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Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2012 (ranked #109) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Louder Than Love (1989)
Badmotorfinger (1991)
Superunknown (1994)
Down On The Upside (1996)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Outshined (1991)
Rusty Cage (1991)
Jesus Christ Pose (1991)
Black Hole Sun (1994)
Spoonman (1994)
Fell on Black Days (1994)
The Day I Tried to Live (1994)
Pretty Noose (1996)

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Soundgarden's first recordings appeared on the Deep Six compilation, released in 1986.

Will Soundgarden be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Soundgarden should absolutely be inducted.

Posted by Mo on Monday, 11.13.06 @ 21:59pm

soundgarden is far one of the best rock bands.. they diserve to be in the hall of fame considering their impact in the 90s and their great music arranges

Posted by LaNeGaN on Tuesday, 12.12.06 @ 11:54am

This is a tough one. I'm a Seattle boy who loves Soundgarden, bought most of their albums and followed their career with interest. For a while there in the 90s, I think they were the best rock band out there. However, a lot of their music was basically derrivative of Black Sabbath and other metal that came before them. I don't think they score a lot points for originality. It will be interesting to see if they are still well remembered when the time comes.

Posted by Sneak on Friday, 12.29.06 @ 20:12pm

I always agree with Sneak. I've been a big Soundgarden fan since I shoplifted "Louder than Love" in eighth grade, but...I dunno if they're really HOF material. The bar should be set pretty high.

Why the hell am I blowing my morning writing comments on this site? I think the Hall of Fame's totally lame. Whatever. I like typing.

Posted by Al on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 08:36am

soundgarden is eledgable in 2010 cause they recored some tracks for a grunge complication cd

Posted by martin on Saturday, 01.27.07 @ 19:30pm

Soundgarden can most certainly get inducted...Unfortunately, it won't be on their first try. Me think Nirvana and Pearl Jam have to get inducted first...Nirvana for bringing in the grunge movement, and PJ for contributions to rock over time.

Posted by maplejet on Tuesday, 02.27.07 @ 10:56am

Im positive that Soundgarden will be inducted. Just a great band and Chris has one of the best vioces in rock and roll history.

Posted by RJ on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 20:06pm

Soundgarden is one of my favorite bands of all time. Chris Cornell has one of the best rock n' roll voices of the 90's. But I do not think they will be inducted in the HOF. They were very good but it seemed they kind of followed in the wake of Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Posted by jlw on Sunday, 03.25.07 @ 16:45pm

Are you stupid or something? Soundgarden started in '84 and their first recorded work was on the Deep Six compilation in '86. Nirvana didn't form until '87 and Bleach wasn't out until '89 (compared to Ultramega OK in '88). Pearl Jam didn't even form until 1990, although Green River (Gossard and Ament) formed at around the same time Soundgarden did (and also contributed to Deep Six).

So no, they did not follow in either band's wake. They were first-wave grunge. They deserve in.

Posted by William on Sunday, 03.25.07 @ 21:49pm

no im not stupid. wikipedia just lied to me! =]

Posted by jlw on Saturday, 03.31.07 @ 20:31pm

Sorry, then. Overzealous, I guess.

Wikipedia's an okay source of information, but when it comes to music, it's not always consistently good. Try All Music Guide or something.

Anyway, what Wiki was likely talking about (and I could check right now, but I won't) is them following Nirvana and Pearl Jam into mass fame, which did happen.

Posted by William on Sunday, 04.1.07 @ 04:51am

Soundgarden cites Rush as major influence....put em both in...

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 05.1.07 @ 22:09pm

I most definitely think Soundgarden will make it, and not that to be inducted it has to be their first album, nothing from a compilation or anything. Their first actual recording was released in 1987, I'm pretty sure it was Louder Than Love

I only think Nirvana will make it because of their popularity, because they really aren't all that great, and Pearl Jam sucks compared to Soundgarden, and Matt Cameron is a great drummer and all, but Pearl Jam only went downhill when he became their permanent drummer.

Posted by Robert on Wednesday, 05.2.07 @ 21:51pm

An incredible band. They will be inducted.

Posted by PJ on Wednesday, 05.16.07 @ 19:55pm

they will I am quite sure about that, Cornell is a legend and i prefer seeing him with Soundgarden than with audioslave

Posted by roméo on Tuesday, 06.5.07 @ 11:05am

Soundgarden will get the nod. They paved the way for alot of early 90's with there post punk/metal fusion. Question is what will they play and who will induct them?

