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What are people talking about?

About Moon Taxi, Paul in KY wrote:
Have seen these guys 7 times over the past 4 or 5 years & every time they kick ass. One of my favorite bands. They played the Hangout Pre-Party as 'People of the Sun' & then again a set on weekend as Moon Taxi.

I didn't really care too much for the People of the Sun thing, but boy do I care about Moon Taxi. If you get a chance to see them live, do it!
Friday, 05.27.16 @ 15:02pm

About Haim, Paul in KY wrote:
Also surprised I am 1st to comment on Haim. They played on Surf Stage (#2 stage) at Hangout. Have their Days Are Gone album & like their voices, so I was a bit familiar with them.

Thought they had a great set. Excellent harmonies & some funny banter mixed in. All 3 girls played guitars/bass & had a drummer & keyboardist. Looking forward to seeing them again on the circuit.
Friday, 05.27.16 @ 14:55pm

About Grimes, Paul in KY wrote:
Can't believe this old dude is 1st to post on Grimes (no relation to Frank 'Grimey' Grimes).

Anyway, I saw her in Boom Boom Tent at The Hangout. Had 2 backup dancers & a backup vocalist, who also played some key boards/bass. Grimes generally plays the keyboards herself. Was in middle of a packed crowd of young'uns.

Thought she did a fine job. Fun set, with some real catchy songs. That she is very easy on the eyes doesn't hurt. Thought she had one of best sets of weekend.
Friday, 05.27.16 @ 14:51pm

About The Weeknd, Paul in KY wrote:
Saw this guy at The Hangout last Friday night. He closed down the main stage that night. When he was announced as a headliner, I was very disappointed. Bummed, actually.

I had been watching The Chainsmokers & they were hella unimpressive, so I headed over to check him out. Huge crowd there, but I picked my way thru em to be around the sound tent. He's a Hell of a lot better than The Chainsmokers, I can tell you that. Great voice & excellent stage presence. Crowd was singing along to his songs. Wish I'd attended the whole show.
Friday, 05.27.16 @ 14:45pm

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