Cheap Trick

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 2016

Inducted by: Kid Rock

Nominated in: 2016

First Eligible: 2003 Ceremony

Inducted Members: Bun E. Carlos, Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, Robin Zander

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 2008 (ranked #194) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Cheap Trick At Budokan (1978)
Heaven Tonight (1978)
Dream Police (1979)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
I Want You To Want Me (1977)
Surrender (1978)
Dream Police (1979)
The Flame (1988)

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Why is this band not in yet? How many deserve it more?

Posted by Joe on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 16:56pm

I totally agree, Cheap Trick had a tremendous influence on Rock and Roll...more so than many of the Inductees....we can drop the names of bands like Slash's Snake Pit, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Everclear, Extreme and Smashing Pumpkins for far as innovation goes, how about the "First Skinny Tie Band to make it big" "Tom Peterson inventing the 12 String Bass" and the "Bun E Carlos Drum Choir" Seriously folks, a LOT of your inductees can't even carry their luggage in this regard. How about the simple fact that they are still together after almost 34 years, and touring constantly, with the same original members, having no problems, no worries...Does a band have to be so dysfunctional that they have a VH1 "Behind the Music" special about them to get inducted??? Give me a break!

Posted by Johnny on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 21:32pm

Cheap Trick gets points for merging the power pop formula with heavy metal, but I don't think they're the first in line.

Posted by Kit on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 22:26pm

Cheap Trick is mediocre to me...not even close to RRHOF caliber

Posted by Anon on Monday, 04.30.07 @ 11:53am


Posted by DEVON LEIGH SMITH on Wednesday, 05.23.07 @ 10:08am

I have been waiting for this for a long time...I've written letters on behalf of Cheap Trick to the foundation, but never got a reply...I cant believe some of the bands that got in there before them, its not right!!! Oh yeah and where are they now??? STILL TOURING WITH THE ORIGINAL MEMBERS....Can't say that for some of the bands getting in.....How is that fair??

Posted by TrkZep66 on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 02:01am

How is that relevant? I'm not arguing that Cheap Trick don't deserve it (they obviously do), but stuff like still touring is gravy, not meat.

Posted by William on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 02:14am

this band is wonderful
induct these people now

Posted by danny on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 08:12am

see CHEAP TRICK live and you won't think of them as medicore....incredible live band and still the shit 30 years on.

Posted by ken on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 19:22pm

If they aren't classic rock and roll - who is? Should have been in years ago.

Posted by Peter on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 09:23am

How can you move on from the 70s without including Cheap Trick?(or Kiss or Alice Cooper,Stooges,and the list goes on and on). CT have been a huge influence on a number of artists and for a time they were heroes to hordes of air guitar playing teenagers(CT even made the cover of Rolling Stone). Certainly CT deserves it before Madonna and Chic! What is that nominating committe smoking?

Posted by rob on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 14:22pm

To anyone whoís still reading or buying Rolling Stone: Itís time to boycott Jann Wennerís flagship magazine.

I donít know anyone who buys or reads Rolling Stone, but someone must, since Wenner Media seems to make money. It canít all be Us Weekly.

Until real rock is served by the Hall of Fame, please donít buy Rolling Stone or click on any of the ads on its Web site. Then maybe Wenner will get the message that no one can take his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seriously anymore.

Posted by Zac Efron on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 14:30pm

To anyone whoís still reading or buying Rolling Stone: Itís time to boycott Jann Wennerís flagship magazine.

I donít know anyone who buys or reads Rolling Stone, but someone must, since Wenner Media seems to make money. It canít all be Us Weekly.

Until real rock is served by the Hall of Fame, please donít buy Rolling Stone or click on any of the ads on its Web site. Then maybe Wenner will get the message that no one can take his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seriously anymore.

Posted by Zac Efron on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 14:30pm

I hope Cheap Trick pulls a Johnny Rotten, only in a more midwestern way. I hope Rick Nielsen tells Jann Wenner to shove it. Except I think the problem is, he already did!

Posted by sally on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 18:33pm

Cheap Trick belongs and anyone who doesn't agree with this just does not have a clue!!!!!!!

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 11.6.07 @ 20:16pm

been from finland and i do know them personally i need to say that even when they were down and out while back they were playing even smaller places that they were use to but they toured and played and kept cheap trick music alive i was talking with robin at newport ri few years back and at his age hes not young dude but he is better than ever happy b-day robin jari the finn

Posted by jari on Sunday, 12.30.07 @ 18:00pm

the dave clark five they call that rock and roll well bunch of ballad singing dudettes cheap trick all the way

Posted by jari on Sunday, 12.30.07 @ 18:22pm

One of the best bands of the 70's/80's. Surrender alone is worth an induction!

Posted by Andy on Saturday, 02.2.08 @ 23:11pm

The hilarious thing about Cheap Trick not being in is that Critics--those idiots--have gone out of their way to champion the boys from Rockford. These are the same worthless 'critics' that are failing to vote them in.

Cheap Trick will get in. Period. Greatest Rock and Roll Band in History.

Posted by Lance Swanson on Sunday, 02.17.08 @ 10:59am

Why DARE you criticize Rolling Stone Magazine...the only "true" source to all things relevant!!! Did you say "idiots"? Isn't that an insult to idiocy?

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.17.08 @ 11:04am

I've said this before...and its only my opinion...ALL HOF inductees or surviving family members deserve a vote. This is a Hall Of Fame that the members need to have a say on who joins their ranks! I'd rather be honored by my peers...

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.17.08 @ 11:11am

I saw Cheap Trick for the third time this past summer, and they're still the best band on the planet!!!!

I want to see Cheap Trick and The Stooges and Tom Waits get inducted in the same year.

I think they'll both get in next year...
Terry, your comments are hilarious!!!!

All the Cheap Trick fans just sit tight.

