Stone Temple Pilots

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Eligible since: 2017 (The 2018 Induction Ceremony)

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Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2021 (ranked #232) .

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Core (1992)
Purple (1994)

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Plush (1992)
Sex Type Thing (1992)
Creep (1992)
Interstate Love Song (1994)
Vasoline (1994)

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Will Stone Temple Pilots be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Put all the other major grunge bands in a blender and you get the bland sampler platter that is STP. Not to say that they were unlistenable, but they weren't exactly earth-shaking either.

Posted by Kit on Thursday, 05.24.07 @ 20:01pm

I think history will be kind to STP, but that doesn't mean it will be enough to get in. Weiland should get back together with those guys. Velvet Revolver kinda sucks.

Posted by Chuck on Thursday, 12.27.07 @ 21:10pm

I hear they are regrouping for a summer tour. What I don't know is if this means the end of Velvet Revolver.

I will say this, "Interstate Love Song" is excellent.

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 04.4.08 @ 14:24pm

For me, Stone Temple Pilots is one of the pillar rock bands of my generation. They are a shoe in here. They've had tons of hits, large tours, and many immitators.

Posted by Mountaineer on Tuesday, 07.15.08 @ 12:24pm

In my eyes, they deserve to get in. Everyone gives them crap for being bland and boring, but here is why i believe they deserve to get in.

1) They had tons of hits (Plush, Wicked Garden, Interstate love song, Sex Type thing, Big Empty, Big Bang Baby, Hollywood Bitch to name a few)

2) They had albums going platinum multiple times..Core 8x, Purple 6x, Tiny music 2x..which shows there are many others that love the music and indeed believe they werent just another "Bland" band.

3) Throughout their albums, they continued to establish their own identity. Each one became less and less bland, further carving themselves their own identity. They found a way to sound great and succeed without just "Following the leader".

Also....they do plan to release a new album at the end of this tour. This will definitely interesting..

Posted by Shannon on Tuesday, 08.5.08 @ 15:24pm

You know, I just realized after all this time I hadn't tossed in my two cents worth regarding STP.

I think they should get in.

That's pretty much my two cents worth.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Saturday, 09.6.08 @ 10:41am

If I add my 2 cents, that will give us 4 cents. I know everyone called them ripoffs when they first came out, but they progressed and made great music.

Posted by Dameon on Saturday, 09.6.08 @ 16:31pm

Absolutely. Weiland is one of the greatest frontmen of the '90s and continues to stay at the top of his game, even today. STP did what none of the other "grunge" bands were able to do - evolve and develop a more mature sound. They were able to experiment with different music styles, without being untrue to themselves or their music. They are one of the last TRUE Rock and Roll bands to survive.

Posted by Jessie on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 08:41am

STP for sure!!! They are one of the greatest and most consistent acts of rock's last great movement - grunge. They kick freakin ass!!

Posted by Mountaineer on Sunday, 02.15.09 @ 19:09pm

ACtually,they didn't release their first album until 1994,when grunge was in declining they're more of a post-grunge or alternative rock band.

Posted by S.R on Saturday, 02.21.09 @ 13:11pm

That is incorrect. Their first album, "Core", was released in 1992.

Posted by Jonny on Saturday, 02.21.09 @ 17:02pm

First album was great.
Second album was good.
Everything after that was forgettable.

Two word description? "Unfulfilled potential."

Posted by Dean on Thursday, 03.26.09 @ 12:18pm

I disagree with your last statement Dean. Tiny Music was memorable, easily ONE OF THE BEST Pop Rock records in the last 20 years and No. 4 was an awesome old fashioned Rock N Roll record...

Shangrila Dee Da was just ok however...

Posted by Antonio on Friday, 04.3.09 @ 05:30am

For me, STP was a band that, after listening to Megadeth and Motley Crue, I could soften my ears to STP, then Primus, then Pearl Jam.

Posted by pablo on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 16:47pm

They will be in for sure. They have many years ahead to strengthen their reputation as one of the best American rock and roll bands of all time. With their recent reunion and anticipated new record, I believe they will solidify their place by 2018. Easily one of the best live rock and roll acts in recent years coupled with many hits songs and also being one of the few acts still around from the 90's.

Posted by Jim on Thursday, 07.23.09 @ 10:03am

I think they are likely to get in however, I think its really going to depend on their new album if/when it comes out. If sales/reviews are good I think that puts them over the top and they get in. I will say I really like Weiland's last solo album. I agree with some of the other posters that the first 4 albums where very good.