Posted by drewfuss on Monday, 09.3.07 @ 11:43am

Soundgarden should definitely get in. They were one of the 4 big bands to come out of the Seattle scene. They may not have had as many hits as Nirvana, but I don't think that they were any less of an influence.

Posted by Tiffany on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 16:06pm

Obviously. Enough said about Soundgarden.

Here's the interesting question: I think Rage against the Machine will get in almost as a formality, especially with the emergence of rap/rock in the late 90's and early 2000's. Rap/rock sucked, but, as awful as it was, you can't deny that Limp Bizkit basically stood on the foundation of Rage; BUT, here's the question: Could Morello and co. and Cornell actually get in twice, however many years from now? What about Audioslave? They weren't great, but everyone else was so much worse . . . .

Humbly yours,
P. Martini

Posted by P. Martini on Saturday, 11.10.07 @ 21:26pm

They are contemporaries in time period and that they both were RnR bands. You might say that they travled on parallel routes, but in a completely different time zones and I don't mean countries of origin. I could be wrong and I am sure you will let me know if I am, but I don't think Pulp made as big a splash worldwide as Soundgarden did. I certainly don't think Down On The Upside was overlooked. Since it was a follow-up to a major chart success, it may have actually received more scrutiny than any of their other releases. Soundgarden certainly received more airplay in the States than Pulp. I don't know about the UK. Soundgarden is considered by many to be in the top tier of Grunge bands. I cannot say how Pulp is considered regarding their genre of Brit Pop. You would know better, afterall, you are a genius.

OK - lunch break is over for me. have a good weekend.

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 01.25.08 @ 10:48am

Fine, fine band. I'm not quite as enamored of them as above posters. Think they need one more great album to seal the deal.

Certainly won't be a 1st ballot inductee.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 07.17.08 @ 11:21am

Earth-shattering vocalist, one of the two or three best drummers of the last twenty-five years, one of the better guitarists in the modern era, and terrific songs and arrangements.

Rock isn't about singles or sales.

These guys are in.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 07.31.08 @ 16:45pm

Yeah, but it's their singles & sales that will lead to their induction...Soundgarden was no slouch in either category.

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 07.31.08 @ 19:26pm

for people who think soundgarden were all black sabbathic or the led zeppelinisque ............. here is the thing...........soundgarden were much more than that .........they played grungy music you would love to here ..........they played slow riffs.......... that took your soul away ........... and then they played blues(in the later part of their albums) with equal sublime.........they played the psychedelic music .......and lot more stuffs you just dont associate with a single band many of their fans, they could have been were led zep or deep purple stand today, for me they are.
One of the greatest bands of all time ....

Posted by K K on Saturday, 08.30.08 @ 01:56am

This is one of the pages where the overwhelming amount of posts are in the affirmative, and I'm not going to do anything to rattle the boat. There were a few posts here (admittedly very old posts) that asked if Soundgarden was too derivitive of Sabbath. SG may have taken elements of Sabbath, but there was a difference in how it was delivered. Listen to "Faeries Wear Boots" vs "Outshined" - both are heavy, but one swings w/a groove (Faeries) the other doesn't have, while "Outshined" has a beligerence the other doesn't, while tossing in little things that mean a lot to the song (the sped up beats on the final refrain of "Show me the power, child... drive it home awesomely"). Certainly Sabbath never would have been able to get away w/ something like "Burden in my Hand" until the later albums. There was a difference (not a ton) but enough, at least for me, to be able to differentiate between the two in a reasonable manner.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Saturday, 08.30.08 @ 06:53am

I am a HUGE fan of soundgarden, but i seriously doubt that they will get in on the first try. nirvana? yes, but only because everybody knows them. pearl jam? probably. AIC? their chances are, unfortunatly, about as low as screaming trees or even tad. so yeah, SG might get in, but it'll probably be around 2020 with those douchebag HOF judges there.

