Alice Cooper: "I'm the Pete Rose of Rock and Roll!"

Alice Cooper was on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Monday, and the subject of Cooper's exclusion from the Rock Hall came up:
Craig: Hey, I wanted to ask you something. This is something that came to my attention today. And I am furious, furious about this. Wait until you hear about this, you're going to lose your minds with rage. You're not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Alice: No.

[audience gasps]

Craig: Ah! I can't believe that! They've got Madonna in there! They've got that Alf the alien puppet in there! I can't believe that. Did you piss someone off?

Alice: I must have stepped on someone's glasses or something. No honestly, I don't know how they work it. It's not a popularity contest.

Craig: Clearly!

Alice: It's who they decide that's going to be in the Hall of Fame. The longer I stay out the better the story gets. Because apparently I did something really bad to somebody. I can't imagine what.

Craig: What you mean is you can't remember what.

Alice: I've been a model citizen in rock and roll. I think the best thing in the world would be to get kicked out of the Hall of Fame.

Craig: What are they going to kick you out for, "You were using drugs when you were making that music!" "Yeah, yes I was."

Alice: I'll tell them,"I haven't had a drink in 25 years. You're outta here!"

Craig: Yeah, that would be it. You weren't using drugs. You claimed you were using drugs, but you weren't. "Get out."

Alice: Everyone thinks it's a popularity contest, and you can call in and vote. You can't. You get nominated and then you get either in or you're out. I'm sort of the Pete Rose of rock and roll right now. And I didn't even bet on my band.

A full 95% of Future Rock Hall voters believe Cooper should get in. The Nominating Committee has certainly discussed Cooper in the past, but he has never made the final ballot.

Alice Cooper's quip that he's the "Pete Rose of rock and roll" doesn't seem quite right since he's not being kept out of the Hall of Fame because of a scandal. Who is a better baseball player comparison? Andre Dawson? Jim Rice? Bert Blyleven?

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