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Eligible in: 2021 (The 2022 Induction Ceremony)

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2022 (ranked #111) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
The Slim Shady LP (1999)
The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)
The Eminem Show (2002)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
My Name Is (1999)
Stan (2000)
The Real Slim Shady (2000)
The Way I Am (2000)
Lose Yourself (2002)
Without Me (2002)
Rap God (2013)

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Will Eminem be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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36% "yes" ? You can like Eminem if you want but what the hell did he bring to rock'n'roll ???

Posted by Hyde on Friday, 08.11.06 @ 16:46pm

In a relatively short time, Eminem has become one of the most popular and critically respected rappers ever. Tracks like "Stan" and "Lose Yourself" will still sound fresh in 20 years. He's in.

Posted by A-Killa on Monday, 10.23.06 @ 09:35am

This is a joke right? Rap and rock are two different genres. He'll be one of the first in the Rap & R&B Hall but definitely not the Rock Hall.

Posted by Will on Wednesday, 11.1.06 @ 04:58am

wtf d00d y would he get in hes done nothing for rock n roll
RHCP 2009!!!

Posted by Hector on Wednesday, 11.1.06 @ 23:10pm

Who cares how popular he is, hes not rock so keep the vanilla ice wanna-be out of the hall! Hes not even an influence to rock in the least! What did he ever do for Rock? KEEP HIM OUT!

Posted by Heavy Metal Hero on Wednesday, 02.14.07 @ 00:10am

It all depends on what happens the next 5-10 years. If rappers are being inducted, then he's going to be inducted whether you like it or not. On another note, some of Eminem's songs like Lose Yourself has gotten playtime on some rock stations, which is kind of strange.

Posted by maplejet on Friday, 03.2.07 @ 06:37am

if you have ever been to the rock n' roll hall of fame you will see that there is a hip-hop section so quit saying rap has no place in it.

Posted by champ on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:59pm

nice music cool but violent i say yes eney way

Posted by kayli on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 08:14am

He's done a lot for rock n roll if it wasn't for him I would still be in my basement downloading N'SYNC no strings attached like a pussy than I was into rap and now rock, punk, metal, alternative music and rock made a lot of money off of me so he helped he's in

THIS IS A TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!! All who say no are an @$$40!3

Posted by Lucas on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 03:45am

if people like Miles Davis and Grandmaster Flash are in, than theres no doubt in my mind eminem will be in

Posted by Hummer on Wednesday, 04.11.07 @ 16:11pm

eminem sucks period and he deserves to die..he did NOTHING for rock n roll. what

Posted by cody leach on Friday, 05.11.07 @ 05:50am

booooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eminem sucks hes not even rock 1 day i wanted to listen to him but i dicided id rather stay home and shoot myself in the mouth at least 100 times and suffer and live

Posted by rockrockandroll on Friday, 05.25.07 @ 18:49pm

He's off the map these days huh?

But yes, I think he will be inducted. His first 3 albums were brilliant, with excellent songs such as "Stan", will get him in. He became an Icon with his image, sold millions of albums, was a very influence artist etc. He'll get in.

Posted by luke on Thursday, 05.31.07 @ 08:42am

he is not rock n roll. he is not even music. he talks to a loop. oo what skill. he is NOT ROCK!! keep him out. period.

Posted by sdfgsdf on Sunday, 06.24.07 @ 15:14pm

NO, NO, NO, NO!!! By no means should this guy even be allowed to tour the HoF. He has done nothing for music, especially Rock. He had some big hits and popularity for a time, but what has he really done besides be an above average white rapper.

Posted by antny on Friday, 11.16.07 @ 14:58pm

blah blah blah...its not the rap hall of fame...blah blah blah blah blah...what has he done for rock....blah blah blah blah....induct some RAAAAAAAAAAWK bands like Bon Jovi....blah blah blah

Posted by liam on Friday, 11.16.07 @ 15:09pm


Posted by gary on Wednesday, 12.26.07 @ 14:09pm

For real what em did for rock is stopped people from listening to it, which is a good thing.

Posted by KMC on Monday, 12.31.07 @ 20:49pm

Probably no need to worry about this. By the time he's eligible no one will remember who he was anyway.

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 01.27.08 @ 16:29pm

Good, but I prefer Dizzee Rascal by about a mile.

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 03.2.08 @ 14:20pm

Doesn't rock and roll have to be played on musical instruments? Is there even a musical instrument on an eminem recording? It's all drum machines and synthesizers. THIS IS NOT ROCK AND ROLL.

Posted by Paul on Friday, 03.14.08 @ 04:13am

Laim, you knock great rock bands constantly then stick up for this piece of crap white rapper. Congress needs to pass some law that doesn't allow retards near computers.

Posted by Eddie on Friday, 03.14.08 @ 13:59pm

No, I've never knocked a great rock group in my life. Also, I hardly think two comments on this thread (only one of which is directly about Eminem) constitutes "constantly sticking up for" him.

Journey isn't a great rock group, by the way. Get some taste.

Posted by Liam on Friday, 03.14.08 @ 14:58pm

NO!!!! hes RAP...NOT Rock & Roll..this is not the Rap & Hip Hop Hall Of Fame!!!!!!

Posted by Myers on Friday, 03.28.08 @ 07:52am

I say he should make it in cuz by the time he's even able to get in rock n roll will probally be dead.

Posted by Dylan Benson on Tuesday, 04.8.08 @ 07:34am

one more thing it doesnt matter what kind of music the artist is it matters if he can write good music which this guy, EMINEM, can so if anyone can write the kinda stuff em can and make it ryme every single time and line then u can say he doesnt belong here other than that shut up cuz he got over ten years to wait anyway.

Posted by Dylan on Thursday, 04.10.08 @ 07:05am

Eminem isn't even a good rapper! Let alone Rock and Roll. I haven't heard a single, true "Rock" Song from him.