Posted by gardiner on Monday, 12.8.08 @ 19:26pm

AIC was the best of the bunch

Posted by Blah-blah-blah on Tuesday, 12.9.08 @ 06:55am

dont plp ever realise what soundgarden did to music ....................

just because they didnt belong to a particular catogery because of the musical diversity they had ............ and never pulled fans from one single base does not mean they should get unnoticed

soundgarden were an unconventional band but one of the best................ and so they deserved to be in the league of the best

Posted by k k on Tuesday, 01.27.09 @ 03:32am

I think soundgarden should be recognized for what they accomplished but the HOF is a popularity contest and althought soundgarden is 1000000 times better than most bands, it has always been underrated & overlooked...

Posted by 1(mUsIc)2 on Sunday, 03.1.09 @ 20:45pm

I think Big Dumb Sex is weird.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 03.27.09 @ 15:07pm

Soundgarden are good enough to land a slot in the HOF but they are NOT the utterly genius...

Posted by Antonio on Friday, 04.3.09 @ 05:17am

Soundgarden should be in the hall. However they will most likely have to wait till Nirvana gets in. There sound was very different compared to what the other "grunge" bands were putting out. You can hear that difference in thier first
EP Screaming Life through to Down on the Upside and really showed thier originality. Not to mention they were the first "grunge" band to sign to a major record label. Without Soundgarden David Geffen would porbably not have taken a chance on Nirvana. So who would've known what the music landscape would of bin without Soundgarden.

Posted by Allan on Saturday, 04.4.09 @ 06:28am

It would be a crime not to induct these guys. Chris Cornell's voice was FANTASTIC!

Posted by Rontox on Monday, 04.27.09 @ 11:35am

Soundgarden should be in the Hall of Fame.
They have influenced modern rock music a lot more than we think. They were one of the first bands in the Seatle rock scene and was the first band to sign to a major label. If it weren't for them grunge music would be very different.
Nirvana firstly wouldn't be the same band that "defined a generation." Who by the way are looking at 82% of being inducted.
Soundgarden were so versatile in terms of music from "gun" to "Rusty Cage" to "My Wave" to "Black Hole Sun" to "Pretty Noose" & "Burden in my hand." Check out all those songs and you will see what I mean.
I don't know how many ballots until Soundgarden gets there, but I hope they will get there someday.
When they do I will be so happy!

Btw - Superunknown is one of the greatest albums ever made!

Posted by Lyle on Wednesday, 06.3.09 @ 02:13am

They are the best band ever


Posted by kaerl on Monday, 06.15.09 @ 05:57am

Soundgarden should be inducted when the time comes. One of the pioneers on alternative rock during the grunge era. They're also my personal favorite band from that time period in rock history.

Posted by Dude Man on Monday, 06.15.09 @ 14:29pm

Great news folks ......... their is a hope that soundgarden may reunite .......

Posted by K K on Thursday, 06.25.09 @ 02:13am

Great news folks ......... there is a hope that soundgarden may reunite .......

Posted by K K on Thursday, 06.25.09 @ 02:14am

alt metal is so awesome, and no one did it better than soundgarden (well, maybe radiohead). absolutely should be inducted.

Posted by Justin on Friday, 06.26.09 @ 13:24pm

Soundgarden isn't metal in my opinion. Grunge was alternative rock. Some of the grunge bands like Soundgarden and AIC were heavily influenced by metal bands, but were just alternative rock bands.

Posted by Dude Man on Friday, 06.26.09 @ 13:29pm

Soundgarden just might be the first grunge band

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 07.10.09 @ 12:18pm

I would say The Melvins, Screaming Trees, or Mudhoney (Superfuzz Bigmuff is the definition of grunge.)

Also, I think it should be pointed out that 1991 was really the beginning of post-grunge. Nirvana had already grown out of grunge. Soundgarden was in the process of doing so. Pearl Jam, though related to the scene, were really just classic rock revivalists via the lens of REM. Alice in Chains weren't actually part of the northwest indie scene and mostly descended from 80s hard rock and metal. I'd call them the first alternative metal band (them or Faith No More.)

Posted by Elastic Man on Friday, 07.10.09 @ 22:39pm

Oh, Green River too, can't forget about them...I believe theirs was the earliest record called "grunge".

Posted by Elastic Man on Friday, 07.10.09 @ 22:44pm

"Oh, Green River too, can't forget about them...I believe theirs was the earliest record called "grunge"."- Elastic Man

This is a common mistake. Green River are actually not the first grunge band to form nor the first to record. Malfunkshun were the first grunge band to form in the early '80s, but sadly thier first album wasn't released until after Andrew Wood's death in 1995. The first grunge EP was released by the U-Men in 1984 if I'm right.

