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What are people talking about?

About The Song Project, Darren wrote:
Nick - I've discouraged people from voting for Anthrax's version of "Bring Tha Noise" even though Public Enemy's version has already been inducted, but I wouldn't say that it should be disqualified from nomination, even though it's basically a re-mix.

Is Eric Clapton's MTV Unplugged version of "Layla" different enough from the original Derek and the Dominoes version to be inducted? I don't know if I'd vote for it, but I think the two versions are different enough to allow it to be nominated if there isn't overwhelming opposition to its inclusion.

If it is inducted, I would hope that it wouldn't set a precedent that would cause people to nominate live versions of inducted songs that are only slightly different than the originals, though.
Wednesday, 09.2.15 @ 22:19pm

About Todd Rundgren, Jason Voigt wrote:
Saw Todd Rundgren perform in St. Louis last night for the first time. In one word, I would say the show was 'different'. Not sure if that's good or bad! If there's one thing I learned, its that Todd Rundgren can be bizarre and crazy at any time. Not just of now, but within the last 40+ years. It was a mixture of young and old, and the oldsters were very disappointed altogether. See, there was no band. Instead there was a dj, and it was an all EDM show. 80% of it was new material, but he did dance versions of a few of his old hits. I couldn't believe this was the same guy who produced Bat Out of Hell and sang lead with Utopia and Runt! I was very amazed he still has the moves and his vocals!

I put Todd on my 2016 Nomination predictions list for many reasons. To me, he is a rock legend. To some, he's just another classic rock act or just a jack-of-all-trades. He's long overdue to get in the RRHOF. He's collaborated with so many people, on and off the mic. Hell, he recently recorded with Red Peters! That goes to show how his craziness and diverse resume should get him in the Hall. The time is now.
Wednesday, 09.2.15 @ 21:58pm

About Dee Dee Warwick, Bill G. wrote:
Dionne's baby sister should definitely at least be considered. She recorded the ORIGINAL versions of songs later covered by other artists , including "YOU'RE NO GOOD" (Covered by Betty Everett, Linda Ronstadt, Elvis Costello, Dusty Springfield, Wilson Phillips , and just about everybody ELSE...

"I'M GONNA MAKE YOU LOVE ME" , which The Supremes and The Temptations later took into the Top 10.

If not as a solo artist , she could get in the "musical excellence" category with The Drinkard Singers , with included Dee Dee , sister Dionne, their aunt, Cissy Houston, (Whitney's mom) and singer Judy Clay. they back Dionne on many of her biggest hits, as well as backing Elvis,and numerous others. The Drinkard singers later became The Sweet Inspirations, and recorded and backed Lou Rawls Wilson Pickett,Dusty Springfield,The Drifters, Arethya, and numerous others.
Wednesday, 09.2.15 @ 21:08pm

About Cyndi Lauper, Wild At Heart wrote:
Cyndi has been my girl since I first heard "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" on the radio which was so vibrant at that time on the airwaves.

Cyndi is the total package as someone who is very DIY. She was a great songwriter and picked great material. When songs were a little bit sexist, she would change lyrics to portray her point of view (and also making her eligible for those royalty credits).

Besides writing, she took a hand in her wardrobe (bringing that punk/DIY look to the mainstream), designing the album covers (the painted shoes of the back of "She's So Unusual" was her work, helping mold her music videos including learning to edit. With David Wolf, they got together with Captain Lou and later Vince to create Rock N Wrestling which helped them get free publicity for her record which started slowly and became a hit because of that connection (kind of like early social media in an era before Twitter, etc)

She might have been her own worse enemy with the record company but she stuck to her guns and kept her image that she worked hard for without relying on the sex angle so many female singers do or get forced into.

With her early videos, she incorporated great videos while relying on friends and family. She made it cool for young girls to love their mothers, dress how they feel and stand up for themselves. One thing Cyndi fought for in the "Girls" video was to have girls of different body types and ethnicities so any girl watching would see themselves. With todays TV climate, she was way far ahead on that.

Her resume keeps getting stronger getting acclaim for her dance and blues albums, being the first solo women to win a Tony for best score and her recent Songwriting Hall Of Fame induction which in my opinion is the more meaningful Hall to be in.

She continues to march at the beat of her own drum, put out the music she wants in all it's beautiful diversity and putting on some of the best shows I have seen. Watching her climb speakers and dance in the crowd climbing over chairs is a lot of fun.

Does she rock, check out "Above The Clouds" with Jeff Beck or her duet with Scott Weiland on "Barbarella".

She should make it in given time.

Wednesday, 09.2.15 @ 20:25pm

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