Todd Rundgren

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 1995 (The 1996 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? Yes  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2020 (ranked #21 in the Non-Performers - Producers/Engineers category) .

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Something/Anything? (1972)

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Hello It's Me (1972)
I Saw The Light (1972)
Can We Still Be Friends (1978)

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Will Todd Rundgren be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Todd not only has had a visionary and varied
career of his own in the recording and music
video industry (look it up, it contains
many firsts and innovations) but he produced
hit after hit for other artists ranging from
"Bat Out of Hell" for Meat Loaf to Badfinger,
Hall & Oates, Steve Hillage and many, many
more; he left Top 40 behind when it posed
no more challenge to him and became a leader
in direct to consumer marketing. In concert,
he pioneered interactive experiences and is still
one of the best guitarists on the live stage!!

Posted by Donley Niskanen on Thursday, 02.22.07 @ 13:22pm

Todd is so great on so many levels. From Nazz, to being a solo artist, to Utopia, to producer of groups like Grand Funk, Los Lobos, Cheap Trick, and Meat Loaf, Todd has consistently shown his value to the industry. Bring him into the fold.

Posted by Bob on Friday, 02.23.07 @ 06:08am

This is the most glaring omission in the Rock n Roll Hall...a real mistake not to include Todd Rundgren...Just look at his 40 year career in Rock and listen to his music, all written and mostly performed by just him and you will know he is a genius...

Posted by james dougherty on Tuesday, 05.15.07 @ 23:34pm

I think Todd himself sums it up best:

A Wizard
A True Star

Posted by SG on Sunday, 06.24.07 @ 01:19am

How on Earth is Todd Rundgren still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? The man is a true visionary with both his music and the production work he has done. With this newest list of inductees just released it becomes crystal clear that it is time for a new induction comittee, some people that actually understand music!

Posted by debsmisto on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 05:41am

Todd is just as big as Jimi Hendrix, as much as a cult favorite as a mainstream favorite. Todd is a real producer, a real musician (many instruments), a fantastic singer, someone who never allowed himself to become a slave to the silly music industry meatheads (or should I say "onionheads"). Rundgren is as forward - thinking as they come, long before the words "new wave", "prog rock", etc., entered the lexicon. Todd's music has always been anthemic for every album reflected the changes we went through over the years. Please give TR honor he deserves!

Posted by kosty on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 07:34am

Todd's music is amazing, he has written, played, sung and produced the Greatest music over the last 40 years.
He still can surprise with new inspiration on each new album release. He is still leading the music industry even after 40 years and deserves some credit from the Rock and Roll hall of Fame. Some of these new nominees are just silly!

Posted by old music fan on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 02:41am

Todd not being in the Hall is a good thing. It continues to show that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has not even the slightest bit of credibilty and displays a complete lack of anything resembling integrity. It is a farce of an honor to be in that building without the likes of Todd Rundgren.

Posted by Mark B on Sunday, 12.2.07 @ 20:18pm

I saw Todd about 40 years ago in a bar in Chicago,I seen him in concert about 25 times, have every album and video. I appreciate his talent. I apprecite his consistent efforts to explore musicical bounderies. Being a fan, I feel special, that "I get it". I get great pleasure when I introduce people to his music, and they remark "This is the Hello its Me/ Bang on the Drum Guy?, Most of rock music is recycled, rehashed, crap. It's made for sheep.
Todd will remain to be a positive force in music
and in life with or without entry into RRHF.

Posted by Thom K. on Friday, 12.14.07 @ 11:07am

When you consider his work as a songwriter, performer, producer, and music video pioneer it truly is a travesty that Todd is not in the Hall of Fame. To think that John Mellencamp gets in and Todd doesn't says a lot about the whole business.

Posted by john m on Friday, 12.14.07 @ 13:28pm

Should be in as a producer, at the very least. On Something/Anything, he completely conquers pop and every variation of it that he could find.

Posted by Kit on Wednesday, 12.26.07 @ 13:27pm

Todd Rundgren has out lasted most of this peers, he still is a wizard and a true star.

