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Eligible since: 1996 (The 1997 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Rory Gallagher be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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If the HOF was about talent, then yes he would have been there a long time ago, but it's not, is it? It's about money and demographics and the lowest common denominator. Just call it the Pop Music HOF and be done with it.

Posted by milo on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 23:26pm

Rory always went above and beyond the call of duty. He could play, sing and write alot better than most of his peers. RIP

Posted by dude on Saturday, 03.31.07 @ 23:51pm

One hell of a guitarist

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 09.6.07 @ 13:36pm

anyone who knows anything about the instrument knows Rory was one of a kind. Definitly the guitar players guitar player

Posted by RIPRory on Thursday, 01.17.08 @ 20:44pm

He was the best guitarist I ever saw live and I saw alot of shows. The hall should have put him in years ago, same with Alice Cooper. The Rock And Roll hall of fame needs more rock and less pop

Posted by Chuck on Friday, 02.1.08 @ 07:04am

Rory Gallagher is already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by default. This fact merely begs the question - when will the organizers formally recognize him and do what millions of 'Rock and Roll' fans have been doing since the 60's and declare him a Rock and Roll legend and guitar genius? He rocked Europe and America and to continue to ignore him is to denigrade the very thing the Hall of Fame was set up to do. He more than deserves the recognition.

Posted by Reg Walsh on Saturday, 04.19.08 @ 14:13pm

He would, but he didn't need any fames in his entire life. He just need his musics lives forever. He was an independant man! no rules belong to him.

Posted by judhi pohan on Monday, 08.25.08 @ 02:28am

Rory Gallagher, they broke the mould.

Posted by Jean B. on Sunday, 12.21.08 @ 00:32am

Eric Clapton said Rory Gallagher was "the man who got him back into the blues" and Brian May of Queen said he "owed his sound" to Mr. Gallagher.

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 12.21.08 @ 19:11pm

Tatoo Lady

Posted by Joe-Skee on Monday, 12.22.08 @ 12:30pm

Its amazing as much rock as I listened to in the seventies, stuff like Free, Procol Harum, Cream, and so many other blues/rock outfits that his stuff wasn't played on FM radio. For me listening to him now its like a time capsule with buried treasures. Where was he then?

If Robin Trower could do the Hendrix imitation and become a top seller in the early seventies and then Peter Frampton a little later, why wasn't Rory up there. Neither Trower or Frampton are any better than he is. Matter of fact there are certain licks he plays that those guys probably couldn't.

He's now one of my favorite players to listen to now and what a great singer too. Seems like its 30 years too late. He should have been a star in the 70's when many other great guitar players got to shine.

Posted by Ed on Wednesday, 03.11.09 @ 18:34pm

The Rolling Stones originally wanted Rory Gallagher to replace Mick Taylor and Canned Heat originally wanted Rory to replace The Eagle. He was also David Coverdale's second choice (after Jeff Beck) to replace Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple.

How come nobody here mentioned Gallagher's first group Taste. Taste had a lot of good songs. I recommend listening to "Whats Going On"

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 06.13.09 @ 23:22pm

Rory F'ing Gallagher is fame.
The current piece of sh!t R&R Hall of Lame doesn't deserve to have Rory.

Posted by Francesco Di Pacelli on Saturday, 12.19.09 @ 19:03pm

Rory Gallagher was a great guitar player, multi-instrumentalist, musician, songwriter, performer and human being, who never got the recognition he deserved during his short lifetime. He played the guitar in his own unique way; with authenticity and thunderous passion.

He was a charismatic and humble man, and connected with audiences - and his many fans throughout the world - in a way other musicians only dream of. He still lives on in each fan's heart, mind, spirit - call it what you will. As a performer he was an engaging and exceptional showman. It would be impossible to count the number of guitar players and musicians he inspired during his career, and those he still does.

There have been - and will continue to be - great musicians' who grace us with their gift, vision, craft, and I respect their genuine differences. I still feel Rory's guitar playing and music deserves a wider audience and a semblance of recognition.

Disparaging other musicians is something I do not believe Rory would condone. Voting in this forum can only help raise Rory's profile on the Internet which is no bad thing.

Regards to Rory fans around the globe.

Posted by Ronnie Kerrigan on Monday, 02.22.10 @ 07:41am

The only Gallagher that deserves in is Noel

Posted by Oscar on Tuesday, 06.1.10 @ 18:10pm

The only Gallagher that deserves in is Noel

Posted by Oscar on Tuesday, 06.1.10 @ 18:10pm

You evidently aren't familiar with the significance of Rory Gallagher, Oscar.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 06.3.10 @ 03:51am

Pro trolling right there.

