Steve Miller

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 2016

Inducted by: The Black Keys

Nominated in: 2016

First Eligible: 1994 Ceremony

Inducted Members: Steve Miller

Snubbed Members: Byron Allres, Tim Davis, David Denny, Greg Douglas, Jack King, Gary Mallaber, Lonnie Turner, Ben Sidran, Boz Scaggs

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2015 (ranked #256) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Fly Like An Eagle (1976)
Book of Dreams (1977)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
The Joker (1973)
Fly Like An Eagle (1976)
Rock'n Me (1976)
Take The Money And Run (1976)
Serenade (1976)
Jet Airliner (1977)
Jungle Love (1977)
Swingtown (1977)

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Great early psychedelic blues albums with terrific (pre-digital)effects to tremendously popular radio rock, Steve Miller has done it all. Some of today's voters may not be aware just how talented he is, but they can still catch his always entertaining shows because he's still out there making it work. If you have heard little or none of his music, do yourself a favor. He should not be forgotten, and he has been too long by the R&R HOF. He should be an absolute lock for the honor.

Posted by Wayne Tucker on Tuesday, 11.7.06 @ 14:08pm

No doubt!

Posted by Nikos on Friday, 12.29.06 @ 14:35pm

Was there a college student ever who did not own Steve Miller's band greatest hits? The ultimate partying, fun music...don't know if they should "get in", as it is not for me to decide, but their music brings back a lot of fun memories

Posted by Michael on Thursday, 01.25.07 @ 04:09am

Miller's first three albums are tremendously underrated pieces of psychidelic blues, and The Joker, Fly Like An Eagle, and Book of Dreams stand above even that. The only arguement I can see against him is that he was much more influenced than influential.

Posted by Kit on Thursday, 01.25.07 @ 09:22am

Steve Miller is an artist that is way past due for recognition by the Rock and Roll HOF. The Dallas native was performing as the Steve Miller Blues Band in the late 60's San Francisco psychidelic scene and morphed into one of the most successful record selling rock bands in the 70's and early 80's with several #1 hits to his credit.

The exclusion of this magnificient artist actually discredits the Rock and Roll HOF and reveals its politically grounded underbelly.

Posted by Bob on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 16:32pm

If you put the eagles, and fleetwood mac in the hall, you have to put Steve Miller (and Chicago for that matter)

Posted by Dw on Thursday, 05.10.07 @ 08:12am

If for no other eason, these 6 songs should earn this guy an induction: The Joker, Swingtown, Fly Like an Eagle, Jet Airliner, Rockin Me, and Take the Money and Run.
Who does not turn up the radio when any one of those gems comes on?

Posted by shawn mc on Thursday, 05.24.07 @ 00:12am

Steve Miller is looked at by some as lightweight. That is rediculous. He and his bandmates are extremely talented musicians. His voice is underrated. Forget all of his commercial stuff and listen to his 1st five albums. Incredible muse with incredible vocals and some really kick-ass guitar playing. He was cool as hell too and smart in a time when some not so smart things were being done.

Posted by WakeUpWorld on Saturday, 06.9.07 @ 22:14pm

Tell me someone that does NOT own Steve Miller's greatest hits? One of the best selling albums of all time....

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 06.10.07 @ 06:24am

I agree, Steve Miller is often overlooked. He had some fantastic psychedelic/blues stuff in the 60's and was right up there with many of the other 60's big hitters, the reinvented himself in the 70's as one of the most consistent hit makers of the decade. Perhaps those songs in the 70's didn't break lots of ground, but he has one of the catchiest set of rock/pop hits as anyone from that decade. So, his more innovative 60's work + his 70's commercial success = Rock Hall induction.

Posted by Dezmond on Sunday, 06.10.07 @ 10:14am

Yes-Steve Miller should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.For the groundbreaking and superb first 5 albums,for his guitar wizadry and great blues riffs,for his large number of hits that have stood the test of time and for his great live show and band Miller would definitely be a worthy honoree.

Posted by Martin on Sunday, 08.5.07 @ 12:52pm

Yes because he gave the University of Wisconsin a song to do the worlds greatest cheer to (Singtown). Also he made a bunch of great songs that people still know today.

