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Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2013 (ranked #85) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Surfer Rosa (1988)
Doolittle (1989)
Bossanova (1990)
Trompe le Monde (1991)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Where Is My Mind? (1988)
Gigantic (1988)
Wave Of Mutilation (1989)
Here Comes Your Man (1989)
Monkey Gone To Heaven (1989)
Debaser (1989)
Hey (1989)

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Will Pixies be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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They're in if for no other reason than Kurt Cobain's saying that he used to fantasize that he was in the Pixies. They were such a huge influence (just listen to 'I Bleed' and Weezer's 'Undone' back-to-back) on so many bands, and their reunion two years ago for several sold-out shows can only seal the deal.

Posted by Dave on Tuesday, 08.22.06 @ 14:40pm

Other than Cobain, David Bowie covered them too, on one of his LP's back in the late '80s. He had Charles Thompson (Black Francis/Frank Black) play at his 50th birthday party, back in 1997. That was even before the best of Frank Black's career, which is still going strong.

But forget all that - the music speaks louder than any of their famous fans! Nobody was doing what they were doing, when they were doing it. And they changed the face of rock by influencing grunge and so much more in the early '90s.

Pixies are almost a supergroup, when you consider Kim Deal (The Breeders). They will be inducted, oh yes, they will.

Posted by Kailash on Saturday, 09.2.06 @ 21:32pm

These guys basically invented Alternative Rock! And for that I give the rock salute!

Posted by Garrett on Tuesday, 11.21.06 @ 19:34pm

Figures that the Pixies page would be the one place where all the posts make sense. This is gonna be a good year, huh? Pixies, Jane's, NWA and Public Enemy all in one year. I don't even care about the Hall of Fame and I'm kinda psyched anyway.

Posted by Al on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 08:26am

Oh, please, c'mon. These guys (and gal) were the most overrated band of the 80s and 90s. Crappy music... stupid lyrics, and a fat dude bellowing it all out. No memorable songs... no memorable vocals... nothing. Just a bunch of pinheads saying how "great" they were. Get over it. They sucked, still suck, will always suck, and there is no room for them in the Hall.

Posted by mark on Friday, 03.2.07 @ 00:13am


Posted by CAYCE on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 09:31am

The prime inductee of 2012. First ballot, easy.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 04.10.07 @ 22:20pm

what's with the dude that say that the pixies suck, well!!! it's probably because he likes barbara straisand or milli vanilli or some shit like that. i'm sure that he listens to rock songs influenced by the pixies and he may not know that.

Posted by karloz on Tuesday, 05.1.07 @ 15:30pm

A big influence on the Alt-Rock scene of the 90's. They've got my vote.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Thursday, 06.7.07 @ 11:07am


Wow, that was easy.

Posted by Lith on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 10:32am

The Pixies are most certainly over rated. I cant believe they are even being considered. Weakest music with the most fans. The Breeders sucked too so Kim Deal being in the Breeders doesnt really "seal" any deal. When i listen to their music all i hear is a really annoying whiny voice, belting out some lyrics i still cant and dont care to undestand. This makes as much sense as all the "indie" kids talking about how Panda Bear is the new Pet Sounds. yea right. Pure Shit. If you like this crap youre right along with the rest of the hipster sheeple. Dont believe me? Play some Pixies for anyone who hasnt heard them before and ask if they like it.. instantly and most commonly they will answer "Hell No" and "change that shit". Pixies in the hall of fame. If the Pixies get in then the next step will be to include other shit bands like Hanson. Who deserves to be in the Hall? The Frogs were more of an influence than this sucko band. I say let The Frogs in. Screw The Fatties, sorry i meant the Whinies.. oops i meant the Irritaties no, no, wrong again i meant the Borings no thats not it either.. the Pixies.

Posted by logan on Friday, 01.4.08 @ 09:56am

As opposed to what: Linkin Park?

Posted by liam on Friday, 01.4.08 @ 10:02am

'Play some Pixies for anyone who hasnt heard them before and ask if they like it.. instantly and most commonly they will answer "Hell No" and "change that shit"'

Actually, I had a friend of mine, with whom I don't really have a lot of musical tastes in common, turned on to the Pixies, rather by accident than by design. He'd never heard of them before, but after listening to them, he immediately bought "Surfer Rosa" and "Doolittle".
So, just go on ranting about how much they suck, 'cause fact is that they don't. Must be a reason why they never got higher than to #70 in the charts - some people just don't get it. Too bad.

