System of a Down

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible in: 2023 (The 2024 Induction Ceremony)

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2033 (ranked #440) .

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Toxicity (2001)

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Chop Suey! (2001)
Aerials (2002)

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Will System of a Down be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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System has to be in there eventually. Their melding of styles and timely social lyrics make them one of the bast bands in the land right now.

Posted by Elwood on Friday, 09.1.06 @ 19:42pm

Of course system of a down's gonna be on the rock and roll hall of fame, they've already anounced that they exist

Posted by theamazingbender on Saturday, 10.14.06 @ 13:48pm

One of the most innovated bands that came out in the last 10 years. On top of the haunting and sometimes disturbing lyrics, you have a very visula band as well.

Posted by Mari on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 15:26pm

Mari, I think you meant to say "one of the most seemingly innovative bands to be forced down my throat by popular media," because otherwise, no, they're not.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 17:53pm

83%...think that Banana Terracotta Pie, Violent Pornography, Sugar, Y's that light up the sky, Self-Righteous Suicides, and rockin on the radios...will make the HOF. I doubt it.

Well, yeah, they've been difficult to classify. Some call it metal...others call it nu-metal...many today call them alternative-metal...but I don't think they've done anything to this point that makes the HOF-worthy...Rage on the other hand has with their politically charged music. By blending in rap with metalish riff and funk beats, they've created a sound and become quite influential.

Of course, 2023 hasn't come yet so they still got some time.

Posted by maplejet on Tuesday, 02.27.07 @ 11:31am

Too many fanboys from SOAD message boards have been visiting the poll. This band is the worst. If they stop making music now they stand a better chance of getting in than if they continue to crank out the feces laden music they excrete now.

Posted by Jonathan on Friday, 03.9.07 @ 12:05pm

no they should not go in, the only band like this that should get in is Faith No More, Mike Patton is SOAD's biggest influence and if FNM don't get in which I doubt they will, no nu metal band should get in. no korn, no slipknot, no SOAD. the only nu metalish band that has a chance should be disturbed they are actually getting pretty good now and getting away from nu metal, we'll see how big they get. Also SOAD is already broken up and they have the terrible aftertaste of their last single lonely day, that song was such a joke. looking at the eligible people for years 2016 and up though it is pretty much crap so they should probably jsut be inducting people they missed by then.

Posted by samaran on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 15:51pm

innovative- YES!
while their stuff can get a little weird sometimes, they've created brilliant music

Posted by lily on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 19:39pm

I personally believe that all the people on this site that find it necessary to put down system of a down, while praising run of the mill bands like disturbed should really take time to listen to system of a down, i would be hard pressed ot find a band that sounded anything like them, unlike disturbed who you cannot tell the difference between them and hinder or seether on most occasions.

Posted by PUNK on Wednesday, 03.28.07 @ 11:29am

They have already sort of become legends in their own right for having spiced up metal a bit with their middle eastern feel. Even though sometimes they seem silly and cartoonish with their songs, nobody else really sounds like them at the moment, so they have my vote.

Posted by Jamie on Sunday, 04.1.07 @ 21:40pm

easily one of the best bands ever

Posted by Random42 on Saturday, 04.7.07 @ 14:59pm

System of A Down are one of the best things that have happened to music! anobody who says wrong just doesn't know music.

Posted by PERSON on Sunday, 05.13.07 @ 10:12am

The only, ONLY decent band out of the whole Nu Metal genre. and the only band to have a fluke top 40 hit ("BYOB") to be not only what they actually sound like, but is also their definitive song (i mean the Dead's top 40 single "Touch of Grey" sounds NOTHING like anything else - save "Fire on the Mountain" - in their catalouge. "BYOB", however is the song that you will play if anyone asks "what does System of a Down sound like?"

Posted by Ryan Gibbs on Saturday, 05.19.07 @ 14:01pm

"i would be hard pressed ot find a band that sounded anything like them"

How about you buy a Rage Against CD?

Posted by liam on Saturday, 09.8.07 @ 07:53am

YAAY! I'm Not Saying This Because I'm a fan But
System OF A Down is like the best fricken band in the whole world. They are competly innovating!
i love SOAD!

Posted by SaveTHEanimals on Sunday, 09.16.07 @ 13:06pm

"They are competly innovating!"

*cough* Rage Against the Machine *cough*

Posted by liam on Tuesday, 09.18.07 @ 10:52am

System of a down sound nothing like RATM?! Lyrically they may fight for similar things but they do not sound at all similar.

Posted by Luke on Tuesday, 02.19.08 @ 15:30pm

yes they should get in there music is great they made almost a whole new music genre

Posted by the pac on Sunday, 06.1.08 @ 17:36pm

OK, four albums(stealthis album dont count, is is toxicity 2) is not very substantial for them, But if you just listen to their self title!! dang. Now that is some good stuff. I think daron got too butt wet about singing, wich he cant, and ripped it all apart. haha, Serj is now doing stuff with Buckethead, a new album coming out soon.

and yes, i vote at least taht album needs to have a spotlight on it.

