Should Dave Mustaine be inducted with Metallica?

If Metallica are inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April of next year, who should be inducted? It's clear that guitarist/singer James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, guitarist Kirk Hammett, deceased bassist Cliff Burton and former bassist Jason Newsted all deserve induction. But what about Dave Mustaine?

Mustaine was kicked out of the band before they made their first album, but he is credited with co-writing some of the signature songs on their first album, Kill 'Em All. Who knows how Mustaine himself feels about the issue, but he'd most likely rather be inducted on his own with Megadeth.

And how about current bassist, Robert Trujillo? Is playing on the latest album enough to get enshrined? There aren't really any stated rules on these issues, so it will be interesting to see what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame decides to do.

For his part, James Hetfield believes Trujillo should get in, but not Mustaine. Here's a portion of Hetfield's recent interview with Rolling Stone (via

Rolling Stone: Most likely, Metallica will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame next April. Who will be onstage with you?

Hetfield: "Everyone that played on a record should be there. You're considered for the Hall 25 years after your first recording, not after you formed."

Rolling Stone: That would omit Dave Mustaine [former Metallica guitarist and current Megadeth mainman].

Hetfield: "He wasn't on a record. Jason Newsted [former Metallica bassist] should be up there — he was in the band for 14 years and played on quite a few records. And so should Robert [Trujillo; current Metallica bassist]."

Rolling Stone: Will it be weird to be there with Jason?

Hetfield: "There's no reason for it to be weird. We don't want to be part of the soap opera of the Hall of Fame. Everybody wants a train wreck, like with BLONDIE onstage arguing over crap [in 2006]. That really cheapens the moment."

What would really be weird is if the Hall of Fame used Hetfield's qualifications. By his logic, producer Bob Rock would be inducted as a member of Metallica because he played bass on St. Anger, when Metallica was still in between bassists after Newsted left. I doubt Hetfield, or anyone else, thinks Bob Rock should be on stage if Metallica gets inducted.

Thanks, David.

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