Posted by Gassman on Wednesday, 08.15.07 @ 22:41pm

I love Steve Miller. He's a wonderful musician, and singer. After seeing him in concert last July
I have more respect for him because he did not only his songs but songs by old bluesmen like Freddie King (I'm Tore Down) and Robert Johnson (Crossroads) Why the hell is he being ignored. That's utter B.S. He deserves a place in the hall
for almost 40 years of great music

Posted by danny on Tuesday, 09.25.07 @ 17:53pm

Along with The Doobie Brothers. I believe The Steve Miller Band is the only other group to sell over 10 million units of a Greatist Hits album and still not get inducted into the RRHOF.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Saturday, 10.6.07 @ 09:30am

I have never understood why more obscure artists NOT of the pure rock genre were inducted when Steve Miller has not been. His concerts continue to sell out -- he is and continues to be a brilliant performer and entertainer. The fact that the Steve Miller Band still contains many of its original members (the amazing Norton Buffalo, Kenny Lee Lewis, et al) makes a statement about the man and the Band. His reputation as an optimist and a True Believer in the magic of Rock & Roll -- along with the fact that in 40 years, his reputation has never been tarnished -- should be more than enough for a long-overdue induction. Induct the Steve Miller Band now!!

Posted by Jude on Sunday, 10.7.07 @ 13:04pm

Yes, absolutely yes! This is just the kind of 70's icon missing from the Hall that I lament.

Posted by shawn on Wednesday, 12.19.07 @ 19:39pm

I am torn on this one. Hugely popular and great sound. I think the greatest hits album is one of the biggest selling of all time. But, were they changing the face of rock or were they just going with the flow? Anwyay, I would lean towards yes, but would be interested in hearing what nay sayers have to say about it.

Posted by Ryan on Monday, 12.24.07 @ 06:20am

This guy has as many great song's if not more then most the people in the HOF

Posted by dave on Friday, 12.28.07 @ 10:43am

"The Joker" R.I.P. Heath Ledger. He was 28 years old. I thought he was older than that. Live fast...Die young.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Tuesday, 01.22.08 @ 15:25pm

I don't care if he didn't do it first, or longest, or best. He has always been a solid performer with a long, long list of terrific straigtforward rock and roll americana that deserves recognition in the Hall. He belongs right next to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Bob Seger and John Mellencamp. Rock on Steve.

Posted by Mark P on Friday, 02.8.08 @ 00:40am

About 10 or so hits that just about any band would love to have done. They've done enough, as far as I'm concerned.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 03.17.08 @ 10:28am

I'm torn between how much I love "Serenade," and "Come On And Dance", versus how much I don't like "Fly Like An Eagle" and "Abracadabra."

Yeah, let's put him in.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 04.22.08 @ 23:48pm

I have literally loved the Steve Miller Band since very early childhood. According to family friends, when I was two years old I went on a camping trip and constantly asked to hear the various Steve Miller albums we brought along the way. Many years later the same scenario could be easily possible. It's still fantastic rock that somehow manages to never really get stale after super-repeated listenings. I play guitar and recently got a giant book full of Steve Miller notes and tabs, and I practice their songs constantly. It is not a hall of fame without them in it, to be sure.

Posted by Alex on Wednesday, 06.4.08 @ 23:01pm

My friend, George "Rob" Robinson, who passed away in August 2007, was the road manager for Steve Miller during the "Fly Like An Eagle" tour. Rob was also RM for Steve's protege, Boz Scaggs as well as Van Morrison, Dave Mason and another protege of Miller's, Les Dudek. Did you know that Steve Miller is the godson of Les Paul?

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Thursday, 06.5.08 @ 12:05pm

Did Madonna just get in? How is it possible Steve Miller Band is not?

Posted by Debra Anne on Monday, 07.14.08 @ 15:31pm

Steve Miller should be in without question.

Posted by Mountaineer on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 09:34am

evryone here said all the reasons i think steve miller should be in. book of dreams and fly like a eagle 2 of the best albums ever made. seen him 7 times in concert and never has put on a bad show. it is hard to belive how some of these artist get in but not steve. enough allready put steve in

Posted by yano on Monday, 09.22.08 @ 22:31pm

It's amazing great bands like Steve Miller Band, Doobie Brother and Chicago are not in the RRHOF. It's more amazing to see some of the bands and individuals that have been inducted. What the?

I was a fan of Steve Miller in the 70's 80's. So I thought I would catch his tour this year for old times sake. I prepared myself for the "they don't sound like the used to" experience. Was I ever surprised! They performed every song, played every lick and vocals spot on. Talent then and only better now. At 65, he performs better on vocals and guitar than 3/4 of those already in the HOF. Really, when you think about it..who would want to be a part of a watered down association. Steve Miller is ....original, authentic, talented, accomplished, admired and enduring....what more could an artist want! I say, leave him out of the obviously political and commercial RRHOF.