"No memorable songs... no memorable vocals... nothing"
WTF? Ever listened to "Here Comes Your Man" or "Monkey Gone to Heaven" to name but a few? You probably believe Lifehouse and Matchbox 20 got memorable songs...whatever. Horses for courses.

Posted by denyo on Friday, 01.25.08 @ 22:31pm

Yeah, the greatest song of the last 25 years "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as Kurt Cobain put it was a rip off of the Pixies. So yeah there in as the 2nd greatest indie band next to The Smiths.

Posted by Will on Friday, 02.1.08 @ 05:46am

Don't know whether they'll make it in on 1st ballot or not (I tend to say no), but to me there's no doubt that they'll be inducted someday.

Too influential a group not to be.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 07.17.08 @ 11:19am

Pixies didn't ruin music like they say. THEY just happen to be the last great AMERICAN rock band. I hope u guys win!!!!

Posted by chris on Saturday, 09.6.08 @ 19:40pm

I hate that people credit Pixies as the reason music sounds like it does today. Today's music sucks. Pixies is one tough band to beat. It deserves to be recognized because it's the last outstanding American band. This country is starving for something half as good!

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, 09.9.08 @ 00:14am

Oh yes. The Pixies influenced so many bands. Still do. I can't imagine my life in the late 80's/early 90's without the Pixies. I think they are no-brainers, but the Hall needs to get to work inducting some important punk/post punk/indie bands before the Pixies become eligible. It would be a shame if the Pixies have to wait because bands like Joy Division, Sonic Youth, The Smiths, etc were not inducted before 2012. Hopefully the Stooges will get in this year and more worthy bands will follow the next couple of years.

Posted by ms.music on Thursday, 09.25.08 @ 02:14am


The Pixies' dynamic has been co-opted by so many bands. This is kind of a bad thing. Most bands who use it don't understand the context it worked in: cartoon zaniness. It did work for Nirvana because it fit Kurt Cobain's aesthetic; the raging power of The Stooges meets the melodic prowess of The Beatles. The bands that followed Nirvana didn't pick up on that either.

Still, the first three Pixies records are stone cold classics championed by many over the last twenty years. They deserve it.

Posted by Jonas on Saturday, 12.20.08 @ 01:34am

OH... GOD... YES!

Posted by Tyson on Tuesday, 12.23.08 @ 08:14am

OH... GOD... YES!

Posted by Tyson on Tuesday, 12.23.08 @ 08:15am

got into the Pixies because Thom Yorke of Radiohead kept citing them as such a great band and influence. Picked up Surfur Rosa and that was that.

And Black Francis cites Lou Reed as such a great artist. Pixies were like the Velvet underground, a band's band and tremendous influence on music.

Posted by Gargle McPhage on Thursday, 01.1.09 @ 11:21am


Posted by Shamus on Wednesday, 01.14.09 @ 20:00pm

Pixies should not be in any hall of fame. They were never that good, all their 80s and 90s music sounds alike and all thir 2000s music sounds alike. They're really overrated, they're one of those bands that critics like a lot but not too many people like them or buy their albums. Point and case Pixies suck

Posted by Maghreb on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 19:48pm

Great band, had it not been for Lost, when they played Gouge Away, I would have totally missed out on this great band.

Posted by Livingdead90 on Wednesday, 02.11.09 @ 20:17pm

The Pixies will certainly be inducted in their first year of eligibility.

They are one of the true arbiters of real innovation in American rock and roll, inspiring an entire generation of rock icons (Nirvana, Beck, and PJ Harvey, to name a few).

Posted by RB on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 15:46pm

As much as I want to see the Pixies inducted, there is not a chance in hell they will be a first ballot HoFer. Have you not seen the mockery this HoF committee has made of everything?

Posted by Dameon on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 19:17pm

Well... to start the Pixies can push R.E.M, Husker Du and Sonic Youth for the most influential American band of the 80's. The most obvious example of this was Kurt Cobain's aforementioned obsession with them. Along with the Huskers, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. they bridged the gap between two UK acts (the Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine) to redefine what guitars and noise meant in modern music at their moment in time. Add to this that they're part of the 10 or so american underground acts from the 80's that were absolutely instrumental and essential in defining the shape of music to come in the early 90's. (That incudes R.E.M., the Huskers, Sonic Youth, the Replacements, the Minutemen, Minor Threat, Dinosaur Jr., Black Flag, and the Meat Puppets)

Posted by Chalkie on Tuesday, 06.2.09 @ 20:59pm

"Pixies should not be in any hall of fame. They were never that good, all their 80s and 90s music sounds alike and all thir 2000s music sounds alike."
wait... WHAT? the Pixies haven't released a studio album since 1991. Also, your second statement makes no sense.

