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Eligible since: 2006 (The 2007 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Lita Ford be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Come On, geez, even Lita Voted NO!!!!!

Posted by Jason on Saturday, 05.26.07 @ 14:38pm

How many people think that induction chance percentages doesn't match the yes votes. If you pay attention to the majority of these artist on this site many of them do not match up. Some are higher than what the should be on some and lower than what they should be on others. I've wrote them about it and they say it's acurate, sorry but I just don't see it.

I just don't get some of you people. You say this singer isn't rock or this band doesn't belong here, their not rock, yet many of the heavy metal and other rock bands you vote no.

What hells the matter with you people. Get your heads out of asses and deside what you want.

Lita Ford is the first lady of heavy metal. She kick open the doors for Warlock, L7, Vixen, Girlshool, The Donnas and many others. She deserves to be in the HOF.

Posted by Anthony Long on Tuesday, 06.26.07 @ 15:51pm

"How many people think that induction chance percentages doesn't match the yes votes."

Anthony, this is because the formula that Neil (the benevolent site King) uses only factors in the yes/no votes as a PART of his equation, and he even recently reduced its weight. This due in part to the hive mentality of certain mentally ill voting fans (see Britney Spears, Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls..).

What are the other variables that go into wise Neil's secert formula? Only the great OZ himself knows for sure. Though I like the fellow and defer to the vast knowledge I assume he posseses, I do sometimes question his Magic 8 Ball. Me thinks the formula is skewed towards who Neil believes SHOULD be inducted, rather than who is likely to be.
Do Huey Lewis and Rush really have similar chances?
Is Joy Division really 18% more likely than John Mellencamp to make it in?
Is Stevie Ray Vaughan really only a 27% shot?

Reading the tea leaves is a risky art, so who am I to question though?

Posted by shawn mc on Tuesday, 06.26.07 @ 16:50pm

Not only is Lita a great female artist, she is just a great artist period. She can sing and play guitar better than most other musicans. She should be inducted with the rest of the Runaways and by herself.

Posted by amber hutto on Thursday, 07.26.07 @ 12:58pm

Okay, if Lita gets in then the Runaways should be in and so should Joan Jett.

Posted by Tiffany on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 16:00pm

I agree with Tiffany. And Suzi Quatro needs to be on that list as well. And don't forget Pat Benetar and Heart.

Hot Rock Chicks Rule, especially when they are the equal to their male counterparts!

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 01.2.08 @ 08:04am

In response to Shawn's question; I do think that alot of these predictions are correct, just so long as only innovation and influence are taken into account. I'm well aware that the Stone Roses probably won't make it in, but to deny that their impact on the British musical landscape would be incredibly stupid.

Posted by liam on Wednesday, 01.2.08 @ 08:39am

With the Runaways Yes! Lita solo, probably not. I liked some of her material but, it wasn't as established as her former band.

Posted by Fazzle on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 20:18pm

You're wrong about the Girlschool bit, Anthony, as they released their first material in 2005. I have much more to listen to before I make a decision, but she should definitely be in with the Runaways.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 02.19.10 @ 16:56pm

Sam, you're wrong. Girlschool, like Lita Ford have been around since the mid 80's

Posted by Anthony Long on Saturday, 08.7.10 @ 21:38pm

Girlschool's first single was released in 1978. They were then opening for Motorhead (a real sign of respect) before Lita or Joan began their solo careers. Their first album came out in July 1980, so technically they've been around since 1978.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 08.11.10 @ 20:31pm

THE Runaways-Joan Jett-Lita Ford.

Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Monday, 07.7.14 @ 01:32am

The Runaways, Lita Ford, Joan Jett, Girlschool, we have plenty of examples of amazing female talent that equals or beats that of male talent already in the pool..

Posted by BennyRop on Sunday, 03.13.16 @ 09:43am

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