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Will P.J. Proby be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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The 6th of Nov.this year (2008) - P.J. Proby will
celebrate his 70th birthday.Still touring and his voice is still so very good.
"The Living Legend - Still Going Strong"
He should have more attention today except from splitting his trousers in the 60s.....

Posted by Björn Lund on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 04:47am

In the 60's he was the greatest - over 40 years later he still is and just gets better and better as the years go on. His live performances are fantastic.

Posted by Joan Adamson on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 06:20am

PJ is the greatest Living Legend. The voice is bigger and better than ever and the man is just an icon. His live shows are electric and would leave a lot of todays "stars" trailing in his wake.

Posted by Sue Stoney on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 09:13am

P.J. Proby, the greatest and most charismatic, underestimated rock & roll, blues, country and ballad singer in the last 50 years, and stronger than ever!!

Posted by brian dolan on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 10:15am

p j proby the greatest singer ever who improves like a fine wine. sheer genius!

Posted by marilyn jones on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 13:45pm

Pj Proby the one and only the original that others tried to follow, Still touring still the best but hey dont take my word for it check out his tours for this year and go and see for your selves

Posted by Rick on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 14:17pm

Outside of a show called "Shindig" (kinda like Mercy Beat),which he was on a couple of times, I really don't remember much about P.J. Proby. Was he pretty big in the U.K.? Time for a visit to YouTube...

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.3.08 @ 10:28am

Good voice...sounds kinda like Elvis. Problem is, there was already one of those. That might be what hinders his chances of getting in. Its too bad Elvis' manager always found a way to not to let Elvis tour the U.K. in the 50's (his manager was an illegal alien...not letting him back in the country wouldn't have been a great loss). Ever wonder why Elvis never toured outside the U.S.? Strange how things work out.

Thats Rock & Roll...

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.3.08 @ 10:44am

pj proby is the greatest singer alive today,his voice is getting stronger,and he sings as good today as he did in the 60,s .He is a legend in his own rights

Posted by tony allonby on Monday, 02.4.08 @ 05:01am

P.J. Proby is The Best Singer and Entertainer I have ever heard. I went to 5 of his concerts in 2004 when he toured the East Coast of Australia. This man has such a dynamic voice that upon hearing him for the first time in 1977, I became an instant convert from being a 100% Elvis Presley fan. Hearing P.J. is one thing, but seeing him live is another. His performance is second to none since Elvis. P.J. is so full of charisma and has made so many contributions to the world of music and not only through the Demonstration Records which he made for Elvis Presley, but also for his own tremendous vocal versatlilty which is absolutley amazing as is his wonderful songwriting abilities and for an entertainer who is soon to be 70 years young, he's outdone many of his contemporaries.

Posted by Leanne Thomas on Monday, 02.4.08 @ 23:00pm

I know of no other performer with such an overwhelming power and magnetism! P.J. Proby deserves the first place in the Hall Of Fame of Rock &Roll and any other Hall Of Fame!
If you're not convinced yet, make sure to find out and see the man LIVE while it's still possible!!
I promise you it will be an experience you'll never forget!!!

Posted by manja dolan on Wednesday, 02.6.08 @ 13:59pm

One thing I'll give him...he certainly has devoted fans!!

Posted by Terry on Wednesday, 02.6.08 @ 19:42pm

Why do you think that is?

PJ has had some misfortune regarding his career and isn't as well known as he should have been. He was banned in the Sixties in the UK and had to battle his alcohol problems, but it was never because he wasn't good enough!!!
He hasn't had a drop of alcohol in over 15 years and is now stronger than ever!!!!

P.J. is truly the one and only Living Legend!!!

Posted by rock beast on Thursday, 02.7.08 @ 07:16am

I first saw P.J. Proby in Melbourne (Australia) in 1965....he was amazing in his performance and ...that voice!.....WOW!!!

Way ahead of his time, as an entertainer.....still is!

Every time he has performed in Australia, I have been there....and as long as Proby keeps touring 'down-under'...I'll be there....

He's done it all....and survived! A TRUE ROCK 'n' ROLL LEGEND...

