicted a load of new ones since the Hall does that every year lately. The Moody Blues have still never been nominated therefore they would be New. So would Motorhead, Todd Rundgren and Sade. There's another change I made. Motorhead instead of Priest. There tends to be a Heavy Rock choice. Now with Eddie Trunk involved it is even more certain that would happen. Trunk loves Priest but would want to remember Lemmy's death.

There is 2 Females on my list with Janet Jackson and Sade. They both seem likely. I figure the Hall wants to try Janet again. I'm not a fan but hey there's the populist thing.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 02.7.16 @ 09:10am

I think one could say that my list is diverse. I'm looking forward to DarinG's comments. I have 2 80s alt choices. I'm not really into 80s alt. I do however feel it is time for them to nominate those slightly more. While I do love Moody Blues, Jethro Tull so very much I actually like some Siouxie and the Banshees. Some tunes. I am not predicting them for 2017. I think the Cure and Sonic Youth are the most likely.

Classic Rock which I love the most will show up but less. Those I picked are Moody Blues, J Geils Band And the Zombies. The thing about J Geils and and the Zombies is they don't have a lot of key Classic hits but they are highly regarded. Those are both Steve Van Zant choices. He certainly Goes way back as a Music Fan. He was there when the Zombies ruled

Posted by Ben on Monday, 02.8.16 @ 05:37am

With the drama surrounding the inductions of Chicago, Deep Purple, and Cheap Trick, I’m starting to consider Philip might be right that N.W.A. might be the headliner for this year’s ceremony. Probably not, but it's becoming more of a possibility at this point. Doesn’t the Rock Hall wish it had 6 inductees in the performer category and could’ve have included the likes of Janet Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, or Chic? The first two, at least, could have easily been the headliner if 6 inductees were chosen this year. The Rock Hall has truly dug itself in a deep hole here and I don't feel bad for them one second. I didn’t include Yes, The Smiths or The Cars because I’m not sure those would’ve turned out much better than the classic rock acts chosen this year.

Posted by Nick on Monday, 02.8.16 @ 20:29pm

Who is this Alex person that was with Joel Peresman during their conference call with Peter Cetera? Does he or she have a last name?

Posted by Roy on Monday, 02.8.16 @ 21:08pm

So as a Guideline would we say Ringo Starr was the Headliner last Year? I just want to confirm that first. I'm not used to predicting a ceremony. Then I can discuss about the Headliner for this Year. It seems like it's the closer. My example is Ringo Starr last Year

Posted by Ben on Monday, 02.8.16 @ 22:00pm

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame producers Alex Coletti and Joel Peresman.

Posted by Roy on Monday, 02.8.16 @ 22:04pm


You could say Ringo was THE headliner, but really, there were potentially several. Not being able to see the ceremony, I imagine that Green Day performed, as did Joan Jett with most if not all of the original Blackhearts behind her, as well as Bill Withers, surviving members of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Double Trouble with someone else singing....

Ultimately, the "headliner" bit is little more than me needling the Rockists who are still vehemently opposed to N.W.A. receiving their due. But seriously, a headliner or show-stopper, whatever you wish to call it, should be an act that puts away the drama and buries the hatchet, even if just for one night, and gives the establishment and the fans what they want: to see them play at least one more time. The act that'll make the ceremony worth watching because they're willing to do that, and not make themselves look like egotistical jackasses in the process. With Cetera not joining in, it won't be Chicago, and it sure as hell ain't gonna be Deep Purple... they've made it clear there's too much butthurt for that. Probably not Cheap Trick either, and Miller... well, possibly, but with it just being him and not his band, it simply doesn't have as much promise. N.W.A., on the other hand, is willing to reunite for the night, minus the late Eazy-E, and give us what we hope to see, probably a guest vocalist like Snoop to potentially rap Eazy's part.

It's just a continuation of the cascade of irony or smirk-worthy happenstance that began with having such a great ballot, but getting almost the most vanilla, homogeneous outcome possible, and then to compound it, the four acts that make it that way are unlikely to make the night memorable for their fans or the establishment, instead leaving that task to the one act that is different, and the one out of almost all the acts on the ballot, that the rockists least wanted to see make it. They thought they'd get it all this year, and instead they're left sucking lemons.

Gangsta! Gangsta!

Posted by Philip on Monday, 02.8.16 @ 23:43pm


You did clear up what a headliner is. That don't sound too good for this year. Now I DO NOT like that prospect of NWA as the Headliner given that definition. Rap is one of the very few forms of music I am not into much. I don't even know Rap well. Am I a Rockist? I do like a lot of R&b however. I am disappointed that the Spinners didn't get inducted yet again. They can't be a Headliner because only one original member is alive.

I would not have been crazy about it but Janet Jackson would have been acceptable as a Headliner. I am not Happy about the prospect of NWA as a Headliner. Soo rather than debate on NWA I am going to withdraw from this and ask for my Input on my Predictions for 2017. That is simpler and more interesting to me. I am predicting less Classic Rock next year and quite a bit of R&B like Janet Jackson, The Meters and Sade and of course the Spinners. I'll stick with this topic awhile.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 02.9.16 @ 05:17am

It's just a continuation of the cascade of irony or smirk-worthy happenstance that began with having such a great ballot, but getting almost the most vanilla, homogeneous outcome possible,

Posted by Philip on Monday, 02.8.16 @ 23:43pm
Apparently, this ballot is the most homogeneous outcome possible. I beg to differ. The following is a list of the last few classes the Hall has inducted, namely 2011-2016.

Cheap Trick 2016
Chicago 2016
Deep Purple 2016
N.W.A 2016
Steve Miller 2016
Bert Berns 2016

Bill Withers 2015
Green Day 2015
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts 2015
Lou Reed 2015
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 2015
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble 2015
Ringo Starr 2015
The "5" Royales 2015

Cat Stevens 2014
Hall & Oates 2014
KISS 2014
Linda Ronstadt 2014
Nirvana 2014
Peter Gabriel 2014
Andrew Loog Oldham 2014
Brian Epstein 2014
The E Street Band 2014

Albert King 2013
Donna Summer 2013
Heart 2013
Public Enemy 2013
Randy Newman 2013
Rush 2013
Lou Adler 2013
Quincy Jones 2013

The Blue Caps 2012
The Comets 2012
The Crickets 2012
The Famous Flames 2012
The Midnighters 2012
The Miracles 2012
Beastie Boys 2012
Donovan 2012
Guns N' Roses 2012
Laura Nyro 2012
Red Hot Chili Peppers 2012
The Small Faces/The Faces 2012
Don Kirshner 2012
Cosimo Matassa 2012
Glyn Johns 2012
Tom Dowd 2012
Freddie King 2012

Alice Cooper 2011
Darlene Love 2011
Dr. John 2011
Neil Diamond 2011
Tom Waits 2011
Art Rupe 2011
Jac Holzman 2011
Leon Russell 2011

Ignore the non-performers, etc., for a minute. Each class tends to have at least one R&B influenced person on the ballot. Every class has at least one woman on the ballot. In short, every class from 2011-2015 has been remarkably similar.

Then, in 2016, we have a break from the form. Even then, it's not a total break, as NWA is on the bill. Yet somehow, This class, w/four rock bands, is suddenly the "most vanilla, homogeneous outcome possible".

If anything, I'd say this is in fact a refreshing break from form. I'm not sure exactly what you're looking at, but I see a distinct change. I can only presume that you are working from a non-musical, sociologist logic, whereupon you demand a quota system based on racial/gender breakdowns.

If you are doing so, I would question why you've not commented on the fact that there is precious little Latino or Asian representation. Whaddaya say we remove some of those white, rockist acts... or for that matter, those black hip-hop/R&B acts... and make it a true Hall of Diversity (I mean Fame). After all, African Americans Do have it over Latinos and Asians here, as well as the European American end of the deal. Fair is fair...

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 02.9.16 @ 07:01am

Philip: I totally agree with you. Not only is it rumored that Snoop Dogg will be there to perform, Kendrick Lamar will be there to induct the group and there's the rumor that Eminem will be there as well. It is possible it could be like Nirvana where they have guest artists for each song to fill in for Eazy-E. If those three show up, along with Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and company, it is zero question that they will close and headline the show. That amount of talent and fame is heads and shoulders above what the other inductees have, especially with the issues invovling Chicago and Deep Purple. If they had their problems sorted out then I could of have seen them headlining, but with no Cetera or Blackmore it does not happen.

Posted by Gassman on Tuesday, 02.9.16 @ 10:47am

I could not care less about who "headlines." The honor is equal for each performer inducted.

I don't even watch the show, to be honest.

Posted by Steve Z on Tuesday, 02.9.16 @ 11:41am


I am referring to musical, not necessarily sociological. Each of the previous classes had some stylistic diversity within themselves. This class, on the other hand, is 80% classic rock staples. We could have kept it sociologically white and represented post-punk and industrial, but that's not what happened. I don't hate any of the acts inducted, just felt like there was greater potential that was not attained. We're getting a class that mostly is defined within a pretty narrow slice of the rock'n'roll spectrum.

If you'd read my latest blog entry, you'd have noticed that I said that. And you'll also notice that I am very against quotas. Ergo, the rest of your post is strawman.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 02.9.16 @ 23:49pm

I am referring to musical, not necessarily sociological. Each of the previous classes had some stylistic diversity within themselves. This class, on the other hand, is 80% classic rock staples. We could have kept it sociologically white and represented post-punk and industrial, but that's not what happened. I don't hate any of the acts inducted, just felt like there was greater potential that was not attained. We're getting a class that mostly is defined within a pretty narrow slice of the rock'n'roll spectrum.

If you'd read my latest blog entry, you'd have noticed that I said that. And you'll also notice that I am very against quotas. Ergo, the rest of your post is strawman.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 02.9.16 @ 23:49pm
I agree that the class is 80% classic rock staples, but I can't conceive of a way to get around the backlog w/out a class or two coming out like this. I think the Hall realizes they look like chumps for not inducting a fair number of groups, especially now that some of the groups are losing members. They're going to have to do this at least one more time, & hopefully expand the billing out to six acts, in order to cram in those who've been forgotten. It ruins the induction of what should be fairly modern classes, but that's the price the present has to pay, for the past getting it wrong.

Sorry about the blog. In deference to this, I shall sleep on a bed of straw tonight, & then toast you w/every sneeze from my eventual hay-fever. :)

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 02.11.16 @ 06:43am

"I agree that the class is 80% classic rock staples, but I can't conceive of a way to get around the backlog w/out a class or two coming out like this."

Bigger classes. End of story.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 02.12.16 @ 00:16am


I agree with what you say. The classes should have been bigger 5-10 years ago. As a reminder
the 2006 class- Black Sabbath
Miles Davis
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sex Pistols


Grandmaster Flash
the Ronettes
Patti Smith
Van Halen


Dave Clark Five
Leonard Cohen
John Mellencamp
The Ventures

These ceremonies go further back. All the artists essentially have merit for going in. There is Classic Rock, Punk and Metal. They caught up on Oldies acts like the Ronettes in 2007 and the Dave Clark Five in 2008. There is a grave problem though. Clearly the classes are too small. Hypothetically Paul Butterfield from the 60s could have been inducted in 2006 easily and any of the this years inductees Could have been inducted in this period. Chicago and Deep Purple were not being thought of at that time. Neither was Steve Miller. So you end up with a class of 80% Classic Rock. It's like you said they may even do this again in order to induct those who have been forgotten. The past got it wrong with the stupid period of 5 a class. There should have been fairly modern classes by Now.