By the way, Terry, I also agree with you that the hall of famers should have a vote as well. They would vote all three of the above members right away.

Posted by Lance Swanson on Friday, 02.22.08 @ 18:25pm

Friends...Cheap Trick won't get in, because in their day Rolling Stone PANNED their albums as lightweight.

Joke was on them 15 years later when Corgan and Cobain professed their love for CT.

Wenner can suck it. He's been a hack since the John Lennon interview, and he and Dave Marsh and their bedfellow Bono can all bite my shiny metal ass.

Posted by Alex on Tuesday, 03.4.08 @ 18:27pm

Yep, not sure when Rolling Stone became the first and last word in rock music, and by the look of some of their "greatest" lists (the 100 greatest guitar players one prompted Guitar Player magazine to call it a joke and promptly conducted their own poll, which was SLIGHTLY different), they're not always real informed...

Posted by Terry on Tuesday, 03.4.08 @ 18:48pm

Cheap Trick isn't in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame and Madonna is?

Posted by Robb on Tuesday, 03.11.08 @ 16:02pm

I don't know why I even care anymore. Some of the inductees in the RRHOF are such a joke. Couple that with the snubs and it is so outrageous it goes beyond words. For God's sake, Madonna shouldn't even be allowed in with a ticket. Rock n Roll?!? No Rush, Bad Company, Cheap Trick, Metallica, Kiss, Genesis, but we have rock Gods like Madonna, Grandmaster Flash, Donna Summer and the Beastie Boys? I can actually give the Beastie Boys their due for influencing the Rock/Rap fusion (despite the fact that I despise it), but the others haven't played a bar of rock n roll in their careers. Then I think of the influence the 5 bands I named above have had on rock music and it just makes you want to puke (and they just scratch the surface of the snubs). They should not be allowed to call this the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Rolling Stone has shown they don't know a thing about Rock music going to the point where you almost can't believe they are serious. I can't believe I actually get worked up about this. It is so absurd.

Posted by Jason on Friday, 04.11.08 @ 08:42am

"Then I think of the influence the 5 bands I named above have had on rock music and it just makes you want to puke"

Shame you can't count. First list = 6, Second list = 4.

Posted by Liam on Friday, 04.11.08 @ 08:56am

Why the hell should the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame be limited to guitarrock? If they only wanted to induct rock acts, wouldn't they have named it just the Rock Hall of Fame? From the very beginning, they've inducted people like Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, James Brown, Aretha Franklin. People you'd sooner call soul legends than rock gods.

Why can't it get through to some people's rockist minds? The Hall of Fame is not just for guitar heroes! Their definition of rock 'n' roll is a lot broader than that. So it's quite logical that someone generally called the Queen of Pop could make it. Sure, pop, hiphop and disco are something quite different than guitar rock, but no one ever said that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be limited to rock. Rock and roll is not just rock!

Posted by The Claw on Friday, 04.11.08 @ 11:47am

If the Hall of is going to take the best and most influential from different genres of music (blues, rap, metal), then how can you not put the absolute best Power Pop band in? The talent the hooks and longevity speak for themselves. They should be in while they are still around, not as a hollow gesture after their gone.

Posted by Voosh on Tuesday, 05.20.08 @ 14:06pm

The band from Rockford, Cheap Trick, to me is KISS and The Monkees with a bit of Aerosmith thrown in for seasoning. The result? A band that stands on it's own merrits and own formula. Powerful, passionate, hysterical (Rick you genius and nut! ha,ha)and a band that started of incredible! Now, a lifetime later, they stick kick royal ass. I NEVER miss a Cheap Trick show within my tri-state area. That adds up to (hmmmmm)uncountable times I have seen and met Tom,Bun E.,Robin & Rick..and even Jon Brant. Robin has the vocal range of a choir! Tom's bass playing is unmatched and he invented the 8-string bass! Bun E. is ambidecstrous (Did I spell that?), Rick is the man guitar genious, whether he is playing a 6-string, 12-string, 2-neck, 5-neck, mandecello or anything for that matter! Excludeing Cheap Trick will just affirm this "Hall of Fame" is a farse! Do the right thing! VOTE INDUCT CHEAP TRICK!

Posted by Kevin Stafford on Saturday, 06.7.08 @ 11:20am

to anon

CT may not qualify for the hall of fame in your opion but tell me why in the blue hell is modonna in the rock hall and dont tell me shes an icon in music its not the music hall its the rock hall

Posted by Derek on Sunday, 06.8.08 @ 14:09pm

It's not the rock hall it's the rock and roll hall. You may wish those two are the same thing when in fact they're not. Among the first acts inducted in the HoF were non-rock acts like Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and James Brown. Anyone with a little intelligence should have noticed by then that this hall is not just meant for rock groups, but for all important/influential/innovative contemporary music acts since the 50's. Madonna has just as much right to be in the HoF as Sam Cooke. And Cheap Trick... although I do agree that they should be inducted, their role in the history of contemporary music is not as big as that of alot of the acts in the Hall of Fame.

Posted by The_Claw on Sunday, 06.8.08 @ 16:03pm

Claw - your observation and explanation is correct and Madonna has certainly helped to perpetuate contemporary music as you call it. And clearly, the Hall is not locked in on only Rock. However, I would venture to say that without MTV, Madonna may not have lasted more than a couple of years. Yes, Madonna was a clear influence with today's generation of pop singers (Spears, etc.) IMO, she is probably more a video icon than musical one; whereas Cheap Trick broke long before MTV and clearly had a direct influence in a couple of different genres of RnR or Rock or whatever you may want to call it. So the arguement is not so much as to whether Madonna belongs, but why does the Hall continue to turn its back on bands who clearly influenced the actual music, such as Cheap Trick, The Stooges, NY Dolls, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, ELP and some of the bands that came right after the punk scene, Joy Division, etc.