Posted by Dude Man on Sunday, 07.12.09 @ 09:13am

Actually, Malfunkshun only made some demos that Stone Gossard released down the line, never anything intended for commercial purposes and while U-Men are considered the forerunners of grunge their music didn't create the term. I believe Mark Arm of Green River used the term to describe what the band sounded like and the whole scene crystalized immediately after with the formation of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Tad, etc. so, my point still stands.

But if we really want to get into it, the songs on Black Flag's My War existed at least since 1982 and Flipper's Generic (also 82) was similarly in the vein of the future grunge music.

Posted by Elastic Man on Sunday, 07.12.09 @ 21:55pm

Did some more reading and it turns out Mark Arm originally used the term in 1981 in a letter to a magazine describing what he didn't like about someone's band. Sub-Pop started using the term later to describe what Green River did.

Oh, and to address the "if it sounds like it, it is" thing that could be coming, I think we need to take into account how a lot of labeling in rock music, particularly underground/alternative/indie, is social rather than formal. A good example would be New York's No Wave scene. The music is still firmly post-punk but the musicians that took part in the scene were related in ways beyond the music. It was a set underground culture at the time with film, visual art, and the written word important parts of that scene. There were sonic aspects that were distinctly of this scene (Glenn Branca's music being the best example) but No Wave was really a social grouping of artists.

Another example would be Krautrock. The Silver Apples were making music just like the Germans did independently of their influence. Their first album came out prior to the commercial release of Amon Duul's or Can's first works so it's unlikely they were aware of anything going on over there. So Krautrock is best viewed as a social designation of young German art/music students who formed bands and started playing music influenced by their unique education.

And to finish up with an example from my other major area of Agnes Varda and Alain Resnais preceded what's called La Nouvelle Vague or French New Wave by several years. Although their films are strikingly similar (in some ways identical) to French New Wave films they are not considered a part of that particular movement (Varda and Resnais are considered Rive Gauche, Left Bank, filmmakers; a movement aligned to but different from the French New Wave.) The French New Wave is a group of five critics from the French film journal Cahiers du Cinema who decided to put into practice their theories about film (chiefly, auteur theory.) The distinguishing trait between the two is that The New Wave was more concerned with the cinematic form, what it meant, and how it could be used whereas the Left Bank consisted of socio-political artists using film to make their statement. One is inherently political (Left Bank) the other is not (New Wave, though Jean-Luc Godard would become intensely political over the course of the 60s.)

So with grunge, I think it's reasonable to say because the term was applied specifically at one point to certain artists and the scene that grew around them, we can say this here is grunge and this here is not (proto-grunge, I guess, or something of the like.)

Posted by Elastic Man on Sunday, 07.12.09 @ 23:33pm

Soundgarden returns! A pleasant way to open up the new year.

Things are going to get better, folks. Less than 48 hrs. into the decade, and rock & roll has already taken a pleasant upturn.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Saturday, 01.2.10 @ 06:25am

Soundgarden - Rule this decade .. thats what i need from u guys.

Posted by K K on Sunday, 01.3.10 @ 23:46pm

Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana they save the music during the 90'. Really they did and they still in the minds of the people that really enjoy the good music!!

Posted by JAO on Friday, 01.15.10 @ 22:18pm

"Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana they save the music during the 90'. Really they did and they still in the minds of the people that really enjoy the good music!!" Posted by JAO on Friday, 01.15.10 @ 22:18pm

While I totally disagree with the assesment that they saved music, they were all great bands, but don't forget Alice in Chains and Tool. Okay, Soundgarden. Innovation: They gave the Seattle sound a psychedelic twist ("The Day I Tried To Live", "Black Hole Sun", "Pretty Noose"), were the most musically ambitious, as the songs had some weird time signatures and some different time changes. Plus Chris Cornell was and is one of the best singers of the 90's, if not all time.
Influence: This I'm not sure about. Since Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam had a definite influence on the post-grunge scene, I'm sure Soundgarden did, but I couldn't say who. Apparently Nirvana were influenced by them. Impact: Though Badmotorfinger was overshadowed by Nevermind and Ten and those albums helped it start selling, they were one of the original grunge bands, appearing on the Deep Six Compilation which was a showcase for the sound, were the first of the bunch to sign to a major label, and were one of the first (possibly the first) to sign to Sub Pop. Verdict: They may have to wait until 2017, when Nirvana and Pearl Jam are in, but Rolling Stone respects them, they're critically acclaimed, and their resume is too good to ignore. They'll get in, no question.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 02.5.10 @ 15:50pm