Posted by Doug S. on Monday, 03.10.08 @ 18:10pm

Let's push the petition...we need more signers!!!

Posted by marc on Wednesday, 03.12.08 @ 12:31pm

I'd vote for Todd Rundgren simply on the basis of the fact that he made the motorcycle sounds on Bat Out of Hell. And of course, "Bang on the Drum." But seriously, he is a great guitarist.

Posted by Metalsmith on Wednesday, 03.12.08 @ 12:42pm

Todd's long and distinguished career speaks for itself. He has adopted a variety of styles and is multi-talented - including singing, song writing, guitar and keyboard playing, and producing.

Posted by Scott Sheppard on Saturday, 03.15.08 @ 11:46am

Well, let's see, he's the best...ever...and yes, that includes the Beatles, brilliant as they were...yea, he deserves to not only be "in", but at the top of the class. If he were black, he'd have been in long ago...politically correct BS that the R&RHOF is. And them's the facts--

Posted by Leif Wailliams on Saturday, 03.22.08 @ 12:09pm

Well, let's see, he's the best...ever.

Best ever? Okay, if you think so. Better than the Beatles - you scare me me Leif.

Posted by Dameon on Saturday, 03.22.08 @ 23:15pm

A true genius...Todd's music matters more now than ever...Power pop, soulful balladeering, prog/rock virtuoso, goes on and on...Guitar hero of the highest order....."The Chrysler building fell in my yard"...jeez...he's prophesying as well....Come on Rock Hall.....W A K E U P !!!!!!!!!!

Posted by chris rodriguez on Friday, 03.28.08 @ 17:02pm

Todd's contributions to rock'n roll go way beyond the incredible catalog of music he has written and performed. His production of some of the most memorable performances in rock history holds up incredibly well against any current Hall member. Add to that his accomplishments as a pioneer in the music video industry and the digital music distribution world and you'd think he would have gone in during his first year of eligibility. However, if that's not enough... consider his longevity, 40 years and counting putting out quality release after quality release. His most recent release "Liars" was met with critical acclaim worldwide. In this day and age where so many older artists rehash and rerecord the same material that made their careers 20+ years ago, Todd has never rested on his laurels and continues to explore new territory. It's time to honor one of rock's greatest contributors... put Todd Rundgren in the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by twright on Monday, 03.31.08 @ 13:29pm

I doubt if Todd gives a rat's ass about being in the R&RHOF. He has never cared what others think. He is a true pioneer. The best are never recognized in any industry or corporation.

Posted by bilbo on Tuesday, 05.27.08 @ 19:46pm

Please give the man his due.

Posted by majoriot on Saturday, 06.14.08 @ 07:22am

Todd should be in. Where I like the Talking Heads and Blondie, I think Todd's many musical contributions should have gained him admission prior to those bands getting in. He was an innovator of rock long after that initial wave that featured Elvis, Buddy, Beatles, Chuck Berry and all those guys crested over. Sure, he didn't start it, but he sure keeps it interesting.

Posted by popguru on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 21:31pm

it's a bad hoax that he hasn't been inducted yet. he's a pioneer. forget the hall if todd ain't in it.

Posted by tuttle on Sunday, 07.6.08 @ 06:09am

Todd Rundgren is a talent of the highest order. Few in rock history have approached his greatness in so many areas. Todd has never been much of an ass-kisser. Maybe that is why he is not in yet. That being said the Hall has zero cred until they induct him.

Posted by rockfan101 on Wednesday, 07.16.08 @ 18:30pm

Todd Rundgren's career speaks for itself to put him under Lifetime Achievement Award. He could have been inducted as a performer only with the album that catiputed him as superstar with "Something/Anything" and the hit song "Hello It's Me which still is a timeless hit still playing either the radio and internet. But Todd chose the innovative path on the producer side creating hits with the New York Dolls, Meatloaf, The Psyhadelic Furs,the New Cars,etc. He was a innovator creating music videos that helped paved the way for MTV and also saw the potential of the internet to listen and download music and also post our reasonc why should be inducted

Posted by erayman64 on Friday, 07.25.08 @ 01:31am

The R&RHOF doesn't have the guts to put in a guy like Todd. There whole induction process is a big joke!!