Posted by poop on Friday, 11.27.09 @ 01:31am

I don't know "poop" I think it might be a long shot.

Posted by The Drummer on Friday, 11.27.09 @ 09:28am

I don't think they're Hall worthy at the moment, but that's why we have until 2017, for their influence to develop. I will say this: They had some of the 90's best singles, and broke away from being Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam soundalikes (like Creed) to develop their own sound; each single had a different feel to it. I'm not sure whether you could call them innovative, but Weiland's done a great job so far of staying clean on the reunion tour, and if he can keep it together it can go far beyond this new album, so they have a chance to really shake things up, and again, they might develop some influence before their time comes.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 02.16.10 @ 15:59pm

'Tiny Music' is a kickass album. They need 2 or 3 more of those to close the deal, IMO.

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 02.17.10 @ 07:09am

If there is one band that deserves it most, it is STP. There is not one unlistenable song on any of their albums. STP should make history. They are entertaining, enjoyable, the band is amazing and Scott can sing like no other.

Posted by Crystal on Thursday, 03.11.10 @ 06:53am

Crystal, you just about sumed it up! STP is one of the gratest bands I've heard! (next to Zeppelin...) Their talent exceeds them! ROCK-ON STP...ROCK ON!!!!!

Posted by Stephanie on Thursday, 03.11.10 @ 09:41am

I like these guys, but lets get real here. This is one of those bands that falls distinctly into the category of “good, but not great.” Really, all they did was follow the script.

Kickass debut. Solid follow up. Derailed by substance abuse. Reunion/Cash grab as the fans that used to be college kids are suddenly in their 30s and have that unique combination of disposable income and nostalgia.

There’s nothing wrong with this – tons of bands have done it. But if we’re talking about the greats, the immortals, whatever, then the answer is no. That’s not an insult. It’s simply an acknowledgement that the bar is high.

I’m sure there are plenty of fanboys who would be outraged that I dare look at this objectively, but the truth is they’re “just” a solid band, and solid isn’t good enough. The fanboys are the ones who are raving about Tiny Music. But if a tree falls in the woods…

I certainly think they had the potential to achieve greatness. In 1995, they were on a trajectory to achieve immortality. But the cold truth is that it didn’t happen. They’ll get plenty of “yes” votes, but so does Nickleback. OK, that was uncalled for - it’s not like they suck or anything. But “not sucking” and “Hall of Fame” are two very different things.

When you let in ham-and-eggers like STP, suddenly you find your standards have been lowered and you start letting in milquetoast shit like Abba and Genesis. Oh, wait.

Posted by Ralph on Thursday, 03.11.10 @ 10:40am

When you let in ham-and-eggers like STP, suddenly you find your standards have been lowered and you start letting in milquetoast shit like Abba and Genesis. Oh, wait.

Posted by Ralph on Thursday, 03.11.10 @ 10:40am

Please leave my countrymen in Genesis alone. Say what you will about them in the 80's but under Peter Gabriel they were one of England's most beloved bands, and they gave art-rock some new twists. I'm not really a fan but their induction was long overdue. I don't care about ABBA either, but if you allow Madonna and Michael Jackson you have to allow ABBA. I agree with the rest of what you said though. The fanboys will curse me out for this, but unless things really change they're going to stay in the "Worth Looking At But Will Often Fall Short", as opposed to Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, who's credentials are a full steak dinner (complete with delicious veggies, mashed potatoes, garlic toast and a bottle of wine.) At the very least, not before those four and their alt. contemporaries that got them to where they did.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 03.11.10 @ 16:05pm

I think STP falls in the "good, but not great" category. Even though their reputation has grown a bit over the years, does anyone really think of STP as rock legends? A band that made some terrific singles ("Interstate Love Song" is one of the best rock songs of the '90's). Also had some good under the radar songs like "Lady Picture Show" and "Days of the Week." In the end, I think they fall short.

Posted by Jason on Wednesday, 02.9.11 @ 22:56pm

IMO, 'Tumble in the Rough' and 'Big Bang Baby' are the best songs STP ever did.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 06:09am

Paul KY, you're someone who I respect from our other projects, do you think of STP as a HoF worthy act? And I'm really interested in the opinion of anyone who might have grown up at the time when they were at their peak.

