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Come On Eileen (1982)

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Will Dexys Midnight Runners be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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they only had 1 stupid hit

Posted by martin on Saturday, 10.14.06 @ 01:03am

Don't think one novelty hit counts much for innovation and influence

Posted by TJWood59 on Wednesday, 12.20.06 @ 22:58pm

Those comments above are obviously made by people who know precious little about music.

Get yr facts right. Dexys had two number ones and other hits plus three influential LPs . And were are outstanding live. They have a lead singer who is a total one off.

Influence on the Kaiser Cheifs Franz Ferdinand The Rumble strips the Kooks the Proclaimers need I say more.

Posted by Ange on Tuesday, 04.3.07 @ 15:59pm

36% chance of induction? I can understand with bands like MBV, but come on, FRH....

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 03.16.08 @ 07:06am

I have a friend who threatens to smash his car radio if "Come On Eileen" is ever played on it!

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 03.16.08 @ 08:11am

"I have a friend who threatens to smash his car radio if "Come On Eileen" is ever played on it!"-Terry

I guess he must not like them...ROFL!!! Man, that's hilarious!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 07.24.08 @ 17:47pm

I am an absolute Dexys fan since 1980, and hope they will go a gig again in the near future, but I can understand "I have a friend who threatens to smash his car radio if "Come On Eileen" is ever played on it!"
...burn it down

AKA Geno

Posted by T. Andre on Friday, 01.2.09 @ 06:28am

Can anyone explain to me how '80s few hit, new wave, wonders Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Dexys Midnight Runners have such high induction chances?

Posted by Dude Man on Thursday, 06.18.09 @ 08:20am

A 37% induction chance for Dexys Midnight Runners is a better joke than anything I could ever hope to come up with.

Posted by joker on Tuesday, 11.3.09 @ 09:12am

Dexys Midnight Runners have a 37% chance here?

Alice In Chains... ALICE IN CHAINS! only have a 19% chance...

Will someone please explain how this happened?

About all I can think of is that the Eileen they mention in song is now a member of the voting committee...

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 11.4.09 @ 06:08am

Seriously?!?! 37 percent induction chances?!?! Wanna fill me in prognosticator because I must be missing something!

Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 11.5.09 @ 17:24pm

"Come On Eileen" is great in my opinion. I'll do some research now to see if they have any I & I... I just checked Google, and the first page isn't bringing up anything. I say no then.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 06.29.10 @ 19:01pm

Anyone who thinks they only had one hit or one good song is not qualified to make any comments on this subject matter.

This band does not, in my humble opinion, deserve a spot in this somewhat hallowed hall, but that does not mean they were not a good and/or influential band. They were actually a very entertaining band, very unique, and a band never one to settle with status quo. Well known for changing their image and their sound, they were no afraid to take chances.

Kevin Rowland was the main driver for the band, and his energy and enthusiasm is still captured in most of his solo activities. Give them a chance...they might just grow on you...

Posted by Chris Aug on Thursday, 07.15.10 @ 11:28am

Now those are some suspiciously high induction chances...

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 01.19.11 @ 13:42pm

Dexys Midnight Runners were a great band and those who think they are one hit one wonders are sadly misguided. Don't Stand Me Down is a masterpiece.

Dexys(as they are now known) have just released their fourth album to rave reviews with Uncut hailing it as the album of the year.

Posted by Daniel G on Saturday, 06.23.12 @ 08:12am

"About all I can think of is that the Eileen they mention in song is now a member of the voting committee.."

Frickin' hysterical! ROFLMAO.

Posted by Bullsh*tter on Friday, 01.25.13 @ 20:17pm

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