....Susie Gamble. (Australia)

Posted by Susie Gamble on Friday, 11.14.08 @ 07:08am

This man is a one off!! Best male vocalist I have ever heard & there have been some amazing ones over the past 60 or so years.
Although he was popular in the U.S.A for a while he couldn't sustain that popularity in his home land.He was massive in the rest of the world.But it seems it's only the U.S. that counts so it will be difficult to get him inducted as he surely deserves to be.
Ron Tennant(Belgium)

Posted by Ron Tennant on Sunday, 10.11.09 @ 08:29am

I really loved the revolutionary Sixties music and the entertainers that came with it. It was the era of the groups but there were some great individual talents & none finer than the GREAT P.J. PROBY. He could really sing!
The memory of that incredible voice combined in 1965 with the wildest stage act ever seen at Sydney Stadium will stay with me forever. Simply the best! What a voice!! What an entertainer!! What a showman!! What a legend!!

Posted by Tony Priest on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 05:32am

Saw PJ last Saturday, and he was brilliant,actually met him twice in his dressing room,what a privilage. No-one can better him.

Posted by Heather on Tuesday, 03.16.10 @ 07:02am

Ive seen this genius live many times and can honestly say that he is the only artist who makes the hairs on my neck stand out. P.J.proby really is that good. Saw him in th 60,s and he was brilliant. Saw him in 2010 and he was brilliant.
He can sing ballads and Rock alike and has been singing now for 50 years. Surely he should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He really deserves it.

Posted by Andy Cole on Saturday, 01.29.11 @ 04:09am

I have seen P.J.Proby many times over the years and he is just amazing. Now 72 years old and can still sing the pants off any other singer around. The man is a living legend.
He should definitely be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Dave Harwood on Saturday, 01.29.11 @ 15:46pm

He is just an amazing singer, i've seen him many times the last time was in Uppsala Sweden in December 2011 a great show.

Posted by Richard Nyberg on Friday, 03.25.11 @ 06:57am

I have always admired P J Proby and his versatile
top range singing voice. I do believe he could turn his voive to golden Opera if he really wanted
to. That said lets get down to the P J / Elvis saga. You all must know by now that show
business is one of the worst to be in.I believe
P J was around at the beginning of the Elvis era.
Although its speculation on my part I beleive P J was pushed aside in preference to Elvis by the
powers that be at the time. I must follow by
saying that I Love Elvis also but I still think P J Proby has the better voice and range. I have
no comments to make about his reputation since,
But if I was treated as badly as I think he was
then I would have reason to be as annoyed as he
was. Perhaps some promoters out there have the
brains to see he is worth promoting even at his
present age. Just one more thing To all you promoters out there. Cant you see,P J would will pack out the biggest venues, What are you waiting for.

Best Wishes To All BRI - DAR

Posted by BRI - DAR on Sunday, 07.3.11 @ 10:15am

The 6th of Nov. 2013 - P.J. Proby become 75 years. This event was celebrated at Fort Perch Rock during a short break of his long touring around U.K.As I wrote here 5 years ago : "Still touring and his voice is still so very good.
The Living Legend - Still Going Strong
He should have more attention today except from splitting his trousers in the 60s....."
5 years has passed and P.J.Proby hasstill NOT been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame !!

Posted by Björn Lund on Saturday, 12.21.13 @ 07:51am

It's unbelievable that P.J. Proby has not been induced in the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame yet! Why is that and what does it take? P.J. Proby has an enormous history of Rock&Roll. He started out as Jett Powers in Hollywood and his 1958 self-penned song Go Girl Go is still recognised as a song of substantial influence on the development of Rockability. Just check it out on YouTube. Then of course P.J. probe's influence on the music in the UK in the Sixties was enormous. He taught the UK artists that they should move during a performance, with his James Brown act. Sadly the UK was not ready for his knee slides which ripped his trousers. PJ Proby was a trend setter. Additionally he was the first man during the last century to wear his hair in a pony tail. How many kids nowadays know this? Please give P.J. Proby the recognition he deserves... And I'm not even mentioning his enormous voice!