For those of us who came of age during punk, then post punk and the 80s morass, and finally saw what we were into explode into the mainstream via Nirvana, and then saw STP and bands like that polish it into a mainstream sound it was a bit disconcerting.

For people my age, who grew up musically the way I did, STP was considered a joke. But it seems that to the people younger, who didn't grow up with the same influences, STP is considered to be a significant band. This debate came up in Rock Hall Revisited and I think that a lot of us who were a little older were surprised by the support for STP.

In a non-confrontational way I'm just really interested in what musically intelligent people (which you are) consider to be STPs selling points to be. And this goes for any of the regulars around here who might have grown up at a time where STP was doing their best work.

Posted by DarinRG on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 06:37am

I think they're alright. The best thing about them is their name. Sorta like to grunge what Styx is to prog. My favorite songs by them are the ones that are forgotten. Pretty Penny is hardly ever played anymore. I actually think they distinguish themselves better when they do straight up pop like Sour Girl than when they try to be heavy.

Posted by classicrocker on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 09:19am

"Sorta like to grunge what Styx is to prog."

I think this actually sums up my feelings on STP perfectly. This is really how they were viewed at the time.

On a side note, please come vote in the Album and Song projects, classicrocker, you have a valuable point of view that we could use.

Posted by DarinRG on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 09:39am

Darin, I voted for them in Rock Hall Projected. I don't think they are 1st ballot worthy, but during the early to middle 90s, they were one of the best rock bands around (IMO). I think they had 8 or 9 really good songs & 2 or 3 really good albums.

The new album (which is fine, but not as good as Tiny Music or Core) has helped their case a bit, IMO.

I'm probably not as much into influence & innovation as some of y'all are. I usually go by 'how many killer songs did they put out' and base my opinion on that (mostly).

I do learn a whole lot here by reading the excellent comments that you and others write. Some of you, I can't believe how young you are (considering the quality of your scholarship).

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 10:19am

Cheers, Paul

And that's what I was really looking for, an intelligent defense of STP beyond my own scope.

I still find Scott Weiland to be a poseur of the highest degree, but I think the other members of STP were solid.

Posted by DarinRG on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 12:09pm

"On a side note, please come vote in the Album and Song projects, classicrocker.."

Thanks very much for the invite, DarinRG.
I'll see what I can do over there, though it looks like most of what I struggled for years to induct in the Revisited Project isn't having much success there either.

Posted by classicrocker on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 14:27pm

In a non-confrontational way I'm just really interested in what musically intelligent people (which you are) consider to be STPs selling points to be. And this goes for any of the regulars around here who might have grown up at a time where STP was doing their best work.

Posted by DarinRG on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 06:37am

I'm not musically intelligent, but if you promise not to beat me up, I'll weigh in w/a word or two.

The first album was clearly an album of it's place & time, but it was done well, & the songs still hold up after 20 yrs. At some point I've heard at least half that album released as singles on the radio.

I thought "Purple" was pretty good, & I can't recall anyone really bad-mouthing them about being rip-off artists like some folks did after "Core".

Let me give you a story that I think sums it up. Years ago, when I got a copy of the "Tiny Music" album, my mom heard the song "And So I Know". Very jazzy, smooth guitar. When she heard it, she equated the song to the kind of music she'd remembered from an old radio show called "Doug Arthur's Danceland", which used to play music like this. She flipped out over it, & said the guitar tone that Dean De Leo was getiing was the best guitar tone she'd ever heard from any band I'd play. Along w/Santana, she considers this track the best rock guitar track out of anything she's ever heard - & she's heard a fair amount of stuff.

I figure they must have done something right!

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 19:49pm

I had forgotten the 'Purple' album. The song 'Vasoline' is really good, IMO.

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 02.11.11 @ 06:29am

"Sorta like to grunge what Styx is to prog."

Or what Coldplay was to indie, though I have heard similar kinds of things before. One was the idea that Pearl Jam were simply riding on Nirvana's coat-tails to success, a suggestion I disagree with. Or there is a completely different example. Allow me to quote:

"In the context of Oasis's ever-increasing success, the schism was reflected in Britpop's development: as of late 1995, it's more challenging aspects seemed to fall away, replaced by a shameless pursuit of the market. Worse still, the artful use of 60's influences was superseded by a very moronic kind of revivalism." - The Last Party by John Harris

I think that's the same idea with most movements: Something new comes along, and it's fresh and exciting, record companies cash in and it gets overhyped to huge degrees, people move on to the next thing... it happens with every movement. This doesn't apply to STP, in my opinion: They may have been fairly derivative in the beginning, but they managed to move forward musically. Interestingly, the whole record company cash-in applying to Seattle did come after STP blew up, and Core was basically a kind of polished version of some of the stuff that was coming out of Seattle. Therefore, I ask you: Did STP invent post-grunge? Or should Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains get the credit? Just something that crossed my mind.

