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Will Primus be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Come on!
Who doesnt like or dont know Primus, listen to it again. or something. Remember Metallica didnt take Les Claypool because he was too good!

Posted by Flo on Tuesday, 10.3.06 @ 17:15pm

Primus is one of my all time favorites and Les Claypool is the GREATEST BASS PLAYER OF ALL TIME. That alone should get them in. But due to their minimal air play and the fact that most people havent heard of them aside from the South park, they probbaly wont get in. Atleast any time soon.

Posted by Flipper on Wednesday, 01.17.07 @ 15:43pm

Les Claypool is not Bootsy Collins, therefore Les Claypool is not the greatest bass player of all time.

Posted by William on Wednesday, 01.17.07 @ 18:40pm

Bootsy Collins couldn't string Les Claypol's bass.

Posted by Tannenbaum on Wednesday, 02.14.07 @ 18:46pm

alright, no bass player arguments here. while les claypool is arguably the most innovative and, yes absolutly, impressive bassists around today, we must still remember he started out listening to the early greats, stanly clarke, jaco pastorius, gedee lee, before y'all go bashing people, pay your respects to the greats of the past and the present!

feel free to email me

Posted by Myles on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 15:02pm

No arguement here but if you want proof that Les Claypool is indeed the greatest bass player of all time, go to youtube and type "blind illusion bass solo". Its not Primus but its the most amazing bass solo of all time. I consider it the "Eruption" of bass. Also try "primus master of puppets". In that video he slap basses the main riff to Master of Puppets. If that doesnt prove it, I dont know what will.

Posted by Flipper on Wednesday, 03.21.07 @ 14:14pm

Yo douchebags. Jaco Pastorius is the greatest bassist of all time. He single handedly revolutionized the instrument with his debut album. He was even voted the greatest of all time and all real bassists realize he is the best. There would be no Bootsy or Les Claypool or even a Victor Wooten without him. So you all no nothing about real bass players.

Posted by James on Monday, 05.21.07 @ 21:47pm

Just cause he is the earliest doesnt mean he is the best in terms of technicality. Its all about prefrence here. I happen to really like Jaco Pastorius but I just prefer Les Claypool.

Posted by Flipper on Thursday, 07.19.07 @ 11:31am

Oh good god. I dont think Les would would give a crap about your bickering. Nor would he ever say that he is better then anyone. Like he actually cares. But there always has to be that one person saying he's not the best. So take a chill pill and enjoy his music. And yes he is the shiznit.

Posted by Victoria on Tuesday, 10.23.07 @ 23:05pm

Les Claypool may not be the GREATEST bass player of all time, but revolutionized the Alternitive/Funk Metal scene when Primus was first started. Barely any GOOD bands nowdays in the Alternative scene wouldn't be here with Les, Ler, and Tim. Sure all those awesome jazz, funky bassists inspired Les, but Les did something totally different. I vote yes, Primus is awesome.

Posted by Soop on Wednesday, 07.23.08 @ 23:15pm

Alright, well to start off, I absolutely love Primus!! And I respect them for their talent and humor. Please note everyone, Les isn't the only one in the band with AMAZING music skills. Tim Alexander ROCKS at the drums (Look up "Tim Alexander Drum Clinic")and Larry LaLonde is one awesome guitar player, though it seems like he's upstaged by Les most of the time. That aside, I know that Primus isn't the best band and no one can say they're the worst. No band can be the worst, or best, in the world. It is all just simply personal preference and opinions.

What I really like about Primus is their ability to write songs that are more like stories about people. There's "John the Fisherman", "Jerry was a Race Car Driver", "Mr. Krinkle", "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver", "Tommy the Cat", and, my personal favorite, "Lacquer Head".

Posted by DavidOrr on Saturday, 10.11.08 @ 10:53am

They never even claimed to be metal "shitface" they're progressive

Posted by Firebrick on Wednesday, 12.24.08 @ 11:57am

Didn't Les Claypool claim Primus' sound was "psychedelic polka" LOL. I never was a Primus fan but I don't think you could classify their music too easily. I can't see how anything they did could be considered "metal" but I haven't heard a lot of Primus so I don't know.

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 12.24.08 @ 12:10pm

Heck they will make it just for the South Park theme alone.

Posted by Brian on Thursday, 06.18.09 @ 19:31pm

Bizzare band, Primus. I think they should be inducted, but no one seems to know who they are.

Posted by Justin on Friday, 06.26.09 @ 13:35pm

You know, I just saw someone had voted YES for Primus. I have no clue as to why I keep forgetting them, cause whenever I hear them I love their stuff. This is one of the bands that really does have a sound of it's own. I've heard people describe it as "Rush on crack", but even that doesn't do it justice.