I do think there will be a little less Classic Rock next year to balance things out. I would not be surprised if this Classic Rock thing happens again in a couple years.

Posted by Ben on Friday, 02.12.16 @ 05:57am

I think the classic rock dominated classes will continue to happen unless the nominating committee puts up fewer or weaker classic rock acts on the ballot of 15. The voters aren't going to change their ways easily. Eddie Trunk, Baba Booey, Jon Hein, and the rest are going to vote for any Moody Blues, Doobie Brothers, or J Geils that comes along. I don't see them caring about the balance of the class.

Posted by Classic Rock on Friday, 02.12.16 @ 11:06am

Exactly. I showed some Old Classes from 2006,2007 and 2008 to show while there is nothing really wrong with who went in. The shrunk Classes causes big Problems with Backlog. The Hall Inducted those like Black Sabbath, Blondie, Sex Pistols, REM, Ronettes, Patti Smith and Van Halen all make a lot of sense.

5 a class caused a backlog. Eddie Trunk, Baba Booey, Jon Hein and certainly Steve Van Zant will push for Classic Favs. They were concerned about the Classic Backlog. I'd like to get more comments on my predictions. There is less Classic Rock but it's still there. Moody Blues, J Geils and Motorhead are in my predictions for next year. The Zombies is a 60s fav of Steve Van Zant. Classic Rock don't go away that fast.

Posted by Ben on Friday, 02.12.16 @ 11:59am


To comment on your predictions, it's just too early. Pearl Jam's a lock, 2Pac may be, but they may also wish to go back to past failed attempts and give LL Cool J, Eric B. & Rakim, or Afrika Bambaataa another spin.

Sade is not going to make the ballot. Stop drinking Enig's Kool-Aid.

The Moody Blues just aren't that likely until Yes is in. It's not a guarantee, just a good indicator.

Same with Sonic Youth. With the Smiths twice nominated now, it seems like that's where they'll focus. There won't be two post-punk names. Unless you're willing to forgo a left-field pick, you shouldn't predict both Sonic Youth and the Cure on the same ballot.

I wouldn't bet on the Zombies either, with the NomCom purge.

Chic is a sure bet. Spinners maybe less so, but still good. J. Geils Band is a wild card. Nine Inch Nails could return or they could get shuffled out in favor of Pearl Jam. Todd Rundgren... his name appears perennially on someone's list or another's, but I'm not seeing any real push for him on the inside. The Meters are a possibility, naturally. The Induct Janet campaign may give it another go after finishing second in the fan poll (once you throw out the robot votes) and push for her to be nominated again.

Motorhead is exactly why I say it's too soon. Dying between the announcement of the inductees and the actual induction ceremonies is probably the least likely time of year for the Death Fairy to grant your wish. Lemmy's death will probably be forgotten by September, and with the way this year is off to a start, we could see another big name die by then and thus supplant Motorhead. Sounds crazy, I know, but it happens.

And yeah, Classic Rock, I also said that exact same thing on my last blog entry too, only I pinned it on the guitar band members who are many more people than a solo act.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 02.12.16 @ 14:07pm


You make some good points. I stick with the Zombies as a choice. They are a big Fav of Steve Van Zant. He is very much on the Nom Com. Nom Com purge kills off the 50s. Not the 60s. Certainly Steve Van Zant keeps his favs alive.

I always predict the Moody Blues. It's getting more likely. In an effort to modernize the Hall could try something new with 2 Post Punk names.

You are very right about Motorhead. This year is off to a bad start and who knows a Big name not in the Hall yet could still die by then. Let's Hope not, but it happens. I can always change it in the Summer or something.

Posted by Ben on Friday, 02.12.16 @ 14:41pm

"I can always change it in the Summer or something."--Ben

Another reason we haven't commented much on your predictions. It's like the weather in Michigan. If you don't like it, wait 30 minutes.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 02.12.16 @ 14:54pm

No that's a Very good point. I don't like the Weather in NY now. It's a Deep Freeze. I'll wait a week on that weather. Same thing with the predictions I'd say.

Summer is better for the Weather and Predictions.

Posted by Ben on Friday, 02.12.16 @ 15:53pm

So no more predictions. There is this topic of Past and Present. I gave examples of Old Classes from 2006,2007 and 2008. Black Sabbath, Blondie Sex Pistols REM and Patti Smith as well as the Ronettes all made a lot of sense.

What did not make sense is have 5 for each class. There could easily have been 6 or 7 inductees. Someone a few months ago re did the Hall with larger classes. Not sure who. If classes had been larger it's very possible all 4 of the Classic Rock Inductees for this year may have been in. It is certainly possible to honor Punk Rock with the Sex Pistols and let's say induct Paul Butterfield at the same time. I'll use that example I suppose because it's a 60s act.

Chicago, Deep Purple and Steve Miller could easily have been inducted in those years of 2006 2007 and 2008 as additional ones. We can't change what was done so The Hall has felt guilty on acts they forgot thus a bunch of Classic Rock this year. They are doing this to correct the wrong they figure. You also have people like Eddie Trunk and Steve Van Zant with their influence.

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 02.13.16 @ 06:59am

It was Donnie who redid the Rock Hall of Fame with 10 Inductees each year. Donnie I don't know where You are Now but you laid out a great scenario there.

Most key acts go in rather promptly in the imaginary scenario. In fact the Sex Pistols and Patti Smith were delayed somewhat also in the real world. Not just acts like Chicago and Deep Purple.

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 02.13.16 @ 10:45am

The Kid Rock induction for Cheap Trick is another in a long line of bizarre choices for inductors by the rock hall. This is Kid Rock's 4th time (Aerosmith, Bob Seger, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cheap Trick). That's crazy. Is he really that big of a deal? What's more puzzling is that the artists sometimes have no choice of and no connection to the inductor.

Posted by Classic Rock on Tuesday, 02.16.16 @ 18:20pm


Recently, you posted on the site that you were conscious of the fact that there were more members of the standard issue "white guitar rock band" than there were of say, solo performers, or hip-hop acts, or any kind of pop act, for that matter. You noted that you feared that extra members of these groups would, in essence, overrun the Hall, & turn it into a guitar-only place.

I bring this to your attention if only because it made me think for a minute about what the alleged ramifications might be. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that, in point of fact, this has already happened, & clearly there's no great issue here.

Stop and look back at the ceremonies, from the beginning. Initially it was mostly solo acts, or else doo-wop & rockabilly outfits. Every Jerry Lee Lewis was matched by a Little Richard, & every Beach Boys were matched by a Coasters. Even when the British Invasion hit, it was matched by Motown. The Beatles were matched w/The Supremes, the Stones w/the Four Tops, etc.

The problem here is that this would've ended in the late 60's/early 70's. It never hit me until I started to remember how Bill G. would always complain about groups like the Chi-Lites getting no respect from the Hall. Every yr. I complain about War not being in. The change you so fear already happened, & it actually began over 20 yrs. ago, when you look back at it all. It was gradual, running through the 70's and into the 80's, voting-wise. It was at least partially covered by all the belated inductions of 50's doo-wop groups in the 2000's, long after their actual inductions should've taken place. By the time a Prince or a Michael Jackson (solo) is being inducted, you start to see groups like R.E.M. & U2 outnumber them, in terms of sheer numbers.

I don't think you really have to worry at all about how many guitar acts make the Hall from now on. I might actually say we crossed the line, based on sheer numbers, at least a decade ago (though I admit to not doing the exact work yet to determine precisely when).

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 07:23am


I respect the data you put forth, and those are indeed some interesting numbers. I think you're missing one key component though: influence. The Beatles and The Rolling Stones (not to mention the Yardbirds, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, etc.) were influenced by blues rockers, soul singers, even some country artists.

Fast forward to 2009 with the induction of Metallica, and the list of names James Hetfield mentioned: Deep Purple, UFO, Uriah Heep, Rush... notice a pattern? After being inducted, Alex Liefson of Rush tweeted about his vote for the Rock Hall: all classic rock acts. Look at the now inducted Gene Simmons whose outspoken, myopic definition of rock 'n' roll all but states a prerequisite of Caucasian ancestry, and probably lists "pyrotechnics" as a percussive instrument. The guitar bands of the early years were flattered to be inducted alongside the Drifters, the Supremes, Otis Redding, Ruth Brown, etc. The members of guitar bands inducted in the past decade are wondering what the hell Public Enemy, N.W.A., Bill Withers, (and even Cat Stevens and Linda Ronstadt (in spirit)) are doing on the stage with them. The early bands willingly cast their votes for a wider diaspora; the newer bands only vote for the acts that sound the most like them.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 16:04pm

Philip: One exception to your new guitar band rule is that many alternative bands that have been inducted over the past decade tend to have shown greater support for other types of music (at the minimum hip-hop).

Posted by Gassman on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 16:14pm


Those alternative artists are not inductees and thus members of the voting body. Maybe Tom Morello is a bit open-minded, but then again, he's the one who pushed for KISS.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 16:23pm

Krist Novoselic voted for NWA...

Posted by dmg on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 16:32pm

Yeah, I meant the members of Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, U2, R.E.M., etc.

While many of their ballots are heavy on the classic rawk, most have an understanding/appreciation of other forms of music.

Posted by Gassman on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 16:47pm

Seeing some really great posts here, especially rippling out from the post by Nick:
Posted by Nick on Saturday, 02.6.16 @ 14:50pm
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I also don't like long posts, but that was a very good one and I agree almost 100% with all that was said: re to Pearl Jam, Zombies, Spinners, Janet Jackson, J. Geils Band, etc. Who is this guy Nick? Sorry Philip and Cheesecrop, Nick has the goods this time. Philip and Cheesecrop closed up their shop, they didn't want to ... haha.

My other take-aways are that Motorhead could come up on the tails of Iggy and the Stooges, Chic should not be trotted out again, give The Spinners a spin instead. Janet Jackson probably cannot be denied again. Moodies are probably about due. Also N.W.A. will surely indeed be a "headliner" (as it were?) at this years induction. That's my 2 cents. BTW: Forget 2 Pac, LL Cool probably needs to beat him into the Rock Museum.

Posted by Telarock on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 17:00pm

I see where you are coming from, & you obviously have something of a point (& yes, I do believe Gene Simmons would list pyrotechnics as an "instrument", ha-ha!).

At the same time, it only makes sense that these groups would list others of their ilk alongside themselves. In addition, there is also an aspect of the numbers game that plays into this, though not one that's readily apparent.

Recently, I had a chance to watch an old videotape that contained footage from American Bandstand. At one point, Kool & the Gang are featured in a 1980 clip doing "Celebration". There are at least eight or nine guys onstage. Think about this in relation to many of the rappers who show up on modern award shows. Often, there's only one or two guys onstage, maybe three at the most. This is often the sum total of the group. I know I've gone off on rap vs. live band acts before, but thinking about the rappers, via Kool & the Gang, gives it a diff. perspective.