No one can forget this band's hits like "Black Hole Sun" and "Spoonman", this is why I voted for yes.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 06.15.10 @ 21:18pm

I've been on a Soundgarden binge the last couple days. Badmotorfinger is truly unlike any other album out there. I like Nirvana and Pearl Jam but the idea that Soundgarden will have to wait behind them is insulting, and the Hall will lose more credibility if that happens.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 07.11.10 @ 16:35pm

this is a bold comment but i truly believe Soundgarden is better than Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but i think all 3 should be in. Cornell had the best voice easily. Of the 3 bands Matt Cameron is the best drummer, and you can say the same for Thayil(arguably). nobody forgets Jesus Christ Pose, right?

Posted by Charlie on Thursday, 12.16.10 @ 11:50am

"Soundgarden is better than Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but i think all 3 should be in. Cornell had the best voice easily. Of the 3 bands Matt Cameron is the best drummer, and you can say the same for Thayil(arguably)."

About time someone tipped over that sacred cow. I believe Alice in Chains to be better than Pearl Jam, though that's slightly more subjective.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 01.1.11 @ 06:20am

they will make it.believe me

Posted by shahril on Saturday, 03.19.11 @ 01:25am

K, I love all of the bands from Seattle in the late 80's 90's... Looking back, Soundgarden easily was the most musically versatile and talented of the group. If anybody wants to challenge me on that one, bring it.
They had to wait for their commercial success, but Superunknown sealed the deal on that one. With them reunited and working on a new album, I am confident that they will get back in.

Posted by Sobey on Thursday, 04.14.11 @ 22:35pm

"I love all of the bands from Seattle in the late 80's 90's... Looking back, Soundgarden easily was the most musically versatile and talented of the group."

Sobey says it like it is!

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 04.15.11 @ 09:46am

Hell yes he does. Soundgarden was the best Seattle band. Using GFW's criteria:

Innovation: Yes. They incorporated all sorts of weird time signatures, were one of only a handful of alternative bands (Jane's Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins and Primus are the others that I can think of) that carried prog influences, and were one of the original grunge bands.

Influence: Not explicitly in terms of tons of people citing them as an influence, but still yes. They were the first of the Seattle bands to sign to a major label, the first to release a major label album, and the first that I'm aware of to chart. Normally I'd file that under the "Perpetuation" category, but many bands either wouldn't have existed or couldn't have done what they did without that stuff. I believe Alice in Chains and Nirvana cited them, and they paved the way for Pearl Jam, and Cornell and co. had their own legacy extended by those bands' huge influence on rock over the past 15 years.

Sales: That came late and only happened briefly with Superunknown, but that was a fairly big rock album in the context of the 90's and was one of the biggest albums of 1994.

They've nailed two and seem fairly strong on a third, so that confirms my original position: Yes. Put all four in.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 04.21.11 @ 16:15pm

Innovation: They helped define the loud distorted sound of Grunge.
Influence: They helped kickstart Grunge, all the bands in that genre owe them in some way.
Ciritcal Respect: While not as high as their contemporaries Nirvana, they are still rather popular with critics.
Sales: They have sold an estimated 21,000,000 records worldwide.

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 06.22.11 @ 12:05pm

If Johnny Cash covered one of your songs< you belong in the rock n roll HOF.

Posted by krusher on Saturday, 06.25.11 @ 16:14pm

Overrated Nirvana really sucks compared to Soundgarden.
Kunt Cocaine can't sing for shit.

Posted by Iron on Friday, 11.18.11 @ 03:01am

So the nominating committee decided that Soundgarden was not yet eligible this year, correct? Do we know if they will be eligible next year? If not, when?

Posted by A-Killa on Wednesday, 12.7.11 @ 21:45pm

Soundgarden are way better than that overrated crap that Shitvana is.

Posted by Dino on Thursday, 12.8.11 @ 06:53am

nirvana sucks

Posted by Jud on Friday, 12.9.11 @ 14:10pm

Nirvana is overrated garbage. Soundgarden is FAR better than Nirvana and Pearl Jam.
So is Alice in Chains. Unfortunately the majority of people don't know a shit about music.