1. if you're the pixies, you have every right to "sound alike" as you so eloquently put it... because you're doing something unique.

2. Go listen to Trompe Le Monde and tell me if it sounds anything like Surfer Rosa.

"They're really overrated, they're one of those bands that critics like a lot but not too many people like them or buy their albums. Point and case Pixies suck:

you ended your rant in a :? okay... you're supposed to make grammatical sense.

also, the pixies have to have sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 million albums. It's not as if nobody is buying their records... and screw that, how many bands can headline FESTIVALS? I'll just save you the trouble, there's less than 30 in the world and the Pixies are one of them.

Posted by Maghreb on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 19:48pm

Posted by Kyle on Sunday, 08.9.09 @ 19:10pm

Okay I really don't understand the fuss over pixies. Their music is much better than much 80's trash but it is not so good as to say that they are gods in any genre. They had an extremely stoic sound that left the listener (?or just me?) really bored and wanting more. Rather than edgy or revolutionary the sound came across as dull low quality monodrone sound. It was NOT BAD it is good music and i acknowledge that. But there is no way from what i've heard that they can be placed in any hall of fame!

Posted by Benoit on Wednesday, 08.12.09 @ 21:31pm

Well, I will truly wind up a nasty cynic if The Pixies do not wind up in the Hall of Fame. I must say, along with Sonic Youth, this band has influenced everyone. This band truly deserves this recognition.

Posted by Lori M on Friday, 10.9.09 @ 21:16pm

"Point and case Pixies suck"

why? because YOU don't like them? I'll sure the RRHOF does not take that into account.

Look, I can understand that you don't like the Pixies, that's all fine and dandy, I don't like the Beatles. However, just because YOU like them does not mean they weren't great. this is a fact that is obvious, yet seems to be forgotten by a lot of people on the internet.

Posted by Justin on Sunday, 11.8.09 @ 20:29pm

alright the RRHOF isnt that great of an institution as it is, but if they can't recognize the Pixies for the gods of music that they are, then theyre complete idiots. The Pixies are an amazing band, and im sure those of you who say they suck listen to some band which is influenced by them.

Posted by Vikram on Tuesday, 11.10.09 @ 22:08pm

Based on merit alone, the Pixies were standouts. I heard "smells like teen spirit" in the car and liked it and thought.."I have this CD"....but it was the Pixies CD I was thinking of, not Nirvana.

Posted by steve on Saturday, 12.26.09 @ 15:07pm

pixies to nirvana is what the stooges were to the sex pistols. i say yes

Posted by ryan on Monday, 05.10.10 @ 16:25pm

I heard "Enter Sandman" in the car and liked it and thought.."I have this CD"....but it was the my garage band I was thinking of, not Metallica.

So I think my band deserves to go into the hall.

Posted by Morris Day on Thursday, 06.3.10 @ 10:11am

First off The Pixies are THE aquired taste band. Either you get them or you dont. If you dont then great you posting on this page saying that they "sucked" will have absolutely no merit on whether or not they get in the hall of fame because the reasons listed here as to why they sucked could be applied to half the bands already in the hall of fame. That being said whether you want to believe it or not The Pixies DID influence a lot of other bands and helped further rock/pop/punk/surf music in general and thats what will be taken into consideration. If you dont believe that they had an influence then just do your research which isnt that hard since your already at a computer. The Pixies sounded like nobody and to this day nobody sounds like The Pixies. So if you think you can affect music like they did then how bout you step back into your garage with your other 15 year old friends and write the next little diddy that will take the air waves by storm and let The Pixies take their rightful place on the throne. my vote is yes.

Posted by Nick on Wednesday, 07.7.10 @ 20:25pm

I'm not really a fan, but everybody else before me has said it better than I ever could. I don't trust the Hall to know to induct them, but they undeniably should. I'll add this quote in conclusion:

"When I was in college, R.E.M. and the Pixies changed my life." - Thom Yorke, talking to a festival crowd.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 07.10.10 @ 16:16pm

Influence= sucky overrated critics darlings.

Posted by mike on Wednesday, 07.14.10 @ 10:51am

"Influence= sucky overrated critics darlings."

I can see that all intelligent discourse has gone out the window here.

Posted by Chalkie on Wednesday, 07.14.10 @ 10:54am

These guys are one of the most influential bands in history. They will be in.

Posted by Dan on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 16:03pm

I am 44 years old...an "old" dude to a lot of folks, but I still love to listen to Pixies! I first saw their video (Here Comes Your Man)on MTV back in '89 and immediately was struck by their sound....it was not like anything I had heard before. Of course, I ran out and bought "Doolittle" and the double album "Come on Pilgrim/Surfer Rosa". I was hooked!