When hip-hop (or dance pop, or anything modern and produced) traded in a live drummer for a drum machine, or had synthesizers take the place of two live instruments, the groups in question reduced their numbers, vis-ŕ-vis those guitar bands. They did this on their own, though; no one forced them to choose this option. If they no longer have the numbers w/in the group, it isn't the fault of Metallica, or Rush, or anyone else. They reduced their own numbers. If they lack influence now, it shouldn't be put on the backs of modern musicians. Likewise, if modern rockers choose their own, it's often cause they have no other reference points w/in a live band format.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 17:12pm


R.E.M. I know is pretty open, especially Michael Stipe. But other than rap, it's waning. Novoselic was the guy who spoke out for Joan Jett when his band was inducted, too. Like I said at one point, it wouldn't surprise me if Bill Withers was the last non-rap R&B inductee for quite some time.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 17:27pm

BTW: in my last post substitute MC5 where I wrote Motorhead. Okay, that's it.

Posted by Telarock on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 17:28pm


No, but it is their fault if they are intentionally myopic with their view of rock 'n' roll. It is their fault if they ignore the merits and originality of other non-guitar bands just because it's not what floats their boat. Rock 'n' roll is a much bigger sound than the box that some would try to stuff it into, and anyone who's given a ballot should know that.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 17:35pm

Thank you for the kind words and it's much appreciated. I've been regularly contributing to FRL for the last 2 years, mainly in the Song/Album/Revised Projects on this site.

Posted by Nick on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 19:57pm

I used ta be a regular common tater here. But I see now the topics they are a changin. "Guitar" bands and Gene Simmons caucasoid (caucasian?) myopathy. haha I think by this time diversity must be assumed, stylistic and otherwise. And the once mighty guitar? well, still mighty, but no longer absolute dictator. Ya know even Michael Jackson had incorporated many guitar fireworks in his big hit songs ... but obviously was never a so-called guitar band. I confess I'm not a particular "women's rights" guy, but find myself advocating for women artists. What about Pat Benatar? Her group is a guitar band. Nina Simone, alas non-guitar, but she is one who should be talked about. Janet Jackson should get in the Rock Museum maybe only bcus of her rabid fan base. Now with a changed nom-comm the "face" of the museum will for sure undergo change, as it should. I don't imagine that will mean letting in more inductees each year. In sports they call that expansion, but a Hall of Fame needs to not dilute itself that way. Plus 5 new exhibits each year ... that's already a lot to process imo. Guitar bands or otherwise. Now that horn bands are getting in, I also want to see the greatest flute band ever, Jethro Tull must crash through.

Posted by Telarock on Friday, 02.19.16 @ 00:19am

I have a feeling that the rock hall will Change its criteria from 25 Years to 20 Years I want it to happen so it can really Benefit acts like Radiohead Biggie Jay-Z Foo Fighters and Eminem along with Pearl Jam and 2Pac

Posted by richie on Friday, 02.19.16 @ 01:24am

Ok so no Peter Cetera, no Ritchie Blackmore. Is Bun E. Carlos next? At least Bert Berns is coming, that will fill the seats.

Posted by Classic Rock on Friday, 02.19.16 @ 10:15am

*snerk* Well said, Classic Rock. Bert Berns won't be the highlight, but I'm willing to bet that if drama and long speeches don't prevent an all-star jam, "Twist And Shout" will end the ceremonies.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 02.19.16 @ 14:34pm

I got to say that was funny about Bert Berns. I do agree that Twist and Shout could be a good all Star Jam. After all historically it tends to be a recognizable tune that the crowds relate to.

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 02.20.16 @ 14:21pm

I am staying away from predictions at this point but will refer to the past.


Grandmaster Flash
the Ronettes
Patti Smith
Van Halen


Dave Clark Five
Leonard Cohen
John Mellencamp
the Ventures

There is some Guitar acts in these years. This supports Cheesecrop. Then comes the next Class.

Jeff Beck
Little Anthony
Bobby Womack

There is certainly guitar Rock but also a leftover Doo Wop group as well as Rap. I'll skip Now.


Albert King
Randy Newman
Public Enemy
Donna Summer

There seems to always be an element of Guitar rock but some other genres thrown in too. Guitar Rock is already there but there are other genres as well. This year the Hall caught up on more Guitar Rock. That's the only difference. There is Guitar Rock but surely War and the Spinners will one day go in anyway.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 02.21.16 @ 06:48am

Nina simone, Sister Rosetta Tharpe as an early influence, Kate Bush for musical excellence, eurythmatics, Carly Simon, Carol King as a performer, whitney houston, Janet Jackson, chaka khan, pat benatar, bonnie raitt, dolly parton, and later on the 90s chicks (Tori, Bjork, PJ, Sarah, Alanis) and 2000s (winehouse, adele, beyonce, gaga, and so on)

So many ladies to begin nominating and inducting. Especially the first 3 I mentioned who I find to all be more important than Janet Jackson in terms of innovation, legacy, and inspiration.

Posted by mikhail on Monday, 02.22.16 @ 01:52am

Bonnie Raitt has already been Inducted. Bonnie Raitt was inducted at the 2000 Ceremony. The other females are valid. Except for Lady Gaga. I can not support that. Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan and Pat Benatar I can certainly understand. Again Bonnie Raitt has been inducted already

Posted by Ben on Monday, 02.22.16 @ 06:04am

The 31st Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony at New York's Barclays Center

Friday, April 8, 2016

Buy Tickets here:

The Barclays Center has 19,000 seats. It has not sold out yet.

Why aren't Chicago, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, N.W.A and Bert Berns enough to get this place sold out?

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 02.27.16 @ 19:42pm

The 31st Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony at New York's Barclays Center

Friday, April 8, 2016

Buy Tickets here:

The Barclays Center has 19,000 seats. It has not sold out yet.

Why aren't Chicago, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, N.W.A and Bert Berns enough to get this place sold out?

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 02.27.16 @ 19:42pm

"Why aren't Chicago, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, N.W.A and Bert Berns enough to get this place sold out?"

I'll bet you could figure this one out on your own if you really try. If you need any hints you can look at the complaints about the class that are all over the internet. Hard to miss.

Posted by DarinRG on Saturday, 02.27.16 @ 22:31pm

Because Peter Cetera won't be playing with Chicago, Ritchie Balckmore won't be playing with Deep Purple, and NWA fans can't afford the tickets.

Posted by Zechariah on Saturday, 02.27.16 @ 22:33pm

I still personally feel that the 28th annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony in 2013 was probably their best overall. There was a great deal of variety and almost everyone had seemed to get along. The jam at the end of the ceremony was quite appropriate. One can only hope that that next year's Induction Ceremony will have similar results.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 02.28.16 @ 10:32am

That is very true. There was a great deal of variety at the 2013 Ceremony. Heart and Rush got along with each other. The Albert King tribute was terrific and there was the tribute Donna Summer. I remember those as highlights. 2014 had a bit of variety. The infamous Kiss were at the same ceremony as Cat Stevens along with a Linda Ronstadt tribute. A little less variety last year I recall for 2015. This year the Classic acts are good but there is not a lot of variety. 6 or 7 inductees would have solved that problem. Many would say adding Yes would not be variety.

I wanted Yes not Cheap Trick really. So Yes could have been among the 4 Classics and then add Janet Jackson and the Smiths for variety. I do like the tune How Soon is Now. Some may be surprised. I own 1 or 2 other tunes. The Boy with the Thorn in His Side. There's another tune I own. This did not happen though. Chicago, Deep Purple and the Smiths could have allll gone in at the same time. This did not happen.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 03.1.16 @ 18:35pm



Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 03.2.16 @ 21:24pm

I just want to say I am an avid Classic Rocker but I like a lot of R&B and some more Modern Rock. I do not support NWA but I recognize that Hall wants to include Rap as part of the Hall. I know very little about them. So to be fair. Yes could have been among the 4 Classic acts and Cheap Trick could have waited. This way the Hall would still get their wish to include Rap. Then for extra variety The Hall could have also Had Janet Jackson or Chaka Khan and the Smiths. I do support the Smiths somewhat. I own 3 songs. They were a key British act in the 80s.

I am not opposed to 80s alt and New wave altogether. I'm just not into that as much as my Classic Rock. In the mid 80s I got into a bunch of Hard Rock and Metal. We're talking Def Leppard and Twisted Sister. I even know Helix. That last one is irrelevant to a place like the Hall. Helix had one or 2 Hits. Also I have never been into the Cure but I still feel they could have their place in the Hall. Much more so than Abba I'd say. Abba are in. I did not get that induction.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 03.3.16 @ 07:41am

April has arrived!

Posted by Roy on Friday, 04.1.16 @ 04:04am

Wow missed the whole season. I was not even aware the inductions were announced. Low ket I guess. Some years back I made the point that it would be hard to maintain enthusiasm for the R&RHF without any major contemporary rock acts. But now even the pop acts seem stale. Maybe that is just passing time.

But that said, I got the impression that the nominations are sort of the backlog. Still a lot of classic rock/AOR. The nominations threw a bome to the 1980s (The Smiths, the Cars to a lesser extent) and dance rock (Chic) and prof (Yes), as well as to 90s industrial(Nine Inch Nails). But in the end the inducteess were firmly in the AOR pattern. Taking them in turn:

1. Cheap Trick-Like all the acts a case could be made. Just to me not a very good case. Their studio work was not great imho. They had one very popular live album, but that's about it. Cannot see them being more deserving than the Cars or ELO or Yes. Cheap Trick had a decent run and then faded to obscurity. They had one live song that got a lot of airplay on fm rock radio. I would not have nominated them.

2. Deep Purple-I'm OK with it. They were a long successful hard rock band. If you are going to have bands like Metallica and Zeppelin then DP continues in the line. I can even overlook Child In Time ripping off Bombay Calling.

3. Steve Miller-Meh. Another FM/AOR staple. Better studio work than Cheap Trick. Good album sales, especially Fly Lie An Eagle. But honestly a big who cares? Not the worst induction. Just nothing inspiring. Would have rather seen Yes.

4. NWA-If you are going to go the rap/hip hop route, than I guess they deserve it. I would like to see pioneers like Africa Bambattaa as well.

5. Chicago-Their early work was always the tipping point in their favor for me, so fine. Long career. Lots of albums sold. Even a few good ones in the mix. But also many bad ones. But they are in.

The R&RHF is still trapped in a very narrow defintion of rock. The choices were not horrible in themselves, but they continue a bad trend of limited horizons. The nominations at least seemed to be responsive. At some point the 1980s and prog rock and dance rock need to get into the mixed. While people are still paying attention hopefully.

Posted by astrodog on Friday, 04.1.16 @ 22:27pm

Does Anybody Realize How Bad These Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Really Are?

Steve Miller makes music that teenage boys can get 70 percent excited about.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 04.5.16 @ 05:31am

The ceremony is this Friday!!!! CHICAGO finally!!

