Eric B. & Rakim

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 2011 (The 2012 Induction Ceremony)

Nominated in: 2012   

Previously Considered? Yes  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2023 (ranked #275) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Paid In Full (1987)
Follow the Leader (1988)
Don't Sweat the Technique (1992)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Paid in Full (1987)
I Know You Got Soul (1987)
Follow The Leader (1988)
Don't Sweat the Technique (1992)

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Will Eric B. & Rakim be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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If we're talking about innovation and influence, Eric B & Rakim should be a shoo-in. Without doubt one of the very best rappers of all time, Rakim influenced everyone that came after him.

This may be the Hall's first real test of how much they understand hip-hop. By the time these guys are eligible, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys and Grandmaster Flash will all be in - but those are easy choices. Even whatever honkies run the Hall have heard of those artists. If Eric B & Rakim don't make it in on their first try, it'll be a damn embarrassing moment.

Posted by Al on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 08:20am

His Style is identical to None, He Really Knew How to Move a Crowd, The R

Posted by Jason on Sunday, 05.27.07 @ 20:13pm

I don't see why not. They were pioneers of self hip-hop before 2Pac.

Posted by Seth on Wednesday, 09.12.07 @ 19:57pm

Rakim's the best lyricist ever, and Paid in Full is one of the best albums ever.

Posted by KMC on Monday, 12.31.07 @ 20:56pm

Paid in Full - one of the great rap clasics of all time

Posted by Stewie on Tuesday, 01.1.08 @ 09:18am

Follow The Leader is a classic also. Doin' it wit' The R...

Posted by Joe-Skee on Wednesday, 01.2.08 @ 09:02am

Look LL COOL J is Pop and Commercial. In all most every album he would chance his style to adapt to what ever fade of Rap/ Hip-hop is out that year. Rakim and Eric B kept it real and fresh despite the changes rap/hip-hop went through. They came in with one style and from that influenced so many artist after them. They meet all the requirements and yes they should be the Hall of Fame, along side RunDMC.

Posted by AfterDigital on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 08:40am

Well, gee wiz!!! Why don't we put these guys right in with The Archies and Mungo Jerry!!! I'd like to think I follow music pretty good, and I've never heard of them! Maybe if they start a hip/hop hall of fame (which most assuredly will NOT feature any rockers!!).

C'mon's a foregone conclusion that just because you like someone, they're not always going to be hall of fame material!! There are artists over the years that I've liked that simply would have no business in there, so I very rarely bring them up in this context. Some maybe had just one great SONG!!!

In my opinion, hip/hop needs to start making some MUSIC!! If they want to rap...fine! Get some instruments in there and some good arrangements and be original!!! Not some "MC" standing in front of a a whole new meaning to the phrase "he can play the hell out of the stereo"! It all sounds the same to me, and if the music isn't interesting, then I really don't care about the lyrics! One thing I can say about Grandmaster Flash...the music for the most part was original!!

This is just my opinion...hammer on it if you will! But look at the criteria and really take a good hard look at your favorites...then give a Hall of Fame argument!!

Posted by Terry on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 14:02pm

"I'd like to think I follow music pretty good, and I've never heard of them!"

Terry, ignorance isn't really much of an argument. I'm sure there's piles of music that you didn't even know existed.

"In my opinion, hip/hop needs to start making some MUSIC!! If they want to rap...fine! Get some instruments in there and some good arrangements and be original!!!"

I don't see why Rap should have to incorporate instruments (although plenty of them do - notably The Beasties). Rapping is as much a skill as playing any instrument.

If you don't like rap much, then fine, but just don't bother talking about it.

Posted by Liam on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 14:14pm

"Rapping is as much a skill as playing any instrument."

We will simply agree to disagree on this.

Now, there's plenty of music that you dislike that you are very vocal about! I only did the same thing...offered my opinion!

Posted by Terry on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 14:23pm

...which you promptly hammered!!!

Posted by Terry on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 14:25pm

Liam..."ignorance" is a good word for me when it comes to rap, I liked some of it in the beginning but now a lot of it just grates on me, and if something grates on me, I ignore it! Not crazy about some of the lyrical content, either.

I'm definitely not saying that if I don't like, it's in bad taste, though.

Posted by Terry on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 14:29pm

There's a big difference between vocally disliking a genre and vocally disliking a certain group.

There are a few sub/genres that I do believe are totally worthless (like Nu-Metal and Post-Grunge), but recods like "It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back", "Enter The Wu-Tang Clan" and "Boy In Da Corner" help me ingore talentless crap like 50 Cent from that same genre.

Posted by Liam on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 14:37pm

I'll give them a listen, because I don't know that I've heard it. Like I said, there was some that I did like initially...including Grandmaster Flash.

50 cent gets a LOT of airplay around here...!!

Posted by Terry on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 14:44pm

OK, if you do, keep in mind that Dizzee Rascal (the guy who made "Boy In Da Corner") is actually from London - just in case you cna't place his accent!

