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Inducted in: 1987

Inducted by: Chuck Berry

Nominated in: 1986   1987

First Eligible: 1986 Ceremony

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 1987 (ranked #115) .

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Rock The Joint (1952)
Crazy Man, Crazy (1953)
(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock (1954)
Shake, Rattle And Roll (1954)
See You Later, Alligator (1956)

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No induction for The Comets? Looks like a case similar to The Miracles.

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 10.11.08 @ 15:30pm

I did some research and it turns out The Comets actually were inducted with Bill Haley.

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 10.12.08 @ 11:15am

Wow I see glad to hear they all were in...

Posted by mrxyz on Saturday, 04.18.09 @ 20:27pm

Any reason The Comets didn't get inducted with Haley? The commitee just doesn't want to look stupid and say, "Opps, we forgot somebody."

Posted by Dude Man on Monday, 08.31.09 @ 11:16am

R.I.P. Bobby Charles, "See You Later, Alligator"

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Friday, 01.15.10 @ 07:54am

Bill Haley and The Comets perform for Queen Elizabeth II in 1979:

Posted by Zach on Monday, 05.28.12 @ 19:57pm


01. Parliament-Funkadelic (16 Members Inducted in 1997)
02. The Grateful Dead (12 Members Inducted in 1994)
03. Bill Haley And The Comets (11 Members Inducted in 1987/2012)

Posted by Roy on Monday, 05.28.12 @ 20:52pm

One of the most incredible things about Bill Baley and The Comets is how they achieved major international success and won thousands (maybe even millions) of new fans after their initial triumphs back in the U.S.A.

Mexico became their second home in 1961 when Haley moved there. He took the time to learn how to speak Spanish and immerse himself in Mexican culture. Haley also fell in love with and married Martha Velascao, a local dancer and singer.

Haley and His Comets expanded their repertoire of songs to include traditional Mexican tunes like La Cucaracha and Cerca Del Mar. Haley's voice on these songs is just beautiful! He clearly had great respect for Mexican culture. I speak some Spanish, so I can understand some of the lyrics. Even if I couldn't, I could still appreciate the warm and joyous tone of Haley's vocals in these recordings.

Mexico was not the only nation to be blessed with the terrific music of Haley and His Comets. You might recall the video I shared earlier of their command performance for Queen Elizabeth II in November of 1979. Haley and the boys were in top form that evening. They lost none of their ability to carry a tune and thrill an audience. Just listen to the resounding reception they receive from the audience! They were also the first major American rock act to tour the U.K., which opened for later names like Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly and The Crickets to cross the Atlantic

For more information on the international popularity and work of Bill Haley and His Comets, I recommend this excellent U.K. fan site:

It truly saddens me that many of my fellow Americans don't know or appreciate Bill Haley and His Comets and their contributions to rock 'n roll. Rock Around the Clock is a national treasure that transcends being just a mere oldie. The opening never fails to get my feet tapping.

Posted by Zach on Thursday, 06.21.12 @ 12:29pm

Good grief! I can't believe I called Bill Haley "Baley."
I just caught that mistake.

Also, one of my previous sentences should read "... which opened the door for later names like Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly and The Crickets to cross the Atlantic."

Posted by Zach on Thursday, 06.21.12 @ 12:41pm

His album "Rock Around The Clock" might be one of the worst rock albums I ever heard.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 07.24.12 @ 10:46am


Well, in his defence he really was more of a singles man than an albums man. ;)

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 07.24.12 @ 11:07am

I guess so. and at least it has the awesome title track, making it better than albums with NO good tracks.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 07.24.12 @ 13:37pm

I haven't heard the entire album yet, but I have listened to the following tracks:

Rock Around the Clock - A rock 'n' roll essential. Enough said.

Shake, Rattle and Roll - Lacks the raciness of the original by Big Joe Turner, but still listenable because of Haley's vocals and the other Comets essentials.

Thirteen Women (And Only One Man in Town) - Clever, catchy lyrics, a romping-stomping tenor sax beat by Joey d'Ambrosio, and the recurring guitar riff by Danny Cedrone are among the finer qualities of this song. One of the best recorded by Bill Haley and His Comets.

Razzle-Dazzle - Was this an attempt at creating a dance craze, long before The Twist and its ilk burst upon the scene? If so, it failed, but the song is still damn good. Franny Beecher tears it up on lead guitar!

Dim, Dim the Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere) - Few songs sum up the excitement of the 1950s youth culture as succinctly as this song. The guitar, vocals, and tenor sax come to the forefront as usual, but Bill Dussak's drumming should not be ignored.

Burn That Candle - Rudy Pompilli's tenor sax and Franny Beecher's guitar solo make this song. Haley sounds a little off, but does a OK job for the most part.

Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie - Once again all the classic Bill Haleys and His Comets components are in full force: Haley's fun vocals, the thundering tenor sax of Rudy Pompilli, the rousing chorus and lyrics, and another killer guitar solo by Franny Beecher. I love the dueling guitar and sax part that begins 53 seconds into the song and goes up to the 1:08 mark.

All in all, we've got four outstanding songs and three alright songs. Sounds like this album's a winner in my book! I'll have to check out the 5 remaining tracks (A.B.C. Boogie, Two Hound Dogs, Happy Baby, Birth of the Boogie, and Mambo Rock).

I'm glad you enjoy the title track, GFW.

Posted by Zach on Wednesday, 07.25.12 @ 22:11pm

Well, you've made it clear how much you love 50's music so you'll probably love this album.

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 07.26.12 @ 07:55am

Bill Haley was the unsung hero of rock and roll while people like Elvis Presley have been made comfortable in the rock and roll history books and has been transformed into a constellation, his music has been respected by the record-buying pubic.

Living rock and roll legends like Chuck Berry has given his debt to the music industry. Haley was playing rock and roll before it had been named and was selling it in suffcient amounts out of small record label long before Elvis started recording and yet, Bill has been barely represented by a dozen singles.

He has also been treated as a mere footnote in the development of rock and roll, even through Bill and his band, The Comets released the first rock and roll song in 1954, "Rock Around The Clock" created rock and roll and stayed on the charts for 8 weeks.

More interesting, Bill started a lot earlier than most people realize and he went on making good music for years until his death in 1981. As a pioneer of rock and roll, Haley's influence has reached far and wide from Cliff Richard and Johnny Kidd to The Beatles.

Posted by Andrew on Sunday, 02.3.13 @ 22:54pm

R.I.P., Franny Beecher.

Posted by Zach on Tuesday, 02.25.14 @ 19:08pm

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