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 04.5.16 @ 05:50am


Im confused about one of your posts. How bad these Rock Hall Inductees Really are? I know you love Chicago. So do you mean the other Inductees? I thought you liked them all. The Classic 4. You dont like Steve Miller? Im just wondering. The only questionable one among the Classic 4 is Cheap Trick. I can see that one with their energetic Rock and Ballads. I would have preferred Yes in the Lineup before them Given a Choice. Im just curious why you posted that.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 04.5.16 @ 06:05am

It's the title of an article. The link is above. It's a play on words from a Chicago song.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 04.5.16 @ 06:18am


I see what You did. I know that you love Chicago and also other Classic Rock. Its early lots of times when I post stuff here.

I saw and read the Link. My Rebut to it is that its ridiculous. It comes from a great lack of knowledge. Many artists have had embarrassing moments later on. Who cares. It happens. Elton John Even did. Sad Songs used in a Sassoon commercial. Not a fav of mine. I remember when he was inducted. Nobody complained. Nobody complained about David Bowie when he was inducted yet he did that version of Dancing in the Streets. A great artist is a great artist.

It does show great lack of knowledge. Chicago's first 10 or 11 are pretty darn god. So they did You're My Inspiration. It doesn't matter. Deep Purple were monumental in Hard Rock. There is a lot more to them than Smoke on the Water. The writer of that link never heard or cared about tunes like Chile in Time and Highway Star. Same thing applies to Cheap Trick and Steve Miller. I don't really know NWA. Not a rapper.

The point is the Hall can be foolish but the Nominating Committee and Voters have knowledge of albums often not just a few hits. I'll give them that. What is foolish here is writing with lack of knowledge. Case in Point CTA, Chicago II and V are all great albums.

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 04.6.16 @ 06:28am

Cheap Trick was on Howard Stern this morning. Each inducted member of a band will get to speak for three minutes. Each band will perform three songs. My guesses:

Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me, Surrender, Dream Police
Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is, Saturday In The Park, 25 Or 6 To 4
Deep Purple - Hush, Smoke On The Water, Highway Star

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 04.6.16 @ 21:33pm

So Tomorrow is the 2016 Rock Hall Ceremony. We do have a better idea How it will go. It does appear that Cheap Trick will have a full reunion. I read an article that are burying the Hatchet at least for the Night. That would mean that NWA would not be the only full reunion of the Night.

I have to re read the article to substantiate this. It did seem positive. Im not a big Cheap Trick but that would mean at least one of the Classic Rock acts has a full reunion. I realize a full reunion will not happen with Chicago or Deep Purple. Peter Cetera refuses to sing on stage with them. Among the many issues with D Purple is Ritchie Blackmore. And then there is Steve Miller who is inducted without his Band. Big mistake there since many of us know and love the Steve Miller Band.

Still we do seem to get a Cheap Trick as a full reunion. I am sure someone will challenge this positive thing. I will re read the article. Sound good to me. Also although its not a Full reunion there is talk that 25 or 6 to 4 will end the night. I was thinking Twist and Shout or something like that. We shall know soon.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 04.7.16 @ 07:56am

The 2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Order Of Inductions And The Presenters

01. Lars Ulrich inducts Deep Purple
02. Steven Van Zandt inducts Bert Berns
03. The Black Keys induct Steve Miller
04. Rob Thomas inducts Chicago
05. Kendrick Lamar inducts N.W.A
06. Kid Rock inducts Cheap Trick

No word yet on whose music will be performed in the All-Star Jam!

Posted by Roy on Friday, 04.8.16 @ 20:36pm

The 2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Photos on WireImage

Posted by Roy on Friday, 04.8.16 @ 20:40pm


The 2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Order Of Inductions And The Presenters

01. Lars Ulrich inducts Deep Purple
02. Steven Van Zandt inducts Bert Berns
03. The Black Keys induct Steve Miller
04. Kendrick Lamar inducts N.W.A
05. Kid Rock inducts Cheap Trick
06. Rob Thomas inducts Chicago

Posted by Roy on Friday, 04.8.16 @ 21:17pm


The 2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Order Of Inductions And The Presenters

01. Lars Ulrich inducts Deep Purple
02. Steven Van Zandt inducts Bert Berns
03. The Black Keys induct Steve Miller
04. Kendrick Lamar inducts N.W.A
05. Rob Thomas inducts Chicago
06. Kid Rock inducts Cheap Trick

Posted by Roy on Friday, 04.8.16 @ 21:41pm

10 Unforgettable Moments From Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016 Induction Ceremony

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 04.9.16 @ 13:15pm

Videos from an audience member at the 2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. All inductees.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 04.9.16 @ 14:51pm

So Now we know about the 2016 Rock Hall of Fame Ceremony. I didn't think Deep Purple would open. I thought that would be Cheap Trick. They in fact closed and were considered the Headliner. Look at that. Im not a big fan but they are part of the Classic Rock. Steve Miller I read was fine. As it turns out spoke but did not Play. I am wondering why that happened. Did it clash with the Classic rock?

There was of course Chicago. I heard among the tunes was Does Anybody Know What Time It is and Saturday in the Park.

This is interesting the Jam was Aint That a Shame. I did not think of that. It was by Fats Domino and became a Cheap Trick classic. I just wanted everyone to know that I know the original singer of that. There it is.

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 04.9.16 @ 16:43pm

Steve Miller did play. What are you talking about?

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 04.9.16 @ 17:44pm

Did the place even sell out? We have a R&RHF and rock is extinct. Not to single out rock because pop may be following on the same track. But at least fans still take it seriously.

Posted by astrodog on Saturday, 04.9.16 @ 20:14pm


I'm going to try that again. I Definitely know that Steve Miller played and played well. It was a complete and total mistype.

I didn't think that Deep Purple would open. I thought that would be Cheap Trick. They closed and were considered the Headliner.Im not a big fan but they are part of the Classic Rock. Steve Miller was fine. He DID A VERY FINE SET of Space Cowboy, Fly Like an Eagle and Rock n' Me. I knew that in the original post above. NWA SPOKE BUT DID not play. I wonder why that happened. Did it clash with the Classic Rock. I didn't write NWA. That's who didn't play.

There was of course Chicago. Saturday in the Park was among their 3 tunes.

The Jam was Aint that a Shame. It was by FAts Domino and became a Cheap Trick classic.

So in fact I omitted the name NWA in my post above. NWA only spoke BUT did not play. That is what I was saying Roy. Respond if you want and can. I like Steve Miller and He did Play.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 04.10.16 @ 04:57am

Go Steve Miller!!! Who would have thought that Miller would be this outspoken, especially I mean he's supposedly an easy-going guy with lightweight (in a good way, not meant to be an insult) hits like 'The Joker', 'Take the Money and Run' and 'Jet Airliner.' He is honestly the last person that I thought would speak out against the Rock Hall, especially considering he never expressed any distain for the Hall in interviews prior to Friday's ceremony. And I thought he would be the most humbled and non-threatening/outspoken member of this year's class, boy was I wrong!!!

The Rock Hall clearly has no respect for their artists, but the organization never has throughout its history. It's supposed to be a night of celebrating an artist's legacy and their influence/innovation on modern music. Instead, it's becoming a massive headache for everyone involved.

The ticketing situation is absurd IMO. They should be given "x" amount of tickets each. Didn't FRL and others report how they were selling the tickets at the ceremony for like $10-12 each on StubHub almost near the ceremony. Like the Rock Hall couldn't voucher more tickets for the inductees for a ceremony than was probably not a sell-out. It's not like most of them will attend future ceremonies anyway so what does it matter. I'm not saying let's give Steve Miller 50 tickets, but maybe like a considerable number like 10 or something like that.

Although I'm saddened as a Chicago fan that Peter Cetera didn't perform with them, you have to kinda feel bad for him if the Rock Hall didn't respect him. Cetera, of course, has a massive ego but it doesn't help if the Rock Hall wasn't cooperating. There are more things that I could say about Chicago, but I think it boils to the Rock Hall's disrespect to the band since the Hall thought they could dictate everything and the band would be okay with it.

Same goes for N.W.A., they didn't perform because they had a conflict of interests with the Rock Hall. One of the big selling points for the ceremony was an N.W.A. reunion (minus Eazy-E, of course). If I had a ticket for the ceremony, I'd be pissed too if they cancelled at the last minute--like days before the ceremony taking place. Love them or hate them, N.W.A. were hugely influential and one of the most polarizing acts. In many ways, I respect N.W.A. for staying true to their ideals/beliefs, they were anti-authority and defiant rebels against the system at large. They didn't conform just for the cameras and for that I have newfound respect for them.

There does need to be a massive overhaul of the ceremony process. First things first, fire Joel Peresman who has disgraced the integrity of the Rock Hall for the past decade or so. I could go on, but it says a lot when most of your inductees openly criticize the Rock Hall induction process and it reflects poorly on you Mr. Peresman. Please give him the proper papers, or maybe to quote Steve Miller's great song, and send him on a big "Jet Airliner' (sorry, I couldn't help it there).

Next make the nominating committee more diverse, meaning more women, minorities/ethnicities, and others who could include a more diverse list of nominees. Nothing against the inductees (all of whom I like), but it was a narrowly one-sided list of inductees: almost all classic rock era. There's no many more things I could say, but it's just mind blogging how the Rock Hall makes it difficult for these performers/inductees. This should be one of the best nights of their lives, and if anything it's the total opposite.

Posted by Nick on Sunday, 04.10.16 @ 11:42am

If I had won the powerball, I would've made an attempt at buying this institution. I would then dump Peresman and hire myself as CEO. How would everyone else operate or make changes with the Hall should they become CEO/owner of the organization? Here are some things I would consider:

1. I would immediately request a list of donors and their contribution amounts. I'd take a note of anyone in the list that's also on the nominating committee, and who might have a financial interest in inducting artists (such as record company executives).

2. I would then evaluate the overall structure of the organization. I would make sure the Hall of Fame, the museum, and events are separate departments. The HoF department would operate completely independent of the other departments, including the Events department (which would coordinate the induction ceremony). This is to make sure that the nominating committee doesn't feel pressured to nominate acts based on the induction ceremony venue; the committe should operate without outside influences - they should nominate who they feel are deserving. That means anyone responsible for organizing the induction ceremony would be dedicated to that task and would not participate in the nomination process (such as Paul Shaffer).

3. After reviewing donors from #1, I would then evaluate cutting all record company executives from the nominating committee. We may have to make new donor pitches or find some other source of revenue, cut expenditures, etc. if necessary. This is to help reduce conflicts of interest.

4. Restructure the nominating committee. I would make it so there are 30 permanent members who would sit out every third year - so 20 will participate in the nomination process each year. There would also be 10 temporary members who would only participate that year. (Temporary members would have to sit out five years before they would be eligible for consideration as temporary members again - unless they get hired on as permanent members.) Permanent members also get to vote for performer inductees every year in the general - temporary members will get to vote only in the years that they are on committee. This is to make sure that we have a diverse set of minds making choices each year.

5. I would make it clear that the Hall of Fame and the Induction Ceremony is for the ARTISTS. It is an award and the focus should be on honoring the recipients, not on making a spectacle or pushing album sales for the record execs. The museum and the other events are for the fans. No more treating artists like crap at the ceremony.

6. More transparency of the nomination and induction process, and better evaluation and induction of artist members.

7. I would make it so that the Musical Excellence award also can include members of previously inducted acts who got skipped over for some reason (Nick Simper of Deep Purple, for example); they would be inducted as members of the band. It's OK to acknowledge that you made mistakes in the past.