Posted by Dmaeon on Sunday, 06.8.08 @ 17:16pm

Guys you ll needto stp ths Madonna stuff... she is deserves to be their!! Period!!

Now CT does also!! If Patti Smith who had 1 hit!! and know on the street to today has clue who she is except the Rolling Stone Readers is in! Then yes CT should be a lock! I have always loved CT and felt they where to me the closest thing to the Beatles I have ever heard CT has there own sound and how the hell did those guys come up with so many meldodies with out sounding like someone else amazes me! Long Live CT

Posted by STeve on Monday, 07.28.08 @ 08:18am

They should be in based on some of the best rock tunes of the 70's,80's and 90's. Starting with Surrender.. Voices, Dream Police, I Want you to Want me, The flame, Can't Stop Falling in Love, That 70's tune..that doen't even sctach the surface. Pure rock and roll and still together. It would be great to see an entire 70's class go in together...Deep Purple, Queen, Kiss, Rush, Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick. These bands changed the landscape of 70's rick and influenced many.

Posted by JR on Thursday, 08.7.08 @ 19:16pm

Queen is already in.

Posted by Dameon on Thursday, 08.7.08 @ 19:22pm

Oh my God, Cheap Trick fans need to get off of it. No, they do not deserve to be in the Hall. They're a sub-par, mediocre band of has-beens who had a handful of minor radio hits. They should have retired a good 20 years ago. They absolutely suck. The best thing for them would be to get rid of Bun E. Carlos, and make Daxx Nielsen the permanent drummer; they wouldn't sound like geezers anymore.

Posted by Karen on Sunday, 08.17.08 @ 15:50pm

Karen - these are some serious fighting words! And I am not even going to try and justify their induction. There maybe a few bands that still need to get in before them, but there is no denying the importance of Cheap Trick in RnR history.

Posted by Dameon on Sunday, 08.17.08 @ 16:21pm

These boys need to be inducted. As for the comment by this the karen who stated that Steve Perry should be inducted as a solo artist? Steve Perry's solo work deserves induction but Cheap Trick doesn't. Please start taking your meds again so you think clearly.

Posted by dano on Monday, 08.18.08 @ 02:01am

I am not quite sure where Karen came up with this. But to mess with CT is just wrong on so many levels.

Here is a couple of quotes from "Cheap Trick provided the necessary links between '60s pop, heavy metal, and punk", "Their sound provided a blueprint for both power pop and arena rock; it also had a surprisingly long-lived effect on both alternative and heavy metal bands of the '80s and '90s"

Bands citing Cheap Trick as an influence include The Datsuns, Enuff Z'nuff, Everclear, Extreme, Fountains of Wayne, Guns N' Roses, MŲtley CrŁe, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, OK Go, Smashing Pumpkins, Terrorvision, Weezer, among others.

Kurt Cobain once said about Nirvana: "We sound just like Cheap Trick, only the guitars are louder."

It would seem to me that they definitely influenced a band or two. This is a great band!

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 08.18.08 @ 07:00am

I saw them in 2003 at Cooper River Park, NJ. It was a free 4th of July show, and they played for about an hour or so. Most of the stuff holds up. Not sure if they'd ever get in, but this isn't some obvious no-brainer exclusion case here.

O.K. so somebody help me w/ something on this site. Every time I'm on here I see a group of names under the "Hot List" heading, yet they never change. Just what exactly is this Hot List? I would assume it's for hyped artists, but they've got a list above it for just that purpose. What am I missing here?

Posted by Cheesecrop on Monday, 08.18.08 @ 17:19pm

CC - I saw Cheap trick in 1978 at the Palladium and they played for 2 1/2 hours and it was one of the top 5 live shows I have ever seen and I have seen everyone except the Beatles.

I cannot see how Cheap Trick is not a given with this Hall. Everything I mentioned in my previous post clearly points out how they have met every single benchmark for induction. Innovation through re-invention and fusion of different genres; massive influence; great live show, longevity, commercial success and it is the same 4 guys together for over 30 years. Put this all together and it leads to the perpetuation of the artform.

I think the hot list represents bands that have been receiving the most views and votes. But I am not sure of that at all.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 08.18.08 @ 19:48pm

Is Cheap Trick worthy of induction? Absolutely. Will they get it? Hopefully. But they're already in MY Hall of Fame!

Posted by Bill Langan on Friday, 09.12.08 @ 20:07pm

Cheap Trick...YES, YES, YES. Their albums are very inconsistent, but their good songs(and there are a lot of them) are amazing and unique. Don't Be Cruel to Cheap them IN!!!!

Posted by bquest on Friday, 10.3.08 @ 15:49pm

I think Bun E. Carlos Should be more credided then Cheap Trick but Cheap Trick will still go.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 10.10.08 @ 15:31pm

I've never really been a fan of Cheap Trick, so was only familiar with one or two of their more popular songs. But I recently bought their Live Budoken cd.
I've never been a big Nirvana fan either I only have their one live album, but when I heard a couple of C.T's live songs I thought-"oh my god,that sounds just like Kurt Cobain singing."

Even though I'm more into Black Sabbath-(With every singer they've had EXCEPT Ozzy) never cared for his singing; I did like the Cheap trick cd.
I even remember reading an interview one time with a member of the heavy-metal group Venom, the singer/bass player of Venom, Cronos saying something about Cheap Trick having an awesome sounding bass player, especially live.
So that's part of the reason I bought C.T's live album.

Posted by jason on Sunday, 10.26.08 @ 23:30pm

There'ye two best songs are probably Surrender and Dream Police.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 11.16.08 @ 15:58pm

Buy Cheap Trick (1977), thier firstr album. It will blow you away!
Nirvana two decades before Nirvana!

Posted by MarkDaShark on Friday, 12.12.08 @ 02:48am

Such a great band!! Can't wait for them to be inducted!!!