Posted by ... on Thursday, 04.10.08 @ 07:34am

First off eminem does not suck your just mad becuz hes made so much nd he came from nothing nd Lose yourself is proablily one of the best songs ever so 2 all who say he has nothing to do with rock ur rong nd to ''Heavy Metal Hero'' eminem sings how it is and Vanilla ice no offence but is fake Eminem is an original

Posted by Keith on Thursday, 04.10.08 @ 07:36am

Marshall Mathers, first off he isn't rock, but i don't think you can say he doesn't write and preform great. He has a daughter and still able to do all of this, half of his songs are for Haley, whom is his daughter. Sorry if you can't appreciate todays music, but times have changed from straight rock, it just doesn't happen anymore. He should be inducted, and he will be :)

Posted by Allie on Thursday, 04.10.08 @ 07:47am

"It's all drum machines and synthesizers." - Paul

I take it you'd be excluding New Order?

Posted by Liam on Thursday, 04.10.08 @ 08:47am

If Johnny Cash, a country singer, is allowed in, then why not a rapper?

And besides, rappers are already being inducted (see Flash, Grandmaster).

Posted by K-Money on Sunday, 04.13.08 @ 08:29am

wow, who even said Eminem's music sucks, apparently you know nothing about music
I used to only listen to rap, then I listened to Eminems son's and now I listen pretty much everything. Eminem is one of the greatest and most respected rapper in the world of all time, and songs like Lose Yourself will be listened for a long long time

Posted by TheOne on Wednesday, 05.14.08 @ 22:05pm

Whats your problem,he contributes to rap and hip hop, not rock. He is amazing and doesn't get as much respect as he desrves. He deserves more. Listen to Till I Collapse, Lose Yourslef, Mosh, Sing for the moment all by Eminem and then tell me what you think of him then. Peace.

Posted by pop on Thursday, 06.19.08 @ 22:02pm

I'll tell you right now, I'm a die hard metal fan, and I like Eminem. But this is the damn ROCK museum, not the rap one... I hate seeing all this Britney Spears, 50 Cent, Cristina Aguilera crap... They can be as famous and legendary as you want, but that doesn't get you into the ROCK museum. Hell, if it worked like that then they could all be in the NASA museum and all sorts of places as far as I'm concerned...

Posted by Jottunrot on Monday, 06.30.08 @ 18:17pm

"But this is the damn ROCK museum"


Posted by The_Claw on Tuesday, 07.1.08 @ 03:35am


He should get in the HOF,
not for rock,
but maybe the musicians hall of fame.

perhaps the rock hall. They've let R&B in.
why not rap?

Posted by e on Thursday, 07.10.08 @ 12:24pm

If anything, Eminem has DAMAGED Rock with all that stupid rap bull****.

Posted by Kirk on Tuesday, 07.22.08 @ 07:23am

GOD! U PPL R SO DUMB! just because it says "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" does not mean that it only has rock groups or ppl in it. there are going to be TONS or hip-hop people in there. there is already a hip-hop section in the rock and roll hall of fame. ppl lik Run-DMC and grand master flash and public enemy will be in heck grand master flash already is. the name of the place is misleading. it should be called the music hall of fame because it encompasses all genres of music.

Posted by Cory on Thursday, 08.7.08 @ 23:07pm

I think they should make a Hip-Hop hall of fame and keep rappers out of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Hip-Hop And Rock and Roll are two very different genres. and Hip-Hop has enough followers for it to have its own hall of fame.

Posted by XxX on Sunday, 09.7.08 @ 10:52am

He should be inducted. There is a hip hop section in the Rock Hall, so he'd go there. But he's probably the single greatest modern rap artist. Among all the bad artists like Lil Wayne, he stands out. He has some awesome lyrics in some of his songs and doesn't sing just about drugs, sex, and drinking, unless other rappers.

Posted by Joey on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 18:11pm

he will probably end up in the rock and roll hall of fame.
tthere's not only rock in the rock and roll hall of fame.
grandmaster flash and the furious five have been inducted,
and last time i listened to them, they're rap.
in theshort amount he has been out,
hes sold over 70 million albums worldwide.
so whats keeping him out?

Posted by george foreman on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 19:13pm

if it wasn't for hip hop, bands like red hot chili peppers and rage against the machine wouldn't have been inspired so hip hop does have an affect on rock, and for that reason, i have no problem inducting eminem and other rappers in the hall

Posted by vic on Tuesday, 10.14.08 @ 18:21pm

Yes.Eminem is a good rapper and is set to be one of the most influential of the genre.I would like to see him get in.
Rappers that should get in
Eric.B and Rakim
Public Enemy
Boogie down productions
DJ Premier-Greatest hip-hop producer
Kool G Rap
Big Daddy Kane
Marly Marl
LL Cool J
NWA-This includes Ice Cube and Dr.Dre
Wu-Tang Clan
masta ace
Rappers that shouldnt but will more than likely get in.
The Beastie boys-overrated garbage
Snoop Dogg-Overrated he was good at one time but after doggfood he fell of.Doggystyle is his only true classic.
Dr.Dre(solo)-Overrated.Nwa should get in but knowing the rock & roll hall of fame they will put Dre in there over dj premier and marly marl the 2 greatest hip-hop producers.
rappers that should get in but wont
dj premier
kool g rap
marly marl
masta ace
Big Daddy Kane
wu-tang clan
Eminem aint no vannila ice wannabe.You probably never heard a song by him that wasnt played on the radio.The guy is no joke.

Posted by Chris on Monday, 12.1.08 @ 20:16pm

Since other rappers are already in, then Eminem definitely deserves in. He's done more innovative and influential things than pretty much every other mainstream rapper combined.