Posted by Atheist on Sunday, 12.11.11 @ 07:35am

Nirvana make soundgarden look like amateurs.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 12.11.11 @ 08:50am

How exactly?
SG are better than them in every possible way imaginable.

Posted by Ale on Sunday, 12.11.11 @ 14:05pm

Superunknown > Entire Shitvana discography

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 12.11.11 @ 14:09pm

all nirvana songs sound the same
soundgarden's music has more intensity and passion. nirvana's music is pretty much just pop songs, not to say they aren't talented but they get boring pretty fast.

Posted by Megadeth on Sunday, 12.11.11 @ 14:20pm

@GFW: yeah as not, Nirvana is the best band ever...

The amateurs are Nirvana if compared to the musical geniuses who are Soundgarden. 4th of July alone slays Nirvana's discography.

Posted by 666 on Sunday, 12.11.11 @ 14:45pm

How can you say "Tourettes" or "Endless, nameless" are pop songs?

also soundgarden musical geniuses? haha, they're not beethoven or something.

and in what way are they better than them in every way?

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 12.11.11 @ 15:16pm

Better singer, better musicians, better guitars, more variety in the songs, better riffs and at least they're not so freaking overhyped.

Now I told you why they're better. Now tell me why for you the better band is nirvana... btw soundgarden is objectively the more talented band.

Posted by Megadeth on Sunday, 12.11.11 @ 15:29pm

Better songwriting, great riffs, a consistently good output (they broke up before they became crap) and on the subject of guitars... I'm quite torn because from what I've heard of soundgardens output they're pretty good.

And yes, objectively the members of soundgarden are better musicians (apart from when it comes to dave grohl, he's a beast on drums)but isntrumental talent isn't everything. Mariah carey is a much better singer technically than Dylan but I'd rather hear a dylan rendition of like a rolling stone.

let me make it clear, i like soundgarden but i believe nirvana to be the better band.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 12.11.11 @ 15:33pm

"So the nominating committee decided that Soundgarden was not yet eligible this year, correct? Do we know if they will be eligible next year? If not, when?"

This year they were first eligible, but perhaps the Hall wasn't aware of that. Hopefully they're aware that they had an EP out in '87 and their first album came out in '88. It would be a shame for them to have to wait until the 25th anniversary of Badmotorfinger.

I do like Nirvana, but I do think Soundgarden was the best of Seattle bands.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 12.29.11 @ 05:39am

Nirvana better songwriting than SOundgarden? Clean your ears!
ALL Nirvana songs sound the same; Shitvana is so freaking overrated and horrible.

Posted by Wave on Thursday, 04.12.12 @ 08:21am

Soundgarden's already eligible? They're part of the Big Four in grunge! Oh, who am I kidding, nothing this little club of critics and record executives says should matter.

P.S. Stop basing the whole "Should a band get in?" on "they suck". My stepdad hates Nirvana, and he doesn't even do that.

Posted by Mr.Stone on Wednesday, 05.30.12 @ 16:47pm

Would be a nice compliment to go in alongside Nirvana - who is obviously to be elected first-ballot, and the only 2013 artists eligible where that is obvious to be the case - this coming year. AIC is not eligible until 2015, and Pearl Jam in 2016. All four will be enshrined by the time Eddie Vedder and co. give their acceptance speeches, even if AIC has to wait a year to go in w/ PJ.

Posted by Sunking278 on Wednesday, 04.24.13 @ 05:39am

Gonna see these guys in concert on 10 May. Will give a recap. Looking forward to it.

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 04.24.13 @ 08:17am

I didn't even realize Soundgarden were eligible already. They'll definitely go in but will have to wait until Nirvana is either already in next year, or go in alongside Nirvana because that makes for a better story with Nirvana being the first grunge band inducted.

Posted by Kevin on Tuesday, 05.21.13 @ 04:25am

Saw Soundgarden at Louisville Palace. No warm up act. They played for about 1 hour, 50 mins. No intermission. Glad I brought my earplugs, as they were LOUD.

Cornell and band were in fine form, really enjoyed show.

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 05.22.13 @ 11:03am

A couple of comments seem to be downplaying Soundgarden's influence. A quick search on google put forward a few interesting names... Quite obviously, there are Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains, along with stuff like Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, Silverchair... all the way up to Nickelback, Creed, etc. Then there are the "stoner rock" bands like Sleep, Clutch, Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Atomic Bitchwax, Fu Manchu, (etc.) and all the bands that came from these like QOTSA, Ohm, High On Fire, etc. There's also Nu Metal stuff like Deftones, Korn, and so on.

