Dinosaur Jr.

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Eligible since: 2010 (The 2011 Induction Ceremony)

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You're Living All Over Me (1987)

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Freak Scene (1988)
Feel the Pain (1994)

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Will Dinosaur Jr. be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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First ballot, but then again, the committee might not be cool enough to include them.

Posted by Casper on Friday, 02.2.07 @ 22:18pm

This is a hard one. Their second album "You're Living All Over Me" was like an atomic bomb when it hit college radio. It's hard to even imagine underground music without them.

But I think the Butthole Surfers belong in there first, so what do I know?

Posted by Rod on Sunday, 03.25.07 @ 20:32pm

j mascis is god.

Posted by ace mendoza on Monday, 04.2.07 @ 22:43pm

Maybe my ears just aren't fans of this style of musicianship. I was ready to like this band, because I've read such praise. Went and got "You're Living All Over Me" and opened up my musical mind to soak it in. But I fucking hate it.
I understand that there is a genre of music called "Noise Rock" that is more cacophonic than stuff like Dinosaur; yea? I think I'd take a fucking cinder block to my Ipod.
I can sometimes here the melodic structure here, but there is so much goddman feedback and distortion that it's like there is a constant, nagging blender or jet engine running in the background. Just too much goddamn guitar wail and rippin. Geesus Kreist. Like noise just for the sake of it. It gets in my way.

And I'm sorry fans, but Mascis' vocals sound to me like he's too cool to fucking try; it's almost affective. Half the time his baying sounds like he's being deliberately whiny - like an he's intentionally aping a bad karaokee bray. Listen to him rape Frampton's "Show me The Way". Is he trying to be "ironically cool" with his nasally moan?

Nowhere was this more appaent than on their cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven". So this is what this song would sound like Dinosaur Jr. style huh? I hated it. Like taking a favorite shirt and ripping a hole in it here, making a vomit stain there, putting a thorn in the collar. Sometimes feedback is just noise and lazy vocals are just bad vocals.

And what the fuck is "Poledo" supposed to be??
To hell with "innovative" - OOOOOOOO!!
Innovation - fine. At some level doesn't the most "innovative" stuff have to be listenable? If it isn't, then who the fuck cares?

But what do I know? I like John Mellencamp and The Stooges. Maybe I'm just not hip or enlightened enough.

Posted by shawn mc on Saturday, 05.26.07 @ 15:26pm

just to let you know shawn mc, starting with "You're Living All Over Me" wasnt a good idea. its a hell of a lot noisier than their later output, especially their most recent effort. You should give some of their major label albums a try, or even better, their newest, Beyond.

Posted by dino sr. on Tuesday, 07.10.07 @ 00:37am

Thanks for the insight dino; I will check out their latest and give them another listen.

Posted by shawn on Tuesday, 07.10.07 @ 02:38am

They have a chance, becasue 2010 is short on big name stars and is full of the more underground type.

Posted by Michael on Tuesday, 12.11.07 @ 13:37pm

If its "Anon/Micheal", go away.

Otherwise, please change you name, for your own benefit.

Posted by liam on Tuesday, 12.11.07 @ 13:43pm

In a perfect world, they will be. However the R&RHOF doesn't work like that, does it now?

Posted by Ash on Sunday, 05.3.09 @ 01:58am

Dinosaur Jr. is a remarkable group and their influence on the "American Underground" music scene in the late 80's/early 90's was massive. "You're Living All Over Me" is their masterpiece, but I also suggest "Bug" (YLAOM's follow up) and especially their 2007 post-reunion album "Beyond" for more melodic fare.

Posted by Chalkie on Tuesday, 06.2.09 @ 17:50pm

I don't know. I just can't live with myself if a group called "Dinosaur Jr." gets inducted.

Posted by Stewie on Saturday, 06.20.09 @ 17:49pm

they HAVE to get in, they're still making amazing music.

I think their newest release is the most 80's thing that has come out in a very, very long time. It may as well just be YLAOM.

Posted by Kyle on Sunday, 08.9.09 @ 19:21pm

A great band, truly influential and quoted as Corbain's favorite. Sadly, I don't see them getting in until someone finally remembers these guys and Sonic Youth.

Posted by Breaker on Friday, 09.11.09 @ 08:43am

I agree Breaker.
Though without Dinosaur Jr. Sonic Youth wouldn't of made Daydream Nation. And bands like Nirvana and My Bloody Valentine wouldn't exist...most likely.
My friend says R&RHOF is about influence. Considering Nirvana is at something like 92%, I seriously think Dinosaur Jr. should be a lot higher in the percent ratings.

Posted by Danky on Saturday, 10.17.09 @ 02:00am

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Posted by Bougsgash-tool on Wednesday, 01.20.10 @ 03:10am

Well now we know the answer to everything!

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 01.20.10 @ 07:14am

Dinosaur Jr. is the greatest rock ever and should be inductued into the Rock n Roll HOF. They still are making great rocking music. Very creative band and very influential.

Posted by djr on Tuesday, 12.7.10 @ 18:09pm

Creative and influential? Yes.
Hall-worthy? Yes.
Great band? Yes.
"Greatest rock ever"? Nope.

Posted by Chalkie on Tuesday, 12.7.10 @ 19:25pm

'You're Living All Over Me' should easily have been elected in the Album Project by now.

Posted by Chalkie on Friday, 08.12.11 @ 11:19am

Don't think Dinosaur Jr. will be inducted. Thought they were overrated. Went to see them at a Festival type shows early 90's time frame. Disappointed. Lots of noise and vocals underwhelming. Groups like Def Leppard, Scorpions, Bryan Adams, The Cure, Grant Lee Buffalo, STP more deserving. My two cents. KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 05.24.15 @ 19:45pm

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