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Eligible since: 1996 (The 1997 Induction Ceremony)

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1975)
Bat Out Of Hell (1977)

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Paradise By The Dashboard Light (1977)
I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) (1993)

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Will Meat Loaf be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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I believe Meat Loaf should have been inducted a long time ago. With classic albums like Bat out of hell, which has stayed on the top charts for the past twenty or thirty years, I am nearly shocked that Meat Loaf hasn't been inducted.

Posted by BloodPump on Sunday, 09.3.06 @ 22:07pm

How can Meat Loaf not be inducted. He won a grammy with "I'd Do Anything For Love" and has consistantly had powerful, meaningful, radio played songs. Bat Out of Hell is one of the greatest albums, and thus so should it's singer.

Posted by Archangel17x on Sunday, 12.31.06 @ 10:49am

the fact that meat loaf hasnt been inducted yet is a simple fact to understand. i mean the rock and role hall of fame isnt really the rock and role hall of fame.its always been a popularity contest.there gonna put rap in the ROCK AND ROLE hall of fame. and whoever said rock and role is dead, deseves to be takn out behind a barn and shot five times in the chest.

Posted by joey on Thursday, 01.4.07 @ 17:39pm

Meat Loaf was a lame-ass bloated one-album wonder who can't get his lame shit together unless Jim Steinman's writing the actual songs and Todd Rundgren is producing. Take the worst aspects of musical theater and the worst aspects of overblown 70s rock and about seven hundred pounds of whale blubber and you have Meat Loaf. Shut the hell up about rap being somehow a lesser art than a fat f--k shouting nonsense, you know-nothing.

Posted by Kit on Thursday, 01.4.07 @ 17:47pm

Bottom line: rap is NOT rock. Rap is "art"?? while there mb some some decent rap out there (BDP, Eric B. Rakim, Beastie Boys) - most of it is talentless garbage that degrades women, etc. Sure rock has its share of that too - but in rap it is ubiqutous.

Meatloaf may not be HOF material, but there is something to be said about the 25th best selling album in the history of rock music. Can all those people really be wrong?


Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 21:26pm

meat loaf should defenetly be in the rock and roll music hall of fame having one of the best selling albums in the world and one of the best seeling songs and ranked 23rd for most weeks in the charts soo yeah he should defently be ...

Posted by me123 on Thursday, 04.19.07 @ 12:19pm

"Meatloaf may not be HOF material, but there is something to be said about the 25th best selling album in the history of rock music. Can all those people really be wrong?"

You know what else was hyper-popular once upon a time and sold a buttload? Furbys and Swatches and Vanilla Ice.
What makes this statement even more outrageous is that I have seen you proffer the polarly opposite stance on this argument. You're bizarre.
As for Meatloaf - his high point was being butchered by Dr. Frank N. Furter in Rocky horror.

Posted by shawn on Tuesday, 05.8.07 @ 22:33pm

Actually, my stance was and always has been that induction into the hall occurrs irrespective of comemrcial success. Some bands in the hall have had huge commerical success and others less. Remember how I said that the Police and U2 were and are very big commerically and DID deserve induction.

Plus, in this case, I said "They may not be hall of fame material...." I guess you missed that part. In any event, try to stay focused....

BTW, is there a word in the English language "Polarly"???? NOT...dumb ass

For similar stupidity, please see Huey lewis blog in which there are no made up words, but only misuse of words :-)

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 05.16.07 @ 05:46am

Meatloaf should be there as well as Ted Nugent. It is all about politics, and , butt kissing. since Meat Loaf was never anass kisser, he likely will never get into the HOF.

Posted by Allen on Friday, 12.14.07 @ 10:12am

Meat Loaf will likely never get into the Hall of Fame because he, um, wasn't very good.

Posted by A-Killa on Friday, 12.14.07 @ 10:15am

Meat Loaf has one of the biggest selling albums of all time--true. He is popular to this day, thirty years after that album--true. He is one of the biggest acts of the genre--true (because, at one point, he weighed over 300 pounds). But is this HOF material? Since the same can be said for, among others, Boston and Whitney Houston (though Houston, I believe--I'm too lazy to look it up--is not yet eligible), and since Boston is not in the Hall, I would have to say no.

Posted by Joe on Thursday, 01.10.08 @ 13:00pm

If Meatloaf gets inducted, whats next, mashed potatoes and gravy?

Posted by sluggo on Friday, 02.15.08 @ 19:59pm

Sluggo, as stupid as that is, I still find it funny. Thanks, dude.

Posted by Metalsmith on Saturday, 02.16.08 @ 16:43pm

I hear his music in the 80's so years latter still good and he is stilled loved now. He should be in.