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, 08.17.10 @ 08:19am

As a 16 year old kid i say who cares its oviously not a matter of talent becasue Rush, Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper would also be in the HoF but i think we should just enjoy their music and legacy (rorys atleast) becasue most of the guitarists in the HoF are influenced by him and people today are still getting influenced by him and hopefully one of these days my friends and i can help restore music to how it used to be (a mattter of talent, emotion, dedication and great live shows)unlike crap today and most other bands in the HoF

Posted by Morgan on Friday, 09.24.10 @ 13:58pm

Those not familiar with Rory (yet) should get hold of the song "Feel So Good" performed by Taste on the album LIVE IN MONTREUX. Listening to his guitar playing there invariably makes you feel exactly that!
I've had the great pleasure of attending a TASTE gig at the Zurich Volkshaus, unbeaten yet by all means.

Posted by Frank on Saturday, 11.6.10 @ 16:20pm

Great player. Shame he isn't better known.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 01.19.11 @ 13:33pm

Hendrix said Rory was the best guitarist in the world. What more needs to be said. The Rock and Roll hall of fame is a joke. They've got Madonna and Michael Jackson in there for god's sake. We all know who the real great ones are, and Rory is certainly one of them.

Posted by caseydc78 on Friday, 03.4.11 @ 14:56pm

Jimi Hendrix was once asked "Whats it like being the greatest living guitarist?" to which he replyed "I don't don't know, go ask Rory Gallagher"!

Posted by Kevin on Thursday, 06.23.11 @ 21:11pm

Nice to see Slash supporting him by getting a petition going and all.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 10.29.11 @ 10:50am

rory gallagher was pure class. no one better. both clapton and hendrix gave him the highest of accolades. why isn't the rock and roll hall of fame doing the same? how can they put the beasty boys on the ballot and not rory? unbelievable! should be called the rock and roll hall of shame!

Posted by chris carson on Monday, 11.21.11 @ 16:34pm

It must be in the top, his life was devoted exclusively to the blues and went and sige be an influence for many bands who see him as a man free from commercial influences and true to his principles till the end of his life.

The Ghost Blues on DVD already made ​​it clear:
I'm not a musician charts. While I could write a song to be there. But I would not. I do not think that's important.

If it is based Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? charts is the number one, sure Rory is not on them.
You have to see where he came from and what influllo trallectoria and other musicians of his time.

He composed his own music, management and unique guitar playing with an unmistakable sound, Rory Gallagher give the right to be in the top of the blues.

He did not seek fame, but his music has made it to the great guitarists of all time

Posted by Aurelio on Friday, 12.23.11 @ 11:10am

I am a bit amazed that Rory Gallagher was not the smash in the US that he was in Europe. Vertually unknown here and not a hosehold name. I went to high school with Barry Oakley (Allman Brothers Band) as well as Mike Been (the Call) and wrongly thought I had seen or at least knew of most anybody who was anyone from the 60s and up. I did not know of Rory until last week when I stumbled upon the Irish Tour 74. Shows you what the world has to offer. I was shocked at what a Monster he was on stage. Triple treat artist, Singer / Writer /Player like no other. Riveting and commanding performer who on stage shows that he lives to play and loves his work. Haunting sound from his relic Strat (its image should be reproduced onto a stamp for the Irish Postal service). I am saddend by his short life, but joyful that I have much to listen to through the great body of work that lives on. It is important music. He would have to considered as one of the finest players of his time, if not all time. From the rave of his fans, the impact he made on future players and the love from his counrtymen, he should be inducted.
He is without a doubt the real deal.

Posted by John Hoffman on Monday, 02.27.12 @ 00:49am

What the hey? I've lived in this city for 62 years, was there when the Stones first played the Cleveland Arena and helped hijack the HOF into this town. If I'd have known it would turn out to be the stumbling capitalistic bureaucracy it has become, I'd have voted for NYC to get it. I've been at La Cave,Otto's Grotto and was one of the originals at Adele's Bar on University Circle in 1967. This RRHOF is a sham and I will not visit it unless it majically reforms and honors other than the chic and fashionable. You call yourself rockers. Phft.

Posted by Billy Bummer on Wednesday, 02.20.13 @ 19:41pm


Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 02.11.15 @ 23:55pm

Rory is one of rock and rolls greatest musical talents. For him not to be inducted is pure horse shit.

Posted by Bob Powers on Wednesday, 02.3.16 @ 14:26pm

You can go on and on. But with who the dredge up these days to put in the HOF, its just so shameful that Rory gets no recognition. Asise from Michael Jackson and Madonna, now Joan Jett and a handful of tunes. Shame on the HOF, as much as I'd love to see hime up there posthumously, I'm ok with him not being there too. Can only hope Slash can help make it happen.

Posted by Jim Schaefer on Monday, 08.29.16 @ 16:04pm

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