Hail psychadelic METAL!

Posted by Bassist on Wednesday, 07.30.08 @ 12:26pm

my god, stop saying SOAD sounds like RATM. RATM, musically, sounds NOTHING like SOAD. for god's sake,RATM is basically rapcore

Posted by antiguy on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 18:29pm


I used to think System of a Down was awesome. Sugar, Toxicity (as an album), they were sick, awesome, metal man, hell yeah! Then I heard some of their new stuff. Lonely Day? Are you kidding me? That song is TERRIBLE!!!!

Posted by Jeebus on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 18:59pm

if system comes off there hiatus and makes another batch of albums thats are like there last 5 albums then they will for sure be on the balot for the Hall

Posted by Radar on Friday, 10.3.08 @ 23:41pm

ABSOLUTELY NOT. I swear to god... I can't stand any of their songs just because of Serj Tankian. I like the little tunes that the rest of the band plays(except for "Chop Suey" which has to be the most distorted, effortless songs ever made) but when Serj opens his mouth, I just feel a sudden urge to hunt him down and rip his lips off. I personally enjoy "Toxicity" quite a bit, but it's just Serj that gets to me... I think SOAD would be better off without him if they came off their hiatus. If they could get someone who has a better voice than Serj(or at least edit his voice even more on the album so it's actually enjoyable) then yes, I would say they deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame. But as of now, I think they do not.

This is all personal preference.

Posted by DavidOrr on Saturday, 10.11.08 @ 14:00pm

One of the most innovative bands of recent years with its sometimes hardcore and sometimes mellow sound as well as brilliant lyrics, I expect that System will be inducted.

Posted by Robin on Monday, 10.13.08 @ 19:20pm

System of a down is no doubt one of the best bands now a days (regardless that they are on Hiatious)...they should be there in fame for sure

Posted by shaj on Thursday, 11.13.08 @ 18:19pm

System of a Down ruled this decade and yes, they do deserve to be inducted!

Posted by Gary on Saturday, 02.21.09 @ 21:17pm

They should be a lock for induction in 2023.

Posted by S.R on Saturday, 03.21.09 @ 20:17pm

If there is ANY band that defined 2000s metal, it is THESE GUYS!

Music was stylish and innovative even though its a bit crazy, lyrics are AWESOME, they've got great chemistry, they were popular, what more can the HOF folks ask for?!

Posted by Antonio on Friday, 04.3.09 @ 05:39am

Well, influence. I have no idea how metal will develop in the next couple of years, but if it will contain many SoaD-influenced bands, they'll have a chance. Time will tell. For now, I give them the benefit of the doubt.

Posted by The_Claw on Friday, 04.3.09 @ 05:55am

Soad Owns All Bands.

Posted by Shinakin on Saturday, 04.18.09 @ 17:00pm

System of a Down and Rage Against the Machines are both fighting for the same things, for people to see the problems in society and do something about them. How they go about voicing their fights is completely different. Rage Against smashes the issues in your face (i.e. Bulls on Parade, Testify, etc.) so you know what they are talking about.
Which is fine, and i find to produce a great sound. System, on the other hand, songs are more thought provoking. So you have to think on a whole new level. And that can be difficult for simple minded people such as 'William' or 'Jonathan' to fully understand. And if that is the case with you, then I and everyone else who gets system implore you to either turn off your radios, change the station, or acctually really listen to their songs.

Posted by System 1 on Friday, 04.24.09 @ 10:20am

System of a Down covered a snipet of Madonna's La Isla Bonita in their concert. Sounds pretty amazing...

System of a Down - Chop Suey + La Isla Bonita (live @ RaR)

Posted by Gavroche on Friday, 04.24.09 @ 10:53am

Of course SOAD has got to be one of the most amazing bands ever, Serj is an amazing singer (whoever thinks otherwise probably listens to disturbed, come on their singer sucks)Daron is a great guitarist (he's number 32 i think) John is a badass drummer, Shavo is a genius with the bass, and their music oh god, Spiders, Highway Song, Marmalade, come on they have to be inducted, but if disturbed, or crappy seether gets in before SOAD, I will become a serial killer and murder someone, and no they dont sound like RATM at all

Posted by Omar Farfan on Saturday, 05.2.09 @ 22:26pm

Yes they should definetly get in best band in like the past 10 years who i actually would spend money on to buy there album Ratm is rap pretty much Disturbed gets really anoying after a while Seether sucks I have bought everyone of there albums and enjoyed everyone Steal this album was there worst but it is still way better than any other bands best album Ther music makes you think so don't say ther lyrics make no sense they just make you think really hard And serj Has One of the most unique voices i have heard I usually listen to classic rock but these guys turned me into a totall metal head they should definetly get inducted

Posted by Derek on Wednesday, 05.20.09 @ 17:16pm

They should get introducted easily best band out of that line up for that year

Posted by John on Wednesday, 05.20.09 @ 18:44pm

Disturbed? are you kidding. I'll give them a bit of credit for their first album. but come on, after that which song is from which album. Yes I agree Mike Patton should definitely be in the running if System is and I know that there is so many bands out there that mean many different things to many different people but how could nobody mention TOOL? I love system, rage, deftones, etc.... but imo they can't touch tool.... well? maybe deftones!

rock on droogies

Posted by justin on Saturday, 08.22.09 @ 20:33pm

Hands down a shoe in when the time comes. I hate to say it but it doesnt appear they will be reuniting, and if that is the case, it actually may be good for them, and will tell you why...