Posted by Child in Time 27 on Saturday, 12.20.08 @ 19:03pm

Merry X-Mas all you Bun E. Carlos fans.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 12.24.08 @ 18:13pm

Indeed Mike - Bun E and CT rock

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 12.24.08 @ 18:17pm

I just got Heaven Tonight and Cheap Trick Greatest Hits.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 13:01pm

CT won't get in. It's probably better that they don't. There are too few people who have delved deep enough into their catalog to actually find the meaty rich nasty goodness that's lurking there. Lets get real - most people don't even know they're still around. When pressed they can tell you maybe a few songs (they'll likely get the titles wrong) or say they were good in their day (I had someone say this to me at a recent AC/DC show in ref to my CT shirt). And thats not good enough for the committee - on a certain level its about a much broader popular appeal (unless its going back to the root of things - then you get to be obscure - but CT isn't really the root of anything - and I doubt they'd claim to be). Its not especially cool to like CT - I should know - I love them and most people think I'm out of my damn mind because they don't know the catalog and the bands missteps were so fn public. The average person would think RS and the RRHOF committee had lost their damn mind if CT got in - and this has nothing to do with the band - it has to do with ignorance of the band, their influence on subsequent bands, and the fact that they've flown under the radar so consistently and for so long (and there are a gazillion diff opinions as to why that is and whose fault it might be and if the band even gives a shit anyway). I do not believe they will ever get in. And personally, I don't care. Its enough to me that they still put out great music (check CT 97, Special One and Rockford), and perhaps more importantly - they still kill it live. Underrated might just suit them - suits me fine.

Posted by POI on Thursday, 01.15.09 @ 07:17am

CT is Rock & Roll.

Posted by Dan on Saturday, 02.7.09 @ 09:44am

Needless to say I wasn't all that thrilled seeing Madonna inducted before CT. This is not to say Madonna hasn't earned her lot, I draw a line between a performer and musician. While no very little of Madonna's writing and musicianship, I consider her a performer. CT are musicians due to the fact that they compose arrange and play their own music. Madonna appears to lend those duties to outside people. I think Madonna should be in a "Performer Hall Of Fame" if one existed. While I would like to see CT given their just dues, I don't see that because Rolling Stone and other magazines are steeped in the fashionable choices and not necessarily the appropriate ones. While they might never see the Hall Of Fame they have forged a memorable legacy that will not require the Hall Of Fame to validate it's importance to the rock and roll history. It's for this reason, I don't subscribe to RS nor do I read it. Most of the time my ear tells me exactly what I appreciate in a band and what I don't.Words only complicate the process and I don't give a lot of attention to a reviewer that can be critical of music and not lend an understanding how it is created. When I see them create their own music, I will listen to their criticisms on someone elses

Posted by Merrill on Thursday, 02.12.09 @ 13:38pm

Two reasons that Cheap Trick will probably not make the Hall (and I am a fan; I am the Joe who put the first remark in this thread):

First is the nominating procedure: Every year, the nominating commitee chooses an unknown number of acts. Of those, nine are nominated and five are eventually inducted. This is out of all the worthies already eligible, plus dozens that become newly eligible every year. The bottleneck has turned a lot of deserving acts from the Hall.

The second is (and this is only my opinion) the award ceremony. I think that there is a need to include some act every year that will bring in the people (and their money) to see them. When Madonna was inducted, she brought in the press (not to mention the fans). Metallica undoubtedly will this year. If, say, ABBA were to reunite, there would be a HUGE push to induct them--regardless of what the committee (or any of us) thinks of their music.

On the other hand, there wouldn't be much press (or audience) for acts like Cheap Trick (and Kansas, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, and others); they can be reliably counted on to appear every second year on the State Fair and city/county festival free concert circuit. (Actually, they're playing a Magical Mystery show in Las Vegas until December 31, so the free concert circuit will definitely be poorer this summer.)

I'm not saying they're not worthy. But like everyone and everything else, the hall runs on money, so that may definitely be a factor.

Posted by Joe on Monday, 02.16.09 @ 17:32pm

They are big in Japan.

Posted by S.R on Wednesday, 03.11.09 @ 15:38pm;act=Print;f=2;t=13302
Scroll down to read the post by Trickintl - that is Carla Dragotti, the band's tour manager.

The fact that MADONNA is in but Cheap Trick is not says a lot about how useless the R&RHofF really is.

Posted by Sally on Monday, 03.23.09 @ 04:51am

I actually think Cheap Trick may have a legitimate shot at induction in the next couple years. So I'm not that worried.

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 06.20.09 @ 17:55pm

I agree with Keebord, that Cheap Trick do have a good shot at being inducted. Rolling Stone had Cheap Trick songs and albums on their two "The 500 Greatest" lists. Also, considering the bands they influenced(critics love affair with Nirvana alone) could get them in.

Posted by Dude Man on Thursday, 06.25.09 @ 21:14pm

I voted yes, not because I like them, but because I know that they have consolidated a certain cult and mythos that will eventually put them in the history books. That said, last year I saw them open for Heart and Journey, and Cheap Trick simply couldn't hold a candle to the live performances of either of these other well-deserving bands.

Posted by Gabatxo on Friday, 07.3.09 @ 02:10am

Heart is okay...Journey...Hahahahahaha! Cheap Trick blows em both away. Period.

Posted by Steve on Tuesday, 08.4.09 @ 21:21pm

Why the f^^ck wouldanybody care who influenced that dirtbag Cobain??????
They should be inducted just because they are awesome, not because that talentless aaswhipe liked them!

Posted by Gentle Giant on Wednesday, 08.5.09 @ 00:10am

Journey is better han Cheap Trick. But they both deserve induction.

oh and Nirvana sucks

Posted by Steve Perry on Tuesday, 08.25.09 @ 01:56am

<<Heart is okay...Journey...Hahahahahaha! Cheap Trick blows em both away. Period.>>

Posted by Steve on Tuesday, 08.4.09 @ 21:21pm

Though I don't believe--based on influence, hit count, etc. that Cheap Trick blows away Journey or heart--especially Journey--I would have all three in the Hall, for different reasons.