A few more random bands: Incubus, Pantera (starting with Cowboys From Hell), Mastodon, Blind Melon, Tool, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Lostprophets, HIM, Boris, Chevelle... It just goes on and on. Kirk Hammett named Soundgarden as the musical influence for the Enter Sandman riff. And Johnny Cash even covered them, for crying out loud!

Posted by Steve987 on Tuesday, 07.2.13 @ 11:38am

Soundgarden will be inducted in RRHOF before 2020. They are respected through a wide swath of musicians & fans of various genres.

Cornell has a powerful voice that can peel paint off aluminum & his amazing octaves soars above the dark guitar riffs. I always could hear Black Sabbath in their music. Just fantastic band.

Superunknown is my FAV of the Soundgarden CD's. An epic 5 Star album. My favorites are Black Hole Sun & Fell On Black Days.(had) They had enough hits &big CD's to make it RRHOF. KING

Posted by KING on Friday, 01.31.14 @ 01:37am

Great interview with Chris Cornell on the "WTF with Marc Maron" podcast. HIGHLY recommended for any Soundgarden fans.

Posted by DarinRG on Friday, 06.6.14 @ 21:50pm

Of course they should!

Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Sunday, 07.6.14 @ 22:25pm

They were a very good but not quite great band (enough to get in).

Posted by andrew on Thursday, 01.15.15 @ 21:50pm

Much better than Nirbana musically. Easily superior musicians on guitar, drums and bass. Grohl is the best at a single instrument in Nirvana yet SG have a guy who destroys him.

Although I will say that on the whole package I think the two bands are close.

My problem with SG is their lack of versatility, too many of their songs sound the same. Too uniform a sound. They're no Smashing Pumpkins that's for sure.

Superunknown isn't a great album, it's far too long with too many similar-sounding songs.

Good, but not great.

There's underrated bands and artists who are far more interesting, such as FNM or PJ Harvey that also have the wide-varying sound that SG don't.

Posted by Gaz on Thursday, 03.5.15 @ 13:05pm

Think Soundgarden will be inducted. I favor Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden RRHOF. Those were my prime years and Seattle sound was all the rage. I like how the Seattle bands helped one another and forever linked. Chris Cornell could really sing. Don't remember if he was beloved as Kurt Cobain or Eddie but he was definitely great. SuperUnknown was my FAV Soundgarden album. Fell On Black Days probably my FAV. Nirvana was elected in 2014 now it should be Soundgarden's turn. KING

Posted by KING on Tuesday, 05.12.15 @ 22:47pm

Chris Cornell Is a fan of Elton John and Chicago. He owns all their albums.

Posted by Roy on Monday, 11.2.15 @ 16:29pm

Growing up in the early 90s, I always considered the Seattle seen as 1) Nirvana, 2) Pearl Jam, 3) Soundgarden and 4) Alice in Chains (and then the rest). As such, I'd induct them in that same order as well. Nirvana is in, and Pearl Jam is up for induction next year. Once they are, then I'd look at Soundgarden making it in.

Posted by StephD on Tuesday, 05.17.16 @ 14:16pm

Just heard that Chris Cornell passed away at 52. Can't believe the news. A sad say for music.

Posted by The_Claw on Thursday, 05.18.17 @ 03:35am

RIP Chris Cornell. I'll miss his powerful voice and on the masterpiece SuperUnknown. Looks like Eddie Vedder the only singer left from the big 5 groups. Layne, Kurt, Scott, now Chris all left us. It shows the brevity of life. Remember Chris through his music. Not sure how this affects Soundgarden's RRHOF chances but there no doubt will be a Chris Cornell tribute. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 05.18.17 @ 06:53am

I wonder what was going through his mind--he was apparently more troubled than we knew (the Detroit Police are, as I write this, investigating his death as a possible suicide). Rest in Peace Chris Cornell, 1964, 2017.

Posted by Joe on Thursday, 05.18.17 @ 09:30am

It's tragic that Chris Cornell isn't going to see his induction in to the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Nicky Joe on Thursday, 05.18.17 @ 11:28am

Losing another magnificent voice from our generation no matter how it is lost it is like losing a part of ourselves!!!! Peace & Love to his family, friends, all his bands members & all of His fans!!