Posted by Vicky on Friday, 01.23.09 @ 14:10pm

I'm sure he will get I'm in.He's an ok lyricist,his subject matters bit over my head.I've heard better.But be is the biggest selling Rapper(that's alive).I wonder why ?

Posted by Leon on Friday, 01.23.09 @ 19:40pm

Why? Rap does >>>>>NOT<<<<< belong in the Rock and roll hall of fame! CMON!!!!! WTF? He's a RAPPER. ROCK AND RAP DO NOT COPE!!!!

You may listen to rap and thats ok, but please, keep the talantless out of the rock and roll hall of fame!

Posted by LMAO on Tuesday, 01.27.09 @ 07:32am

apparently this site prefers Eminem (89%) has more chance being inducted in the ROCK and ROLL hall of fame than Nirvana (82%).

wow...rock and roll huh???

Posted by chuvaness on Tuesday, 03.17.09 @ 05:42am

Why is there a hip hop section the rock n roll hall of fame? That's saying hip hop is a form of rock and roll and it's not! The institution should be renamed the popular music hall of fame becasue that is what it is becoming! On that note he should be in. but not because he had a significant influence on rnr.

Posted by Rudy on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 20:17pm

Eminem is a very talented artist. It's not right to deny his talent just because he raps. Rap is a respectable form of music and Run DMC just proved that. I think people should listen to the music for the lyrics and the song not for the genre. Isn't that what music is about. Eminem rocks!

Posted by Kiara on Wednesday, 04.15.09 @ 10:15am

wtf he is a rapper this is stupid who cares if hes good these people are stupid

Posted by blah blah on Monday, 04.20.09 @ 14:23pm

"wtf he is a rapper this is stupid who cares if hes good these people are stupid" - blah blah

Wow, I used to think Eminem was great, but after reading the above comment, I guess I was wrong. Thanks for your informed and intelligent commentary, Mr. blah blah.

Posted by Itso on Monday, 04.20.09 @ 15:42pm

I guess I'll just have to address myself as "Gitarzan (the real one)" because this other idiot isn't smart enough to come up with a handle of their own...

Posted by Gitarzan (the real one) on Monday, 04.20.09 @ 23:00pm

arent we forgetting about the song he did with merlin manson "the way i am". i just think ya bitches like ta talk shit you dont kno nothin about. the only reason u hate on eminem is becuz he's whyte and can rap, excuse me but, he can rap jus like a black person if not better. he dont go round talk bout how ta jigg or money or have money cars and shit like dat. he talk's bout the shit he's around and how his family is. jus like he said in one of his songs, i dont remember which one, but he said "how can i rap about possitive shit when i dont see possitive shit"

Posted by craig on Friday, 05.29.09 @ 11:28am

craig...we'll look forward to your next legible syllable with great enthusiasm...

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 05.29.09 @ 12:03pm

he talk's bout the shit he's around and how his family is. jus like he said in one of his songs, i dont remember which one, but he said "how can i rap about possitive shit when i dont see possitive shit"

Posted by craig on Friday, 05.29.09 @ 11:28am
It's called imagination. I understand all of us, including Eminem, have this trait. Unfortunately, it seems as though hip-hop doesn't care to use it anymore. In the mid/late 80's hip-hop did possess this, and was willing to use it quite liberally. Then everyone decided to become hardcore - end of story.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 05.29.09 @ 17:11pm

eminem was doing a 69 with bruno at MTV.

Eminem who's made a career poking fun at others as someone who can't take the heat...

Hats off to Cohen.

Posted by akeem on Monday, 06.1.09 @ 07:13am

it does not matter whether or not Eminem is rock or not. What matters is how much he has influenced rock and roll. i think anyone who has listened to rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers, and faith no more would agree rap has influenced rock.

granted, i hate rap. It annoys me to no end, and i am much more of a metalhead. But that does not mean i think that he has no place in music history. after all, i can't stand many bands in the rock and roll hall of fame, but that does not mean i don't appreciate how good they were.

will he get in? i dunno, it's a major possibility, but then so are many others bands that have yet to get in. if i had to guess, i would say yes.

Posted by Justin on Monday, 06.22.09 @ 22:26pm

Eminem may have brought nothing to rock and roll, but neither did Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 07.7.09 @ 10:29am


Posted by EMINEM on Thursday, 07.9.09 @ 12:12pm


Posted by EMINEM on Thursday, 07.9.09 @ 12:12pm

So now we are to believe that Eminem himself is posting here. Right, and I'm Rick Wakeman.

Posted by Keebord on Thursday, 07.9.09 @ 12:14pm


Posted by EMINEM on Tuesday, 07.14.09 @ 23:52pm

Site officials, may you please delete the offensive comments of one "EMINEM"?

Posted by Dude Man on Wednesday, 07.15.09 @ 00:10am


Posted by EMINEM on Tuesday, 07.14.09 @ 23:52pm

my gosh, it IS Eminem! after all, he's an dick, right? he finds time to go the websites (out of his very busy career), criticize artists that have had an influence on rap (probably more than half of the "no talent losers" that are in the hall of fame), and all around be a troll. it makes perfect sense.

Posted by Justin on Wednesday, 07.15.09 @ 22:11pm

already sick of how RUN dmc was inducted.
such a shame to rock n roll.
rock should be untouched from hip hop.
n finally eminem's a dick

Posted by liv4rockk on Saturday, 08.1.09 @ 07:37am

You guys really make little sense when you argue against rap. The ones that criticize Run D.M.C. for not being as much rock as they are rap really behoove me. Rap is a legitimate genre and should be respected. No its not "talking over a loop". Yes rap has its good deal of crap (Soulja Boy, rappers that rap only about degrading women, chains etc. and other assorted fools) but it also has musical brilliance. The people that down rap and then say go "Red Hot Chili Peppers!" or say "Rage Against the Machine should be inducted!" are extremely contradictory. They definitely should be inducted but they both use rap constantly in their music so if you say no rap in the Hall of Fame you are basically saying that they shouldn't be inducted either. Don't just skim through rap and then generate a blind opinion on rap like a Fox News journalist.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 08.3.09 @ 19:06pm

Wow, no one hear is biased at all. If induction was reserved soley for those who influenced rock and roll, then people like ray charles would not have been inducted. And for those who don't know, ray charles was inducted in 1986, the first year anyone was inducted.