Posted by Eric on Monday, 09.1.08 @ 22:21pm

Todd Rundgren deserves Hall of Fame status. However, I agree with the one who stated the RRHOF is mostly a joke. Hey, I get it when the main criteria is "influence and significance" which I understand will leave out greater musicianship including vocals and anything too complex for the masses. Basically, if it doesn't reach the masses, it can be neither influential nor significant. Still, it seems a shame to me that the powers that be go so darned crazy with this that they feel that BOTH the Ronettes and Phil Spector belong! Similarly ridiculous inductees are aplenty.

Posted by Gig on Saturday, 09.6.08 @ 10:34am

I'm not sure you could name any artist more talented or one who has produced more creative, innovative material over so many years. It is perplexing to me how someone so gifted could have been overlooked for so many years.

Posted by Tim on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 14:07pm

According tho the numbers I'm seeing here, he's actually fairly close to getting in. He's perennially considered and needs Just One Victory!

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 10.1.08 @ 14:46pm

Leif, you contend that, if he were black, he'd be in the HOF!? Dude, they've neglected just as many groundbreaking black artists as white artists who contributed greatly to rock and roll and pop-rock music (I say that only because someone can get techincal and claim that any particular genre isn't rock & roll). Why did it take so long for the O'Jays to make it in? What about the Commodores, Whispers, Bar-Kays, Bill Withers, Stylistics, Spinners, Rod Temperton as a producer, Ashford & Simpson for songwriting and overall major contributions to music? There are so many influential funk & r&b groups from the 70s who haven't made it in yet. And for those who argue funk and soul artists shouldn't be in, you need to have your head analyzed. Black music is the root of rock and roll, even if it branched off in a direction that found its audience largely in the black community in the 70s and 80s. And no, I'm not talking rap either. Anyway, let's hope Rundgren gets in, but if he doesn't, he's probably better off not being in. The snobs at the RRHOF suck. That's why I admire Joni Mitchell for doing what she did.

Posted by Todd on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 17:38pm

yes i am waiting for years now come on .JUST DO IT before the RAPTURE OK?

Posted by mike elvis pasko on Tuesday, 10.21.08 @ 17:12pm

Todd should have a wing in the hall of fame, not only as a performer and songwriter but as a producer. His music has stood the test of time, and his omission, is a true shame.

Posted by jbg on Thursday, 12.11.08 @ 20:06pm

Todd Rundgren would seem to be the very embodiment of rock and roll - I was shocked when I realized he wasn't already in. Would love to be a fly on the wall for the pro-con discussions at the HOF.

Posted by estivator on Saturday, 12.27.08 @ 13:44pm

Todd should have his own Hall Of Fame named after himself.

Posted by bob on Wednesday, 02.4.09 @ 07:46am

TR was at one time one of the best songwriters in America. His songwriting was up there with Carole King, Laura Nyro, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Elton John and other early 70's artists that started the singer-songwriter genre.

I think when he played pure pop like "We Gotta Get You a Woman" and his Runt era music he was untouchable as far as being a songwriting machine.

His "Something/Anything" recording is one of the best double albums of all time.

I think as he moved into the seventies he became slightly selfindulgent on sound rather than substance. His "Todd" & "Wizard/True Star" are great recordings, no doubt, but there is a "druginess" to them that doesn't come off as sincere as a Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin recording from that era.

Utopia had some brilliant moments within their recording career. "RA, Communion With The Sun" is an uplifting rocker that takes you very high, all the way to the Sun. "Hiroshima", while very political and apologizing for the use of Atomic weapons at the end of WWII is a scary song that Todd sings his ass off and plays guitar licks that scream the pain of the incineration at Hiroshima

He also wrote a lot of funny songs, stuff like "LP's worth of Tunes", "Bang The Drum", really wierd unconventional stuff.