Posted by Joe on Sunday, 10.11.09 @ 22:50pm

We come up with imaginative excuses to justify our avoidance, to confront our fear. ,

Posted by Red25 on Tuesday, 10.13.09 @ 00:09am

Instead, I added my name to the list that's my way of putting that energy into the universe. ,

Posted by JXL38 on Thursday, 10.22.09 @ 23:51pm

This really is a no-brainer. Cheap Trick absolutely deserves to be inducted into the RRHOF. It really is disheartening to see the likes of Madonna being inducted before Trick. If it weren't for MTV, Madonna would have stayed in the throes of mediocrity. I don't know what the voting process is for induction ... but I do know it is an utter joke.

Posted by Bruce on Monday, 11.2.09 @ 13:51pm

They have been together forever, that is worth something, they are a positive infuence on their listening audience,they have produced alot of music,I think that they deserve it just as much as some of the other artists and bands,some artists already inducted in to Hall of Fame had been influenced by Cheap Trick, so why not give them a shot. this is my opinion and im sticking to it. thank you, Kirk.

Posted by kirk randall on Tuesday, 12.15.09 @ 19:25pm

What is the major problem here???
Cheap Trick get over looked every year and should have enducted years ago.
Alice Cooper keeps getting the short end of the stick too!!!
What have they done to piss off the Hall of Fame?

Posted by Bill Becker on Sunday, 12.20.09 @ 09:21am

Cheap Trick is one band that should be in the hall of fame..They are like the American Beatles, and should have got their space in there.....Now they arent eligible anymore?? Thats just not fair..They still tour, and the bands that are getting in there dont even do that, whats with that??? Maybe you need a new voting committee

Posted by Audra on Tuesday, 01.5.10 @ 00:48am

Audra, Cheap Trick is eligible for induction. Don't hold your breath, but they are eligible.

Posted by Paul in KY on Tuesday, 01.5.10 @ 06:07am

I'll never set foot in the "HOF" until CT is in. If they are going to be this ignorant they should create a Pop music HOF for the Madonnas and Donna Summers. Same mentality that makes the Grammies worthless. Ahh, never mind it's all about hype vs. earning your stripes the right way -touring, taking rock where it's never been before, influencing other great bands. They don't need the hollow award. Real rock fans know Clock Strikes Ten, Surrender, and Southern Girls alone puts them in a rocker's RnR HOF heart. Not to mention their showmanship.Boycott the RnR HOF. Better yet just ignore it altogether. It has less credibility than the Grammies. Best new artist 1979, A Taste of Honey ? over Elvis Costello and the Cars. Give D. Piddy CT's spot and be done with it.

Posted by David Gill on Sunday, 03.14.10 @ 01:13am

Inducting Bob Seger and ABBA and not inducting Cheap Trick is, well, a cheap trick . . . they certainly deserve it on their own merits, and they REALLY deserve it compared to some of the barrel bottom dwellers that the HOF has been bringing in lately . . . you'd think they were running low on qualified candidates -- a notion put to rest by the extensive list on this site, which includes many, many important artists who should have been inducted years ago . . .

Posted by Michael on Wednesday, 03.17.10 @ 00:08am

Robin, Tom, Rick and Bun E. aren't in yet? Looks like Jann Wenner and Co. sure have pulled one big cheap trick on the boys!!

Posted by Joker on Friday, 04.9.10 @ 19:30pm

The 1977 Cheap Trick debut album alone makes the case for them.That album is the blueprint for the Seattle music scene launching Nirvana into stardom.It is 90's rock 13 years before people could appreciate it.Sorry that I am prob repeating this I don't have time to read all comments.

Posted by RR HOF judge on Tuesday, 04.20.10 @ 11:07am

Would almost be weird seeing them in there. They are just so different from the hall. But no doubt should be in. I would put them in for He's a whore just by itself ha ha

Posted by Downboy on Sunday, 05.30.10 @ 01:21am

Cheap Trick has been writing,recording,performing for 35 + years!!! Yah!!! Thats right on tour for 35 + years !!! I think the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame need new judge's !!! What's wrong with them?They don't know what there doing, They have recorded 26 albums in there career,plus who knows how many unreleased songs,I know all the Cheap Trick fan's around the world will back me up on these comments,so with all that said, make it happen !!!

Posted by Kirk Randall on Friday, 06.11.10 @ 16:34pm

I'd have no problem with them being inducted. Good band.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 07.2.10 @ 14:04pm


Posted by JODY RICE on Saturday, 08.7.10 @ 11:00am

Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon aren't eligible for induction yet, Jody

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 08.7.10 @ 11:17am

And neither are Smashing Pumpkins

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 08.7.10 @ 11:18am

I have been to the hall of fame,it's asad joke that bands like kiss,boston,megadeth,foreigner,judas priest,iron maiden and heavy metal has been almost been completely ignored,there are other soft rock bands that have been ignored too hall& oates,doobie brothers. your hall need to be bigger,allow pictures, better organized, a bigger stage,and allow more than 3 acts a year to get in,there are some acts that shouldn't be there to,the pretenders???. football/ baseball hall of fame alot better,what are you waiting for someone to build a heavy metal hall of fame. mike

Posted by mike on Tuesday, 01.4.11 @ 10:12am

"kiss,boston,megadeth,foreigner,judas priest,iron maiden and heavy metal has been almost been completely ignored,there are other soft rock bands that have been ignored too hall& oates,doobie brothers."

1. Anyone who thinks Boston (replace them with Slayer) and Foreigner (replace with Motorhead) are metal shouldn't be talking about metal.

