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What do all you people think of Japan? I don't really like them.

Posted by MurphusyTodd III on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 10:00am

What do I think of Japan? Their version of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles "I Second That Emotion" is the worst Motown cover of all time. Can you name anything worse?

Posted by Blueby on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 10:14am

I mean a worse motown cover?

Posted by Blueby on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 10:15am

Only that "Still Life In Mobile Homes" might be the dumbest song title. And what about "Adolescent Sex?"

Besides KISS and Manowar were ridiculous bands. Washed out glam rock (with no glam) just like JApan. Actually, I think Manowar is supposed to be metal, but who cares.

Posted by Count Ulrich on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 10:23am

What so you don't like KISS?

Posted by Midget on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 10:49am

No I find Gene Simmons to be as big of an arrogant prick as the definition of arrogant prick, wait for it, Mr. Jaaaaann Weeeeennner. And it should be Weenner, not Wenner, since Wenner sounds too much like "Winner" which the opposite of what he is. He's a loser. And so is Gene Simmons.

Posted by Count Ulrich on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 10:53am

OK so KISS and Gene Simmons and Jann Wenner all suck. Case closed. Nothing we didn't know before.

Posted by Lethari on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 10:59am

I found "A Clockwork Orange" to be an overrated movie. The book's better.

Posted by Willins on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 11:05am

What does A Clockwork Orange have to do with Japan?

Posted by Blueby on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 11:08am

Well I'm sure "A Clockwork Orange" was shown in theatres in Japan.

Posted by Joker on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 11:09am

Japan were the first glam rock band

Posted by Glam on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 11:57am

That statement is more ridiculous than Gene Simmons. T. Rex was the world's first glam rock band. Not some little Japan group. Japan wasn't even "one of the first."

Posted by Mr. Octagon on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 12:00pm

How can someone who claims to know about Japan (Glam) say that "Japan was the first glam rock band" when T. REX were around doing glam rock for a full decade before Japan showed up!

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 12:12pm

I'm going to the KISS page to spread my anger about Gene Simmons over there.

Posted by Count Ulrich on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 12:16pm

Japan deserve it!!

Posted by Tokyo on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 12:20pm

Hey Glam, calling yourself "Tokyo" now I see lol. You didn't specify what "it" was that Japan deserved, so I'm going to assume you meant "Cruel laughter" because that is what Japan deserves.

Posted by Mr. Octagon on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 12:23pm

Looks like mrxyz and Gitarzan missed being the first ones to talk about Japan!! They were beat to it this morning by MurphusTodd III

Posted by The Man on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 13:36pm

I could be wrong. But I think "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" could be the worst CD ever released in 1980

Posted by Some Guy Who Says Why on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 13:45pm

"Adolescent Sex" is just a bad song

Posted by Hero on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 13:59pm

I think the smartest thing I've heard all day is the words Gene Simmons, KISS, Jann Wenner, and sucks all in the same sentence.

Posted by Dory on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 14:17pm

It would help if I'd ever even HEARD of them!!!! I have heard of Godzilla, though (wasn't that a Blue Oyster Cult song???)

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 17:04pm

I was thinking the same thing. I've never heard of these guys before in my life. A little background info would be nice here.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 17:49pm

Well, I asked for their inclusion, so maybe I should be the one providing the information. Japan was a British new wave group that became quite a sensation in the late 70s and early 80s. They were associated with the New Romantic movement, but were more arty than, say, Spandau Ballet. A post-punk Roxy Music. Their lead singer and main songwriter, David Sylvian, became one of the more important avant-garde artists after they broke up in '82, and worked with people like Robert Fripp. Early hits are indeed a song called "Adolescent Sex" and a Smokey Robinson cover. To be honest, their more interesting work came after that, with 81's "Tin Drum" and UK hitsingle "Ghosts".

Posted by The_Claw on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 18:28pm

To The_Claw, Q: Why the name Japan?

Posted by Worm on Wednesday, 01.14.09 @ 10:10am

I have no idea, I think they just liked the sound of it. But they were quite succesful in Japan in their early days, probably because of that.

Posted by The_Claw on Wednesday, 01.14.09 @ 11:54am

"Tin Drum" was a really good record, but Mick Karn's bass style is just nails-on-the-chalkboard to me. If I could ever cut through that I'd probably be a bigger fan of theirs.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 01.25.09 @ 22:05pm

If you base your opinions about Japan on their early work you are (almost) bound to hate them (wink wink). Tin Drum is great, though. I've never heard anything else like that. David Sylvian's way of singing leaves no doubt that he believes in every little word he utters. Highly interesting use of drums. However, I'd say it is A BIT similar to their previous LP, 'Gentlemen...', so if you didn't like that one you won't probably like this one, either.

Posted by Piotr on Tuesday, 02.24.09 @ 03:09am

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