Rush finally featured in Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone magazine has notoriously ignored Rush over the years, but the band has finally been given a feature article in the current issue. Rush fans have long felt that because of the close link between Rolling Stone and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that Rush has been blackballed by the Rock Hall Nominating Committee (Supposedly, Jann Wenner has declared they would get inducted over his dead body). So now that Rolling Stone has given the Canadian power trio some attention, will that change their fortunes with the Hall of Fame?

The band was asked about their being snubbed by the Rock Hall in the article:

Self-effacing poise may be rare to arena rockers, but like Green Party candidates and Nascar heroes, the members of Rush have adjusted to both idolatry and disregard.  Just prior to tonight's dinner, they were once again snubbed by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which instead inducted no greater rock luminaries than the Dave Clark Five. But Rush seem convincingly unfazed.

"I just keep saying we're too young to be in there," says [Geddy] Lee.

"Yeah," says [Neil] Peart.  "Unlike all those other people, we're still working."

"I think it upsets our fans,"  allows [Alex] Lifeson.  "It's a big issue for them."

Guitarist Alex Lifeson also talked to recently about the issue:
"It doesn't matter at all," Lifeson says. "If we were inducted it would mean we'd probably have to go up there (to Cleveland) and play there."
Some Rush fans have resigned themselves to the idea that Rush will never get in, so they petitioned for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which Rush was given this year.
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