XTC and the Rock Hall

In a recent interview, Andy Partridge, lead singer of the band XTC, responded to a question about his band's exclusion from the Rock Hall.

AVC: The A.V. Club recently did a feature weighing the possibility of various bands making the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. We said XTC wouldn't make it. Do you think it will?

AP: I hope not! Hard Rock Café sent a letter asking if they could have one of my guitars. I just said, "Fuck off! Of course not, I bought that, you go buy one." No, we won't make the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. You know why? Because it's down to sales figures, ultimately, and we never sold that many records, because we were too off-the-wall for most people. A lot of people really don't like what we do. I don't think it's anything unusual. I think it's kind of interesting pop music. It's guitar, bass, and drums. It's really pretty damn straight stuff. But for some reason, people think I'm expecting them to eat barbed-wire salad with fetus in it.

Partiridge dismisses his chances too quickly. As allmusic.com says, "XTC's music stands as some of the best and most influential pop of their era." It may take ten years, but XTC may be one of the bands that will get recognized for their musical legacy.
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