1. All five records they released went platinum and had radio hits on them
2. They went out at the top of their game with both Mesmerize and Hypnotize hitting #1 on Billboard.
3. They were able to keep the message they held throughout every album and it worked every time too!

Posted by J. Lewis on Saturday, 11.7.09 @ 14:30pm

rock on droogies
Posted by justin on Saturday, 08.22.09 @ 20:33pm

"Droogies" are actually Megadeth fans. As for System, they're a good band. Time will tell whether they deserve it.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 03.8.10 @ 17:54pm

these guys are the best band on earth today and if slipknot has more of a chance than them thats not cool because system of a down is way better because they got all there albums platinum and way more ppl listen to them than all those other prick inductees so eventually there gettin in but if they dont a lot of ppl are gunna be mad and most ppl who listen to rock are under the age of 18 and im one of them read this and think about it cuz im only 13 and i've been jammin there songs since i was a baby oh and search them on google they got 270,000,000 hits thats way more then any of these other inductees bands in
the website even Guns'N'Roses Sinceraly system head fr life

Posted by System_Head on Tuesday, 07.20.10 @ 13:49pm

INDUCT THEM! These Guys kick Ass!

Posted by Spider on Friday, 07.23.10 @ 16:55pm

System definitely deserves it. even if they're in hiatus, they've been around for a while. They're the only band I can listen to EVERY song of and enjoy. I only know one song by seether and imo disturbed just sucks. system of a down is the best band we've gotten in a long damned time and it would be an eyesore to see one of those crappy new age bands to get in. Their songs talk about stuff like the war on terror and require you to think. Even with their random-ass songs, you can still think of a reference to something through them. SOAD forever, induct them please

Posted by Trus3683 on Wednesday, 08.11.10 @ 23:21pm

these guys really deserve it give it to them!!!

Posted by Devon on Wednesday, 09.1.10 @ 23:13pm

oh and disturbed does not suck

Posted by Devon on Wednesday, 09.1.10 @ 23:14pm

They have a few good songs and thats about it for them.

Posted by Bob on Friday, 02.18.11 @ 16:11pm

System of a Down is 1 of my favorite bands

Posted by Mike on Friday, 03.18.11 @ 08:36am

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Posted by strikeforce betting on Tuesday, 03.22.11 @ 03:28am

Geez, I'm gonna be old by the time this happens...

Posted by Austin on Saturday, 03.26.11 @ 21:49pm

i think SoaD deserves to be on the RaRHoF way before bands like Slipknot, people are only paying attention to them now because Paul died

Posted by bums on Monday, 07.11.11 @ 15:28pm

They have some amazing stuff, but some of their stuff is absolute crap. Most of their stuff is something I wouldn't mind listening to if my friend was, but not something I would go out of my way to listen to. Their lyrics can be too weird that it pushes me away from listening. But I give them credit for sticking to what they like to do, they will never sell-out. The Hall of Fame could go either way for me.

Posted by bob on Monday, 07.25.11 @ 12:52pm

Personally lets just get all of they nay-sayers out right now. Forget Rage Against The Machine. They sound nothing like System for all the people who referenced them. Listen to all of System's albums in a row then listen to all of Rage's albums in a row. Nothing alike. Rage actually drove me insane as if it was the Nyan Cat 24-Hour Challenge all over again. And i agree that Rage shoves issues in your face and System uses logic to define the issues. No normal person can understand System or what they stand for. It takes time and dedication. Only when you fully understand System Of A Down can you realize the influence they've had on music over their career.

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 10.17.11 @ 16:29pm

"Personally lets just get all of they nay-sayers out right now." - Anonymous

I take it you're not much of a fan of freedom of speech then? This site is for discussion purposes, not a fan site. It would be pretty boring if all the posts on here were just fan drivel. Discussion is healthy. Just because there are some trolls on here spewing crap doesn't mean you need to sink to their level.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 10.17.11 @ 17:09pm

YES, all the way, they're great

Posted by MrFiction on Tuesday, 11.29.11 @ 09:36am

One of my favorite bands in the last 20 years, and one of the best live acts of this generation. Having seen them twice (both at Ozzfests), they always brought a high-energy show. To me, their first two albums were great, and the followups were so-so. No matter, they have defined themselves greatly and hopefully by 2023 the Rock Hall will be much more kind to hard-rock.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Tuesday, 01.3.17 @ 21:26pm

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