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Today's Hall of Fame Birthdays:

David Coverdale, age 66!

Joan Jett, age 59!

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Check out a list of snubbed members from inducted artists.

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What are people talking about?

About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, KING wrote:
Thanks for the positive feedback! You also have 20 outstanding candidates on your nominees list. Radiohead I think the only certain nominee and inductee so the remaining 5 or 6 spots will be interesting. You have Pat Benatar & WAR 2 of my last few cuts. I think most FRL regulars believe Moody Blues will be inducted if nominated. I have Janet Jackson as an inductee but Stevie Nicks could overtake Janet in the voting. Stevie Nicks is a legend. I usually gravitate to the guitar oriented bands and metal. AIC, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Wishbone Ash, etc. Chris Cornell's tragic death changed many lists as Cornell and Soundgarden well-respected and underrated to some degree. Would have Alice In Chains otherwise. The 80's backlog of Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Smiths, remains intriguing. One has to break through eventually. The Eurythmics is 1 group I wished to add but have a full list. They check plenty of boxes. Enig's Ten Commandments Nominees List keeps growing. LOL!!! KING
Friday, 09.22.17 @ 17:14pm

About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Donnie wrote:
From a personal taste standpoint, I actually like King's predicted group of inductees.

Sure it's a little heavy on the "classic rock" side, but the thing with people constantly complaining about having too much classic rock, the sooner you get all the big names in, the sooner the Hall can move on to the 80's and 90's.

The Moody Blues, Bad Company, and the Cars are three of the biggest snubs of the "Classic Rock" era remaining so getting those three checked off would be a good thing.

Then you have three acts that were big in the 90's in Radiohead, Janet Jackson, and LL Cool J, and in the case of Janet and LL, two acts that were even bigger in the 80's (well, Janet was probably about even between the two decades).

And for the Hall's case, all 6 acts are either active or at least in good enough shape to perform.

The Moody Blues are the oldest act, but still consistently perform on a regular basis, so they could perform (if they chose to).

The Cars obviously don't have Benjamin Orr, but he passed before they were even eligible for the Hall, so this isn't a case of the Hall waiting too long to induct an act before members star passing away. The Cars have toured with Ric Ocasek in the last few years, so that lineup could reunite and perform.

Bad Company also performs, although I don't think the original four do. But, they're all alive to the best of my knowledge so they could.

Janet is currently on a major tour, so she'd obviously perform.

Radiohead not only perform but are currently active releasing albums, so obviously they would perform (if they care enough to attend and perform that is).

The only one that's not really active from a musical standpoint is LL who these days is more of a television actor, but he's still in great health and shape and could easily get on stage and perform a couple of songs.

So yeah KING, that's a really solid class.
Friday, 09.22.17 @ 16:33pm

About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, KING wrote:
I realized I have Radiohead on my Inductees but not on my Nominees List. That means I have to amend it. That means Steve Winwood & Smashing Pumpkins have to be erased off. KING'S 2017 RRHOF Nominees.
2.The Cure
6.The Spinners
7.Alex Chilton/Big Star
9.Nine Inch Nails
10.Procol Harum
11.Depeche Mode
13.Rage Against The Machine
14.Def Leppard
15.Stevie Nicks
17.Kool & The Gang
18.J. Geils Band
20.Judas Priest
22.Ben E. King

The capitalized group names are my Inductees. This is a excellent & diverse group. Probably any mix and match of a dozen could be inducted. KING
Friday, 09.22.17 @ 13:47pm

About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, K-Dawg wrote:
I get the feeling the Moodys are this year's lock because they will be the popular nominee. A guy feeling, but it seems to happen every year lately and they by far seem to have the largest consensus about the most deserving band still not in. The committee likes to throw deserving accolades to previously unrecognized artists.
Friday, 09.22.17 @ 11:33am

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