If being musically brilliant and being able to make commercial records as well as progressive records is a qualifier for the RHOF than Todd should be right up there. He's as original as they come. He is one of the most talented rock musicians who ever recorded.

Posted by Ed on Friday, 03.6.09 @ 16:08pm

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will not be
a credible institution until Todd is recognized
for the incredible artist and contributor to the
music industry that he is.

Posted by Kevin Wall on Friday, 06.5.09 @ 10:19am


Posted by 897 on Monday, 06.15.09 @ 21:35pm

The forthcoming Susanna Hoffs/Matthew Wweet album "Under The Covers, Vol 2" includes two Rundgren covers. "Hello It's Me" and "Couldn't I Just Tell You"

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Tuesday, 06.23.09 @ 00:12am

Look at the resume. Look who nominated him.
(when a Beatle says he's in...then he's in)
Amazing, as said repeatedly, that "Rock's Rennaisance Man" hasn't been inducted...but, I don't think he frankly gives a damn. It's a popularity contest.

Posted by David on Thursday, 08.6.09 @ 16:57pm

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opens spotlight exhibit on Todd Rundgren

CLEVELAND (August 31, 2009) - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will open its latest spotlight exhibit focused on Todd Rundgren’s career, which spans more than four decades. This highlight exhibit case will be unveiled on Friday, September 4 and located in the Ahmet M. Ertegun Main Exhibit Hall.
This exhibit will feature nearly 40 artifacts culled from Rundgren’s vast career as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, as well as his innovative works integrating music and technology. It will highlight his first Top 20 single through his work with Utopia, Ringo’s All Starr Band, the New Cars, his production work for artists including Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Patti Smith, the New York Dolls, the Psychedelic Furs and Meat Loaf, his 60th birthday celebration, which debuted his album Arena, to his upcoming performances of the 1973 album A Wizard/A True Star in its entirety.
Highlights of the exhibit include:
· "Star Fever,” a Patti Smith poem included in first issues of A Wizard/A True Star, c. 1973.
· No World Order CD-ROM, the first interactive record album ever released, 1993
· "Mammon,” hand written lyrics from the Liars album, 2004.
· Todd Rundgren Back to the Bars Stage Outfit , c. 1978
· Utopia Promotional Ad and Backstage Passes, c. 1975
· New Cars All-Access Pass, 2007
Philadelphia native Todd Rundgren first began developing his musical skills as a teenager. Spending the late ‘60s as a founding member of the psychedelic pop group Nazz, his first solo Top 20 hit was “We Gotta Get You a Woman.” But it was the 1972 album Something / Anything?, on which he played all instruments, sang all vocal parts and acted as his own producer that catapulted Rundgren into stardom and set the stage for his parallel career as an innovative and record producer. Something / Anything? featured “Hello It’s Me,” which reached Number Five. His next two albums, A Wizard / A True Star (1973) and Todd (1974), ultimately led to the formation of the band Utopia in 1974. Utopia’s longest-standing members were Roger Powell, Kasim Sulton and Willie Wilcox and they continued recording and touring through 1992. Rundgren’s 1983 album, The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect included the hit “Bang the Drum All Day.” No World Order (1993) was the world’s first interactive record album and was also the first commercially available music that could be downloaded.
Rundgren has strong ties to the Cleveland area and to the iconic Agora music venue franchise. Throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, Todd Rundgren and Utopia played more concerts in the Cleveland area than in any other city in the United States. Carrying on the tradition, Rundgren is debuting his limited series of live performances of A Wizard / A True Star at the Akron Civic Theater on September 6 and 7, the first time this album has been performed in its entirety.

