Ric Ocasek on the Colbert Report

The Cars' lead singer, Ric Ocasek, was recently on the Colbert Report and was asked about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:
Stephen Colbert: Why aren't you guys in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Is it because you used steroids? Did you juice?

Ric Ocasek: You know I really don't know. I don't know if I want to be in it.

Stephen: Really?

Ric: But if I did want to be in it, I don't know why we're not in it.

Stephen: There's no award I wouldn't accept. Can I have it if they give it to you? Can I have yours?

Ric: Well, yeah. I'll bring it in and you can put it up there.

The infamous Colbert Bump hasn't worked yet on the last band Colbert championed -- Rush -- although they have since been seriously considered by the Rock Hall Nominating Committee.

The Cars (and Rush) are included on our list of the Rock Hall's Biggest Snubs.

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