"Rock Hall Rocked by Scandal"

That headline is a little misleading if you read the item (scroll down to the last story), but here is the money quote:
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation is no place for the light of heart, that's for sure. The latest scandal involves 20-year chief Suzan Evans, the loyal administrator who despite much criticism has carried out Jann Wenner's whims without fail.

Now Evans has been rudely disposed by Wenner and replaced by an executive from Clear Channel Communications. So much for loyalty. But then again, Wenner is famous for hiring and firing magazine editors all the time. It's a wonder he took this long to dump Evans.

"Jann Wenner is a terrible person," says a foundation insider. "Suzan is very upset."
This contradicts the reports that came out when the transition was announced in June when Terry Stewart, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum president and CEO, said, "Suzan basically was ready to move on."

It's unclear how this will impact the future direction of the Hall of Fame, because as long as Jann Wenner is involved, it's hard to imagine things changing drastically overnight, since the Rock Hall is his baby.
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