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The La's (1990)

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There She Goes (1988)

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Will The La's be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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One perfect pop song does not a career make.

Posted by Jeff on Sunday, 05.27.07 @ 18:34pm

perhaps you're wrong to dismiss them Jeff. They've been championed by many as having 'started' Britpop

Posted by liam on Friday, 09.7.07 @ 15:02pm

Despite the fact that "The La's" album isn't nearly as influential as "Never Mind the Bollocks", I would say that it was an integral stepping stone for Britpop.

But, ofcourse, that suggests that the Hall will look at britpop beyond Oasis and maybe Blur.

Posted by l i a m on Wednesday, 12.26.07 @ 14:53pm

Apparently Pearl Jam have covered Timeless Melody live, and we all know that ol' Eddie Vedder is big friends with the Hall...

And still, they'll have no chance of getting in.

Just get their album, OK?

Posted by Liam on Thursday, 01.31.08 @ 18:17pm

"I must move fast, else the one-album-is-not-enough army will seize me...."

Posted by Liam on Wednesday, 02.13.08 @ 16:31pm

I really love that one album of theirs but it's just not enough for them to make it, I'm afraid. And unlike the Pistols who kick started a whole new era of popular music with their only album and a bunch of singles they're not as legendary and well known.
Now if their singer had killed himself instead of wasting away in oblivion and they'd made a movie about it things would probably look different. But then they still should have made a second album nearly as good as the debut.

Posted by denyo on Wednesday, 08.27.08 @ 15:43pm

The Album is in my top 10, I do not like the way that they are recognised just for one song (been covered too much).

Listen to the album and judge your self, Noel G said " I picked up where they left off "

Posted by David on Monday, 01.19.09 @ 22:14pm

That is a timeless pop song indeed. I reserve further comment until I do some research and listen to the rest of the album.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 07.21.10 @ 16:34pm

Oh, and as for them getting into the Hall: not a chance at this point.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 07.21.10 @ 16:35pm

I've just checked out the album; not as good as the hype makes it out to be but still good; Mavers is definitely a solid pop/rock craftsman. That said, I'm going to have to say no to the Hall. Alright, AllMusic lists 13 followers, and apparently they have influenced some Britpop and modern indie bands (apparently Noel Gallagher and Pete Doherty have cited them, but I haven't yet confirmed that,) but I'm just not sure whether their influence is really that large. Let's put it this way: Someone on The Stone Roses page was leaning "no" towards them being inducted, partially on the grounds that they felt the Roses were a "stepping stone after The Smiths rather than a real force." I think that's the case here (though I disagree with that person's assesment of the Roses, but that's another matter entirely.) It's true that the Sex Pistols got in with only one album, but that album was earth-shattering, and, again, I don't think the one La's album was that. Perhaps if Mavers wasn't quite as much of a perfectionist they could've finished that second album and maybe done more. They then could've maybe made an impact, and more importantly possibly broken through Stateside (it's not like they had the "too British" problem that The Smiths and Blur suffered from.) Instead they vanished, and now just pop up occasionally to tour. Did they maybe create a classic British guitar-pop bridge between the indie underground (and the success of The Smiths) and Britpop? Maybe, though one could just as easily give The Stone Roses that title. Just not important enough for the Hall, in my opinion. Still, you might find it worthwile to check out the album, even though they've got about a 2-5% chance of being inducted in this lifetime.

I also disagree with the idea that they started Britpop. I'd give Suede that credit, as do many critics. It's a matter of timing: The La's did "There She Goes" in '88, when it was merely about the indie underground (The Smiths had split a year before and the Madchester thing was still crystallizing) and nothing happened. Evidently they didn't fit in; there was a hole to be filled that The Smiths had left, and they didn't manage to fill it. Two years later, the album comes out. If the album had come out at the same time as "There She Goes" it may have made an impact, as that was the right time for that kind of thing. When the album came out, it was bad timing, as Madchester was booming, and that had captured the hearts and minds of indie fans. Certainly the album did well for an indie release (and "There She Goes", re-released, was a hit) but not as well as it would've done at another time. Suede released "The Drowners" and "Metal Mickey" two years later, and the timing was perfect: The whole Madchester thing was dying, and there was a void to be filled (The Stone Roses were going through their legal problems and Happy Mondays were splitting), and because Suede had a fresh and unique sound (like The La's) people caught onto them. The following year, their debut, which showed there were a new bunch, and it's unusually big success paved the way for the even bigger success of Parklife and Definitely Maybe the following year, and when that happened all hell broke loose and their contemporaries got a spotlight; ergo, Britpop had come into it's own. It was just bad timing for The La's, combined with the fact that they didn't record a follow-up.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 10.25.10 @ 14:13pm

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