The 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is April 18th

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What are people talking about?

About The Song Project, Paul K wrote:
As I've said before, the best and only failproof thing to do when in any doubt about a song or artist being in the project is to just Ctrl+F search what you're looking for directly on this page.

Maybe FRL can add a "Show/Hide Comments" option so we can search the list easily without having to deal with whatever pops up within them, interfering with your search.

Pleeeeeasssseeee? :D
Friday, 05.29.15 @ 13:46pm

About the 2015 Inductees, Paul in KY wrote:
Thanks FRL for your esplanation.
Friday, 05.29.15 @ 07:27am

About The Song Project, SotN wrote:
Darin: That's not the case, it seems. The Stone Roses actually have two inducted songs (Fool's Gold and I Wanna Be Adored) and an inducted album (their self-titled debut). The problem is that the inductions link to their page as "The Stone Roses", but the actual link for their artist page is "Stone Roses". The result being that the "The Stone Roses" variant is a redirect. They're not the only artist, too: The Fugees have the same problem ("The Score" doesn't show up on their page because the artist page doesn't have a "The" in it). Heck, Metric's Help I'm Alive and Japandroids's Younger Us have incomplete links, both forgetting to use their names outright.
Friday, 05.29.15 @ 06:13am

About The Song Project, DarinRG wrote:
One thing that I've noticed digging around here is that we've inducted nothing in either project from the Stone Roses, which is a huge miss in terms of a major landmark act in British rock chronology. I'll address that with my nominations in both projects this month.
Friday, 05.29.15 @ 04:33am

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