Posted by JR on Friday, 10.31.08 @ 08:24am

How Steve Miller is not already in the Hall of Fame should be brought to light. This was no nonsense white urban 70's mainstream music. Like my Aussie buddy said its that "pussyfied cultural elite that we should delete" (Rolling Clone mag) because it was OUR money (urbanites)who payed all their bills

Posted by Jim on Sunday, 11.16.08 @ 08:18am

The R&R Hall of Fame is laaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmeeeeeee. Take a look at some of the musicians already in .......... you get it, the Hall does not.

Posted by ken on Wednesday, 11.26.08 @ 08:41am

steve miller should be inducted inot the hall of fame, if for nothing else, his formative years in the San Fransico scene, and mainly because of his ground breaking record deal that set the standard for future artists.

Posted by lance on Friday, 01.9.09 @ 11:16am

It is amazing that they were considered and rejected. They'd better be on next year's ballot. They are excellent and transversed into new wave very well with Abracadabra.

They were a part of the Bay Area Sound of the 1960s that brought us Jefferson Airplane and CCR.

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 02.4.09 @ 18:16pm

It is amazing that they were rejected. I think one of the problems facing Steve Miller is the fact that a lot of people probably think he's already in. What's really amazing is that he fits the mold of what the Rock Hall voters are looking for to a tee.

He must have done something to piss someone off on the voting board, cause this one really is illogical, at least when it comes to what appears to be the Hall's mindset.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 02.4.09 @ 18:24pm

Please "Thank" Steve Miller for his great music, Anthology my favorite, Number 5 album, and bring back "It's got to be Rock Love" I too attended his rock concert back in the 70's and now in 2008, they are still rock'in I only hope to see him perform againQ

Posted by a quicksilver girl~ on Saturday, 02.7.09 @ 09:47am

SM is a very underated artist/musician/singer. His lates sixties recordings are really classics. He was an amazing studio musician. Listen to the vocals and harmonies especially on "Number 5" songs such as "Good Morning" and "I Love You" have vocals comparable to some of the best Crosby, Stills and Nash stuff. He really recorded his voice beautifully in those studio years.

"Your Saving Grace", he does a right-on imitation of Steve Winwood in his Traffic heyday. "Brave New World" had 2 of the best rockers from the sixties, "Space Cowboy" and "My Dark Hour" (featuring Paul McCartney on bass and background vocals).

Yes he does deserve HOF recognition. He worked his ass off as an artist in the sixties and later lightened up his sound to a more pop-oriented audience and found his pot of gold.

Posted by Ed on Wednesday, 03.11.09 @ 18:26pm

I go back to the early SF days w/ Steve Miller.
He is a Hall of Famer & that he's not is absurd.
The guy has been doing it All for 40+ years

Posted by ntg on Sunday, 04.26.09 @ 09:04am

if steve miller hasnt long since paid his dues if you listen to his late 60s stuff his vocals harmonies songwriting jackson kent blues never kill another man industrial military complex blues the harmonic going to the country my dark hour just him and mccartney and you tell me he wasnt on top of the times viet nam nixon i am 57 yrs old i seen janis hendrix allman bros zztop stevie ray vaughn santana stones dylan live iknow wno should be in or not i seem to not the only one who cant believe your method of selection but if steve miller isnt eligible for rrhf on next ballot i will go to great effort to persuade tourists from visiting the rock and roll hall of fame in clev i have money and time now im retired i mean blondie madonna thats pop punk not rock and roll rich phoenix

Posted by richard hooper on Friday, 07.17.09 @ 00:26am


I agree with you wholeheartedly. And BTW, while you're at it champion for Stevie Ray too. After seeing him, I'm sure you'll agree he needs to be inducted ASAP.

Posted by Mosey A. Long on Friday, 07.17.09 @ 09:35am

I never was a big Steve Miller Band fan, but I do hope Norton Buffalo can hang on and gets well soon. Sadly, he was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

Posted by Dude Man on Tuesday, 09.15.09 @ 20:43pm

Rest in peace, Norton Buffalo.