8. Evaluate the possibility of putting the Lifetime Acievement (I would change this name, because a Hall of Fame induction is already a Lifetime Achievement award - it's redundant) and Early Influence awards on the ballots if we can get at least 5 nominees from the committee.

9. I wouldn't need a $400k/year salary. I would reduce that significantly. This is a non-profit institution, plus I won the freaking Powerball. This would help soften the blow from cutting record executives from the nominating committee.

10. No more maximum limit on inductees. I would take it back to the old process and make it based on a percentage of ballots, with a MINIMUM of 5 inductees PLUS anyone on 50% or more of ballots.

11. I would increase the number of nominees to 20, and have the voting block vote for SEVEN, not five. I would also evaluate the possibility of having one of those votes be for a write-in. If the write-in isn't deemed eligible, the rest of that ballot is still counted. I wouldn't expect a whole lot of inductees off of a write-in, but it would at least give the nominating committee additional ideas for next year.

12. The ballot counting will be done by an INDEPENDENT entity to ensure no funny business is going on.

13. Online ballot will be limited to one vote per 24 hours per IP, with a Captcha. No more ballot stuffing. Plus, the online ballot would count as five votes instead of one.

14. I would encourage putting more emphasis on influence and innovation - the goal isn't to sell records here. It's for the artists and the proliferation and perpetuation of Rock & Roll. The elimination of record executives from the nominating staff and the addition of more historians should aid in this. I would also encourage more diversity - more female artists and more artists from outside the United States, for example.

15. Everyone would get an induction speech, regardless of the category in which they were inducted.

16. The induction ceremony would travel each year. It wouldn't be limited to thr... err, two cities. There are more than enough venues around the country that would be willing to host the event - plus, it gives more an opportunity to attend.

Posted by dmg on Sunday, 04.10.16 @ 13:43pm

Has anyone found the 2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame book from the ceremony anywhere online yet?

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.10.16 @ 21:40pm

2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony program & cd on EBAY

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.10.16 @ 21:52pm

And another thing, the RRHOF should let the inductee select their presenter. I can see the hall making suggestions, but Steve Miller had no idea who the Black Keys were or why they were there, and the Black Keys we basically reading a wiki page. How embarrassing. No other hall I know does it this way.

Posted by Classic Rock on Monday, 04.11.16 @ 13:10pm

So I guess we all know what Roy's new nightly reading material will

Posted by Nick on Monday, 04.11.16 @ 13:21pm

The Rock Hall 2016 online bios of the inductees are not done yet. They are different from the bios given at the ceremonies.

Posted by Roy on Monday, 04.11.16 @ 13:40pm

Don't mind me. Just trolling some rockists. They get so worked up! lol

Posted by dmg on Monday, 04.11.16 @ 20:32pm

Loved it DMG, It's fun to read rockists complain about the Rock Hall yet 4 Classic Rock acts were just inducted last week. Seriously, I like Kiss but come on Gene Simmons, enough is enough already about the Rock Hall. It's almost like a kid complaining about not being invited to a big party where nobody wants him and then he finally goes and still complains no matter what. Get over it Gene, the Rock Hall will continue inducting Hip-Hop/Rap in the upcoming years, including no-brainers like Jay-Z, 2-Pac, Kayne West, Outkast, and Eminem (and that's just the 1st 5 that comes to mind and not including ones who've been already nominated like LL Cool J and Eric B. & Rakim). Gene, who has too much self-pride to admit, is totally wrong on this one.

Posted by Nick on Monday, 04.11.16 @ 20:42pm

2017 inductees.

Janet Jackson
Pearl Jam
The Cars

Special category...
Whoever the hall wants, no rules apply.

Posted by Classic Rock on Monday, 04.11.16 @ 21:52pm

My (very likely inaccurate) pre-July prediction for 2017's ballot:

Average White Band
The Cars
Electric Light Orchestra
Janet Jackson
Judas Priest
Los Lobos
Nine Inch Nails
Pearl Jam
Rage Against the Machine
Roxy Music
The Smiths
The Spinners

Posted by SotN on Monday, 04.11.16 @ 22:56pm

2017 Inductees Based On FRL Voting

Bon Jovi
Pearl Jam
Jethro Tull
The Moody Blues
Whitney Houston
Janet Jackson

Posted by Roy on Monday, 04.11.16 @ 22:57pm

I'm going to guess that there will be a lot more women on the ballot after this last year. Maybe even close to 50% of the ballot.

Posted by Gassman on Monday, 04.11.16 @ 23:18pm

KING's 2017 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees.
1.Bon Jovi
2.Janet Jackson
3.Moody Blues
4.The Cars
5.The Spinners
6.Pearl Jam
A possible RRHOF Nomination List.
1.Procol Harum 2.Bad Company 3.Pearl Jam 4.Duran Duran 5.Moody Blues 6.Black Crowes 7.Los Lobos 8.The Cure 9.Bon Jovi 10.The Spinners 11.The Cars 12.Judas Priest 13.The Cure 14.Janet Jackson 15.Pat Benatar 16.Emerson, Lake, & Palmer 17.Kool & The Gang 18.Lionel Richie/The Commodores. Have the right to advise the picks later in the Summer. KING

Posted by KING on Monday, 04.11.16 @ 23:20pm

Something was missing from this ceremony. A mystery announcer behind the curtain, or pre-recorded, like they always did at the Waldorf-Astoria.

Ladies and gentlemen, to induct so and so into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, please welcome…

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 04.12.16 @ 23:27pm

The announcer was there there.

Posted by Gassman on Wednesday, 04.13.16 @ 00:39am

So if its alright Now I will give my predictions for the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall Fame Nominees.
The Commodores
The Cure
J Geils Band
Janet Jackson
The Meters
The Moody Blues
Nine Inch Nails
Pearl Jam
Todd Rundgren
The Smiths
The Spinners
The Zombies

I will probably revise in the Summer. Those are realistic I would say.

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 04.13.16 @ 12:32pm

Actually I made mistake with that list. I wrote them down on a list at Home. I was not Home at the time I posted that. I don't call this revised. Just a correction. I don't have Joe Cocker on my list I wrote at Home. I jot fun things down lots of times. Let's try this again.
MY Predictions for the 2017 Rock N'Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

The Cure
J. Geils Band
Janet Jackson
The Meters
The Moody Blues
Nine Inch Nails
Pearl Jam
Todd Rundgren
Sonic Youth
The Spinners
The Zombies

There you go. The corrected list. It's diverse and Realistic. I was going by memory when I posted from my Phone. I forgot I still predict Chic. Im also thinking perhaps of 2 80s Alt. I like some 80s Alt and New Wave. Sonic Youth are truly Alt. They led to other Alt. Nothing New wave About them. I am NOT A Sonic Youth fan at all but they have their influence. The same with the Cure. Ive predicted the Moody Blues for years. I hope their Time has come. One of the best Classic choices. The Zombies is too. There is still support for the 60s.

J. Geils Band represents good Blues Rock from before Centerfold. Musta Got Lost and Sanctuary come to mind. I do on the other hand think the Hall will give Janet Jackson another shot.

Again I will probably Revise in the Summer.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 04.14.16 @ 06:20am

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame trophies were not present on stage this year for each inducted member of Chicago, Cheap Trick, and Deep Purple. This happened in 2011 too with Alice Cooper!

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 04.16.16 @ 17:27pm


I did not read anything about the trophies Not present. I am just happy that the Hall caught up on Chicago, Cheap Trick Deep Purple and Steve Miller. Did Steve Miller get his trophy on stage? That would be an irony since he dissed the Hall on and off Stage.

I was explaining to my girl friend who doesn't know about the Rock Hall very well that the Hall finally caught up on some good Classic artists. I explained that a lot of key Classic artists are in. The Who, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix, Cream Van Morrison The Doors Grateful Dead Elton John and Rod Stewart have been in a long time. Others still waited.

When deserved acts like The Clash, Elvis Costello The Police Traffic Jackson Browne and Bob Seger were inducted others got forgotten. That was the best way to sum it up to my girl friend. So all these years later they remember some before they are too elderly or something. Hey I hear Ian Gillan still belted out Smoke on the Water. I do hear that Chicago were fine. All the Classic acts did fine I read.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 07:46am

They had one Rock Hall trophy with no names on it sitting on a ledge as a prop on the stage for the inductees to hold in their hands if they wanted to as they gave their speeches.

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 08:10am

They had one Rock Hall trophy with no names on it sitting on a ledge as a prop on the stage for the inductees to hold in their hands if they wanted to as they gave their speeches.

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 08:10am


Why did they do that? Its much more meaningful if each Inductee has a Trophy. A symbolic thing. I can't figure out the reasoning. I will watch the Ceremony on April 30th. Hopefully they don't cut too much out. Often They cut out songs played. It would be a shame not hear the whole Chicago set. We will find out.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 08:48am

About the 2016 Inductees, Ben wrote:


Why did they do that? Its much more meaningful if each Inductee has a Trophy. A symbolic thing. I can't figure out the reasoning.

Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 08:48am

I guess they didn't want to clutter up the stage. They all got their trophies obviously, back stage. There was no podium on stage at this year's ceremony. Go back to the Waldorf, please!!!!

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 09:08am

About the 2016 Inductees, Ben wrote:


I will watch the Ceremony on April 30th.

Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 08:48am

You can watch audience footage on youtube now. You can check photos on google to see that trophy prop behind the inductees on stage as they speak.

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 09:20am


I did Check a bunch of Photos out on Google. I did not check out the Trophy Prop However. I saw photos of the Acts themselves. I have yet to watch any footage on You tube this year Yet. I usually do. I almost always watch the Ceremony on TV. The Rock Hall ceremonies used to be Aired on VH1. I watched a lot of those. In the last 10 years. I watched 9 out of 10. I only missed 2009. I had been going out with my Girl friend about a year and half. I wasn't sure how she felt about me watching a music ceremony. It turns out she don't mind at all. I resumed with 2010. That's when The Stooges, Jimmy Cliff and Genesis went in.

Its pretty much a tradition to watch it. Im not sure why VH1 didn't hold on to broadcasting it. IT was VH1 Classic actually. I'll check out You tube in the meantime

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 11:29am

I loved all the VH1-Waldorf-Astoria Rock Hall Induction Ceremonies.

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 12:35pm

A whole bunch of those ceremonies were great. I'd have to search it but I think ones like 2003 and 2004 were on VHi at the Waldorf. Those were good ceremonies.

The artists are generally good this year. It just doesn't seem like Brooklyn is as accommodating as The Waldorf.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 14:08pm

2008-Waldorf-Astoria-VH1 Classic

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 17:15pm


That's Cool. I watched the 2008 Ceremony. I started watching them in 1999. So anyway I watched the 2008 Ceremony. I didn't remember where it was. It wasn't a bad Lineup. I disagreed with Madonna inducted so promptly. Leonard Cohen, Dave Clark Five and The Ventures went in. So did John Mellencamp. He could have waited instead of Rush, Chicago Deep Purple and others. Hey what are you gonna do.