Posted by Roy on Monday, 08.31.09 @ 14:13pm

Well, Rundgren looking more like a solid candidate now. Maybe he'll make the 2010 ballot. Stay tuned folks, this is getting interesting.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 08.31.09 @ 14:33pm

Todd Rundgren Unveils His New Spotlight Exhibit and Meets with Fans

Hundreds of fans line up to meet Todd Rundgren and members of Utopia at the Rock Hall.
Labor Day was an exciting day for Cleveland and the Rock Hall. Todd Rundgren came to town to kick off the first two dates of his A Wizard / A True Star album tour. While in town, he also wanted to come by the Museum for the unveiling of his new spotlight exhibit which features a number of artifacts to tell the story of his career, including his Back to the Bars stage outfit and Patti Smith’s “Star Fever” poem, which was included in the first issues of A Wizard / A True Star. In addition to seeing his exhibit, Todd took time to see and meet his fans.
It was an exciting time in the Museum for fans to see an artist up close and an incredible amount of people stopped in for a photo and autograph. It’s hard to really capture the excitement of the people who came to the Rock Hall from all around the world to meet Todd Rundgren.
Along with Todd were his two of his band mates from Utopia, Kasim Sulton and Roger Powell, and his wife Michelle and son Rebop. Todd spent over an hour greeting his fans, taking photos and signing autographs. Following the signing, he did an interview on Sirius XM from our Alan Freed studio with Dusty Street.

Terry Stewart, president and CEO of the Rock Hall (right), poses with Todd Rundgren in front of his exhibit.
The event finished with Todd spending time at his exhibit, which has been a long time coming but worth the wait for an artist with such a great catalog of music and who has been on the cutting edge of digital recording and technology. We hope to welcome Todd back to the Museum in the near future to take part in our award-winning education programs.
It was fabulous that we had assistance of so many of Todd Rundgren and Utopia fans, especially Raquel M. Concepcion, that helped put this exhibit together. I hope that all of his fans make time to come to Cleveland and see this exhibit along with all of the other great exhibitions at the Rock Hall.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 09.19.09 @ 17:12pm

Without a doubt, Todd Rundgren is an artist that in every sense of the word should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To me, Todd Rundgren is the chameleon of musicians. The diversity of his musical style cannot be matched among any others who came before or who ever will live after. His technical innovations, as well as his ability to cut across all boundaries in the music business is unfounded. I have listening to Todd for over 35 years and I have seen him perform live at least ten times. I never go away disappointed because you never know what true colors you will find in his performance until you see him. Always an exciting act to follow. Always in the true color of a chameleon, a true wizard, a true star.
I say keep performing Todd and the hell with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rocking at the age of 60, too.
Michael P. Horne

Posted by Michael Horne on Thursday, 10.1.09 @ 19:15pm

Ya, as I look over the entire list here, This is probably THE most glaring omission.

Posted by kc on Friday, 12.18.09 @ 05:31am

I cannot believe that abba is more deserving than Todd Rundgren,Alice Cooper, Rush, The Steve Miller band, or Yes(Just to name a few). The rarhof is a joke! I honestly can't believe that abba had more influence in THE ROCK WORLD than any of these artist. It is truly a shame when a DISCO group makes it in the hall of fame before any of these LEGENDS. Actually, I would say it's more of a crime.

Posted by Mel on Monday, 12.21.09 @ 18:44pm

It is a crime that Todd is not already in the Hall. He should have been one of the first artists in. Because of his style of going against "the establishment/commercial formulas/traditional record deals etc" to record what HE WANTS and persues what is challenging to HIMSELF he has almost black listed himself, but doesn't care because he is a true artist following his own head. His talent as a multi instrumentalists/vocalist/writer/producer/engineervideo pioneer(ETC) makes me (almost physically)sick that he doesn't get the credit he deserves by the masses and within the industry itself. Only "True Educated Professionals" and his diehard fans know that his guitar chops are as good as anyone out there (past or present), and that he is one of the few musicians that can play everything so many of his albums are totally by himself. Todd belongs in this hall without a doubt. When you look at some of the artists that are already there, it is a slap in the face to anyone that actually knows and appreciates a true pro compared to someone else who just has a slick gimmick/look along with some talent that clicked and sold a ton of albums. Todd is a true genius that really doesn't care what the masses think of him. As long as he likes whatever his current project is and it challenges him as a musician I think he is happy, and the chips fall where they do.