Star with those three. If you like them, I'll give you a list of some of my other favourite rap albums.

Posted by Liam on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 14:50pm

I listened to a song called "Fix Up, Look Sharp" by Dizzee Rascal...I really liked it!! Great backbeat!!!

Posted by Terry on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 15:15pm

Eric B and Rakim continue to influence rap music in terms of lyrical skill, and deserve this nomination.

Posted by NC on Wednesday, 07.30.08 @ 12:56pm

Rakim is the most influential rapper of all time.You can hear some rakim in lots of rappers.
Rakim was "Eric.B and Rakim"there shouldnt have even been a Eric.B in the title.Rakim did all the real work.He was a fine lyricist and will get in if there is any justice in the world.

Posted by Chris on Monday, 12.1.08 @ 21:14pm

Hell yeah

Posted by Leon on Wednesday, 12.10.08 @ 19:32pm

This is a no-brainer Eric.B & Rakim should get in without a doubt.It's time to see is the RnR hall of fame actually knows anything about hip-hop because if they dont get in and the beastie boys get in im going to be furious cause Eric.B & Rakim are what real hip-hop is all about.

Posted by Chris on Saturday, 01.3.09 @ 15:06pm

I don't see why Rap should have to incorporate instruments (although plenty of them do - notably The Beasties). Rapping is as much a skill as playing any instrument.

Posted by Liam on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 14:14pm
I recomend giving The Roots a shot if you think the beasties are good you will get blown away by some of the good hip-hop.Way better than the beasties who in my opinion are low-quality and overrated beginer hip-hop.And by beginer hip-hop I mean hip-hop for people that either hardly listen to hip-hop or are just starting to get into it.The Roots also use instruments.No slight against the beasties boys they were the first rap group I ever listened to I just don't consider them to be that good.

Posted by Jay on Friday, 02.6.09 @ 11:41am

DJ Hero ...

Posted by Joe-Skee on Saturday, 10.31.09 @ 10:38am

I'd be fine with their induction, though I'm not really familiar with the music.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 09.26.10 @ 05:32am

I believe it's highly likely Eric B. & Rakim will be inducted. In their era, as I remember it, (and still to this day) they were recognized by many in the game as innovators, renowned for being some of the best doing it, with many looking up to them, their style and technique. As far as them being a "rap" act being inducted into the "rock" Hall of Fame? If you look through the list of past inductees, how many have you found to be based SOLELY within the "Rock" genre, but nonetheless inducted? My last words- Erik B. Is President!

Posted by cya on Thursday, 12.2.10 @ 22:26pm

If the hall of fame is at all serious about recognizing Hip-Hop they need to induct these guys. Rakim is one of the founders of modern hip-hop, and just about every MC worth a damn will tell you he influenced them.

"Daddy ain't around
Probably out committing felonies
My favorite rapper used to sing
Check, check out my melodies" -50 Cent

Posted by MJS on Sunday, 12.19.10 @ 12:59pm

With them eligible, at least the nominating committee won't have to vote for L.L. Cool J again!

Posted by Sounder on Saturday, 07.9.11 @ 01:02am

There should be a rap hall of fame so that legitimate "ROCK AND ROLL" bands can actually be inducted into the RNR HOF instead of pure Rap. There's no denying that these 2 guys are talented but they're not Rock and Roll

Posted by danny on Saturday, 10.1.11 @ 16:36pm

shut up danny

Posted by tron on Monday, 10.10.11 @ 14:47pm

Hip Hop/Rap is another sub-genre of Rock & Roll. Any hip hop artist who's influence has left its mark on all genres of music is worthy of a psot in the R&R Hall. Many hip hop fans and artists list Rakim as the great MC there is. Eric B & Rakim may not have had major success outside the hip hop community, but their influence on the Hip hop world in undeniable. They have even been a major influence on the Hip hop Artists already inducted into the hall. They definitely deserve a spot.

Posted by Kel Arroyo on Thursday, 12.8.11 @ 00:33am

its not the rap hall of fame!!!!

Posted by atom bomb on Wednesday, 12.21.11 @ 23:10pm

Shut up atom bomb

Posted by Tron on Monday, 07.2.12 @ 22:00pm

Eric B. & Rakim (especially) greatly influenced a MANY of the newer rappers today. Old AND new school rappers talk about his style which was one of a kind.

Posted by James on Saturday, 08.17.13 @ 22:10pm

Along with N.W.A. this duo should be the next hip hop artist to go in.....Rakim is still constantly mentioned at the top of the all-time MC lists that appear every so often.

Hope another nomination is coming soon for these 2.

Posted by Boar on Saturday, 05.23.15 @ 09:36am

Yes he deserves to be in the hall. But greatest Hip-Hop lyricist of all time? No that would be Aesop Rock, an underground rapper who stands no chance of ever getting in the Hall, because he isn't known enough.

Posted by Michael on Wednesday, 06.22.16 @ 15:21pm

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