I can see how the average listener would have trouble digesting Pixies music. It was musically and sonically different than most anything out at the time. However, a true, open-minded lover of music would like this band. "Gigantic" from "Come on Pilgrim" features Kim's sensual verse and a full-frontal guitar assault from the chorus that would have ANYONE tapping their foot. "Debaser" from "Doolittle" simply rocks and showcases Black's intellectual and stimulating lyrics. I could go on and on because I love so many of their songs.

Bottom line....If you are a straight-laced Republican who likes ZZ Top and Lynard Skynard, you may as well not even attempt to listen to Pixies, you are not going to understand their music. I am not (a Republic, but more moderate), but do like the ZZ and LS however....maybe I am just a bit different I guess. All I know is that this band HEAVILY influenced me and who I am. I would not have it any other way.

By the way, I am going to see them here in Charlotte on Thursday and I am STOKED.

My vote....YES....They influenced too many people and did it their way....Thanks for reading this...JM

Posted by John on Sunday, 09.5.10 @ 22:54pm

This shouldn't even be a question, its a definite yes. They've influenced countless bands and people that dislike them are simply not open to listening to good music with a different sound.

Posted by Justin on Sunday, 09.19.10 @ 14:52pm

The pixies are great. Mr grieves is my favorite song.

anybody who hates the Pixies, shame on you.

Posted by Bokap on Wednesday, 11.3.10 @ 22:49pm

i can honestly say, the only song i have ever truely been able to relate to is "where is my mind" by the pixies. their erratic sound makes being a teenager jus a little bit easier. if you dont like the pixies, your sonic palate needs some polishing. these guys rock. joey and black are each innovators in their own right. my musical influence right here

Posted by david on Monday, 11.15.10 @ 19:41pm

Well, considering they were one of the foremost bands of the 80s alternative moment and a bunch of famous musicians cite them as influence they probably will get in.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 11.28.10 @ 10:02am

The question is, can they get in before Nirvana? So basically, can they get in first ballot?

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 04.23.11 @ 11:50am

No. They obviously deserve to get in, but judging based on how the voters have done things so far I don't think they will. The Alternative bands likely to get in:

-Red Hot Chili Peppers*
-The Cure
-Depeche Mode (That said, if they and The Cure can go almost a combined 15 years without getting a nomination, what makes you think the Pixies would get in?)
-Jane's Addiction
-Pearl Jam*
-Alice in Chains
-Rage Against The Machine
-Green Day*
-Nine Inch Nails*

*=The ones that I'd consider locks.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 05.3.11 @ 13:24pm

I agree The Pixies are an "acquired taste" kind of band. It takes a while to get into them but when you do.. you can't stop. I feel like they were an innovative band that had the courage to try something new. BEST SONG LEVITATE ME!!!!!

Posted by Hey! on Monday, 06.27.11 @ 21:00pm

Influence: Many alternative rock bands have cited them as an influence, including Radiohead an Nirvana. 30
Innovation: They helped invent alternativve rock as we know it today. 20
Commercial Sales: Not much to speak of.
Critical Respect: One of the most critically loved bands of the past 25 years, Doolittle is regularly called a classic. 20


Posted by GFW on Sunday, 09.25.11 @ 17:13pm

GFW - Actually the Pixies have had some commercial sales. Doolittle has gone Platinum and Surfer Rosa has gone Gold in the United States. While they had 3 albums in the top 10 in the UK. While not a ton of sales compared to other Hall of Fame acts, it is still enough to probably garner at least 5%.

Posted by Gassman on Sunday, 09.25.11 @ 20:21pm

Melvins should be in the Hall of Fame. They're just as influential, and they've made better music.

Posted by gerold on Monday, 10.3.11 @ 19:50pm


Melvins>Pixies in every way.

Posted by dorisgreen on Monday, 10.3.11 @ 23:40pm

"Melvins should be in the Hall of Fame. They're just as influential, and they've made better music." - gerold

"Melvins>Pixies in every way." - dorisgreen

Now, can both of you (unless you're the same person using two different screen names, which is very likely) provide some tangible evidence instead of just disgorging non-factual evidence? (BTW, I like the Melvins)

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 11.13.11 @ 06:53am

@ Tahvo Parvianen, No I'm not dorisgreen. As far as tangible evidence, Stoner Witch, Stag, and honky are better than anything Pixies have done. And Melvins have influenced Helmet, Nirvana, Neurosis, Mastodon, Boris, Soundgarden, Tool, Isis, Sunn O))), Strapping Young Lad, just to name a few.