2. Replace those two with Slayer and Motorhead

3. If you hadn't thrown those two in I would've said "I have no issue with any of those inductions" (in fact, some of those you mentioned are long overdue).

4. Why is it a joke that Boston and Foreigner have been ignored?

5. The phrase "there are other soft rock bands that have been ignored too" doesn't make sense when you didn't mention any other soft rock bands.

6. I somehow doubt you're aware of the reasons why The Pretenders were quite rightly inducted.

This has been today's lesson.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 01.6.11 @ 07:24am

OK I'm not the president of their fan club or anything but....If you look at the number of top 40 hits over 2 decades and total album sales and they should be in..No disrespect here but Darlene Love just got inducted and most folks "not me" couldnt name one song she did.Cheap Trick doesnt have that problem.One of the great makeout bands of the last 50 years..Let em in.

Posted by tommy on Tuesday, 01.25.11 @ 22:51pm

Good...but not THAT good

Posted by Bob on Thursday, 02.24.11 @ 20:59pm

I remember Cheap Trick getting a bad rap quite a bit; while other 70s bands were glorified. Coming of Age in the 70s we witnessed a few bands that had a "lasting" commercial and cultural impact that define music of that era. We all had our personal faves. But CT as a cultural and musical trademark of the 70s speaks for itself. I unapologetically loved Cheap Trick. They were the rock heroes of my personal adolescence. Sure I liked Van Halen and they have a place. You had to be there to appreciate the competitive atmosphere of such rock and roll teenage fervor over a particular group. Those of us who saw the phenomenon of Cheap Trick "live" do get it. Funny how this same conversation about Cheap Tricks "rock" legitimacy is still happening. Our adolescent hearts inside of us are still screaming for one the of most innovative studio and loudest live acts ever. Maybe I'm still a hard core CT fan... so "F-you if you don't like Cheap Trick. I listen to them." (Quoting my teenage self of something I might have said back in 1979)

Posted by David on Tuesday, 07.26.11 @ 01:22am

Cheap Trick was offered and they rejected Diane Warren's Look Away, which ended up being a number one hit for Chicago in 1988. The same year, Cheap Trick accepted The Flame instead from Nick Graham of Atomic Rooster and Robert Mitchell, and it also hit number one.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 09.23.11 @ 21:51pm

Cheap Trick was offered and they rejected Diane Warren's Look Away, which ended up being a number one hit for Chicago in 1988. The same year, Cheap Trick accepted The Flame instead from Nick Graham of Atomic Rooster and Robert Mitchell, and it also hit number one.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 09.23.11 @ 21:51pm
Then technically they came out 50/50 on the deal.

At the same time, had they scored big w/"Look Away" as well, the arguments here might be a little more muted. That might have put them over the top, regarding induction into the Hall. Hard to say.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Saturday, 09.24.11 @ 09:03am

They crossed the Beatles with Hard Rock and came up with the hybrid that became Pop Metal. Many may not like it, but it is what it is. They belong.

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 12.2.11 @ 10:16am

To me, Cheap Trick are what rock & roll is all about... They've been my favourite band for over 30 years, and I'm sure they will get in someday. And they appeal to all ages too. My 9 year old daughter's ipod is loaded with Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, etc... But she has some rock stuff in there as well, from 2 bands... The Beatles, and of course, Cheap Trick.

Posted by Trickfan on Monday, 02.13.12 @ 22:03pm

In 1979, Cheap Trick was really the first "rock" band to start moving disco off the main pop charts. They essentially started "New Wave" in America when "Live At Budokan" broke big. They should be in.

Posted by Michael on Saturday, 02.25.12 @ 20:29pm

Their logo alone should get them in. It's something my 13 year-old would want on a hoodie. The showmanship of four unlikely bandmates is still funny and fresh--the model, the geek, the glam rocker and the accountant: WTF. Nielsen's antics onstage are extraordinary, almost like a Penn and Teller trick because he never misses a note (hey, there's a band name: Penn and Teller Trick). Things go to Cleveland to die, so the Rock and Roll Mausoleum snub don't bother me one bit. Screw the NYC sensibilities that overestimate Patti Smith and then ignore these innovators, musicians still at it like teenagers, playing rock and roll long after those they influenced have quit or slowed down. No Hall of Fame? Ain't that a shame.

Posted by Woodman on Saturday, 04.14.12 @ 12:04pm

Should have been nominated, voted in, and bowed down to on bended knee in gratitude if they had decided to accept. I can't even remember how many bands have listed CT as a huge influence in interviews I've watched over the years, and it's sadly ironic that these very same bands are the ones with the nominations and inductions. Each member is incredibly gifted on his own (Ignore Robin Zander's voice? Really? Who else, new or old school, can belt out the entire Sgt. Peppers album like a dream, and then go on and do a regular set right after), but in CT's case, that expression "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts" is is like saying the Beatles were a pretty good band of the late 60's.

Every year thousands of fans send in hundreds of petitions, but either the morons in charge can't read or listen, or don't want the rest of the nominees shown up badly, which they would be. Or it could just be plain stupidity. I mean, they don't even have to do anything but sit down and listen to "Sex, America, & Cheap Trick", hell, even half of it, to realize how stupid they've been and how they'd better resign and let somebody with a brain take over because of how thoroughly ignorant they've made themselves look. My particular idea for a resolution is to have real, reasonable members of the music industry replace the current asshats in charge and have a voting OFF ceremony. You know, just to make a bit of room by brooming all the stupid choices right out into the gutter. Then, maybe the obvious correct choices might stand a better chance of taking their rightful places.

Sorry, rant off. There are tons of great bands that haven't yet gotten in that should have, Cheap Trick is just the one who gets my panties in a huge twist when the subject comes up. Good luck to all.

No Hall of Fame? Morons are to blame. (sorry, couldn't help it, Woodman. That bit of wordplay was awesome.)

