Heart wants to break into the "brotherhood"

Heart are one of the few female-fronted rock bands who consistently mentioned as snubs for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Although they have been eligible since 2001, they have never been seriously considered by the Nominating Committee. Singer-guitarist Nancy Wilson still has faith they'll get in someday:
Wilson adds that she hopes recognition from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame comes next, though she feels it's hardest to come by, especially since they're a female-fronted band.

"It's harder to be taken seriously by the brotherhood. So it might take the Hall of Fame people long to figure it out," she says. "But we're serious about our art, and there's no band like this: an original, authentic, vital rock band. People realize it more now and appreciate it."

Wilson isn't kidding when she talks about the Rock Hall as a brotherhood. Fewer than 15% of the artists who have been enshrined are women or have a woman in their group. Whether or not that's a fair representation of the overall rock artist population, we're not sure. The Rock Hall does like to keep women in mind when making its nominations -- there has been a woman or woman-fronted group nominated every year since the Rock Hall's inception in 1986.

Heart aren't among the artists we're predicting will be nominated this year, but the Nominating Committee has been known to throw curveballs in the past, so anything is possible.

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