The only reason the critical focus is on Pixies is because Cobain said they were his favorite band.

Posted by Gerold on Thursday, 11.24.11 @ 22:49pm

Some people think anything that isn't popped up to the point of being musical candy is bad. The Pixies are the meat, grains, fruit, and vegetables of music: Complex enough to satisfy many nutritional needs, maybe a bit of an acquired taste but once you get it it it will sustain you for the rest of your life, and gives you sustainable energy instead of an initial rush followed by a huge crash. All pop sounds the same like all candy tastes like sugar; the Pixies did something that was not only fresh and different but provided other bands with inspiration, not only to perfect the Pixies' style but to push it in many further directions. Today's pop sounds good for about an hour with its heavy beat and way-too-catchy riffs, but is so simple that you digest it too fast and it gets old and boring, and after you eat too much leaves a sickly sweet taste in your mouth. As far as the popularity argument, plenty of people loved and still love the pixies, and just because not every single idiot out there listening to Waka "gets" them they aren't bad or unpopular.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 12.7.11 @ 21:12pm

I'm just not feeling this one. But the music press likes them. I do like a few of their songs.

Posted by astrodog on Sunday, 12.11.11 @ 19:51pm

^I don't think I'd have been able to come up with an analogy that elaborate, particulary the bit about pop music. Brilliant.

Anyway, all dependent on whether the NC really is becoming forward thinking.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 12.13.11 @ 17:05pm

I love pixies, they are my favorite band ever.
I only started caring about music because of them, they changed my life. Because of them I play guitar, and know almost everything about rock n roll. I love all kinds of rock but they are my favorite band. It will be awesome if they make to the hall, but they are still some bands that should be here to that are not there.

Posted by Nick on Wednesday, 12.28.11 @ 23:01pm

Without Pixies, Radiohead and Nirvana would not have come into existence as we know them today. So many bands owe these guys, and I personally love them.

Posted by Cat on Friday, 02.17.12 @ 09:40am

Ahh, the Pixies, a band that hipsters like to namedrop to make themselves look unique and cool. While The Pixies have their place in music history, that doesn't mean I have to like or even respect their music. Black Francis's vocals particularly grate on my ears. He sounds like he's trying to combine David Bowie* (who stomps the Pixies into dust, IMHO) and Robert Plant (whom I despise).

I've never been able to understand why indie bands like Husker Du, Black Flag, The Dead Kennedys the Pixies, and others of their ilk receive so much praise and attention. There seems to be this mindset that if it's obscure and outside the mainstream, it must be good. Conversely, there is the equally wrongheaded assumption that any and all musicians who attained any sort of mainstream recognition or success are "corporate creations" or "sell-outs." Grow up, already. This isn't high school anymore, where the "cool" kids and the "unpopular" kids sat at their own tables during lunch. Good music is good music, regardless of whether it sells 100,000,000 albums or only 1,000.

A band's level of notoriety should never influence one's opinion of them. There are non-mainstream acts whom I like a great deal (i.e., Jobriath, Radio Werewolf, etc.), but here's the difference between me and the hipster sheep: I don't use my musical tastes as a status symbol like they do. I love who I love, and I would daresay that I've got a much more diverse taste in music than most people I know. However, I don't use the diversity of my likes to put down those I know who have opposing tastes. I can only hope that they will discover big band, swing, rockabilly, rhythm and blues, doo wop, swamp rock, surf, glam rock, proto-punk/early punk, new wave, and synthpop the way I did.

Anyway, that concludes my rant 'o the day. I'm sure there will be Pixies (and indie music) fanboys just waiting to unleash a barrage of insults and generalizations in my direction, but remember this: it's only music. No need to get hostile over personal hobbies and interests.

*Before a Pixies fanboy rushes onto the scene and tells me the obvious, yes, I am aware that David Bowie (one of my favorites) has expressed a like for the Pixies. You don't need to tell me again.

Posted by Zach on Friday, 03.23.12 @ 19:15pm

I find the whole sell out concept stupid. A band dosen't sell out because it becomes sucessful, they do it if they acitvely change their music just for money. if it's jsut that the mainstream cotton onto their style then that's nothing to do with the band.

I Like a couple of Pixies songs but godamn Doolittle is one of the most overrated albums of the 80's.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 03.23.12 @ 19:24pm

I find the whole sell out concept stupid. A band dosen't sell out because it becomes sucessful, they do it if they acitvely change their music just for money. if it's jsut that the mainstream cotton onto their style then that's nothing to do with the band.