I'd be fine with their induction from that perspective, plus they did have quite a sizable portion of great tunes (the newest album was pretty good).

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 02.12.11 @ 15:52pm

"Did STP invent post-grunge?"

Maybe not invent, (it was more luck than real ambition IMO) but they were the first.

"...then saw STP and bands like that polish it into a mainstream sound it was a bit disconcerting."

Fair enough, but the question beckons: Do those who popularized a style/moved it in a poppier direction have a place in the hall? I personally feel that those who take a style and popularize it are in fact participating in the perpetuation of rock and roll. And while Post-Grunge hasn't been the best of genres, its been rock radio's genre of choice for quite sometime, so that counts for something.

Scratch my opposition to them, they should be in when they're eligible.

Posted by Jim on Saturday, 04.23.11 @ 21:21pm

Yes... Core was a poppier version of what was going on in Seattle, particularly AIC and Pearl Jam. PJ also got knocked for being derivative and supposedly riding on Nirvana's coat-tails.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 04.26.11 @ 06:05am

STP are great. They put on a great hard rock show. They have some great songs: Interstate Love Song, Big Empty, Plush, Creep, Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart and Unglued to name a few. They are still in top form. For my money, I would rather listen to two hours of STP than any other 90s alternative band including Nirvana or Pearl Jam. They rock harder than the others. While they are not on the same level as Beatles, Zeppelin, Who, Stones or Floyd, they are in the discussion for best band of the Nineties. Scott Weiland's songwriting ability is second only to Cobain and STP are better musicians than Nirvana.

Posted by Robert on Friday, 08.24.12 @ 20:49pm

They have the better guitarist but not the better drummer.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 09.14.12 @ 12:05pm

Stone Temple Pilots should be 1st ballot RRHOF in my opinion. Musically,they could play any style they wanted.I love the sonic blast of Core. Wicked Garden,Creep,Sex Type Thing just Classic songs.

Purple probably my FAV STP CD. Love Interstate Love Song (who doesn't) Vasoline,Big Empty.So many Classic songs.Showed STP wasn't a fluke.

I like all their CD's.Scott Weiland underrated singer/songwriter. They had critical acclaim in CD's sold & had enough popularity & hits.Still rocking in 2014. Deserve RRHOF. KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 02.15.14 @ 02:21am

Many of you keep stating that they were just alright. Not enough to get in. They had 14 number one singles. 14. Who else has that? If you can name a band that had 14 number ones. Then I'm positive that band is already in the rock hall.

Posted by Phil on Tuesday, 06.24.14 @ 13:55pm

Phil, I think they will be inducted sooner or later. Our Projected Hall has them going in 2021. Would like to see how this Chester Bennington being the new lead singer goes. Is he just a temporary fill in? Can he actually 'officially' be in 2 major bands at same time? I would like to see another kick ass album from them to seal it.

Am hoping to see them at 1st 'Louder than Life' music festival in Louisville in early Oct. If you like hard rock & are around Louisville, this festival will be right up your alley.

Posted by Paul in KY on Tuesday, 06.24.14 @ 14:26pm

STP are definite Rock and Roll Hall of Famers next 10 years. The STP sound is remarkable and lasting. I think Core and Purple two of the best albums 90's. Weiland is an outstanding frontman. The great groups all had one. Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, David Lee Roth,etc. I really can't think of STP song I really hate. My FAV STP songs would be Interstate Love Song, Big Empty, Creep, Plush, Tripping... etc. Just excellent band. No weaknesses or album filler. KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 05.2.15 @ 17:46pm

I was listening to Tiny Music the other day. Songs even better than I remember. Such creative and beautiful songs. Lady Picture Show, Adhesive, And So I Know to name a few. Core, Purple and Tiny Music 3 excellent albums different styles and innovative. STP gets more worthy of RRHOF with every listen. Won't be 1st ballot but 5 years eligible maybe. KING

Posted by KING on Friday, 05.22.15 @ 03:41am

STP or bust. Green Day is in.