Posted by Jetta on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 19:30pm

If Meat Loaf is inducted, then they should induct Jim Steinman as a songwriter in the same year. Steinman wrote all the songs on Bats I & II, as well as two songs that ware major hits in 1983: "Total Eclipse Of the Heart" and "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All." (Both songs were originally offered to Meat Loaf, but Meat's record company didnit want to pay for using Steinman material, as a result Meat's album "Midnight At The Lost And Found" failed to sell.) My point is where would Meat Loaf be if not for Jim Steinman.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 20:56pm

I was not aware of Jim Steinman's full list of crimes against humanity. My God - Meatloaf, Bonie Tyler AND Air Supply? Inexcusable. Barbaric.

To be guilty of composing some of the worst, most cloying, excessive songs known to mankind merits Steinman being housed in a Guantanamo Bay cell wher he can not perpetrate his evil again.

Truly awful stuff.

Posted by Blue on Sunday, 03.9.08 @ 10:28am you mean to tell me that you don't like boorish mini rock operas or songs that are so syrupy sweet that they make your teeth rot just listening to them?? For shame!!!

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 03.9.08 @ 10:41am

Another Steinman song I didn't mention was "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" made popular by Celine Dion and later recorded by Meat Loaf on "Bat III"

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Sunday, 03.9.08 @ 14:13pm

" you mean to tell me that you don't like boorish mini rock operas or songs that are so syrupy sweet that they make your teeth rot just listening to them?? For shame!!!"

I agree Terry.

Blue, Bohemian Rhapsody? The album "Tommy"? Every Rush song, although I don't know how you feel about them... all over the top songs. Hpw about over the top performers like Alice Cooper, and David Bowie?

Yes, Meat's songs are over-dramatic, but guess what... THAT'S WHAT ROCK AND ROLL IS! Meatloaf, along with Jim Steinman were inovators. they did something different and it worked... hey, it helped him become one of the most successfull rock and roll acts in history. Plus, he is one of the best rock vocalist, and he rocked his ass off every single night.


Posted by D.K. on Tuesday, 03.11.08 @ 14:03pm

Please don't put Meatloaf into the same sentence with Queen, The Who, Alice or Bowie. It is just wrong.

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 05.28.08 @ 08:28am

While Meat Loaf's style isn't for everyone, the same can be said of any given artist.

While there are some who think Meat Loaf is someone who has no talent and is a fat wannabe, those same people refuse to acknowledge the accomplishments he has had. These same people probably dream of screaming at a Bon Jovi concert, or wish they could sniff Garth Brooks, or something.

The fact is that Meat Loaf not only has had one of the most amazing sagas in Rock history w/the Bat Out Of Hell series, he also is one intense performer, and has given other hopefuls who don't have "the look" something to believe in.

If others who have posted more negative comments here have had more success in their careers, send me your albums. Let's see what phenoms you are- and I warn you, I speak from 30 yrs. experience in the Music Business.

Posted by Midnight Rocker on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 02:08am

I saw MeatLoaf in concert, in a small venue, shortly before Bat-II came out...and unlike a lot of other older acts, his voice was still in great shape. The guy has a ton of talent, and he's not about to take the cheesy road of three-chord, simplistic melody line songs. Just because some don't like him doesn't mean he lacks talent. Plenty of people like U2, and I can't stand U2.

To be fair, he has a Meat has a LOT of people to thank for his success - Steinman, Rundgren (who, by the way, did all the guitar work on Bat-I - listen again), Roy Bittan (E-street) on piano, Foley and Dodd on b'ground vocals, ...

Posted by DT7 on Thursday, 09.25.08 @ 17:41pm

Not a big fan of his music.
But when considering entries it's fair to be objective.
He sold huge amounts of records,but did he really influence that many people who sight him in any way?

Posted by Cal on Thursday, 09.25.08 @ 17:47pm

I haven't voted yet,I'm indiffernt I suppose.

Posted by Cal on Thursday, 09.25.08 @ 17:48pm

Hey Tiny, who's playing tonight?
The Jolly Green Giants and The Shitty Beatles.
The Shitty Beatles? Are they any good?
They suck.
Then it's not just a clever name.

Posted by Metalsmith on Tuesday, 11.25.08 @ 11:12am

meatloaf is the most inspiring band ever,how can anyone doubt that they shouldnt be in the hall of fame.wake up people they shouldnt had to have waited so long.a true rock band through time and decades,brilliant music and one hell of a singer

Posted by mel on Tuesday, 12.16.08 @ 07:36am

Meat Loaf is a solo singer, not a band. Now let me sleep on it !!!