Posted by Mandy on Thursday, 05.18.17 @ 13:11pm

RIP Chris Cornell, in my opinion, the most gifted and wide-ranging vocalist of the 90s grunge bands. This is such a sad day for music fans. Soundgarden are going to be shoe ins for the HOF soon and unfortunately Cornell's untimely death will make their candidacy stronger than ever. That's a damn shame since they are a great rock band by anyone's standards. I agree with Shrek - Tom Morello on the committee will at least bring Soundgarden's name in the discussion. He posted a tribute to Cornell on his Twitter account a few hours ago. Questlove also paid tribute to Cornell on Twitter (the former is also on the nominating committee). Plus remember Dave Grohl is now on the nominating committee and he was apart of Nirvana, one of the great grunge bands who are already inducted. Those three alone might push hard for Soundgarden for 2018 induction and hold off on their favorites (e.g., Jane's Addiction, Bad Brains) that can wait a year or two. A Morello/Grohl tribute for Cornell and Soundgarden would be amazing and seems plausible right now. I'm fully expecting Soundgarden on the 2018 nominees list.

Cornell also had the acclaim from his peers, many of whom are HOFers, including Jimmy Page, Elton John, Slash, Joe Perry, and Ozzy Osbourne.

Posted by Nick on Thursday, 05.18.17 @ 13:25pm

I'm up here in Columbus, getting ready for Rock on the Range. Guess who was supposed to headline Friday?

Watched excerpts of their show up in Detroit & he/they were ON! Dammit. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem (always exceptions to that, of course).

Very sad for his family.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 05.18.17 @ 16:18pm

Damn. Lost for words, albeit there may be some typed. 1997, Soundgarden ends. 2007, Audioslave ends. 2017, Soundgarden ends for good.

I suppose life was not precious anymore for Chris Cornell. Just an unlikely end, but boy, so much greatness he left behind. The fans can take solace in that. He was loved. A Seattle radio station is playing nothing but his songs today. A gathering will be held later. It is a sullen moment, but celebrate the musical spirit of this wonderful singer.

Soundgarden is definitely a shoo-in for the RHOF next year. Things that could happen in life, tend to occur in death. He was indifferent (probably because it is like the golden globes) about being inducted, so it is fitting he will not be there.

Posted by Blooms on Thursday, 05.18.17 @ 17:06pm

Soundgarden was supposed to be in St. Louis (headlining Pointfest) this Saturday. The whole event was cancelled since the following bands didn't want to perform in respect to the man. I didn't know they were doing ROTR. Paul - you were really in Detroit at the time? Damn. Its great that you got to see some parts of the show.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Friday, 05.19.17 @ 15:31pm

No, Jason. Was not in Detroit. Watched excerpts of show on youtube. Should have been clearer about that.

Posted by Paul in KY on Saturday, 05.20.17 @ 08:51am


Posted by JShortsmith on Saturday, 05.20.17 @ 17:43pm

Chris Cornell is probably one of the best lyricist of all time. Just compare his lyrics to anyone. So much meaning in all of his songs. Some of the best songs of that time. If there not inducted the judges who vote, do not really know as much as people think about music.

Posted by Tim Knoble on Friday, 06.9.17 @ 14:14pm

Lack diversity but a good band, they deserve induction.

Want to say something about Superunkown, it's hugely overrated for me. It isn't the most diverse album and overstays it's welcome. Compare that with The Bends and OKC By Radiohead. Although nowhere near as diverse as later RH albums, there is a thematic sound distinct throughout each record [The Bends being the summer one and OKC the winter] yet the songs hang together loosely enough that you can still tell them apart easily.

Badmotorfinger deserves much of the credit that SU garners. BMF again doesn't have that wide a range but it's about the right length. Reminds me of a Tool album which are of course very long, not terribly rangy, but are (more or less) distinct enough that you can tell the tracks apart and enjoy them for it. This my problem with SU, very overrated and I suspect some people don't listen to it as much as they say either. It repeats so much it's kinda hard to get away from it. It's glaring.

BMF and SU do sound very different to each other however, give SG kudos there.

RIP Chris Cornell. Amazing singer and a great guy.

Posted by G on Friday, 07.7.17 @ 23:05pm

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