Posted by manja dolan on Saturday, 12.21.13 @ 08:17am

Additionally, P.J. Proby, at the age of 75 years old, is still rocking and boogie-ing on stage, jumping around like a 30 year old. Fifty years of Rock&Roll! What more do you have to do to get induced into The Hall Of Fame??? If you haven't seen P.J. Proby perform live yet, you really should check him out. Truly a Living Legend, not to be missed!!!

Posted by manja dolan on Saturday, 12.21.13 @ 08:23am

I have never heard of 'P.J. Proby'. Had never heard of 'Roxette' till a few months ago, so don't take it too hard.

Will read his wiki writeup.

Posted by Paul in KY on Saturday, 12.21.13 @ 11:02am

Just read his writeup. Tell him to get in line, as there's about 97 acts in front of him.

The Monkees & Weird Al are in that line ahead of him.

Posted by Paul in KY on Saturday, 12.21.13 @ 11:05am

P.J. Proby may have been an interesting character in the 1960's but I can't find evidence of any significant contribution he made to the development of rock and roll. His recording of "Go, Girl, Go" wasn't widely played in 1958 or I would have heard it. Hearing it now, I think it might have been seen as innovative had he done it 5 years earlier.

I doubt the nominating committee will be impressed by someone who modeled his act after James Brown and wore a ponytail. I listened to some of Proby's other recordings on You Tube and most were covers and parodies of other singers. The ability to copy the sound and moves of other artists isn't proof of his influence on anyone.

Posted by LLoyd Black on Sunday, 12.22.13 @ 08:18am

Well, who are you, Paul from KY, Lloyd Black and the Nominating Committee? Do you have any references of your authority on the subject? Never mind, I will not waste anymore energy on this matter and wish you good luck with your project.

Posted by Manja Dolan on Sunday, 12.22.13 @ 17:46pm

LOL. That'll teach you, Paul.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 12.22.13 @ 18:21pm

Darin, when Manja Dolan has called you out, well guess it's gonna be a sad Christmas as the in KY residence.

Prrrooobbbyyyy!!!! (shaking fist at sky)

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 12.23.13 @ 07:29am

I'm so hurt.

Posted by LLoyd Black on Monday, 12.23.13 @ 08:59am

Paul and Lloyd, I would encourage you both to make it your New Year's Resolution to move past this painful and humiliating moment.

Posted by DarinRG on Monday, 12.23.13 @ 16:31pm

Darin, until then I'll have to muddle through somehow.

Posted by LLoyd Black on Monday, 12.23.13 @ 19:10pm

We're all here for you in this testing time, Paul and Lloyd.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 12.23.13 @ 19:28pm

P.J. who?

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 12.23.13 @ 20:11pm

Thank you Darin & GFW. I'm hurting & I know Lloyd is too. Tomorrow is another day.

On a lighter note, I think 'P.J. Proby' would be a great pron (can't use the bad word) character name. Thinking a doctor...would say it practically writes itself...

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 12.26.13 @ 08:02am

Paul, I think you're right. Have you heard his 1987 Savoy Records release M97002? I doubt that one was played widely either. LOL

It looks like P.J. has a close knit group of supporters who believe he was "ahead of his time". That's one way to put it.

Opinions might differ about whether lifestyle should affect the Hall's choices, but when someone's lifestyle spills over into their music, well...

Posted by LLoyd Black on Saturday, 12.28.13 @ 09:26am

All his fanatical supporters should think about what the Hall Nominating Committee will think about the notorious 'pants splitting incident of 66'.

a black day in the BBC that was...

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 12.30.13 @ 07:58am

Paul, P.J. Proby describes the 1965 pants splitting incidents in some recent appearances shown on You Tube. He calls it accidental splitting of his pants legs at the knees only, occurring as he slid across the stage.

A 1965 issue of the British magazine "Record Mirror" described his January 1965 show at Walthamstow in the following terms:

"P.J. ran a hand from his right knee up the leg, across his lower stomach and down to the other leg."

"He very carefully put one hand on the top of his trousers and slowly pulled down the material to reveal some inches of flesh at the top of his leg."

"His behind was massaged and his trousers were torn from the knees to the top--deliberately."