Posted by stacy on Sunday, 04.15.12 @ 02:16am

I meant to say "No hall of fame? My tears fall like rain. Oh, and Karen from way up there? Someone so rightly asked you if you are on your meds, but if not, lemme know. I'll share. The d**khead husband went to the ceremony tonight, mostly to see Axl. I begged him not to go, but whatever. Too bad slash didn't throw him through the window. BTW, one of the great moments on "Silver" was when he busted a string on the first note. Which compels me to mention that you cannot ignore the respect that the bands that give the HOF a reason to exist have for CT. They're falling all over themselves for a chance to be seen on stage with them. GET A CLUE!

Posted by stacy on Sunday, 04.15.12 @ 03:48am

Every Breath You Take (1983) by The Police
The Flame (1988) by Cheap Trick

The songs don't sound similar, but the subject and lyrics do:

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I'll be watching you

Where ever you go, I'll be with you
Whatever you want, I'll give it to you

Since you've gone I've been lost without a trace
I dream at night, I can only see your face
I look around, but it's you I can't replace
I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
I keep crying "Baby, baby please"

Another night slowly closes in
And I feel so lonely
Touching heat freezing on my skin
I pretend you still hold me

I'm going crazy, I'm losing sleep
I'm in too far, I'm in way too deep over you
I can't believe you're gone
You were the first, you'll be the last

Posted by Roy on Friday, 05.25.12 @ 00:46am

cheap trick is not in the hall??
one of the best american rock n roll bands ever
listen to all of the modern rock peeps--eddie vedder,billy corrigin,art,slash--they all say they got there infulence from cheap trick
the rock n roll hall of fame has alot of work to do!!!

Posted by mark on Saturday, 05.26.12 @ 23:55pm

A "yes" for me. Power pop, NOT "Arena rock". (And, besides Big Star, the quintessential American band in regards to that particular genre.)

Posted by Chalkie on Monday, 10.8.12 @ 00:57am

Cheap Trick

Robin Zander
Tom Petersson
Rick Nielsen
Bun E. Carlos

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 10.9.12 @ 19:20pm

The Records,THE SHOW, guess you had to be there

Long live CT

Posted by California Man on Saturday, 05.11.13 @ 16:25pm

40 continual years in the music industry and this band has still never even gotten nominated for the Induction. Unlike the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we actually like Cheap Trick (a lot) and feel that they deserve to be inducted. Please search "Induct Cheap Trick into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" to find the website and other pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to get all of the information regarding the petition campaign and ways you can help support it.

Posted by Holly Hawthorne on Sunday, 07.21.13 @ 15:00pm

They are long overdue I wich the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame would realize this already . They are the Hardest Working Band in the Industry who else has toured non stop for 38 years straight ? Nobody it's time you honor induct the one band that really has earned their place in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Patricia Ceniceros on Tuesday, 10.1.13 @ 20:45pm

Fun Fact: The song "Southern Girls" (possibly their best, in my opinion) is actually about girls from southern Canada.

Posted by Idlewild on Monday, 11.4.13 @ 12:34pm

Pap, pure garbage

Posted by D. Stroy on Saturday, 01.4.14 @ 09:34am

Cheap Trick made some nice hits with Surrender,Dream Police,The Flame,I Want You To Want Me,Don't Be Cruel... I just don't think Cheap Trick makes the Rock Hall of Fame.

Best thing helping Cheap Trick is that many recent RRHOF inductees were around in Cheap Trick's time & have some high opinions & support for the band.

A poster brought up a good point about Cheap Trick having been underrated musicians. I agree. Zander the Singer & Nielsen the Guitarist are first rate.

What hurts Cheap Trick too is young listeners are steered towards Zeppelin,The Who ,Stones,Pink Floyd,KISS,etc Cheap Trick is hardly mentioned. They are a good band that will fall short of RRHOF. KING

Posted by KING on Tuesday, 01.28.14 @ 16:01pm

They are a great band, not good. Not being yet, while a band that is way WAY overrated is in: Nirvana is a outright shame. The fact that they get in in their first year, while KISS has to wait 15 years is disgusting. I can name 25 great KISS songs. I can only name 2 great Nirvana songs. And one of those is a cover. Now about Cheap Trick: They have a great catalog of songs & are great in concert.

Posted by mrbadexample on Thursday, 04.10.14 @ 19:20pm

There are way more than 2 great Nirvana songs & substantially less than 25 great Kiss songs.

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 04.11.14 @ 08:57am

"I can only name 2 great Nirvana songs."

That's entirely about your own ignorance. It has nothing to do with Nirvana.

Posted by DarinRG on Friday, 04.11.14 @ 10:06am

Yes. Cheap Trick is worthy. It's all in Black and White (and in Color, too). When I heard "Oh Caroline" it put my faith back in Rock and Roll. Are they not Rock and Roll? Are the not the Sons of the Beatles? They played a mean "Taxman" just to show their love of the group.
These many years later, after no telling how many albums they are great and I love everyone of those guys! Maybe they are too good for the Hall of Fame. But I still think that they should be inducted anyway. It would put up a good word for Rock and Roll (it should never die!).

Posted by Robert on Monday, 04.14.14 @ 16:08pm

Speaking of Nirvana,have another listen to "the ballad of teenage violence" from CT's debut album.Close your eyes and you will swear that is a Nirvana song.Does not matter that album did not sell many copies. That song and album puts this band light years ahead of just about any other band in the rock world of 1977.

Posted by RR HOF judge on Saturday, 04.26.14 @ 16:39pm

It's a crime they're not already inducted, especially considering some of the no-talent hacks that have made it. They are one of the most entertaining live bands in the world.

Posted by Ron Shiflet on Monday, 05.26.14 @ 18:01pm

They rocked saw them at the old spectruim they tore up there headliner they ooened up for they gad so much energy the bolted into stardom ...they gave the headliner a run for the money that was 1978 them dudes rock...