I Like a couple of Pixies songs but godamn Doolittle is one of the most overrated albums of the 80's.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 03.23.12 @ 19:24pm

Ding ding ding! You hit the nail on the head, GFW. Just because a band happens to achieve a certain level of commercial success doesn't mean they "sold out to the man." That's such a childish concept anyway. It's like fans of obscure bands would rather see their favorite bands remain performing to double-digit crowds in dingy clubs than succeed and expose their music to a wider audience.

Good music is good music, regardless of external factors like mainstream exposure, record labels, and chart success.

Posted by Zach on Monday, 03.26.12 @ 15:51pm

It's always been about the noise.
From the vocals to the bends, this band just makes sense to me.

I doubt they give a damn about the Hall of Fame, anyway. Pixies can leave that honor to the truly overrated and overplayed.

To those who enjoy their tunes, this band will be timeless, regardless of the naysayers' opinions.

Posted by jefreywithonef on Wednesday, 04.18.12 @ 01:37am

Thanks for all of your work on this web page. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Posted by Exaltaci¨®n Brito Reynoso on Saturday, 04.21.12 @ 17:23pm

Okay wtf. I heard that Weezer was influenced by pixies and so I thought "Hey I like Weezer, I might like the pixies." so I went to the library and "Doolittle" was there so I checked it out. First few seconds into it I was thinking what is this shit. Sounds like noise and a shitty bass part a toddler could play. I will give credit to some good songs like here comes your man and monkey gone to heaven but honestly I can't imagine how people really praise these guys. The lead guitar is terrible in nearly every song playing something that doesn't even fit with the chords, (or shitty bass line). Bass is always eighth notes doing something unoriginal over and over again. And could the rhythm guitarist learn something other than barre chords? Overall my opinion is they don't deserve hall of fame. Yes they've had influence, but they are definitely not talented in any way.

Posted by Brad on Saturday, 07.28.12 @ 19:10pm

Give it another try. It's one of those cases where you need to give it more than one try for it to properly sink in, for lack of a better phrase.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 07.29.12 @ 06:42am

No offence Brad, but you could basically use that argument for any genre. Just take punk for example. I've heard people argue that "punk is terrible" because "the vocalists can't really sing" and "nobody is really that great at the instruments they play" or "it's the same three chords over and over again, that doesn't take a lot of skill."

If you don't like the Pixies, you should take a listen to Sonic Youth, Husker Du or Smashing Pumpkins. If none of those float your boat than maybe you can just write off the style as not your cup of tea. There's nothing wrong with that, I can't stand post-grunge, nu-metal, gangsta rap or grindcore for example.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 07.29.12 @ 07:04am

I guess you have a good point there. I suppose everyone has their opinions. For example radiohead is my favorite band. Thom Yorke cited that the Pixies were a huge influence for him, not so much for me. And then again Whenever I play a radiohead cd at home my roommate always tells me to "Turn that crap off and put some real music on" which really sets me off. So my apologies to you pixies fans, they just aren't quite for me.

Posted by Brad on Thursday, 08.9.12 @ 17:08pm

I can't see it. They were not one of the original 80s alt bands. They had a relatively brief four album career (not including EPs). They didn't really help establish the scene they were involved in, nor that style of music. And they were not a hugely commercially successful band. Certainly there were important bands that were not commercially successful (VU, Stooges, NY Dolls, etc.), but commercial success remains a good reflection of a band's impact and helps provide a bit of concreteness to a otherwise subjective debate. Whatever one may think of Nirvana, their commercial breakthrough into the mainstream had a very real, measurable impact on the music of their time. However it becomes a tougher proposition when a band cannot be situated at the roots of stylistic trends in music (as with the VU or the Stooges), but is rather a later addition, and then on top of that didn't achieve significant real world success. Weighing against that is the usual claims of "influence", but this too easily becomes interchangeable with a band simply being a hip reference. I tend to see influence in more concrete terms than a band's intangible coolness rating. Did the band tangibly impact important stylistic changes in music? Did it contribute to any innovations or new developments? Did it help to change musical sensibilities? More often than not, regardless of obligatory clams of influence, the answer is a resounding "no". I would say that a band like the Cars, to cite one example, has a much stronger case regarding influence/impact than a band like the Pixies.

Posted by astrodog on Friday, 08.10.12 @ 04:57am

Considering that Kurt Cobain called "Teen Spirit" his attempt to rip off the Pixies, I would say this band is a lock for induction. Nirvana is probably the most overrated band that ever existed, but Rolling Stone loves them. Rolling Stone is the gatekeeper for the Hall of Fame, so the Pixies' strong influence on Nirvana will guarantee their place in the Hall of Fame.