"He returned, fell to his knees and split his trousers. With one hand, he ripped one leg all the way up from the knee."

"The Texan crawled across the stage, ripped the other trouser leg and did the splits revealing a wide expanse of flesh."

This show was part of a tour with Cilla Black playing to an audience of young teenagers and pre-teenagers. Shocking then but probably not shocking now? I can't say the same about his work at Savoy Records. Graphic lyrics about having "fun" with 7 year old girls while wearing a Superman cape isn't acceptable even now.

Posted by LLoyd Black on Monday, 12.30.13 @ 08:45am

Because of my curiosity on this PJ Proby guy I looked him up in my Whitburn books and Youtube and this guy does indeed exist. He charted an impressive amount of singles, however landing only one Top 40 hit. I had never heard it until now, since oldies stations around me never played it (his biggest hit, Niki Hokey).

Nonetheless, it is great that a guy like him who was rocking in the 60s, tried real hard, did what he loved is still going strong. Even after 75 years. Just think about all the 60s rockers/band members who have passed away in the last 10 years. But I agree, if he does get in the HOF...hey, more power to him. I agree with Paul (in KY) that there are several 60s acts waiting to get in. Unless something happens to Jann Wenner, Dave Marsh or any rock hypocrite in charge, his chances of getting in could be highly.

So....congratulations Manja Dolan thanks for kickstarting this conversation!

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 12.30.13 @ 14:46pm

Lloyd, thanks for the recapping. Saw it mentioned in the wiki writeup, but did not take link as I had already concluded that even with a 'saving Ahmet Ertegun from choking' incident, Mr. Proby was not going to be seeing The Hall without a ticket.

Best wishes for a great New Year!

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 12.30.13 @ 15:12pm

Hey jason! Hope you have a great New Year as well.

My comment about The Monkees & Weird Al being in front of him is shorthand (if you know how I feel about both those bands).

If you have something you love & can do into your 70s & get paid for it. Well...good on ya for that.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 12.30.13 @ 15:16pm

Paul, I wish you nothing but the best in the new year.

Keep on rockin' in the free world, man!

Posted by Andrew on Monday, 12.30.13 @ 19:13pm

Paul, the happiest of New Years to you as well and good luck making that last train to Clarksville! LOL

Posted by LLoyd Black on Monday, 12.30.13 @ 20:55pm

Hope you can move past this painful year and enjoy 2014, Paul.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 12.31.13 @ 09:27am

Thank you, Paul. And a happy 2014 to you as well. Hope there are more concerts for you in store!

Same goes for those who have replied and responded to my comments this year. Can't remember whom at the moment, but you probably know who you are! jv

Posted by Jason Voigt on Tuesday, 12.31.13 @ 11:05am

Now, almost 8 years since the latest comment (by me).
Still nothing has happened concerning for P.J. Proby concerning Rock & Roll Of Fame…..
Now, 8 years later - P.J. Proby is STILL GOING STRONG !
Check just what happened during 2015 :http://dutchbrand.co.uk/MomentsofMagicMerchandise/About_2015.html
Give the LIVING legend your vote for a place in the Rock & Roll Of Fame. He really deserves it after more than 50 years !!

Posted by Björn Lund on Sunday, 01.3.16 @ 12:03pm

The Hall of Fame is like a book that has not been finished. without PJ in the HOF then it is not complete. without doubt had to be the finest and most versatile voice in the sixties. Even today in his 78th year a magnificent performer. He was born with god gifted voice.

Posted by John Wilson on Sunday, 01.3.16 @ 12:06pm

Anyone who listens to PJ Proby or better still sees him live will come to realise how amazing he is .There is no one alive who has such charisma and talent . He truly deserves the title Living Legend and I only hope he is recognised as such .

Posted by Kathy Brandstatter on Sunday, 01.3.16 @ 12:38pm

I have followed P.J Proby,s Singing career from the 60,s to date. The man is a true Genius. Went through a bad time, but then kicked alcohol and is still pulling in the crowds every year. Surely after this long career he should be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Andy Cole on Friday, 01.8.16 @ 08:30am

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