I watched it on VH1 Classic I recall that. I looked up that 2010 was at the Waldorf too. That opened with the Stooges and then it jumped into Abba. Talk about opposites. Genesis and the Hollies were inducted. I was very pleased with those 2. Those were more accommodating than this year. The line up is good this year though. Best one in a couple years. Too bad its Not at the Waldorf. Bring back the Waldorf!

Posted by Ben on Monday, 04.18.16 @ 05:28am

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame's online biographies for the 2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees are now completed. It seems that they now use the same bios online that get distributed at the induction ceremonies. I'm not sure. It didn't used to be that way. Someone who attended and has the book will have to confirm.

Chicago bio by Rob Bowman
Cheap Trick bio by Ira Robbins
Deep Purple bio by Jim Farber
Steve Miller bio by Anthony DeCurtis
Bert Berns bio by Joel Selvin
N.W.A bio by Reginald C. Dennis and Alan Light

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 04.21.16 @ 19:49pm

Oh yeah, the Black Keys and Rob Thomas really got the 2016 Rock Hall induction ceremony too sell out! It didn't!

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.24.16 @ 20:19pm


I checked out some footage on You Tube of the 2016 Ceremony. Not bad. I watched Steve Miller with his speech and then him and his current Band do Fly Like an Eagle. I also checked out Chicago performing Saturday in the Park and 25 or 6 to 4. The only thing I would say it would have been great if they had done a nice Mellow hit like Wishing You Were Here. It would have been a nice mellow opposite to the rest tunes that Night. But hey good enough.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 04.25.16 @ 08:29am

Ugh HBO. It's kinda frustrating that the 4 songs supposedly cut from the HBO telecast of the 2016 Rock Hall ceremony (Highway Star, Fly Like An Eagle, Does Anybody Know What Time It Is and Dream Police) are probably my favorite songs from those bands/artists. Now why couldn't they allow these songs on the HBO special again? It shouldn't be a time issue since everything was so regimented. I wonder how long the ceremony will be on HBO, 2 hours lol??

Posted by Nick on Monday, 04.25.16 @ 17:01pm

It was probably a good choice to cut Highway Star. You could totally tell that Ian Gillan is a singer that needs some time to warm up his voice in order to hit those high parts. It took until the end of their set before it sounded like he got his voice set. It was a shame.

Surprised they cut Does Anybody Know What Time It Is, as that was the track that Rob Thomas sat in to sing on.

Bummer they cut Fly Like An Eagle, it was really well done!

No strong opinion on Dream Police.

Posted by Gassman on Monday, 04.25.16 @ 17:25pm


It should not be a time issue I agree
Highway Star is one of Deep Purple's best tunes. Fly Like an Eagle is Classic hit from Steve Miller Band. I liked how it was played at the Ceremony. Saw it on You Tube. That stinks that may have cut it. I love the tune Does Anybody Really Know. I didnt watch that one. I chose to watch the other 2 Chicago played. Its limited enough. Wishing You Were Here or some other mellow Chicago hit would have been great. On top of that they cut. Ill watch it on Sat. Ill see what Happens.

Posted by Be on Tuesday, 04.26.16 @ 11:17am


It should not be a time issue I agree
Highway Star is one of Deep Purple's best tunes. Fly Like an Eagle is Classic hit from Steve Miller Band. I liked how it was played at the Ceremony. Saw it on You Tube. That stinks that may have cut it. I love the tune Does Anybody Really Know. I didnt watch that one. I chose to watch the other 2 Chicago played. Its limited enough. Wishing You Were Here or some other mellow Chicago hit would have been great. On top of that they cut. Ill watch it on Sat. Ill see what Happens.

Posted by Be on Tuesday, 04.26.16 @ 11:17am

I think this notion that the RRHOF has this discriminatory attitude towards nominating female singers and artists doesn't hold water. In recent years, the ladies from Heart and Donna Summer and Joan Jett were inducted. Chaka Khan and Janet Jackson were nominated last year as well as the ladies from Chic. They fell short of induction. I remember some of the arguments for and against Linda Ronstandt on Future Rock Legends and some other sites. She was inducted RRHOF. The RRHOF seems to like artists who write and arrange their own songs and have brought a contribution to music whether male or female. I can see Stevie Nicks (Solo) and Sheryl Crow being inducted in the next 5 years. Janet Jackson too. The female singers like Mariah & Whitney are deserving as well. I think the RRHOF has made great strides. The 2015 ballot was excellent and snubs like Chicago & Deep Purple are now inducted. I can see Janet Jackson,Mariah Carey Stevie Nicks, or even a surprise like The Bangles on the 2016 ballot. KING

Posted by KING on Tuesday, 04.26.16 @ 19:03pm


That is a very good point. Heart and Donna Summer were inducted in recent years. It was only last year that Joan Jett was inducted. I just want to correct what you said slightly. Linda Ronstadt did not write and arrange her own music generally. She was an interpreter. However, she did bring a contribution to music. So your general point remains. I actually thought the Hall would wait on Ronstadt because she is an interpreter but they Inducted her anyway.

I can see Stevie Nicks being Inducted in the next 5 years. I can also see Janet Jackson on the late 2016 Ballot for sure. I'm not sure about Mariah Carey. Ahh but the Bangles that's a good pick. I didn't think of that one.

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 04.27.16 @ 14:50pm

I'm aware of Linda Ronstandt's doing many cover songs but was demonstrating RRHOF has inducted several woman artists over the last decade. I didn't even include Madonna. Working on my 2016 Nomination list. I hope they induct Willie Nelson before he dies. That man has been recording music and touring over 60 years. They haven't inducted a Country Star in a long time. I like Gram/Emmylou Harris too but I don't know. Would love to see The Cure return to the ballot and some Black Crowes for the First time. Hoping The Spinners can finally squeeze in too. Haven't commented about Prince death but I did like Let's Go Crazy and 1999. The RRHOF got that right inducting Prince in 2004 practically 1st ballot. KING

Posted by KING on Wednesday, 04.27.16 @ 18:21pm


I was just making sure about L Ronstadt. It seems like that's what yu meant. Yu and Enig often Influence my Choices. I posted my list for next year but it will probably change. The Cure is interesting case. Im not a fan but I respect the fact that they should be given another choice. Spinners. I agree as well. I'm also Not a big Prince But I thought they got that right too due to Influence and Popularity. I did like Let's Go Crazy and Little Red Corvette. He was first ballot in 2004. At the same time though was Bob Seger ZZ Top and George Harrison. 2004 was a solid class. This year's may be the best since then except they could have had Yes instead of someone else.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 04.28.16 @ 16:46pm

So tomorrow the Ceremony airs on HBO even if it is with tunes cut which is a bummer. I have explained to a few people that the reason acts like Chicago, Deep Purple and Steve Miller are going in now because they are catching up. 2004 was a good Class. That was in fact the class Prince was inducted in. It also had Traffic, Jackson Browne Bob Seger and George Harrison among others. After that though they shrank the Classes causing acts like Rush Chicago Deep Purple and Steve Miller to wait.

If there is only 5 each year for awhile this can Happen. U2 and the Pretenders for instance went in back in 2005. Makes sense. The Hall chose to catchup with Buddy Guy. One of the best Blues artists of all time. Percy Sledge who maybe had many R&B hits but one major pop hit went in. I suppose that would be ok If there had been 7 or 8 inductees. 2008 had Leonard Cohen Dave Clark Five and Madonna among others. This is perfectly fine but the problem was there was only 5.

Now Rush were inducted in 2013 as many of us know. Enig is a bigger Rush fan but they deserved to get in before that. Now in 2016 they catch up on others like Deep Purple Steve Miller and Chicago. This is due to the earlier issues. The Hall had modernized slightly with choices like U2,The Pretenders REM and Madonna. You kinda need to. If the choices are only 5 that limits the Older choices. Leonard Cohen and Dave Clark Five were inducted before the current ones. Those 2 in fact should have been inducted earlier. They were in fact catching up with those in 2008.

So now we catch up with key 70s acts forgotten before. So Next year the Hall may catch up on a little more 70s and 80s. Acts like the Cure, the Cars Janet Jackson and Pat Benatar seem likely to be nominate. King those are some of your choices. Also the Spinners could be given another shot. Good chance before the last original member is Gone.

Posted by Ben on Friday, 04.29.16 @ 08:11am

Although, it is still really too early to predict, who do I think will be on next year's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame nomination ballot?

01. Duran Duran
02. Yes
03. The Moody Blues
04. Sade
05. Carly Simon
06. Electric Light Orchestra
07. Pearl Jam
08. Foreigner
09. Doobie Brothers
10. Nine Inch Nails
11. Smashing Pumpkins
12. King Crimson
13. Motörhead
14. Chic
15. The Spinners
16. Beyoncé

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 04.30.16 @ 13:01pm

Beyonce? It's a bit too early for her. Destiny's Child won't even be eligible until 2023.

I'm sure she'll be nominated when eligible.

Posted by Ryan on Saturday, 04.30.16 @ 13:07pm

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2016 exhibit: a timeline of our lives (video, photos, review)

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 04.30.16 @ 13:07pm

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 04.30.16 @ 13:08pm

Beyoncé? Isn't she not eligible until 2028, another 10 years from now? I think Pearl Jam is a lock for nomination and induction for 2017, as of now everyone has seems up in the air. Enigmaticus, do you hear Duran Duran's SiriusXM town hall interview with Alan Hunter yesterday on the 80s on 8 station yesterday afternoon? If not, it's definitely worth a listen. They talk about their career and legacy; a lot of their interview focused on how they evolved as musicians over the years and how they proved a lot of their critics wrong. It's on demand on their internet radio option if you get it and I'm sure they will reair it over the next week or so.

Posted by Nick on Saturday, 04.30.16 @ 13:12pm


I am sorry, I had meant to write Mariah Carey, not Beyoncé. No, I have not heard Duran Duran's Town Hall yet. Thank you for mentioning it. Lest we forget, tonight the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2016 induction ceremony airs on HBO @ 8:00 p.m. E.D.T.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 04.30.16 @ 13:51pm


I haven't seen ya on here awhile. I have a few on your list on mine for next year. Moody Blues, Sade and Pearl Jam are on mine too. Moody Blues should finally go in and Pearl Jan should be a lock. My list is subject to change during the summer. Tonight is the 2016 Ceremony on HBO. I'll be watching that. They caught up with those acts mentioned soo much. We will be in touch.

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 04.30.16 @ 14:45pm

Has anyone found a free live stream of HBO?

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 04.30.16 @ 18:12pm


Not sure about streaming. But, if you have Sirius XM you can listen to it on Classic Vinyl.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 04.30.16 @ 18:40pm

Always good to hear from the Prog King. You have a strong Early Ballot. I have ELP instead of King Crimson but have some similar ones. Moody Blues should get nominated this year. Many people in music and on social media sites seem to be rallying for their cause. Duran Duran are legends. That's not a qualifier for RRHOF but Duran Duran is 1 of the groups one likes to see in concert and have an aura the greats have. Fan of the Pop Trash album. Smashing Pumpkins another strong selection. KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 04.30.16 @ 21:41pm

So I watched the 2016 Ceremony. It wasn't too bad. ITs what I expected after all the talk. I am sorry that Richie Blackmore didn't show. I am also sorry they cut Highway Star for D Purple and Fly Like An Eagle for Steve Miller. I watched that on You Tube. It was good but due to 9 minutes on Fly Like an Eagle the programmers must have decided to cut it. NWA talked for their Half Hour.