Posted by Dude Man on Monday, 11.2.09 @ 14:21pm

Norton Buffalo, RIP

Posted by Keebord on Monday, 11.2.09 @ 18:14pm

There were two era's of Steve Miller:
Steve's first five albums were a breakthrough for his unique mix of Southern blues rock and phychedelic rock. Then, there's Steve's huge 1973 to 1978 mega-period of "The Joker", "Fly Like An Eagle" and "Book of Dreams". I can't hear "I Love You" from the "Number 5" album without getting nostalgic for the early 1970's and the days of my youth.

Posted by Carl J. on Monday, 12.7.09 @ 07:04am

TONS OF HITS!!!!!!!!
The Joker
Rock N' Me
Jungle Love
Jet Airliner
Fly Like An Eagle
Dance Dance Dance
Take The Money and Run
The Stake
Winter Time
And you mean to tell me he's not in the hall of fame!?

Posted by Matt on Tuesday, 03.23.10 @ 15:41pm

The first time I heard Children of the Future I was 12 years old and I've loved Steve's music to this day. I'm almost 54 now. I've seen his band play 5 times and would go anytime there was a chance.

Posted by Steve R. on Friday, 04.2.10 @ 07:24am

I heard from a reliable source that Ahmet Ertegen was on the board and very influential for the RRHF and always voted down having Steve inducted because of their lawsuit involving THE JOKER. Like he owned "Lovey Dovey". I remember my great grandfather using that term and I am 59 years old and been a fan since 1966 when he first landed here in SF music scene. Now that Ahmet has gone to the big record company ripoff warehouse in the sky, Steve may have a chance. That is just a shame that one person could have such influence to hold back a legend in his own time. And the audacity of them to ask to buy the guitar for $632,000 he bought at Manny's Music on 48th Street in New York for $125 when he has not been inducted yet!
Now I hear Steve is refusing induction. If that is true I can understand it from Steve's point of view but if you read this Steve and you are refusing it think about your fans ... I have lost respect for the honors bestowed on artist inducted into RRHF when the best of the best has been overlooked. I have had some very heated augments on this subject. I mean those people just don't understand what Rock and Roll really is.

Posted by Marcia on Sunday, 07.18.10 @ 11:17am

Steve, do not accept induction into this sham called the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It's run by a group of impotent creeps whose hatred for musicians that dont kiss their ass is all too apparent.

Posted by Elipso on Friday, 09.3.10 @ 11:18am

I don't care if he didn't do it first, or longest, or best. He has always been a solid performer with a long, long list of terrific straigtforward rock and roll americana that deserves recognition in the Hall. He belongs right next to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Bob Seger and John Mellencamp. Rock on Steve.

Posted by Mark P on Wednesday, 11.17.10 @ 12:27pm

He definitely deserves it. No question. How could they miss him??? this question goes in my mind like chicago.

Posted by phil on Saturday, 11.20.10 @ 11:22am

He definitely deserves it. No question. How could they miss him??? this question goes in my mind like chicago.

Posted by phil on Saturday, 11.20.10 @ 11:22am

for everything up to and including the "Anthology" album, absolutely . . . for everything after that, maybe not so much . . .

Posted by Michael on Tuesday, 02.15.11 @ 03:49am

His early work was trailblazing. But what probably did him in among rock purist snobs was the song Take the Money and Run.

Posted by Blas Elias on Sunday, 03.6.11 @ 12:56pm

"He must have done something to piss someone off on the voting board, cause this one really is illogical, at least when it comes to what appears to be the Hall's mindset."

You would think that the hall would've embraced Steve Miller with open arms. He is able to appease the "classic rawk" baby boomers, is a recognizable name, has tons of classic hits, and is generally well liked by every one. Not to mention his more innovative 60s work. It obviously is something personal, its the only way to explain it.

Posted by Jim on Sunday, 03.6.11 @ 13:22pm

Steve's already said he doesn't care about being inducted, and has referred to the museum as "corny". He's had a feud going on with Jann Wenner for about 30 years or more & isn't about to start kissing up to him now. Unless he's using reverse psychology, I can't think of anyone of comparable stature who could care less about the whole thing. I love Steve & his music; he deserves to be inducted, but I also respect his pride and independence. Rock on Maurice!

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 04.10.11 @ 15:16pm

When you look at some of the omissions and some of the people that are in, you can only conclude the HOF is a joke.

