Quincy Jones Blackballed by Jann Wenner?

Perhaps the most glaring omissions in the Non-Performer category of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has to be legendary producer Quincy Jones. FoxNews.com reporter Roger Friedman recently asked Jones about why he wasn't in the Rock Hall:
[Jones] told me he'd given up on being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, possibly because Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner hadn't liked it when Jones started Vibe magazine. This week, for the zillionth time, Jones was overlooked despite his enormous contribution to rock, R&B and jazz.
The Wenner blackball is really the only logical explanation for the absence of Jones from the Rock Hall. Given his career, he is certainly deserving of the Non-Performer honor if not the Lifetime Achievement award.

Friedman is a little premature in stating that Jones has been passed over again this year since the Sidemen, Non-Performer, and Lifetime Achievement awards will be announced in January with the inductees in the Performer category. It is still unknown what the selection process is for those other awards, but they are presumably picked by a select few members of the Nominating Committee along with Wenner.

Update: From the comments, Joe has another possible reason for the Quincy Jones snub:

A listing in "The New Book of Rock Lists" (Dave Marsh and James Bernard, 1994, p312), in a subchapter titled "Worst Career Moves", suggests a different reason: Jones was selected to give the speech inducting Neshui Ertegun into the Hall. The speech "said little about Ertegun but a great deal about himself...[mostly] concerning his own qualifications for the Hall. Those twenty minutes probably cost Quincy whatever chance he may have had for induction, at least during his lifetime, since all inductees give speeches and nobody's about to risk sitting through another of his." (Any spelling or grammatical errors are mine.)
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