Posted by DRM on Monday, 08.20.12 @ 13:46pm

The Pixies are one of the Influnce bands of Alternative Rock, They deserved to be nomineed in 2013 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

Posted by Dan Windler on Wednesday, 08.22.12 @ 00:47am

How can people hate the Pixies? ARGH!!! This thread is gross. You people are gross. I am breaking stuff now, thanks anonymous haters.

Posted by Knative on Saturday, 10.6.12 @ 03:40am

Terrible omission this year. First balloter.

Posted by Neckbeard on Sunday, 10.7.12 @ 10:39am

Should've taken N.W.A's place, if only because PE wipes out any chance for their induction anyway. The hall needs alt.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 10.27.12 @ 17:25pm

I dunno, GFW, I think if there's any two rap acts that can be inducted the same year, it's PE and NWA. The Pixies would just be another name that I would instantly write off and say "not this year."

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 10.27.12 @ 17:35pm

Gah, I actually agree with Philip on an "Alt" band.

PE and NWA are important enough to Rap/Hip Hop that their eligibility immediately shoots them to the front of that line.

While I support the Pixies eventual induction I just don't see them as a first ballot nominee. There's still a pretty long line of earlier acts in their genre (or at least what the NomCom would broadly consider their genre to be.) who are equally or more important and who have been waiting longer.

Posted by DarinRG on Saturday, 10.27.12 @ 18:20pm

"Gah, I actually agree with Philip on an "Alt" band."

Funny, DarinRG... you say this like it's a bad thing...

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 10.27.12 @ 18:40pm

Guess you're right... I'd actually support both PE's and N.W.A's inductions this year... who cares about diversity, they're both massively worthy!

I swear... this halls 5 inductee rule is so dumb!

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 10.28.12 @ 06:05am

Like Joy Division and The Smiths, Pixies are a band whose absence in the HOF completely baffles me. I don't get it.

Others who have posted here have raised great points I don't need to restate.

Posted by Robert on Saturday, 01.26.13 @ 18:06pm



If the Pixies had survived another couple of years, they could have become huge. Their first two albums are some of the greatest music to come out of the Eighties, but they had the misfortune of being way ahead of their time. When America was finally ready to embrace "alternative" music, they were barely on speaking terms. Simply put, frontman Black Francis and bassist Kim Deal didn't get along very well.

They met when Deal responded to an ad in a newspaper seeking a bassist, and thus had no real relationship outside the band. The fans fell in love with Deal, and Francis got jealous. He froze her out of their later albums, causing her to launch the Breeders as a side project. That band started to take off, and by 1992 Black Francis had quite enough of life in a band. Making matters worse, the Pixies agreed to open for U2 on the first leg of their Zoo TV tour. The tour became an endless slog, and the band grew weary of playing to half-empty arenas of bored U2 fans.The following year Francis faxed his bandmates to tell them it was over. Over the next decade, he didn't speak to Deal once.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 02.19.13 @ 10:45am

The Pixies

01. Black Francis (vocals, rhythm guitar)
02. Kim Deal (bass, vocals)
03. Joey Santiago (lead guitar)
04. David Lovering (drums)

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 02.19.13 @ 10:56am

I literally didn't even know the Pixies existed until I worked with Frank Black's ex-wife in a comedy club in L.A.

Of course, I really only listen to cheesy pop music, so what do I know? ;)

Posted by CP on Wednesday, 07.24.13 @ 11:05am

i can't believe i read all of that.

the answer is 'no', and the reason is that the pixies wore their own influences on their sleeves far too heavily, without ever really melding them into anything unique. it's a little less abrasive than the jesus lizard or big black, overall - by inserting bits of REM. their most famous songs are just ripping off REM. that's the harsh reality. and, when taken as a whole, they're nothing more interesting than a watered-down and more mtv-friendly version of sonic youth. that's the really damning part of the analysis: the pixies are a band that, historically speaking, did absolutely nothing that sonic youth didn't do before them at an incomparably higher level of quality.

looking back, a full narrative of the 80s alt/college rock thing doesn't require mentioning this band in any way other than that they followed in the footsteps of others. that's why they never get in.

Posted by dcghkfhydghflhka on Friday, 01.17.14 @ 16:07pm

Of course they should be inducted!!!!
You people like Nirvana? Well, there should've be any Nirvana if it weren't for the Pixies. Kurt Cobain triying to imitate what?
Kim Deal is LOVE!

Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Sunday, 07.6.14 @ 22:19pm

I would say NO to The Pixies. Had a short peak time. Probably had to make 2 more killer albums to be considered. Think Duran Duran, Def Leppard, The Cure, Moody Blues, Chicago, Scorpions, Byan Adams, etc. more deserving RRHOF. KING

Posted by KING on Monday, 05.11.15 @ 00:13am

Personally, the fact that Pixies only had a short peak time means very little. That short peak time influenced Radiohead, Nirvana, Weezer, PJ Harvey, The Strokes, and Pavement. U2 and Bowie have cited them as having made some great music in the 80s.

It's not about how much time you have in the limelight - it's what you do with that time. Pixies set the stage for a lot of the great alternative rock that came out of the 90s. They belong in the Hall.

Posted by SotN on Saturday, 08.1.15 @ 03:34am

I don't see the Pixies as a HOF band. One of the criteria is musical excellence. Don't see the Pixies musically excellent. Counting Crows or Black Crowes or some of Radiohead early stuff HOF. That's what I envision a Hall Of Fame band sounding like. It will help that late Kurt Cobain loved the Pixies and they will pick up some influence points. Black Francis voice is nothing special and he ended the band on the doorstep of more recognition. I will say Here Comes Your Man & Where Is My Mind? are good songs. I could see the Pixies like the Replacements receive a nomination down the road. Don't see the Pixies getting inducted before The Cure, AIC, Soundgarden, The Smiths, Pearl Jam, Radiohead. KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 08.2.15 @ 04:33am

I hope the Pixies don't receive a nomination this year 2015. The Cure are definitely more deserving as well as Duran Duran. The RRHOF is very consistent on the importance of Musical Excellence. Pixies do not meet this criteria in any measure. So Kurt talked good things on the Pixies. Nirvana are still remembered highly 20 years after Cobain's death. That is what a RRHOF band looks like. KING

Posted by KING on Monday, 08.17.15 @ 00:44am

Surfer Rosa and Doolittle are often cited to be among the best albums of the 1980s, and the Pixies were praised by critics years before the release of Nevermind. They may not pass your test for Musical Excellence, but that doesn't mean they won't pass the HoF's.

Posted by The_Claw on Monday, 08.17.15 @ 13:39pm

Musical Excellence is such a nebulous term to begin with anyway. I honestly believe the passage of time is a tremendous factor in determining musical excellence, especially if said music dates back far enough that it's had all that time to influence succeeding generations through innovations. I would suggest that the only names that surpass the criteria for musical excellence, whatever they may be, are the numerous classical and jazz composers who've already been enshrined as legitimate, respectable music by academia and other credible sources. Many of the Great American Songbook songwriters/composers would certainly qualify, as would gifted instrumentalists like Django Reinhardt, Les Paul, and Jeff Beck. A few blues guys like Little Walter and Muddy Waters for certain. As far as rock 'n' roll goes, I honestly can't think of 10 acts that even have the credentials to fit into that elite class. Perhaps the Beatles, despite my hatred for them. The Pixies' music is still too recent to even begin to enter that conversation. A respectable cult band that did influence some later movements, but not so overwhelmingly innovative as to reshape the entire foundation of music itself. I can't say I know many people in the real world who namedrop them as a favorite, but most of the aforementioned names figure prominently into the music discussions I have with people in the real world, which is where those conversations actually matter.

Posted by Zach on Thursday, 08.20.15 @ 13:51pm

Can think of 50-100 groups more deserving of the RRHOF than The Pixies. Duran Duran, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Procol Harum, Moody Blues, The Cure, NIN, Roxy Music, Phil Collins (Solo), David Gates & Bread, Iron Maiden, Depeche Mode, The Cars, Bad Company, The Guess Who, Mariah Carey, Black Crowes etc. Maybe others can think of more bands. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 05.11.17 @ 22:34pm

Not a Pixies fan, huh, KING? ;-)

Lots & lots of great songs & 4 monster albums. Some of those on your list I agree with, but Bread?!

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 05.12.17 @ 08:09am

Anybody who thinks Bread(!) is a viable RRHOF inductee has opinions that can't be taken seriously by anyone...

Posted by Fah King Ridickulouse on Monday, 05.15.17 @ 16:19pm

Vote for Pixies

Posted by greg on Friday, 05.19.17 @ 11:17am

Rock N Roll Hall of fame is a joke. They hate indie bands. The Pixies and Sonic Youth are probably the two most important american indie bands.

Posted by JACK on Wednesday, 07.19.17 @ 16:53pm

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