Posted by Joe-Skee on Tuesday, 12.16.08 @ 11:26am

Meat Loaf was essentially a vocalist for hire. The real inductee, in the non-performer category, should be Jim Steinman, for his contributions to rock and roll as a songwriter, producer, and arranger, creating 11 #1 hits and selling over 120 million units.

Posted by A. Nonymous on Thursday, 02.26.09 @ 09:03am

Rock & Roll Jeopardy
Category: If They Collaborated

If Meat Loaf and Guns N' Roses were to do a song together it would be called...

What is "Paradise City By the Dashboard Light?"

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Thursday, 07.23.09 @ 23:06pm

Rock & Roll Jeopardy
Category: If They Collaborated

If Meat Loaf and The Moody Blues were to do a song together, it would be called...

What is "Visions Of Paradise By The Dashboard Light?"

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Thursday, 07.23.09 @ 23:11pm

I am 40 years old, I remember being a little girl and hearing one of his songs, when I got home telling my much older brother he has to hear this.... him laughing at me, and telling me that it was older than me (at the time). Since then, I have seen him EVERY time he came to my area, and good mood, sad mood, bad mood, listen to his music, (actually his voice) would transform my mood! Always for the better!! His voice and scale..... AMAZING!!! He is still acknowledged and loved and song in every local pub/bar/gathering with love and endurance..... Personally his vocals have always lifted me... HE IS A TOTAL TALENT!!! All the TRUE talents are almost gone and he is one that (though still young...) needs to be acknowledged and endorsed!!!! From the East coast (NJ) I (we) LOVE MEATLOAF AND HIS AMAZING VOCAL AND OFCOURSE HIS SONGS, BUT HIS IMPACT ON US ALL WHEN WE ARE AT A BAR, OR DRIVING OUR CAR, OR EVEN AT HOME LISTENING TO HIS SONG... YOU "HAVE" TO TURN IT UP ..... AND JUST "SING"................... Can't ask for anyting greater than that!!!!

Posted by Lisa on Tuesday, 12.22.09 @ 04:13am

I can't see Meat Loaf (or is it Meatloaf?) getting in before Bread, Creem, A Taste of Honey, Wild Cherry, and others too numerous to mention...

But seriously, this one rates a definite "maybe". His is truly one of the great albums of the 1970s...but has done almost nothing since. He isn't technically a one hit wonder, but his career almost counts as a textbook example of one.

Posted by Joe on Wednesday, 01.6.10 @ 21:08pm

Okay, seriously, Bat out of hell sold over 40 million copies worldwide, at one point, more than Thriller. If he can win a Grammy, be crowned the king of rock in the home nation of the Beatles, and sell over 100 million albums, like him or not, he belongs in the hall of fame. Screw politics and ass kissing, if he isn't inducted soon, the hall is simple prove by its own actions that it is not representative of the freedom of art expression and appreciation, but rather a shameful and pathetic and honestly irrelevant organization. If you have a hall of fame for the legends that earned it, then BE the hall of fame and put Meat Loaf in it. If you don't, then seriously, sell your bullshit to someone who likes what you want them to like... mindless followers, not rock rebels!
Do the right thing, if you want genuine legitimacy, induct Meat Loaf asap to save your damn credibility.
Chris W

Posted by Chris W on Sunday, 01.10.10 @ 06:15am

Since "Bat Out Of Hell" came out a few years before "Thriller", I suppose it was out-selling it at some point. 'Thriller" probably passed it about 2 weeks after it was released, though.

It might be a good idea to check your timelines...that way you'd make more sense...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 01.10.10 @ 08:56am

Rock & Roll Jeopardy
Category: If They Collaborated

If Meat Loaf were to do a song with Styx, it would be called...
What is "Rockin' The Paradise By The Dashboard Light?"

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Saturday, 02.13.10 @ 18:39pm

How does being a one hit wonder matter when the album was the 3-5th best selling album of all time?

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 05.13.10 @ 11:42am

And, as always, what does commercial success have to do with it? :-) Bat Out Of Hell has received OK acclaim, but not enough to warrant any immediate HOF consideration.

Posted by JR1 on Sunday, 06.13.10 @ 14:55pm

if Prince and abba are in (gag) how can you not put meat in

Posted by ltjfleetwood41 on Thursday, 06.17.10 @ 13:06pm

What the hell is wrong with Prince? The man is a musical genius!

