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What are people talking about?

About The Song Project, BSLO wrote:
I'm going to break from my usual pattern, and nominate a couple of newer songs that didn't find instant success, but gained popularity after receiving quite a bit of placements in commercials, movie trailers, etc.

The Heavy - How You Like Me Now? (2009)
Kongos - Come With Me Now (2011)

Wednesday, 10.1.14 @ 19:23pm

About the 2015 Nomination Predictions, Sam wrote:
I see some people throwing some Bad Company support out there. Why not Free instead?
Wednesday, 10.1.14 @ 18:23pm

About The Song Project, John R.C. wrote:
Joni Mitchell - River (1971)
The Four Seasons - Who Loves You (1975)
Wednesday, 10.1.14 @ 16:36pm

About the 2015 Nomination Predictions, Nick wrote:
Personally, I think the Rock Hall is starting to move away from 1960s artists at this point. The remaining British Invasion acts that you listed in the previous post don't really have much of a chance at this point (the Moody Blues do deserve a nomination but they have been passed for years and I'm not holding my breath for the Rock Hall to act on this; same with Chubby Checker but his recent comments about wanting an induction might make his chances better than ever at this point, but who knows). I think the Zombies will for sure be the next (and possibly last) deserving British Invasion act to be inducted.

I would like to the Belmonts get the music excellence award, like the E Street Band got earlier this year. Without the Belmonts, I don't think Dion would have been nearly as great as he is. "A Teenage in Love" is one of their best songs.

Hard to think that Big Mama Thornton hasn't been inducted as an early influence, given that her songs "Ball N' Chain" and "Hound Dog" (Before Elvis' more-famous cover) are still thought of as classics.
Wednesday, 10.1.14 @ 15:07pm

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