Merle Haggard

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 1990 (The 1991 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2023 (ranked #20 in the Influences - Rock Era category) .

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Mama Tried (1968)
Okie From Muskogee (1969)
If We Make It Through December (1974)
Movin' On (1975)
I Think I?ll Just Stay Here and Drink (1980)

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Will Merle Haggard be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Merle is about as country as you can possibly get. I really don't think he had much influence on rock music at all...and he would probably be the first one to tell you that! Country Hall Of Fame...I'm sure he's already there (deservedly so), RHOF....I don't think so.

Posted by Terry on Monday, 01.28.08 @ 18:06pm

Merle Haggard rules

Posted by That Guy on Saturday, 07.26.08 @ 20:07pm

...he's also about as country as you can get, not a "Rock & Roll" bone in his body!

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 07.26.08 @ 20:11pm

You guys claim Merle shouldn't get in because he's too "country" but Johnny Cash (the "King" of country) and Hank Williams are in. You can't get more country than Hank Williams.

Posted by Mr. Octagon on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 10:18am

You guys claim Merle shouldn't get in because he's too "country" but Johnny Cash (the "King" of country) and Hank Williams are in. You can't get more country than Hank Williams.
Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 10:18am

Agreed,If the aforementioned are in so should Merle.
Pure Praurie League actually wrote/recorded a tribute to him "I'll Fix Your Flat Tire Merle".
Also The Grateful Dead recorded "Mama Tried" and cited him often.
Love Merle

Posted by Gary James CA on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 10:23am

I reserve comment on his worthiness for now, but I will say this: I wasn't a fan until recently, until I saw him at a festival last month. He played an hour, Merle Jr. played half an hour and one of the bands that's signed to their label played about 15 minutes. It was incredible, just a religious experience. Because of that performance I have a newfound respect for him.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 08.3.10 @ 19:53pm


Merle Haggard
Jerry Herman
Bill T. Jones
Paul McCartney
Oprah Winfrey

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 09.8.10 @ 17:00pm

"Country Hall Of Fame...I'm sure he's already there (deservedly so)"

Yep, he's in both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 04.16.11 @ 12:41pm

More "outlaw" of all "outlaw" singers and that includes Johnny Cash, the Hag having actually served time in prison before making it big.
Deserves to be and but never will. The rock hall ignores anything labeled country that came out after 1960 (Buck Owens, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson) despite outlaw country and the Bakersfield sound being closer to classic (pre-invasion) rock n roll then it is to the polished Nashville mainstream sound of country. Seems like the hall is trying to wash away how important country was to the development of rock n roll and how closely they are related. While they have country influenced acts (Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Neil Young) it is under the guise that they are "folk rock" ("folk rock" being what people who are to hip to admit they listen to country call country music). Also, while "Okie From Muskogee" is his most famous song it is misleading of the quality of his work. It was written as satire, like Randy Newman's "Short People", that went over peoples heads. Unfortunately it is the one song most non-fans know and it paints him as just another redneck singer. He has recorded plenty other great songs:

Running Kind
Silver Wings
Mama Tried
That's the Way Love Goes
Pancho and Lefty
If We Make It Through December
The Fightin Side of Me
The Fugitive
Working Man Blues

Posted by purpleduck1987 on Saturday, 12.29.12 @ 06:59am

Gram Parsons, Ronnie Van Zant, and Jerry Garcia were heavily influenced by Merle Haggard, as were many other Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductees. I obviously don’t have time to list all of Merle’s influences on Rock n Roll, but here’s one of Merle’s songs. Part of Roy Nichols great guitar solo is copied lick-for-lick by Stevie Gains of Lynard Skynard.

Honky Tonk Nightime Man
Lynard Skynard version:

Merle’s version:

Johnny Cash and Hank Williams are in. Let’s vote in Merle while he’s alive. He deserves that respect.

Posted by Dennis North on Wednesday, 01.21.15 @ 10:02am

RIP Merle.

Posted by dmg on Wednesday, 04.6.16 @ 13:35pm

And it appears that it's not a hoax this time. Major news outlets are reporting it.


Posted by dmg on Wednesday, 04.6.16 @ 13:46pm

2016 needs to stop taking away our legends. :(

Posted by Gassman on Wednesday, 04.6.16 @ 14:12pm

While my number 1 favorite country singer is Willie Nelson, Merle is easily #2 and "Mama Tried" is in my top 5 songs of all time of any genre. I grew up on his music and it's sad to see yet another legend taken from music. Sing me back home.

RIP Merle.

Posted by Max on Wednesday, 04.6.16 @ 14:58pm

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