It was cool the way they opened with A David Bowie tribute by David Byrne. And that there was a Glenn Frey one by Sheryl Crow and Grace Potter mid way.

Chicago was very cool. And so was Cheap Trick. Good choice for the Jam. Aint That A Shame. A tune Cheap Trick made famous and a popular Oldie at the same time. A tasteful extra was added in which they flashed back to the 2004 Jam with Prince together with Tom Petty and others. Prince was still alive the day of the Ceremony. So Not too bad.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 05.1.16 @ 13:16pm


You do have a strong Ballot. Mine as so many is subject to change during the Summer. Right Now I have 7 acts the same as Yours. You are the Prog King. You know your Prog. I have the Moody Blues as my Prog choice. I'm easing off of Prog since only one Prog act was nominated for 2016. That was in fact Yes. In the end Yes were sadly snubbed. One fault was the limit of 5 in the Class.

The Spinners was another snub. An improvement would have been to have the Spinners instead of NWA. Spinners would have shown diversity with R&B. Hey that's how it is. I think the Spinners and Janet Jackson will return. I think Motorhead will be the Harder choice. Pearl Jam is a lock. Duran Duran is a worthy choice. They are not actually on my list but it is subject to change. The 80s is an era that The Hall will probably start delving into. Sade and Nine Inch Nails are both on my list. We have some differences. I have the Cure and Sonic Youth on mine. I'm not a fan of either but they have both shown influence. They seem up the alley of the Current Hall.

I would love to have ELO and Yes but due to predicting Moody Blues I'm abstaining from them this time. Steve Van Zant and the rest of the pack do NOT like Prog. Moody Blues may slide thru. Roger Glover thanked them at the 2016 Ceremony that aired last night by the way.

Posted by Ben on Sunday, 05.1.16 @ 18:00pm

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 05.1.16 @ 22:37pm

The Rock Hall Museum's Watch Party

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 05.1.16 @ 23:55pm

So moving On from the Ceremony. I downloaded a Couple tunes from Wilson Pickett. Why am I mentioning this. I was looking at old Rock Hall classes. I looked at the one from 25 Years ago. Highlights were John Lee Hooker, Wilson Pickett Isley Brothers and The Byrds. I noticed I didn't own any tunes from Wilson Pickett. The 1991 Class was good with Those 4 among others. Things have changed at the Hall since then. Lots of Bias and Snubs.

I wanted to make it clear I like Old R&B and Soul
like Wilson Pickett and the Isley Brothers. I like Sam& Dave a lot too. I just want to b clear I don't just support Rock. R&B is important in the Hall as Well. The 1995 class Had Al Green. I like and own stuff from him too. I just thought some may be confused how I feel about Old R&B in the Rock Hall.

I agreed with Bill Withers in much more recent times. I was disappointed there was no Old R&B choice this year. It could have been the Spinners. Let's hope for next year on that. I don't know 50s very well but I do know and love lots of 60s. That certainly includes 60s R&B. Joe Tex is an example of 60s R&B to yet go in. The Spinners is good 70s R&B. I predict them and the Meters for next Year. Joe Tex may get snubbed again due to the current committee. Due to the tendency to 70s and 80s I predict Chic and Janet Jackson too. I just wanted to clear that Up.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 05.2.16 @ 14:29pm

I will make a correction. The 1991 class was good with John Lee Hooker, Wilson Pickett and The Byrds. The Isley Brothers were in the 1992 Class. I do like the Isley Brothers. I own a 3 disc Anthology. They spanned a few decades of success. Besides the Isley Brothers the 1992 Class Booker T and the MGs Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix among others. I agree with all those. So what happened?

I guess it was easier then. The Hall was only up to the 60s. I've been focusing on R&B I like. I like Rock and Old R&B. In the 2000s. The focus moved away from Old R&B. I think Nick mentioned that Solomon Burke was Inducted when Soul and 60s artists in general Had a better shot. Gene Pitney who is Classic 60s Pop was inducted in 2002.

There is still some hope for 60s artists though. It will just be tougher. Bert Bern got the Lifetime award. He was a key songwriter in the 60s. So perhaps Joe Tex will end up sometime perhaps on a nominee list. An induction will be hard though. The Hall is leaning towards later R&B which includes Disco. Thus I predict Chic, the Meters and the Spinners for next year. I'll probably revise my full list in the Summer.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 05.2.16 @ 17:04pm

For the most part, I think the 1960s are pretty much closed off although, like Ben, I have some hope that some of these artists below are given some consideration in the next few years (most of them had their biggest hits/albums in the 1960s, but others continued to have hits in the 1970s and onward). As long as the likes of Van Zandt and Marsh are still on the nominating committee, 1960s artists still have some sort of shot of receiving nomination. Here's a shortlist of important 1960s artists that are still not inducted in the Rock Hall:

Dick Dale
Dionne Warwick
Joe Cocker
Joe Tex
Johnny Winter
King Crimson
Mary Wells
Peter, Paul & Mary
Procol Harum
The Guess Who
The Marvelettes
The Meters
The Moody Blues
The Zombies
Three Dog Night
Tommy James and the Shondells

Of the ones I listed, The Moody Blues, Joe Cocker, The Meters, The Zombies, Joe Tex and MC5 are the biggest priorities from the 1960s IMO.

Posted by Nick on Monday, 05.2.16 @ 18:09pm


That is a good list of deserved artists. Due to the firing of 14 people on that Committee mostly earlier artists like Mary Wells and the Marvelettes will the least chance. Its like you said VAn Zant and Marsh are still on the committee. Also there is Jann Wenner and Paul Schaefer involved still. So certainly Joe Cocker, The Meters and The Zombies still have a good shot. I know Van Zant is a Zombies fan and has gotten them nominated before. Perhaps Joe Tex and some others. I would think Somehow the Moody Blues will get nominated. They are harder with VAn Zant and others due to their prog thing. I love them. Ive said that many times. Great list of 60s Nick.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 05.2.16 @ 19:27pm

So I'm playing a bunch of old Rock Hall artists. I do that sometimes. The 1993 and 1994 classes were perfect really. Artists like Etta James, Van Morrison Ruth Brown Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers
Cream the Doors the Grateful Dead Bob Marley Elton John and John Lennon were inducted in those years among others. Those are all great artists.

The Grateful Dead Elton and John Lennon indicated they were already moving into the 70s. Bob Marley with his Fantastic Reggae. I look at the past Classes to see where we are with recent and future Classes. I think what happened is the Rock audience Fragmented into many more directions and there is Bias. I think that Classes like 1993 and 1994 were perfect. I don't know much about Frankie Lymon but I am not one to judge. He went in as a good homage and Catching up of 50s. That was always fine then.

When Gene Pitney was inducted in 2002 that was just fine too. Just to be accurate Gene Pitney was key 1961-1964. I know him somewhat. As Nick has said earlier artists still had an easier time around 2002.

What did start happening is 50s faded out in the Hall and There was 60s artists that got delayed like the Hollies in 2010. There is a deserved artist for sure. Although we have Bias against Prog Genesis did go in that Year. I thought the last Real good Class was 2013. It was well Rounded with Key Classic artists. Artists like Albert King Donna Summer and of Course Heart and Rush. 2014 and 2015 were Ok and then there is this Year.

Now I think the Nominees for next Year will be Diverse. The Moody Blues and the Zombies are both are on my list. They would represent the 60s nicely. I also have Chic, J Geils Band the Meters and the Spinners on my list for Next. Furthermore I think 2Pac and Pearl Jam are locks. My list will probably be revised in a couple months. I do recognize that the Meters started around 1968 and is another act on Nick's 60s list I dig. I think Next year's Inductee class will actually be more Well rounded than this year's. I'll focus on Nominees.

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 05.4.16 @ 11:25am

2013 was the best Class before this Year's. This year's Class of 2016 was good. It could have been more Well Rounded like the days of Old but it was fine. Next year's may be more Well Rounded. I'll focus on Nominees for Next year in the Summer

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 05.4.16 @ 12:37pm

2013 was the best Class before this Year's. This year's Class of 2016 was good. It could have been more Well Rounded like the days of Old but it was fine. Next year's may be more Well Rounded. I'll focus on Nominees for Next year in the Summer

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 05.4.16 @ 12:37pm

So one more flashback on Old Classes. The 1995 and 1996 Classes were really good too. Such acts as Led Zep, Neil Young Al Green the Allman Brothers Band Martha & the Vandellas Velvet Underground David Bowie Jefferson Airplane and the Shirelles were Inducted. I like all these. The ones above are all significant artists. As Example the Allman Brothers Band are one of the All time Jam bands. Along with the Grateful Dead and some others they helped advance Rock as a Music of Improvisation. Al Green is a great Soul Singer.

Things went wrong later on. It happened when they modernized to the next step with Elvis Costello and the Police. Ones like that. They are very deserving. Its the older acts picked that caused confusion Not the later ones. The main problem was 5 a Year. Bigger classes would have reduced the problem

So Rush, Chicago Deep Purple and the Spinners got really delayed. Here we are now. A long list.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 05.9.16 @ 11:51am

So you're saying the induction of the Righteous Brothers, then, was the problem?

U R Dead 2 Me!!

Posted by Philip on Monday, 05.9.16 @ 13:00pm

Absolutely NOT a problem that the Righteous Brothers went in. In fact I like them more than AC/DC who went in the same year. I prefer other HARD Rock bands to AC/DC. Righteous Brothers had their Blue Eyed Soul. 1964-1966. I like the Righteous Brothers quite a bit.You Lost that Lovin Feeling is an early anthem. Hopefully yu are kidding that Im dead to yu. I didnt specify favs of later Classes. I also think the OJays were fine.

Also the 2004 Ceremony was Really good. Its just that the Hall wasnt as consistent later on. Abba is questionable in 2010. Chicago waited but Abba went in. Mostly though it was that limit of 5 a Year that took its Toll.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 05.9.16 @ 19:32pm

The 2004 Ceremony was good with acts like Prince in fact. Traffic, Jackson Browne The Dells Bob Seger George Harrison. Ones like that. Sooo again Righteous Brothers is fine. So is the Ronettes in 2007. Certainly Dave Clark Five and the Ventures in 2008. I posted last month that those were good. There were questionable ones though.The timing on some is questionable. Why did the Faces have to go in before Rush and Chicago? Rod Stewart already went in back in the 90s.

Posted by Ben on Monday, 05.9.16 @ 19:46pm


I see why you said that. The 2 later artists I Said were at same time. Lets try that again. Things went wrong when Elvis Costello, the Police Blondie and REM went in Ones like that. Not immediately. Although AC/DC and Leonard Cohen are 2 that could have Waited. I think Righeous Brothers are terrific. Youre My Soul and Inspiration and Ebb Tide are fine hits

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 05.10.16 @ 08:44am


I see why you said that. The 2 later artists I Said were at same time. Lets try that again. Things went wrong when Elvis Costello, the Police Blondie and REM went in Ones like that. Not immediately. Although AC/DC and Leonard Cohen are 2 that could have Waited. I think Righeous Brothers are terrific. Youre My Soul and Inspiration and Ebb Tide are fine hits

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 05.10.16 @ 08:44am

This after all why we have the Future Hall in the first place. It's due to bad timing earlier in the Hall days. Not in the 90s. Those were pretty fine. I DID NOT have Righteous Brothers in mind at all. I had AC/DC in mind as an older choice. They were inducted before Rush, Deep Purple or Judas Priest. Im just looking at similar music there. There was a need to catch up on Oldies artists.