David Smith - Novi(Detroit) Michigan

Posted by david smith on Monday, 01.4.10 @ 16:10pm

When you consider Todd's body of work over the years, it is stunning that he is not in. Sure, he could have churned out the hits if he wanted to. It's his musical versatility that makes him so interesting compared to his peers. I just hope this omission is corrected soon.

Posted by mark walters on Thursday, 02.25.10 @ 09:53am

Wow, another year has passed and still no induction to the HOF.
Truly a mistake, I can only assume that there is some political rational for Todd's continued exclusion. Whatever, Cleveland will have wait at least 12 more months before I return I always thought it smelled funny there anyway)


Posted by Ed (IKON) on Tuesday, 03.16.10 @ 12:34pm

His lyrics are timeless.

Posted by Terri Varela on Monday, 04.5.10 @ 14:16pm

Todd Rundgren is one of the most UNDERAPPRECIATED and creative musicians/songwriters/producers in Rock.
It is really a shame he's continuously boxed out of a nod into the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Alison on Monday, 05.10.10 @ 15:26pm

Todd is just as big as Jimi Hendrix, as much as a cult favorite as a mainstream favorite. Todd is a real producer, a real musician (many instruments), a fantastic singer, someone who never allowed himself to become a slave to the silly music industry meatheads (or should I say "onionheads"). Rundgren is as forward - thinking as they come, long before the words "new wave", "prog rock", etc., entered the lexicon. Todd's music has always been anthemic for every album reflected the changes we went through over the years. Please give TR honor he deserves!

Posted by kosty on Thursday, 08.19.10 @ 08:04am

So TR's not nominated again....must be the Death of Rock & Roll...

Posted by Willy on Wednesday, 09.29.10 @ 10:39am


Posted by Chalkie on Monday, 11.22.10 @ 16:58pm

The fact that Todd Rundgren is still not in the Rock and roll Hall of Fame is evidence of the fact that he is purposefully overlooked. His contributions to Rock Music as an artist, producer and music industry pioneer clearly make him a slam-dunk for induction.

The nomination process is controlled by a few individuals who are not musicians, such as founder Jann Wenner (who has filled the position of managing editor for Rolling Stone magazine), former foundation director Suzan Evans, and writer Dave Marsh, reflecting their tastes rather than the views of the rock world as a whole. A former member of the nominations board once commented that "At one point Suzan Evans lamented the choices being made because there weren't enough big names that would sell tickets to the dinner. That was quickly remedied by dropping one of the doo-wop groups being considered in favor of a 'name' artist...I saw how certain pioneering artists of the '50s and early '60s were shunned because there needed to be more name power on the list, resulting in '70s superstars getting in before the people who made it possible for them. Some of those pioneers still aren't in today." According to Fox News, petitions with tens of thousands of signatures were also being ignored, and some groups that were signed with certain labels or companies or were affiliated with various committee members have even been put up for nomination with no discussion at all. The committee has also been accused of largely ignoring certain genres.

Posted by Mike Mann on Thursday, 12.23.10 @ 23:47pm

Todd Rundgren is a true genius. Until he is inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame, I don't see it as a legitimate organization. He is only one of many pioneers who have been overlooked. It only means that the RRHOF is a truly dumb org. not worthy of attention.

Posted by mabs on Wednesday, 01.5.11 @ 19:50pm

Todd's not in the hall of fame????
You must be kidding.

Posted by Murph on Saturday, 03.5.11 @ 07:50am

He was not only a great artist, but also an influential producer, he should be in no question.

Posted by Pube on Thursday, 03.31.11 @ 17:15pm

Travistshamacrocy, B.S. TR should have been induducted yearssss ago!

Posted by Randy on Sunday, 05.29.11 @ 06:28am

But of course.

