Will Run-DMC Perform at the Induction Ceremony?

Run-DMC haven't performed live since the death of Jam Master Jay seven years ago. With the announcement today that Run-DMC had been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, differing reports surfaced about whether or not the group will perform at the ceremony.

From Rolling Stone:

Run-DMC are the second rap group to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, two years after pioneers Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five were selected for induction. "I can't even comprehend this is happening," Daryl "DMC" McDaniels tells Rolling Stone. "I want to let the world know that there are others receiving this honor with us. I'm talking about our heroes Afrika Bambaataa, Treacherous Three, the Cold Crush Brothers and DJ Kool Herc." The group's performance at the April 4th induction ceremony in Cleveland will be their since founding member Jam Master Jay was murdered seven years ago in Queens, New York.

The AP has a different story about the possibility of a performance:

Jam Master Jay — whose real name was Jason Mizell — was shot to death in his recording studio in 2002. McDaniels doesn't consider the induction bittersweet — "because Jay isn't here to celebrate doesn't mean he's not partaking in this event" — but said he couldn't see the duo performing during the April 4 induction ceremony in Cleveland without him.

"We can't do it without Jay," he said. "I want people to remember the last time they saw us together, the three of us."

Perhaps Rolling Stone's reporting was just wishful thinking, but right now it seems like Run-DMC will be content to let someone else perform their music at the Induction Ceremony.

01/17/09 Update: Reverend Run addressed the performance issue in a chat with MTV:

Reverend Run, one-third of the group, said he was honored by the recognition but still unsure if he and DMC will take to the stage despite the nod.

"I don't know, I'm leaving that in D's hands," Run told MTV News by phone Thursday. "The best comment was that working without Jam Master Jay wouldn't feel the same — I [actually] think D wrote that. So I'm just following his lead."

The reality-TV dad also said he wouldn't be interested in a younger group performing the Queens trio's hits as an homage — but he again deferred to DMC as to what exactly will take place.

A request made by MTV News to DMC for comment has not been returned as of press time.

You would hope that there will be at least some kind of performance of Run-DMC's music at the Induction Ceremony, but we'll see.
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