Gene Pitney was fine in 2002. Righteous Brothers were just fine in 2003. What I meant is that acts like Elvis Costello, The Police and Blondie opened the Door for later artists. Older artists were sometimes still terrific and sometimes misfires. Percy Sledge went in while the Spinners have waited for years. Why is that?

Leonard Cohen could have waited and then someone like Lou Reed solo could have gone in sooner instead of after he died. There is of course Abba. Easily Abba could have been inducted in 2016 instead of 2010. So its a matter of timing.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 05.10.16 @ 11:16am

I still think it's going to be difficult to keep Janet Jackson off the ballot. I read a great interview with Jimmy Jam in LA Weekly. Here's the most critical component to consider.

Jimmy Jam, who co-produced Jackson's two best-selling albums, seemed surprised in a separate interview that Jackson would worry about anyone suspecting she was some kind of pop creation. He too, sees Jackson as a "strong, natural" talent.
"To begin with, when someone says, 'Well, she brought in a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis,' you've got to remember that we weren't exactly (the hottest producers around.) We weren't Quincy Jones," he said in phone interview from Minneapolis. " 'Control' was our first . . . smash. The same with Paula. It wasn't like Janet was (hiring) Fred Astaire. You know what I'm saying? She took a chance on all of us .
"So, the question (can be debated): Who raised who to what level? I think everyone benefited. I know Janet has taken our songs and raised them to a new level of success. Bottom line: none of it would have happened without her."

Posted by Ryan on Wednesday, 05.11.16 @ 04:19am

So I will Do one more last Flashback of Old Classes. It will clear things up. The 1997 and 1998 Classes were Very good as well. Jackson 5, Joni Mitchell the Rascals Crosby Stills and Nash the Eagles Fleetwood Mac Lloyd Price Mamas and the Papas and Santana were all Inducted at this period. I like most of these in some way too. They are all once again significant artists.

I want to say that it was cool when Both Buffalo Springfield and Crosby.Stills & Nash were both inducted. They have members in Common. I DO NOT like the Eagles much at all. They are boring to me. However, they are a best selling 70s group and so it makes sense. Nick was confused by some thing I said about Lloyd Price. He was very deserving. Personality was a Top Ten hit in 1959. I do have limited knowledge on 50s s opposed to the 60s. As the Hall moved into the 1970s there was indeed a Need to Catch up on Older artists than that. I have stated that Yes or the Moody Blues could have been added to one of these lineups. However the Hall was far off from Prog at that time.

Philip I just bought a Cd of Best of the Righteous Brothers today! Good tunes. 60s. I will say again things went wrong later on while they were Inducting The Police, Blondie and REM ones like that. Its the Older acts that caused Confusion. Some were good and deserving in the Year they went in like the Righteous Brothers,Traffic Bob Seger the Dells among others. Others like AC/DC, Percy Sledge and Miles Davis were confusing. I love Miles Davis as a Jazz performer. Its as a Rock Hall choice that its confusing over others like Donovan, Rush, Deep Purple Chicago Moody Blues and the Spinners just to name a few.

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 05.11.16 @ 10:06am


I have liked Righteous Brothers since I'm little. Very deserving artist. As I recall Booby Hatfield passed away within a Year later. They are one of the earliest acts I like. Sorry for the Misunderstanding. I had AC/DC and Percy Sledge in mind. I meant later classes in General got confusing. Many Older acts were fine in the early 2000s classes.

Posted by Ben on Wednesday, 05.11.16 @ 10:45am

I've been looking at the 1998 Rock Hall class. I was playing the Mamas & the Papas. Played about 8 songs. I own a very Nice Greatest Hits. I love my 60s music and of Course my 70s. I also played Lloyd Price while this class was on my mind. I downloaded 2 of his hits about 4 years ago. Stagger Lee and Personality. I'm mentioning all this to avoid confusion about what I support and Like. Now that class was closed by the Eagles. They are certainly a Huge 70s group. I am not a Big fan at all. I like a few songs at Most. I can understand them going in.

So the thing is why couldn't Chicago, Moody Blues or Yes have been added to this class. Nick pointed out that the Hall was not thinking of any prog at that time. The Hall was starting in on 70s and catching up on deserved 50s and 60s artists. I must say though I love those Mamas & the Papas and they were inducted at that time. I also love Fleetwood Mac. I'm talking Old Classes a bit because it's pretty early for Predictions of the Next Class. So I was looking at the Past

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 05.14.16 @ 08:24am

The Rolling Stone issue with Merle Haggard on the cover covers the 2016 Rock Hall.

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 05.15.16 @ 06:24am

Actually, all inductees are asked if they want their trophies mailed to them, even if they attend the ceremony. They have the choice of picking up their trophies at the ceremony of having them mailed.

Posted by Roy on Monday, 05.23.16 @ 09:22am

So just some other flashbacks of older Classes. The Classes of 2009 and 2010 seemed a little better than the few years before that. People like Little Anthony & the Imperials, Jeff Beck Bobby Womack Metallica Genesis and the Hollies were inducted in those years. There was certainly diversity. I think that 2009 was the last time a 50s artist went in. I have lack of knowledge on the 50s. It certainly seems like Little Anthony deserves recognition from that era. Jeff Beck is a great choice and so is Metallica to name a few.

Metallica themselves wondered why they were in before Rush or Deep Purple. In 2010 Genesis was in fact a prog Act that was inducted. After Floyd they are a best selling Prog group. They had all those hits later on. Now 2010 was not perfect to me. I do not Know why Abba should go in before Linda Ronstadt Chicago or Steve Miller. Abba could just as well have waited until 2016 or 2017. It just seems like there is more important artists for the Hall than Abba. Yeah I know they popular all over the world. Why over Chicago and stuff like that.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 05.24.16 @ 12:50pm

Where's. Link Wray and the Raymen ?????????? You people don't know your music history.How Lame......

Posted by Christopher on Wednesday, 05.25.16 @ 08:40am

Now the 2013 Ceremony was very fine. No real complaints. It was the best one in a bunch of years. It was Randy Newman, Albert King Public Enemy Donna Summer Heart and Rush. I love Albert King. One of the best Blues players of all time. I of course Love Heart and Rush quite a bit. Randy Newman represented the Singer/Songwriter thing and Public Enemy was the Rap group. I am not a Rap fan much at all. If you're going to include Rap I can say that Public Enemy are influential based on things I've read.

This year's ceremony was the best since then. The Hall has caught up a bit at least. There is a lot of work to be done. Stevie Ray Vaughan Deep Purple Chicago and Steve Miller have all been inducted Now. So my wish is to see the Moody Blues, Yes, Jethro Tull, the Meters, the Spinners, Joe Tex J Geils Band and the Zombies. to be inducted along with so many others. I do at least know Music history going back to the Mid 60s. I know Joe Tex. He is worthy of being Inducted. The question is will he be. The Hall is more populist Now. I will have a full and final prediction list in the late Summer.

Posted by Ben on Friday, 05.27.16 @ 08:55am

Some other wishes. I'm a pretty big fan of 60s music. I also wish to see Joe Cocker, Johnny Winter MC5 Procul Harum The Guess Who and Three Dog Night nominated in the next couple years. I referred to Nick's 60s list for these. That's as far as 60s artists. Some of these had hits in the 1970's and onward. I wish to see Todd Rundgren, Gram Parsons and War on the ballot as far as other 70s in the next couple years.

I am also predicting Chic, Janet Jackson the Cure the Smiths and Sonic Youth on the ballot in the next couple years. I am not a fan of these but those seem to be likely predictions. I don't think all the ones mentioned will be on the same ballot. I do think they will appear in the next couple Years. Someone said its going to be difficult to keep Janet Jackson off the Ballot. I agree even though I am not a fan. I will finalize my prediction list in late Summer.

Posted by Ben on Saturday, 05.28.16 @ 10:36am

I've been keeping a tally on music-related deaths since the start of December. Individuals with an asterisk are Hall of Fame inductees.

Let me know if I'm missing any key names:

Scott Weiland 12/3/2015 (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver)
*William Guest 12/24/2015 (Gladys Knight & the Pips)
Lemmy Kilmister 12/28/2015 (Hawkwind, Motörhead)
Natalie Cole 12/31/2015
Nicholas Caldwell 1/5/2016 (The Whispers)
*David Bowie 1/10/2016
Dale Griffin 1/17/2016 (Mott the Hoople)
Clarence Henry Reid 1/17/2016 (Blowfly)
*Glenn Frey 1/18/2016 (The Eagles)
*Paul Kantner 1/28/2016 (Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship)
*Maurice White 2/3/2016 (Earth, Wind, & Fire)
Vanity 2/15/2016
George Martin 3/8/2016 (Arranger, Producer - The Beatles)
Keith Emerson 3/10/2016 (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer)
Phife Dawg 3/22/2016 (A Tribe Called Quest)
Leon Haywood 4/5/2016
Merle Haggard 4/6/2016
Lonnie Mack 4/21/2016
*Prince 4/21/2016
Billy Paul 4/24/2016
Guy Clark 5/17/2016
John Berry 5/19/2016 (Beastie Boys)
Nick Menza 5/21/2016 (Megadeth)
Marshall "The Rock" Jones 5/28/2016 (The Ohio Players)
Christina Grimmie 6/11/2016
Chips Moman 6/13/2016
Henry McCullough 6/14/2016 (Spooky Tooth, Wings)
Prince Be 6/17/2016 (P.M. Dawn)
Bill Ham 6/18/2016 (Manager - ZZ Top)
Freddy Powers 6/21/2016
Wayne Jackson 6/21/2016 (The Mar-Keys, The Memphis Horns)
Ralph Stanley 6/23/2016
*Bernie Worrell 6/24/2016 (Parliament-Funkadelic)
*Scotty Moore 6/28/2016

Posted by dmg on Friday, 07.1.16 @ 18:14pm

Thank you, Ben

Hopefully, the 2013 and 2016 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremonies will be available on DVD and BluRay, in the not too distant future.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Tuesday, 07.12.16 @ 10:31am

So, has anyone seen that article regarding S.A.T. scores and the music that college students listen to? Why has "progressive rock" been left off this list, with the possible exception of Pink Floyd?

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 07.16.16 @ 10:50am

Enig - I have seen that and thought it was interesting. But, Prog is not listed for thr same reason rockabilly, doowop, industrial, goth, ragtime or about 70 other genres aren't mentioned -- they're irrelevant in 2016. They all have historical value to the sort of things we do on this site, but they're not what most modern college age people are listening to. No generation wants to immerse themselves in tired rehashes of a previous generation's music. That's why "Rock" in general is on life support. It's passe. Music has moved in too many other directions in the past 20 or 30 years.

Posted by DarinRG on Saturday, 07.16.16 @ 18:34pm

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