Posted by mike on Monday, 08.17.09 @ 20:15pm

As far as run dmc goes, the songs Rock Box, Kings of Rock, and Walk this way speak for themselves.

Posted by mike on Monday, 08.17.09 @ 20:17pm

Yes, I acknowledge that there is a rap section in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. However the rap section should be CLOSED DOWN PERMANENTLY and moved out somewhere else.

When will the RAP HALL OF FAME finally open its doors so artists such as Eminem and Tupac and 50 cent won't have to be nominated in the Rock Hall of fame?

No to Eminem, no to Tupac, no to all rappers!!! Let them get inducted into another hall and finally let the rock n roll hall be!!

Posted by Barry on Friday, 09.11.09 @ 14:35pm


Posted by ANN on Saturday, 11.21.09 @ 11:48am


Posted by hehe on Friday, 01.8.10 @ 06:45am

he is 10000000000percent in no matter what he is one of the most influential current artist

Posted by tron on Saturday, 02.6.10 @ 21:29pm

The new single is crap but overall he's very talented. Not sure if he's HOF worthy, but he is talented. Yes to the important rappers, no to Boston, Journey, Bon Jovi and various others.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 02.23.10 @ 14:26pm

well he's set since he did put out his first ep in 1996 omg diddnt see that one comming
kid rock put his hip-hop out when i dont know in
1990 or was it 1991 please if you like this stuff know it love read the car facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ray anderson on Wednesday, 03.10.10 @ 14:21pm

Eminem is great artist and i hope someday he will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. There are not only rock and roll artist, there are also pop and hip hop artist- Michael Jackson, Madonna, Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Abba. I'm not a big fan of rap, but Eminem is really great music artist.

Posted by Zeppelin on Sunday, 05.9.10 @ 02:19am

Well he's made a massive comeback in terms of popularity, and the album itself got mostly positive reviews, and another one out this summer. I don't think he's Hall worthy right now, and whether he gets inducted will depend on whether they're focusing on rappers on the whole or whether they're just focusing on the ones that contributed to rock, like Run DMC and Public Enemy (Eminem falls strictly into the "no contributions to rock" category,) but if he keeps putting out popular releases he could certainly find his way in eventually.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 05.11.10 @ 21:25pm

He's honestly the only white rapper I've ever heard that was'nt a complete tool. He sold about 80 million albums, how many rap artists have acheived that or above?

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 05.12.10 @ 14:57pm

He's honestly the only white rapper I've ever heard that was'nt a complete tool. He sold about 80 million albums, how many rap artists have acheived that or above?

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 05.12.10 @ 14:59pm

he has nothing to do with rock why is he in this junk!

Posted by James on Wednesday, 07.21.10 @ 17:53pm

"Rock" is undefinable these days, James.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 18:14pm

Hey thats not cool. So what if hes not a influence in rock. I dont even like rock but Eminem is awesome and he deserves a award. lol

Posted by Ian Coderre on Wednesday, 09.1.10 @ 14:09pm

rock n roll isn't a genre it's a way of life, a way of rebelling, something great stars such as eminem have done time and time again

Posted by Daniel on Wednesday, 09.8.10 @ 12:39pm

"rock n roll isn't a genre it's a way of life, a way of rebelling, something great stars such as eminem have done time and time again"

I'm sure Satan is loving every word of that statement.

Posted by Evangelist on Wednesday, 09.8.10 @ 12:48pm

Can someone explain to me why Eminem is potenially being inducted? I mean, you all know this is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame right? What the hell did this wigger bring to the music industry?? The only thing he raps about is how shitty his life is and how his wife and mom are crazy, do you really want to honor that, not me. If he gets in there is something wrong with the world then because I see nothing positive about him, he's shit,end of discussion we all are voting for REAL music here like Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Pavement and so on. Not some shitty rapper who wants to depress the world with his hateful rymes. Nobody wants to here that...at least I don't want to.

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 09.16.10 @ 19:19pm

"Can someone explain to me why Eminem is potenially being inducted?"

A combination of his massive popularity (though I believe that's mostly irrelevant,) longevity, musical royalty such as Run DMC and Elton John being fans, critics digging him and being one of the most respected rappers of all time.

"I mean, you all know this is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame right?"

Rock and Roll is the bastard child of many mothers, so to speak. They have quite rightly decided to induct the rappers who have impacted rock, and will continue to do so (meaning that Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and possibly Afrika Bambatta will be inducted in due course.) They appear to have decided that rap and rock are mutually exclusive, which means that they will induct the ones they consider worthwile regardless of whether their work is relevant to rock; therefore, Eminem is pretty much a lock for induction because of the reasons I mentioned above. At the very least it's better than a tidal wave of teen idols being inducted.

"What the hell did this wigger bring to the music industry??"

In an era where post-grunge, rap-rock (with the exception of RATM) and nu-metal were considered to be getting stale he was considered a breath of fresh air. He also introduced a whole new bunch of white kids to rap and showed them they could do it.

"The only thing he raps about is how shitty his life is and how his wife and mom are crazy"

He's actually diversified in his writing since then.

"we all are voting for REAL music here like Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Pavement and so on."

I quite agree. In conclusion to my writing: He's not up there with the best artists of his era (Soundgarden, Oasis etc.) but he'll get in regardless.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 09.22.10 @ 06:30am

Great summation, Sam. I'd think Eminem will be one of those instant inductions upon eligibility.

