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What are people talking about?

About The Album Project, Lax32 wrote:
Here is my tiebreaker vote.

The Replacements: Pleased to Meet Me (1987) (3)
Echo & the Bunnymen: Echo & the Bunnymen (1987) (2)
The Jesus and Mary Chain: Darklands (1987) (1)

And here is my Artist Vote ballot:

Sonic Youth - Dirty (1992)
Sonic Youth - Evol (1986)
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped (2006)
Sonic Youth - Sister (1987)
Sonic Youth - The Eternal (2009)

Hope this ballot does not muck up any tiebreaker,


Friday, 11.27.15 @ 18:36pm

About The Song Project, Lax32 wrote:
Metallica - Orion (1986) 5
Traffic - Glad (1970) 4
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Little Wing (1990) 3
Moby - Everloving (1999) 2
Darude - Sandstorm (1999) 1

This is my tiebreaker ballot after a long Black Friday,

Friday, 11.27.15 @ 18:14pm

About The Album Project, Nick wrote:
Sonic Youth Vote:
Dirty (1992)
Evol (1986)
Rather Ripped (2006)
Sister (1987)
Friday, 11.27.15 @ 16:27pm

About Chicago, Roy wrote:

The History of Chicago Trailer
Friday, 11.27.15 @ 15:25pm

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