Posted by ken on Tuesday, 06.14.11 @ 07:27am

The rhythm guitar of "Down to the Waterline," the opening track on Dire Straits' self-titled debut album sounds very similar to the rhythm guitar on "Serenade" I don't know whether David Knopfler (Mark's younger brother and the rhythm guitarist on the first two DS albums) did that consciously or subconsciously.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Tuesday, 11.15.11 @ 04:25am

I have been a Steve Miller fan since I first heard his music in the late sixties . "Brave New World" and "Number 5" are my all time favorite albums ( I have them all ). He has so many songs that are so exellent in the lyrics and the music .Many songs that are so much better than the commercialized ones that most people never heard . Steve Miller is an all American icon and is long overdue for the R&R HOF .

Posted by Patton Slaughterp on Wednesday, 01.4.12 @ 12:00pm

He's too FM in the old days. He's too commercial after that. Absurd. The music still stands up. Heck, I've got Steve Miller Five on my car magazine today. No one puts on a more enjoyable show that leaves you smiling and dancing along. Knock em out Steve.

Posted by Steven Rego on Saturday, 10.6.12 @ 10:40am

Wow, what a shock this group is NOT in! Everyone grew up with Steve Miller on the Radio. Saw them live in the eighties and just last summer, they are STILL TOURING! 40 years!
Everyone danced to their greatest hits record. Featuring one of the best songwriter ever in Steve Miller and a fantastic original Guitar virtuoso in Kenny Lee Lewis, the band HAS to get in!

Play on....
The big Ern...

Posted by Ernie on Tuesday, 01.29.13 @ 23:18pm

Take The Money And Run-Crosby & Nash 1975
Take The Money And Run-Steve Miller Band 1976

Fly Like An Eagle-Steve Miller Band 1976
Fly Like An Eagle-Marshall Tucker Band 1977

Jungle Love-Steve Miller Band 1977
Jungle Love-The Time 1985

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Wednesday, 02.27.13 @ 22:48pm

Just don't understand this man not being in the hall. Still out there playing and bringing in thousands to see him. Last three years europe sell outs. Two blues alums becoming # 1. What does he have to do to impress the people who control this?

Posted by Jim Papandrea on Saturday, 04.13.13 @ 16:21pm

Harbor Lights-Steve Miller Band 1971
Harbor Lights-Boz Scaggs 1976

A rare occurrence where a protege used the same song title his mentor did.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Tuesday, 08.13.13 @ 03:11am

If Steve Miller's going to be in the HOF it may be sometime within the next 10 years. Or so we hope. The man had several hit singles as well as some great less-popular tunes before 1974. I also really dig his #1 rock hit 'Make the World Turn Around' (which features Kenny G!) and 'Wide River'. I'd like for his work to be remembered for years to come, not just through radio. Thank goodness classic rock radio plays his music. We'll see what happens. At least he's touring. I hope to see him in St. Louis in July of this year.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Tuesday, 01.7.14 @ 20:59pm

If run dmc is in the damn hall of fame, steve miller shouldve been there first...

Posted by kyle on Friday, 03.28.14 @ 20:48pm

Most of the posters here are enthusiastic for Steve Miller Band for RRHOF. I agree with them. The incredible amount of hits The Joker,Take The Money & Run, Abracadabra, Jet Airliner, etc. stand the test of time.

Love these type of forums. There's probably many music fans who think Steve Miller Band already in RRHOF!!!

2015 could be a good year for Steve Miller induction. Some bands like Hall & Oates & KISS got in after waiting for years. It helps that Steve Miller has a unique sound. Sometimes 3 groups of similar genre are nominated & negate each other. He deserves the RRHOF!!! KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 04.27.14 @ 18:54pm

Steve Miller's first 5 albums are way more soulful than most of the psychedelic stuff of the late 60's. The Joker was the first album he had total control over and he killed it. He wrote and recorded the songs for Fly like an Eagle AND Book of Dreams at the same time. Recorded it all in 18 months. He played every guitar part (except the dobro on Dance,Dance, Dance), Sang every vocal AND every harmony on both records. I listened to Fly Like an Eagle today, and there is absolutely no lead guitar on it! Just funky rhythm guitar, Poppy melodies, a positive message and killer vocals. This guy sings better than the majority of folks in the HOF. He's been literally sticking it to the music business since he was 12 years old! He had a huge influence in the development of stadium sound systems and stadium lighting… Stevie Guitar Miller is a bad mo fo, and I don't think he cares at all if they let him in or not. Keep on Rockin'.

Posted by coastaldave on Wednesday, 08.27.14 @ 02:08am

considering some of the trash that got voted in, it is a shame that he is not in the hall already. his early music is very under appreciated.

Posted by walter belonos on Tuesday, 12.16.14 @ 09:57am

What not in yet? I have there greatest hits! Abracadabra and many 70's great hits. Love that guitar playing!