Posted by JR on Wednesday, 09.22.10 @ 09:24am

if run-dmc is already in the eminem is in...he's already the highest selling rap artist of all time...and anyone can be in the hall, they arn't all rockstars, elton john, michael jackson etc... he proably has'nt done much for rock but seriously since the 90's who really has? we live in a pop age anyways

Posted by Dee on Sunday, 09.26.10 @ 02:18am

Thank you JR and Dee. He is a lock in my opinion. Other first-recording-in-the-90's locks: Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Tupac (2Pac, Tupac Shakur, whatever you want to call him,) Jay-Z, Coldplay (well if they were eligible right now they'd be a lock, but they're on pace to be a lock at least,) Notorious B.I.G.

Not quite a lock, but you can safely bet they'll get in eventually: Oasis, Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters (getting close to this level at least,) The White Stripes, Outkast, Weezer... I'll probably remember some more later.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 09.29.10 @ 09:05am

ABSOLUTELY!!!! Only my favorite rap artist of all time!!!! I typically listen to rock....I don't listen to rap....but his lyrics are probably the most shocking, surprising, and funniest ever!!!

Posted by Eyecandy on Monday, 11.29.10 @ 03:22am

He definitely deserves to get in. he's the greatest rapper of all time. he was heavily influenced by both rock & rap growing up. i have seen interviews with bands who say theyve been influenced by him. corey taylor called him a genius. hes even gained the respect of many rock critics & musicians. Ozzy, Elton, & Aerosmith have all recognized his impact on the music industry. If Madonna was allowed into the Hall, then I don't see why Em shouldnt be let in.

Posted by J on Sunday, 12.19.10 @ 16:38pm

No doubt he's a great rapper, and since he's from Detroit, let him in.

Posted by Brittany on Monday, 01.3.11 @ 09:37am

Michigan indeed has given us some of the greatest, most important artists of all time. Eminem not getting inducted in his first or second year of eligibility would be surprising.

Posted by JR on Monday, 01.3.11 @ 17:16pm

On the strength of his first two mainstream albums and the 8 Mile soundtrack, the man is a lock, and his enduring popularity is icing on the cake.

Posted by Jim on Monday, 01.3.11 @ 17:59pm

Yup. He was the youngest artist on the "Immortals" list, also made the new VH1 list, 80 million records sold... he already had a good chance when he became a recluse, but this huge comeback has definitely helped his chances, and the albums also received some positive reviews. I'd say another commercially succesful and critically acclaimed album (or two) will seal it for him. Not to mention there's not much competition in 2021 as of now.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 01.11.11 @ 04:43am

That second VH1 list is pretty dismal, justin timberlake as high as he was is a mistake. But I still think Eminem deserves in.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 01.11.11 @ 09:41am

I was conclusion the other daytime that there obligated to be a through seeking my kids to training at home what they learn in class. Then it flog me - songs!! Get a strain going round and round in their heads and they'll not in a million years lose it!

Posted by Gruitersx1 on Saturday, 01.22.11 @ 13:56pm

I was opinion the other daytime that there obligated to be a through with a view my kids to business at home what they learn in class. Then it hit me - songs!! Come down with a refrain common rounded and round in their heads and they'll never forget it!

Posted by Gruitersx1 on Tuesday, 01.25.11 @ 20:32pm

Eminem is an amazing artist, but he is not even remotely close to rock.

Posted by Bob on Friday, 02.18.11 @ 16:06pm

Well Grandmaster Flash and Run D.M.C got in so yes Eminem will end up in their. BBiggest selling rapper , critically loved... Eminem is a lock.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 02.19.11 @ 04:28am

Eminem should be inducted to the hiphop hall of fame....

Posted by Dadada on Friday, 02.25.11 @ 19:40pm

Sigh- when will everyone be on the same page and understand that the Hall of Fame is not just for rock? "Rock and roll" is an umbrella term- there are rocf acts in the HOF, there are R&B acts in the HOF, there are pop acts in the HOF. There would be more country acts in the HOF, but the fact that the Country Hall of Fame predated the Rock Hall by 20+ years probably is the main reason for the lack of country acts.

Plus, rock is about more than a musical genre, but also how one approaches one's work. Eminem certainly fits that bill (aside from being a very acclaimed act).

Posted by JR on Sunday, 03.6.11 @ 16:20pm


Posted by COLT 45 on Sunday, 03.6.11 @ 20:44pm

Definatley the best rapper of our time right now. He can switch off from humorous songs with funny beats to serious songs with serious beats. Also probably the white rapper with the most album sales, but he has done nothing for rock and therefore should not be inducted.

Posted by Bob on Friday, 03.11.11 @ 19:22pm

I explained my stance on "The Rap Question" on the 2019 page. Under my stance Eminem is a "maybe" as to whether he should be inducted.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 03.15.11 @ 08:36am

Does Eminem listen to rock? Like rock? Or only the narrow, closed-off world of rap? Does Anyone know?
I'd like him better if he at least listens to rock music and would dig being at a Foo Fighters concert. Lil Wayne and Jay-Z like rock. Personally, I wish Em would strap on a Gibson Les Paul, and crank up the Marshall! He's got talent, no doubt. Just wish it was with guitar. Or drums. Think how good today's rock would be.