Posted by Chalkie on Monday, 06.27.11 @ 20:51pm

He will eventually be known as one of the greatest in Rock'nRoll. Rundgren has influenced and produced countless musicians, written and recorded inspiring and infectious songs, jams a guitar like no other, written a musical, was the first to truly use the studio as the instrument, pioneered innovative production techniques and video - this post would be too long if I truly went on with everything. He has done what so many can't do...he never compromised his artistic integrity - he isn't about creating persona ( except when he is mocking it )and he has done this at the cost of universal fame. He's doing it his way. When one takes the time to listen one will discover that Todd Rundgren sits at the table with Dylan, The Beatles, Paul Simon and other "legends." Lovely ballads, perfect pop, prog rock, alternative ( what ever that truly means), rhythm and blues, heavy metal and the undefinable - there is nothing this man cannot do.

Posted by David on Sunday, 07.17.11 @ 11:48am

For the life of me, I can't understand why Todd Rundgren isn't already in here. All you have to do is look over his career! This artist does it all!! He is a MASTER in all avenues of the music industry!!
yes....He does it all-----and yes.......he does it
Is that what the problem is???

All I know is I will continue to support this artist and spread the word how Todd belongs HERE!!

Posted by Cathy J on Sunday, 08.21.11 @ 16:55pm

Todd Rundgren absolutely belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As a great performer, songwriter and producer (including the 5th highest selling album of all time) he transcends the Hall's two categories of "Performers" and "Non-Performers".

Posted by T Nalli on Tuesday, 08.23.11 @ 10:31am

Todd is a Godd in the music industry and its high time he was recognized for it! The man does every kind of music under the sun, plays every instrument himself on his solo albums, as well as engineer, mix and produce wonderful mainstream hits for others. He is truly a musician's musician. I can NOT believe that the organization who prides its self on recognizing great contributors to our musical culture, continues to besmear-ch a 40+ year versatile career such as his. FOR SHAME HOF, FOR SHAME!

Posted by Tracy S/Arria on Tuesday, 08.23.11 @ 10:37am

when you look at some of the lightweights already included it defies belief that someone so goddam multi-talented has been left out. SHAME!

Posted by jefna on Tuesday, 08.23.11 @ 12:14pm

Todd Rundgren is rock's true Renaissance man. Who else can expand upon the experimental instinct of Stravinsky, the chordal language of Ravel, the technological acumen of Brian Wilson and George Martin, and the guitar wizardry of the classic American bluesmen all at once? His production credits alone should earn him a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; his sheer genius as a musical innovator should earn him a permanent place in the history books as one of the greatest American composers!

Posted by Ari Shagal on Tuesday, 08.23.11 @ 20:54pm

Todd is a walking, talking, breathing, living

RocknRoll Hall of Fame

Posted by Thom K on Thursday, 12.1.11 @ 12:35pm

Todd is truly deserving of recognition; at the very least he should be among the nominees! I think Yawn Wenner has it in for him.

Posted by Tom on Friday, 12.9.11 @ 14:29pm

He has excelled and contibuted on multiple Rock and Roll levels. He has written, performed, produced and sold more music and concerts than many current inductees. It is almost unbelievable that he is not in.

Posted by Jose on Friday, 04.13.12 @ 19:34pm

He didn't really do enough. His highest charting album reached number 29 and he had only one top 10 hit in his career, which is the only song people may recognize, Hello It's Me. Then again, with the Nyro induction all bets are off. He may have a better claim as a producer though.

Posted by astrodog on Friday, 04.13.12 @ 21:43pm

The reason Todd has been excluded has be on more of a personal political level than anything else. Someone on the nominating committee must just REALLY not like him, because I see a lot of parallels between him and Neil Young. Neither of them have ever let anyone else tell them what to do. Both made top 40 hits effortlessly during the 5 minutes they seemed to actually want to, but they both also seemed to get bored with it and decided to throw the idea of hits out the window and do whatever they wanted to. Both have also lasted over 40 years. The difference is, Neil got in about when he should have & Todd is still excluded. I have no idea what's going on. If Something/Anything and No World Order were the only two albums Rundgren made, he would be worthy of induction!