Posted by Gassman on Thursday, 06.17.10 @ 13:37pm

The HOF is a joke. Meat Loaf is the only artist to have #1 songs over 20 years apart. A one hit wonder? Put the crack pipe down guys and educate yourselves. It's all about politics and Meat doesn't play that game, he will do fine without the so called Rock $ Roll Hall Of Shame.

Posted by Tony Clune on Sunday, 08.22.10 @ 17:44pm

Forget what I said, he dosen't deserve a place in the hall of fame.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 08.24.10 @ 14:33pm

For those who - and why I'll never understand - actually advocate the induction of Meat Loaf, are you also advocating the induction of Boston and Hootie and the Blowfish?

Posted by Wonderbread on Friday, 08.27.10 @ 08:18am

That should happened 34 years ago already. In 1977 When Bat Out Of Hell came out. He is a living rock & roll legend.

Posted by Marleen on Thursday, 05.12.11 @ 07:05am

He's shit without Steinman.
Also I don't see how that works Marleen considering there was no rnrhof back in 1977.

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 05.12.11 @ 12:16pm

Influence: Can't find much on this so I can't comment much.
Innovation: Nah, the whole rock as opera thing was done 8 years earlier by The Who.
Critical Respect: Absolutely none, they've never liked him.
Sales: Bat Out Of Hell was one of the biggest selling albums of al time.

So a One Album Wonder with little to no innovation or influence and no critical respect.
His chances aren't high.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 06.20.11 @ 16:30pm

You can usually tell the intellect and age of someone based on their opinions. If you think meatloaf can not sing, or has no talent; you are under 30 and have no concept of talent. Or you have an I.Q of 80. enough said.

Posted by on Friday, 09.2.11 @ 02:29am

Improving my previous rankings:

Influence: Yeah, his influence can be seen on hard rock/ arena rok. 15
Innovation: none, Boston did the whole anthemic rock thing before. 0
Critical Respect: Bat Out Of Hell is starting to get some but apart fromn that, not really. 10
Sales: He's sold 50 million records worldwide, that's pretty damn good. 30
+5 bonus for Bat out Of Hell

60, the very minimum for being induction worthy.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 10.29.11 @ 14:10pm

Meat Loaf IS rocknroll he's the very spirit of rock!seems like some people wouldn't reqognize a genuine muso if he stood up and beat them over the head with his guitar..and by the way he doest need Steinman has often done very good work without him.Also music is NOT a beauty contest,being overweight has nothing to do with his unbelievable talent,that being said though personally I've always thought he was sexy as hell..

Posted by elmarie on Sunday, 03.18.12 @ 01:42am

Meatloaf should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Posted by JS on Sunday, 05.27.12 @ 22:25pm

if Prince and abba are in (gag) how can you not put meat in

Posted by ltjfleetwood41 on Thursday, 06.17.10 @ 13:06pm

What's wrong with Prince, ABBA and Meat Loaf? Are you kidding me?

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 10.27.12 @ 15:10pm

What kind of loser hates abba, meat loaf and prince?

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 10.27.12 @ 15:20pm

that guy was actually supporting Meat Loaf. Personally, not my thing... Prince, I like about half the songs by him I've heard. I think "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" is an absolute underrated gem. ABBA--flat out love.

Posted by Philp on Saturday, 10.27.12 @ 16:01pm


Well Prince and ABBA are still great.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 10.27.12 @ 17:01pm

Aww come on, Meat Loaf deserves more than just "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" inducted, show some love for "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad," and/or "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth" and/or "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)."

Also, he's pretty much the King of Long Song Titles, it ain't easy beating "Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer than They Are."

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 12.27.12 @ 04:34am

How come Meat Loaf isn't in? He's one of the biggest acts (what, 350 pounds?) in the music industry! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Posted by Joe on Friday, 01.4.13 @ 00:18am

Meatloaf is a unique talent. I've always liked the power in his voice. He puts his entire heart in every song. Like the songs Objects in the rearview mirror & Rock & Roll Dreams Come True.

He definitely will be nominated since he is the age of some of the RRHOFers & he's respected by some on the committee. He probably doesn't get inducted though. KING

Posted by KING on Wednesday, 01.29.14 @ 16:26pm

He blows. One gimmick album with some of the dumbest "story-line-songs" I've ever heard. Rivaled almost only by the likes of "Pina Colada." And I remember when he came out and it was just as dumb then.

Just stop people.

Posted by matt on Thursday, 03.10.16 @ 20:03pm

Whew. For a while there, I thought that Meat Loaf would be the next posthumous HoF nominee.

Posted by Joe on Friday, 06.17.16 @ 22:17pm

WTF? Loaf is an 80's power-ballad GOD. MosDef deserves in HOF!

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 08.3.17 @ 17:37pm

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