Posted by jimmy from philly on Wednesday, 06.18.14 @ 10:52am

Way overdue and anyways there are groups that are NOT rock n' roll (blues, jazz, Motown, easy listening, country/western, etc.) that are in, just doesn't make sense.

Posted by Bonnie Flach on Monday, 08.4.14 @ 03:02am

When they broke they broke big with Live at Budukon around '77. They had plenty of talent. Singer could sing and band could play. They were up tempo, high energy. Dream Police was really good too. Then they cooled off for awhile until their big comback with The Flame. I really liked them but i just dont think they stayed at the top or near the top long enough. If Foreigner, who broke on top and stayed there for for the first 4 or five albums isn't in, and Benetar isn't in, and Bad Co. isn't in, i say no.

Posted by Rock Authority on Thursday, 08.28.14 @ 20:15pm

Here is the petition to get Cheap Trick inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Please read and sign it. This petition coincides with our paper petition. If you would like to help gather signatures on the paper petition email us at

We started the paper petition years ago and just started the online version.

Thank you all very much!

Posted by Brian Leggero on Friday, 03.20.15 @ 23:54pm

Think Cheap Trick will get in after Duran Duran, The Cure, Def Leppard, and The Moody Blues enter RRHOF. Probably 2020. Have too much respect from RRHOF musicians and rabid fans not to be inducted. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 05.7.15 @ 00:27am

Although Cheap Trick never got the critical recognition they deserved, their vast, loyal fanbase speaks volumes to the enduring quality of their music. It would be nice if Bun E. and the other three could come to some sort of agreement in their current dispute so that all four original members could be there for the induction ceremony. Regardless, I'm a fan for life, having caught the full original lineup play live twice, including once in their hometown of Rockford, IL...

Posted by zendaddy621 on Friday, 09.4.15 @ 19:55pm

Cheap Trick

01. Robin Zander (1974-Present: vocals, guitar)
02. Tom Petersson (1974-Present: bass)
03. Rick Nielsen (1974-Present: guitar)
04. Bun E. Carlos (1974-2010: drums)

Posted by Roy on Monday, 10.12.15 @ 09:43am

Now that they are in, I hope--and think--they will remain classy and accept that the inducted members will (almost certainly) only include Carlos, Petersson, Zander and Rick Nielsen--and not Zakk Nielsen and others that were gone before their heyday.

Posted by Joe on Friday, 12.18.15 @ 02:24am

Chicago's Look Away, written by Diane Warren, was originally offered to Cheap Trick and they turned it down. Cheap Trick accepted the Flame instead, written by Bob Mitchell and Nick Graham. Look Away and The Flame were both # 1 hits! Chicago and Cheap Trick are now being inducted the same year.

Posted by Roy on Monday, 01.11.16 @ 08:28am

At least Cheap Trick had the good sense to turn down a Diane Warren song.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 01.11.16 @ 23:31pm

I'm very surprised of all people that Kid Rock was selected (or whatever) to induct Cheap Trick. Don't get me wrong, I see the resemblance but whatever. I'm shocked that Dave Grohl or someone from the pop-punk genre isn't doing it. I don't know if its just me, but in the past I've noticed in their songs like 'Surrender', 'I Want You To Want Me' and 'Dream Police' I can tell they have a pop-punk feel. Think Blink 182 or My Chemical Romance. And as much as I hate to admit it, Fall Out Boy too. FOB comes from down the road in Chicago. I can picture someone like Patrick Stump or Pete Wentz handing the boys from Rockford their trophies. Anyone else agree?

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 02.15.16 @ 22:45pm

Jason, to be honest I thought it was gonna be Joe Perry from Aerosmith or more likely Dave Grohl (remember Rick appeared in the Sonic Highways episode on Chicago and even performed that song with the Foo Fighters). Kid Rock inducting Cheap Trick absolutely came out of nowhere and I don't necessarily associate him with Cheap Trick at first glance. I would have never thought of him. As much I love Cheap Trick (the same goes for Chicago), it say a lot about a chosen inductee when we cannot immediately pinpoint who might be their inductor.

Posted by Nick on Monday, 02.15.16 @ 22:52pm

Why hasn't Kid Rock been added to this page yet as the presenter for Cheap Trick?

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 02.16.16 @ 01:15am

All I can say. Bout Time. I have followed this group since 1979 when my brother won an album. At the time it was great music and still lives strong. I have met Rick a few times he even took a vinyl poster I made of the group in 2011 at a concert for his collection. I have seen them at a small venue then the next moth sell out a stadium. I love this group. Congratulations!

Posted by Robert Shelly on Wednesday, 03.9.16 @ 01:35am

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 04.7.16 @ 05:52am

5 Things You Didn't Know About Cheap Trick

From Kurt Cobain being a fan to how they invented classic album concert

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 04.7.16 @ 21:39pm

Tom Petersson joked at the ceremony that Cheap Trick thought about adding a keyboard player to the band, but no one wanted to be the person sitting in the middle seat of a car. I don't know how Chicago did it. They must have used to cars, he said.

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.10.16 @ 06:43am

Cheap Trick gets an official upload of their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - UNCUT!

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 08.13.16 @ 00:53am

Cheap Trick Rock & Roll Hall of Fame I Want You To Want Me / Surrender

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.30.17 @ 16:21pm

1988: The Flame by Cheap Trick (written by Bob Mitchell and Nick Graham)

Another night slowly closes in

Iím going crazy, Iím losing sleep

Wherever you go, Iíll be with you
Whatever you want, Iíll give it to you
Whenever you need someone to lay your heart and head upon
Remember after the fire, after all the rain
I will be the flame

1989: Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx

I slowly go and sing

Oh canít you see it baby, youíve got me going crazy

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

Posted by Roy on Friday, 05.26.17 @ 23:22pm

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