Posted by Scott on Thursday, 06.7.12 @ 20:55pm


Two drummers who worked with Todd Rundgren later were members of Bob Welch's power trio Paris. Thom Mooney played drums on all three Nazz albums while Hunt Sales played on Todd's first solo album, "Runt." Sales would replace Mooney in Paris.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Saturday, 06.9.12 @ 03:49am

Though I predict the HOF committee will pick Donna, KISS, Public Enemy, Heart, The Spinners, Stevie Ray Vaughn and (maybe) Rush for possible nominees this month, Todd Rundgren should get inducted just before he dies. I understand it would be tough to figure out because he qualifies as either a performer or songwriter/producer but he deserves to be in regardless.

Posted by Tim on Sunday, 09.9.12 @ 23:44pm

let's hope he gets IN

Posted by Happy on Tuesday, 09.11.12 @ 05:10am

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is a nice enough place. But done wrong on so many levels. Most obviously, Paul Revere and the Raiders and Todd Rundgren are not in. And Abba is in. And this year Kiss gets in. And the Velvet Underground are in. So I guess it is not just about sales. Look up the word creativity, you will find Todd Rudngren's mug. Let's put him in after Kansas and Billy Idol and Styx.

Posted by Boni Johnson on Monday, 03.17.14 @ 17:53pm

I'm putting this guy on my 'predictions' list at the end of the summer. As all have pointed out, he is overdue for the RRHOF. Sure, at one time he had his own exhibit inside the museum, but he has yet to be on the ballot. He would get in in a heartbeat. A couple of months ago I started listening to his classic album 'Something/Anything' and it has not left my CD player yet. Its an awesome album, needless to say. His other solo work stands out very well. And let's not leave out his collaborations with several artists, too many to mention. Some of them are in the HOF, so we know he's got connections that will help get him in. In fact, he recently toured with Ringo Starr as part of his 'All-Starr Band' last fall. Rundgren '16!

Posted by Jason Voigt on Sunday, 02.22.15 @ 23:25pm

Can't believe that Todd isn't in. He has more talent in one finger than many artists that are currently in the hall of fame. It's WAY past due!!!!

Posted by John L. on Friday, 03.13.15 @ 22:00pm

Saw Todd Rundgren perform in St. Louis last night for the first time. In one word, I would say the show was 'different'. Not sure if that's good or bad! If there's one thing I learned, its that Todd Rundgren can be bizarre and crazy at any time. Not just of now, but within the last 40+ years. It was a mixture of young and old, and the oldsters were very disappointed altogether. See, there was no band. Instead there was a dj, and it was an all EDM show. 80% of it was new material, but he did dance versions of a few of his old hits. I couldn't believe this was the same guy who produced Bat Out of Hell and sang lead with Utopia and Runt! I was very amazed he still has the moves and his vocals!

I put Todd on my 2016 Nomination predictions list for many reasons. To me, he is a rock legend. To some, he's just another classic rock act or just a jack-of-all-trades. He's long overdue to get in the RRHOF. He's collaborated with so many people, on and off the mic. Hell, he recently recorded with Red Peters! That goes to show how his craziness and diverse resume should get him in the Hall. The time is now.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Wednesday, 09.2.15 @ 21:58pm

Reflecting on why some are rich in my community, I stumbled on an insight into why Todd is not appreciated more broadly in the musical community: He solves the problems of the head and heart that no one else can figure out. Once achieved, his solutions are brilliantly acclamed, but many consider them too complex. The rich solve the simple problems that all can understand, the artists like Todd solve the problems that are too tough for most to figure out.

Posted by Jay Mearns on Friday, 05.20.16 @ 01:00am

I find it disgusting that Todd Rundgren is not in the RNRHOF. His talent is beyond words. Wake up and realize his contributions to the music world.

Posted by Cheryl Grec on Friday, 03.10.17 @ 10:34am

Laughable. That pretty much sums up the RRHOF. Just a pure joke the groups, individuals, writers, singers, musicians and producers that have been inducted when Mr. Rundgren is all of the above and more. F the RRHOF, Really Todd doesn't need it or probably want it.

Posted by Greg Steinke on Monday, 10.2.17 @ 23:23pm

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