Posted by Matt Wellagain on Tuesday, 06.2.15 @ 13:06pm

I could see STP inducted in 2020 or by 2025. By then, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden should all have been inducted RRHOF. They really have made memorable songs Plush, Interstate Love Song, Tripping..., Vasoline, etc. Commercial success with Platinum CD's. I love STP music and biased for their induction. KING

Posted by KING on Monday, 08.17.15 @ 19:44pm

RIP Scott Weiland 1967-2015 Going to miss your singing & talent! A King FAV for many years! KING

Posted by KING on Friday, 12.4.15 @ 00:35am

I found my first STP album in an estate sale earlier this year (Purple) and I've been hooked since then. At least I could appreciate Scott Weiland's work before he died.

RIP Scott. It's sad to see you go.

Posted by SotN on Friday, 12.4.15 @ 02:28am

RIP Scott Weiland

Posted by Roy on Friday, 12.4.15 @ 02:32am

One of my all-time favorite rock vocalists is now gone. Scott Weiland, who always seemed to come off with a hard image, always seemed to show his softness in his vocals. Too many ways to explain. While I'm not much of a fan of his solo stuff, his best work was, of course, with Stone Temple Pilots, but also with Velvet Revolver and the Magnificent Bastards. (I'm not that familiar with his newer stuff or Talk Show, his other side project)

I've grown up listening to this band since junior high, when 'Plush' and 'Dead and Bloated' ruled alternative radio and broadened the rock landscape. I've got way too many favorite songs of Weilands. Some of my peers look at STP as those who started the 'corporate rock' movement from the 90s to today...I say, whatever. We all know Scott was troubled with alcohol and drugs, but he always seemed to get through. When I was at a bar tonight, my buddies kept putting STP and VR in the jukebox in appreciation of Scott's work. I've seen over 200 bands, but unfortunately I never got to see him or STP live. In fact I think it was a year or two ago Scott and his new band were supposed to come to my city but they had to cancel two weeks before their performance. We all knew why. Its no wonder Scott felt betrayed by his old STP bandmates. He can rest now. I hope STP does have a shot at the RRHOF in the next few years, as they are closer to being eligible.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Friday, 12.4.15 @ 04:07am

Thanks for the kind words about Scott, Jason. Scott's death hits hard for many in that 37-44 age group. I remember hearing Alice In Chains, Nirvana,Pearl Jam, STP in the early 90's. Loved all that music. I remember I was in the military when they premiered the Vasoline STP video. It was an excellent song and video. Purple one of my FAV albums. Scott had the vocals and the front man skills of the great singers. He had a passion in his voice. Sounded authentic. He fought through his addictions and still put out some excellent music. I guess the silver lining in Scott's death is some young music fans will discover STP music and the catalog of songs. A rich treasure chest list of great songs. Sex Type Thing, Unglued, Wicked Garden, Lady Picture Song, Vasoline, etc. It will be interesting going forward how Scott's death affects STP and RRHOF. For the record, I think STP deserves RRHOF. Weiland, Ronnie James Dio, and Paul Rodgers should all be inducted for their contributions to music in a variety of groups. A sad day for King and FRL regulars who contribute to the forum. Scott lived all his 48 years. Respected his incredible singing & songwriting in STP and other projects. Rest In Peace Scott! See you on the other side some day sweet prince! With some sadness but smiling from those incredible songs. KING

Posted by KING on Friday, 12.4.15 @ 17:08pm

Thank you, King, and great words as well. I'd also like to add that I believe Scott was always willing to connect with his fans. All over social media I've seen him in photos posed with several people. I remember back when Myspace was the social media place that he even had his own profile and I remember it saying that he wanted to get to know his fans. I don't if its true, but he kind of came off as that kind of guy.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Friday, 12.4.15 @ 17:48pm

Scott Weiland's passing is indeed very sad to see.

Of all the mainstream rock bands of the 1990's, I feel that Stone Temple Pilots are definitely the most underrated, especially by critics.

The critical hate had died off as time has gone on thankfully, but even so, I think when people are talking about the greatest rock bands of the 90's: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Green Day, etc I definitely feel that Stone Temple Pilots should be mentioned right along with them. To me they're a band that belongs in the upper echelon of 90's rock music. One of my favorite rock bands of the 90's, definitely.