Posted by Bryan on Monday, 12.29.14 @ 00:56am

steve should have been in the hall years ago.i don't understand what the heck the voters are thinking. considering some of the duds they voted in,it makes me shake my head.his early albums are fabulous.

Posted by walter on Sunday, 03.29.15 @ 09:50am

Amazing Steve Miller at 71 still having concerts and rocking the house. It's interesting how some artists live in their 60's and 70's and can bring it while many artists die young or are creatively dead after a decade. He's an example of everything RRHOF looks for in an inducted artist. 2016 RRHOF should have a spot for Steve Miller Band at the induction. He not only has earned it but he deserves it. The Joker, Take The Money And Run, Abracadabra, Fly Like An Eagle etc. 2 thumbs up from King and Steve Miller RRHOF. KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 05.16.15 @ 02:21am

Steve Miller is nominated for the 2016 Songwriters Hall of Fame and the 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 11.7.15 @ 06:34am

Did anyone from the HoF ever say why they nominated/inducted him solo and not with the band?

Posted by dmg on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 09:45am

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame got it right with a Steve Miller nomination and induction. I wrote prophetically in May that 2016 could be Steve Miller's time. Score 1 for King! Listening to Steve Miller's Greatest Hits right now. That would deserve Hall all those hits from 1974-1978. I'm a big fan of Winter Time. Vastly Underrated as is Dance, Dance, Dance. 70's now Miller still touring putting out music. A King salute to Steve Miller and his induction. Thanks Steve for 50 years of music! KING

Posted by KING on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 22:55pm

I do not agree. He should've been nominated and inducted with the rest of the band, not solo. I hope they rectify this mistake at some point down the road.

Posted by dmg on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 23:07pm

No Songwriters Hall of Fame for Steve Miller this year!

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 03.3.16 @ 19:13pm

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 04.7.16 @ 05:54am

Has Steve Miller given us some solid entertainment in the past week or what? Love it!

I've always liked him. I don't know how you can dislike his music. He has about 10 AOR staples and they are all good. I've always like Swingtown and the synth solo.

Love Steve Miller saying that his music has made 1 billion dollars for his record company and he believes that's the real number. As I said, great entertainment this week.

Posted by Classic Rock on Friday, 04.15.16 @ 23:09pm

Steve Miller wanted Elton John to induct him. Damn you Rock Hall! Elton John could have been in the same room as Chicago, and if Peter Cetera showed up….

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.24.16 @ 20:14pm

With much respect to the Black Keys (even though their last two albums sucked), they really shouldn't have inducted Steve Miller. I see absolutely zero connection between the two besides they are both rock. The lame-o's behind the RRHOF should have let Steve Miller work it out with Elton John or whoever. Now I know the true emotional 'wah, wah' feelings of Dan Auerbach. It's sick (in a bad way). I, like millions, stand with Steve's comments.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Sunday, 04.24.16 @ 22:25pm

Must suck to be Dan Auerbach...both Jack White & Steve Miller hate your guts, or in case of Mr. Miller, have no earthly idea who you are.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 04.25.16 @ 08:07am

So if Steve Miller is one of Jann Wenner's favorite artists, then why wouldn't he give one of his favorite artists what he wanted, which was Elton John as his presenter? You think the Black Keys are going to get you a bigger audience than Elton John? I didn't even know Steve Miller and Elton John had a connection, and now Steve Miller is hanging out with Peter Cetera in Idaho.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 04.30.16 @ 22:21pm

Because of Steve Miller's rant, the press room at the Rock Hall induction ceremony was closed early to reporters. Only photographers remained. So Chicago and Cheap Trick didn't get to be asked much questions backstage.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 05.5.16 @ 05:44am

Feelin’ stronger every day
Rock stars Steve Miller and Peter Cetera are 2016 Hall of Famers

Posted by Roy on Friday, 05.6.16 @ 23:05pm

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 05.7.16 @ 06:17am

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 05.10.16 @ 06:45am

It will be interesting the see if all the bitching that Steve Miller did last year will yield any real changes to the process this year. We shall see...

Posted by Classic Rock on Wednesday, 09.28.16 @ 20:44pm

We're allowed to post pictures on here? I'll keep that in mind....

Posted by Jason Voigt on Sunday, 10.2.16 @ 01:08am

Steve Miller Band Rock'n Me The Joker Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.30.17 @ 16:11pm

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