Most likely they're never getting in, but they are very distinctive, & probably fit the I & I bill that the Hall claims to aim for.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 02.18.10 @ 18:00pm

Yeah, I find it hard to believe that Mr. Wenner (aka "The Devil" in "The Devil Went Down to Georgia") would induct the man who defeated him (Les Claypool, aka "Johnny") in the epic Fiddle Championship match of the Gods

Posted by Keebord on Thursday, 02.18.10 @ 21:09pm

Jann Wenner needs rhinoplasty. He's got a massive ugly conk!!

Posted by Joker on Thursday, 02.18.10 @ 21:09pm

Claypool is indeed a bass god. It has to count for something when you're auditioned to replace Cliff Burton. They're certainly innovative, and might be influential, so they should be at least considered. Probably won't get in.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 02.28.10 @ 16:49pm

Claypool is a great bassist...not in the top 10 of bassists though. I like Primus (and Claypool) but it's unlikely they'll get in

Posted by The Drummer on Sunday, 02.28.10 @ 17:05pm

Jann Wenner needs rhinoplasty. He's got a massive ugly conk!!

Posted by Joker on Thursday, 02.18.10 @ 21:09pm

I just understood this reference now and I ROFL'd and LOL'd

Posted by Milestones on Sunday, 02.28.10 @ 17:07pm

They should be in exclusively because Les Claypool is the greatest bass player that has ever lived.

Posted by Dan on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 17:43pm

Estoy en uruguay, y tengo todos los discos de Primus. Les Claypool presidente yaaa¬°

Posted by fernando on Thursday, 11.18.10 @ 04:48am

Very interesting band, unique sound. They may never be considered but Claypool is still a top notch bassist. Also, Claypool's brief duration with his band Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade should be able to get that group into the Weird Band Names Hall of Fame. If anybody wants to know more about them, (I think they were also called the Les Claypool Frog Brigade for short) you can check out their two live albums (Live Frogs 1 & 2), and their Purple Onion album.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 04.11.11 @ 09:57am

Sorry fellas, but les just doesn't play an electric bass. He plays many incantations of an upright, the whamola, a bassjo and has left Primus to persue the love of pushing what can be done in rock and prog rock. Why are there no Primus cover bands? Three folks with their incredible talent cannot be found. I'm a super fan and it saddens me that they won't make it.

Posted by Rusty cuyler on Wednesday, 05.11.11 @ 04:11am

I am always surprised when I mention primus and/or Les Claypool and people are at a loss for who/what I am talking about. I grew up believing he is the Frank Zappa of my generation, however, my generation is too dumbed down by the media that the greatest musicians are too complex and innovative, and people would rather listen to the regurgitated crap. If Les or Primus does not get into the Hall of Fame, the Hall of Fame has no validity.

Posted by Citizen Patrol on Sunday, 05.19.13 @ 00:23am

But not now.
You own us a LOT of inductions...

Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Sunday, 07.6.14 @ 23:57pm

Primus sucks

Posted by Pnutwork on Saturday, 01.3.15 @ 14:46pm

Why in the essentials is Sick on This not an essential. My Name is Mud, John the Fisherman, and Tommy the Cat just to name a few songs that are essential.

Posted by JS on Sunday, 05.3.15 @ 13:57pm

Primus rocks, and I feel there music will be appreciated more and more as time goes on. Voted Yes and would love to see them inducted.

Posted by Will on Saturday, 02.20.16 @ 13:13pm

I have read every comment here, and here is my attempt to gather it all into one possibly final statement here on the subject. The hall has a wide and diverse set of inductees, ranging from folk rock to metal, but I think to truly complete that set, they need one band that is quirky and never fit in amy of those genres, AND PRIMUS IS NO DOUBT THAT BAND. I think other bands deserved to be inducted first, but if they didnt make it in some day, it would be a crime to humanity. Les' reputation alone increases their chances to get in as well. But Primus has had more than enough mainstream success, so I wouldnt worry about that too much. Side note, if anybody thinks Larry La Londe is upstaged by Les, then you need to listen to the guitar solo in "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver". He compliments Les' crazy riffage perfectly, and with a unique sound of his own as well. Isolate any single Primus guitar riff and listen to it, and youll see why.If bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Green Day make it in, then Primus should be in line... and they were around before 2 of those bands I think. Brain, Jay Lane, and Tim Alexander should also be inducted with Ler and Les, since they all as drummers recorded albums as members of Primus.They are the definitive mainstream "non-mainstream band", and have a place in rock history as far as influence, so yeah, ill help you guys protest if they dont make it in, which is pretty doubtful in my opinion... just dont expect it to happen as soon as you guys think. And when they do make it in, we will all party like its the year 0101.. ABSOLUTELY, THAT DAWG WILL HUNT!

Posted by Jason on Saturday, 09.9.17 @ 20:47pm

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