Core is about as close to a perfect 90's grunge album that there is, and Purple was in a lot of ways an even better album.

Scott Weiland was one of the great frontmen and vocalists for 90's rock and beyond.

R.I.P. Scott.

Posted by Donnie on Friday, 12.4.15 @ 22:00pm


Agree with you on Stone Temple Pilots. They deserve to be with Pearl Jam, Green Day, Rage, Soundgarden and some of the best 90's groups. I'm amazed how many great songs in the STP catalog. The Weiland baritone always a great listen the way he could bend his voice to suit the song. Top 5 STP Songs. 1.Big Empty 2.Interstate Love Song 3.Plush 4.Lady Picture Show 5.Sex Type Thing. So many great songs. I'm glad that he lived 48 years and gave so much of himself to music and songs. I think Core and Purple were 2 of the best albums of the 90's and there were many classic 90's CD's. Core I think 8x Platinum and Purple 6x. I'm really going to miss Weiland's voice and front man persona on stage. True the substance abuse was part of Scott's narrative but he had several CD's & songs over 20+ yrs. Hopefully, some loose tracks or some never released material will surface of Scott's and the STP fans hear him 1 more time. I think STP deserves RRHOF in the next 5-10 years. KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 12.5.15 @ 03:25am

Great comments, guys. STP is Hall worthy, IMO.

Tumble in the Rough
Big Bang Baby
Interstate Love Song

3 of my favorites. RIP, Scott.

Posted by Paul in KY on Sunday, 12.6.15 @ 09:27am

Seems like a no-brainer to me that the Stone Temple Pilots should be inducted to the elite group of musicians recognized in this manner. They were influential to other musicians, fans,and even to their future selves in the different musical endeavors they took since releasing Core. They were not a band that was cultivated to compete with other grunge bands in the 90's, they were found playing the music they wanted to play, and it was (thankfully) recognized by Atlantic Records. From my discussions with fans mourning the loss of Scott Weiland this month, I have found that while it is not only a struggle to narrow their work down, two fans almost never name the same top 3 song favorites. They overcame obstacles; break-ups, reunions, rehabs, and critics making negative comments about them all along the way. The fact that they were able to continue to make music and retain such loyal fans is the proof right there that they deserve this honor. Their lyrics are poetic, raw, and relatable. Scott has been recognized as one of the greatest rock vocalists, and the epitome of a rock and roll front man. The melodies are creative, while you can still identify the expansive variety of artists that influenced them. Musical Excellence? Yes. Absolutely. It would be disappointing to not see them inducted in 2017. I only wish Scott would be able to be there.

Posted by Trish on Sunday, 12.27.15 @ 14:22pm

Absolutely. Weiland is one of the greatest frontmen of the '90s and continues to stay at the top of his game, even to his death. STP did what none of the other "grunge" bands were able to do - evolve and develop a more mature sound. They were able to experiment with different music styles, without being untrue to themselves or their music. They are one of the last TRUE Rock and Roll bands to survive.

Posted by roxanne on Saturday, 01.23.16 @ 23:48pm

No one like STP, Scott is the best frontman since the 70's, their music is excellent rock music with alternative, grunge, and classic innuendo! No doubt that they should be inducted in the R n R Hall of Fame.

Posted by Celene on Sunday, 01.24.16 @ 20:04pm

YES! ABSOLUTELY!!! Influencial for more then two decades and pays respect to one-of-his-kind-biggest-frontman-singer-artist-ever! Scott Weiland R.I.P.

Posted by Julia on Wednesday, 01.27.16 @ 13:42pm

I am a huge fan of them, but I don't think they were as influential as the Seattle-area grunge bands.

Posted by Guy on Sunday, 05.8.16 @ 12:48pm

RIP Scott! We lost a true rock and roll legend but the music will live on forever. Long live STP! And, yes, they will definitely get inducted into the hall of fame. It may not be this go around (2017) but it will happen.

Posted by Jimmy on Tuesday, 02.21.17 @ 20:44pm

They will be inducted RRHOF in the 2020-2025 time frame. My guess Alice In Chains will be next from that scene and maybe Soundgarden. When you think of front men, Mr. Weiland has to be near the top in the last 25 years. I just really enjoyed their music and they avoided the string of bad songs or albums some groups have. Big Empty is one of my FAV songs. KING

Posted by KING on Wednesday, 04.19.17 @ 03:07am

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