Posted by DanG on Saturday, 04.16.11 @ 02:52am

Where to start? With the whiny people perhaps saying rap is talentless or Eminem has no place in their little hall of fame. If Eminem has no talent how has he reached amazing chart numbers not just in the rap category, the ability to change a generation, his album The Eminem show still holds the record for most rap albums sold. 13 grammy's, huge in billboard charts, and other music charts, just cause he is labeled as a rapper, he does not get the respect he deserves I feel, though I love rock and yes it has wicked talent, but Eminem has done a lot in his short career, and came from nothing. He once said in an interview if it was not for hip hop, he may have went the rock route, no joke, he does like some rock to answer a above post, but he grew up loving hip hop and respecting it, it is what he found he could relate to the most, and a lot of people don't understand hip hop so for that reason you refuse to respect it. If rap holds no talent, please would all you whiny ass bitches get off the computer and go become the next big rapper if it is that easy and talentless, or even the next rocker, but no we will sit at our computer and argue about rather rap holds a place in rock hall of fame or not, when in fact there is already a section in the hall of fame for hip hop, so perhaps the name for Rock Hall of fame needs to be changed, or you can go take it up with the people who decide what goes in the hall of fame or not.

Eminem has marked his name on our generation without a doubt, I love rock always did, grew up listening to many respectful rock bands, but I also listen to Eminem and a few other very few respectful rap artists, and if you don't like it that is just too bad. Lyrics are now almost as important as the instruments and not everyone is born with a talent to write especially like people like Eminem, if we were we would all be rich and famous. Rather you like it or not Eminem has been in charts with other genres and reached record numbers, and has influenced a generation. He has won 13 grammy's, sold over 80 million records world wide, Recovery was also named the best selling album worldwide of 2010, and so on. These are only a few of his accomplishments. Rap or not there is no doubt Eminem has made a name for himself and deserves a place in music.

For the person who said Eminem has fell off the map, um no open your ears perhaps, or do research, one of the two, he disappeared out of the spotlight for under five years give or take, though he produced at the time and help Dre build the label, he disappeared from the rap game, to take a break from the spotlight for his daughter and himself, he ran into personal problems like drug addiction and his best friend died etc, that the break was good for him. Two years ago he put put Relapse, not his best work, but then he got off the drugs, came back strong with Recovery which again Recovery was also named the best selling album worldwide of 2010, sold the most digital copies, breaking a new record, and then his new collaboration with Royce Da 5'9, Bad Meets Evil: Hell The Sequal, Eminem has all but disappeared.

I could say more but I think you have heard enough. :P To me, I think Eminem deserves a spot in the Rock Hall of Fame, no matter what genre you want to label him as.

Posted by Renegade on Wednesday, 07.13.11 @ 05:01am

Those of you who do not like eminem ' should go kill yourselves. You have NO idea what music is. There is a HIPHOP section in that museum, there for he should be in there. Dont post a comment if you dont know what your talking about.

Posted by April on Tuesday, 07.19.11 @ 19:46pm

Well I HOPE that was not a serious comment- I mean, really.

Eminem's music is highly regarded, and that alone makes him a very strong candidate for induction upon his eligibility. The success is nice, but that's not what's going to get him in (same for anyone).

Posted by JR on Thursday, 09.8.11 @ 23:18pm

Influence: Eminems influence is massive on the rap scene. yes. 30%
Innovation: Only place where Eminem failss, he wasn't particulary innovative. No 0%
Critical Respect: Eminems albums are considered masterpeices i nthe rap world and even his newer stuff gets some respect. Yes. 20%
Commercial Sucess: Eminem has sold 70 millions record sworldwide, more than any other rapper. Yes 20%

That's 70%, definetly worthy.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 09.17.11 @ 16:52pm

you gotta be kidding me....its ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME.....NOT rap n hiphop

Posted by abhishek on Saturday, 10.1.11 @ 08:28am

Get rid of everyone that isn't pure rock in the hall and that kicks out at least 30-40% of current inductees.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 10.1.11 @ 13:53pm

Actually Eminem is hip hop/rap and hip hop is considered rock and roll

Posted by Eminem is epic on Friday, 10.14.11 @ 19:37pm

Eminem will be inn the hall of fame and there is othing anyone can do about it.

Posted by illuminati on Monday, 10.31.11 @ 14:32pm

I think he should because his music brings a good message to all of us. I know he cusses but its to bring a point to all of ya'll like drugs are bad, stay out of jail. He should be inducted because he was bullied in school and now look at him he's like one of the most famous rappers!! :) <3 Eminem

Posted by Sammie-Jo on Friday, 12.2.11 @ 11:02am

Eminem: Induction chances: 89%
Phuckin' A

Posted by cleo on Friday, 01.6.12 @ 14:28pm

I respect Eminem as an artist. I love his music, but he's a rapper. The only song he has that's remotely rock is Beautiful. And the only reason I say it's the only song that could be considered rock, is because it has a guitar solo, and Eminem sings in it.

Posted by Brandon on Tuesday, 03.13.12 @ 03:00am

Only Tupac deserve that honor he influenced this dude right here

Posted by Jj on Saturday, 03.17.12 @ 22:43pm

If Run DMC and the Beastie Boys can be inducted, then Eminem can be inducted.

Posted by me on Monday, 06.18.12 @ 01:42am

For those of you who say rap is not rock, your right. But this is NOT the ROCK Hall of fame. It's the ROCK AND ROLL Hall of Fame. Rap IS a sub-genre of Rock and Roll as is R&B, Soul, and Disco. As such, Eminem has had a tremendous impact on the sub-genre and deserves to be inducted.

Posted by Matt on Monday, 01.7.13 @ 12:52pm

he's RAP!! not ROCK,RAP!!! this is the rock n roll hall of fame,not the rap hall of fame! please..so,if eminem get in,also other shit like Marrakesh(or how the hell he's named) should be in...PLEASE!

Posted by elisabetta on Saturday, 01.19.13 @ 05:13am

I'll never get this logic that'll happily allow soul, folk, country, jazz, disco and reggae yet draws the line at rap.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 01.19.13 @ 12:21pm

I know Eminem isn't rock, but neither was ABBA. If they can get in, I think Eminem should, too. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is clearly changing to reflect modern times and all of the many genres people listen to, now.

