Rock Hall Annex and Grammy Museum Open This Week

Two new music museums on opposite coasts open their doors to the public this week.

The Grammy Museum, opening in downtown L.A., "explores and celebrates the enduring legacies of all forms of music; the creative process; the art and technology of the recording process; and the history of the GRAMMY® Awards, the premier recognition of recorded music accomplishment." Variety has much more on the grand opening.

The new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex, opening in New York, has received generally positive reviews from the press. Here's how the Washington Post sums it up:

[T]he annex isn't attempting to duplicate the Cleveland experience. In its 25,000 square feet, it highlights significant moments in music. It serves as the CliffsNotes to music history. (If you want the whole book, go to Cleveland.) And it does so with enthusiasm, good humor and little pretense.
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