Posted by Hailey on Monday, 02.11.13 @ 09:55am

I love how butthurt people get over this. It's a pretty simple concept -- talented, influential artists who fall under the Rock and Roll umbrella get inducted. Eminem fits all that criteria. If you don't believe that, you're just deluding yourself. If you can't come up with anything more intelligent than "omg EMINEM ISN'T ROCK HE SHOULD GO DIEE!!!11" then please, by all means, drink an eighth of vodka so I can dare you to drive.

Posted by Jason on Sunday, 05.19.13 @ 23:19pm

Small nitpick but the lyric is actually a 'fifth' of vodka. Apart from that I totally agree with you :)

Posted by Sam on Monday, 05.20.13 @ 12:08pm

Sam: Your back! :)

Posted by Gassman on Monday, 05.20.13 @ 13:02pm

I just don't understand why so many people say Eminem soundn't be in the Hall of Fame. He is one of the few white rappers to be successful and his music has really had an impact on the world of music. "I'm Not Afraid" is one of the most uplifting songs I've ever heard and Eminem isn't like a lot of rappers who just whine about their problems. He needs to be in the RNRHOF.

Posted by Andrew on Tuesday, 05.21.13 @ 13:45pm

When the hell did Rap R&B Pop, and hip hop become rock n roll. Someone please explain to me why when true rock artists like Iron Maiden can't get in because Public Enemy and other non Rock n roll artists can't get in. At least country music got it right. Its a simple friggin solution make a hall for other music forms. Not that there aren't cross over acts that should be included such as Johnny Cash, but keep the hall for REAL rock artists.

Posted by Real Rocker on Wednesday, 05.22.13 @ 04:11am

I just don't understand why so many people say Eminem shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame. He is one of the few white rappers to be successful and his music has really had an impact on the world of music. "I'm Not Afraid" is one of the most uplifting songs I've ever heard and Eminem isn't like a lot of rappers who just whine about their problems. He needs to be in the RNRHOF.

Posted by Andrew on Tuesday, 05.21.13 @ 13:45pm
My question is, what exactly did he do FOR rock? I can understand letting in the early rappers who used turntables to cut & scratch records, as that technique actually surfaced later on in rock acts. Thing is, rapping, in & of itself, has done nothing for rock. It didn't change any elements of the jam, it didn't re-invent any musical instruments, it didn't re-invent any styles of playing.

Eminem was a successful rapper, but that's all he was. He didn't really do anything special For rock. He sampled like any other rapper, but that's nothing big at this point. His induction merits are the same as Britney, N'Sync, etc., which in the end run is just about shining a spotlight on the "star" while they perform.

You could get the same effect from a Broadway show, but you wouldn't put Stephen Sondheim in the Rock Hall. Why put Eminem in?

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 05.22.13 @ 06:27am

Cheesecrop, I'm sorry if what I said offended you.

Posted by Andrew on Wednesday, 05.22.13 @ 11:05am

"When the hell did Rap R&B Pop, and hip hop become rock n roll."

Always interesting to me that the black dominated subgenres of RnR draw outrage from rockists, while white dominated subgenres like Prog and Metal, which no more or less fit a purist definition of "Rock n Roll", are embraced and even held up as an example of purity. They all elvolved from the same root and I've never seen a valid or even mildly compelling case presented that Metal or Prog or 70s Hard Rock are RnR, but Hip Hop, R&B or Pop aren't. tracing their mutual ancestry, either they all are or they all are not. If we throw any subgenres out, we have to throw them all out and go back to a seminal, purist definition of RnR which would leave us with a very bland HoF with few acts who came after the early to mid-60s. This whole debate and the thinly veiled racism behind it is really cliche and played out.

Posted by DarinRG on Wednesday, 05.22.13 @ 13:01pm

Cheesecrop, I'm sorry if what I said offended you.

Posted by Andrew on Wednesday, 05.22.13 @ 11:05am
No need to apologize for anything here. You've a right to speak your mind, so do it!

I was simply noting that Eminem has done very little in the realm of rock. As I said earlier, the first 10 yrs. or so of hip-hop introduced elements that directly affected rock, musically speaking. I've never had a problem w/the idea that Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, Run D.M.C., the Fat Boys, Sugarhill Gang, or anyone from that time would be inducted. All the stuff you see up till 85/86 is really interesting, & you can see the genuine innovation that touched everyone from Faith No More to Rage Against the Machine to Incubus.

It's what came afterwards that's questionable. People like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Eminem, etc., are probably going to get in, but in all honesty, just what DID they do for rock as a music? Nothing, when you think about it. I don't think anyone wants to acknowledge this, & it'll all be glossed over, but this is just a case of media hype driving the train.

Still, the Hall has shown a willingness to go in this direction, so no one should feel a need to complain when they do get in...

btw - don't worry about me. I don't run around busting people's chops, I won't try to harass you like some other idiots do, & while I can get upset from time to time, it takes an awful lot to really piss me off.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 05.22.13 @ 17:20pm

I am back. Busy with work, also the distraction of the Baseball HOF... but I expect to be here a bit more frequently now. Next round of Projected and all :)

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 05.22.13 @ 18:56pm

Alright, maybe I'm the only one here that listens to all sorts of genre, but come on. The Rock and Roll hall of fame is for anyone who has changed the game of Rock. Even musicians from other genres can influence rock musicians. A lot of newer musicians and bands have used his methods and rap influence to change their own style to sound more unique. And that, my dear friends, is why he deserves to be in this hall of fame.

Posted by Rhiannon on Saturday, 12.28.13 @ 13:20pm

"Alright, maybe I'm the only one here that listens to all sorts of genre,"

Nah, that's most of the active users here.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 12.28.13 @ 15:59pm

List of Hip-Hop Acts that deserve induction

*Means definetly soon or soon when eligble
^Means Eventual
•Means already inducted

•Public Enemy
•Beastie Boys
•Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5
*LL Cool J
*Afrika Bambaataa
*Eric B. & Rakim
*De La Soul
*A Tribe Called Quest
*Notorious B.I.G.
*Dr. Dre (Probably as a producer)
*Kanye West
*Wu-Tang Clan
^Lauryn Hill (or the Fugees)
^Missy Elliot
^Kool Herc
^Puff Daddy (as a producer)
*Russel Simmons (non-performer)
*Rick Rubin (as a producer)

One can't deny their affect on rock and roll thus far.

Posted by TooLate on Sunday, 03.30.14 @ 23:53pm

List of Hip-Hop Acts that deserve induction

*Means definetly soon or soon when eligble
^Means Eventual
•Means already inducted

•Public Enemy
•Beastie Boys
•Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5
*LL Cool J
*Afrika Bambaataa
*Eric B. & Rakim
*De La Soul
*A Tribe Called Quest
*Notorious B.I.G.
*Dr. Dre (Probably as a producer)
*Kanye West
*Wu-Tang Clan
^Lauryn Hill (or the Fugees)
^Missy Elliot
^Kool Herc
^Puff Daddy (as a producer)
*Russel Simmons (non-performer)
*Rick Rubin (as a producer)

One can't deny their affect on rock and roll thus far.

Posted by TooLate on Sunday, 03.30.14 @ 23:53pm

All you have to do is read the list of those that are already in.Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash. The Hall is not just Led Zep, iconic Rap, Funk, and yes even Disco acts are allowed in too. Eminem pretty much was the face of his era. If he's not in 1st or 2nd ballot they are obviously not paying attention.

Posted by Pete Miller on Thursday, 06.26.14 @ 09:04am

Should he be? Strict to the museum's name, no.

Will he be? Probably. MJ and Madonna are there, so is Public Enemy, hip hop artists will start enter the hall and he is one of the most popular among them.

Posted by Romo on Friday, 07.4.14 @ 19:43pm

For those of you saying "What did he bring to rock n roll?"That's not relevant at all,yeah the name is the Rock n' Roll hall of fame,but BILL MONROE THE FATHER OF BLUGRASS MUSIC IS IN THIS HALL OF FAME,and to this age old question,Bill Monroe had nothing to do with Rock n Roll,so EM will be in.

Posted by I'mAnarchy HD on Monday, 09.22.14 @ 19:40pm

That's meant for you Hyde....Go visit the actual hall of fame if you don't believe me,there is a Hip-Hop section.

Posted by I'mAnarchy HD on Monday, 09.22.14 @ 19:42pm

After all,everyone wants 2pac in,why not EM?

Posted by I'mAnarchy HD on Monday, 09.22.14 @ 19:45pm

i swear some people are absolutely ridiculous. Eminem is one of the most talented musicians of this time. Sure, he may not be rock at first look, but he does include many, many, MANY rock elements into his music. He is a lyrical genius, and should definitely be inducted into the hall. All of you people don't understand that in order to really appreciate music, u need to give it all a chance, and see the good in it, and not strike it down the first chance you get. I was at one point in that phase where 'rock is king', and that no other music takes any talent or has any purpose on this earth. But now, things are different, and i really enjoy music alot more. Sure, i may not particularly enjoy certain kinds of music, but that doesnt stop me from commemorating them for their talent, and giving them the credit they deserve for their effort. (which is not the case with eminem. I DEFINITELY enjoy his music) But, my point is, just take a second, stop being so ignorant, and atleast try being open minded. Seriously, im only 14 and i may have posted the most educated comment on this page.

Posted by Joe Gonzalez on Monday, 10.20.14 @ 23:46pm

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is not just for rock artists. It's for any musician who can prove himself; Eminem has certainly done that. He's in, no question.

Posted by fudgeyouhonki on Wednesday, 03.25.15 @ 16:04pm

I hate to smash the hate bubble, but hip-hop is a form of rock & roll. Not "rock", but "rock" is not synonymous with "Rock & Roll". Eminem is popular enough and influential enough to be considered when his time comes.

Posted by dmg on Monday, 04.27.15 @ 12:32pm

Eminem should be in the rock hall! For god sakes if RUN DMC is in there and if ARETHA FRANKLIN is in there then Eminem sure as hell should be!

Posted by Matt on Sunday, 07.12.15 @ 22:39pm

Eminem will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer when eligble in the next couple of years. Love him or hate him, he is arguably the most acclaimed and popular rapper of the 21st century. Anyway who doubts his work, listen to "Stan," a disturbing masterpiece. He is a master on the mic and one of rap's most intriguing if not complicated artists.

By the time Eminem gets it, there will probably be more hip hop artists in the Hall by then; the likes of 2Pac, Jay-Z, N.W.A. and LL Cool J will probably already be in the Hall by then. I'm still hoping for Eric B. & Rakim and De La Soul too.

Posted by Nick on Saturday, 07.18.15 @ 22:00pm

Absolute lock, and first ballot I would say. It's unfortunate people on this site vote with feelings rather than logic.

Posted by Logan on Monday, 11.2.15 @ 19:13pm

58 Percent No... Could someone please make this number higher?

Posted by Chowmein on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 08:44am

Eminem is one vary vary few rappers who should be RRHOF, just like NWA, its more about cultural impact and how he change the music industry,
even 2pac doesn't have the influential power he has on music

Posted by Timothy on Sunday, 05.22.16 @ 05:11am

Actually he is already eligible. His first song was Pooh Butt Day in 1988. and that was 27 years ago so he's actually been eligible for 2 years... Granted his early tapes aside from Infinite weren't all that great but it still qualifies.

Posted by Michael on Wednesday, 06.22.16 @ 15:01pm

Yeayah to the real Slim Shady. You gotta Lose Yourself inside the Rock Hall.

Posted by Dick on Tuesday, 08.29.17 @ 13:40pm

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