Eligibility explained or When does R.E.M. get inducted?

Let's try to clear up some confusion about when artists are eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. According to the Rock Hall official website, "Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record." The site lists all of the Hall of Famers under the year they were inducted into the Hall. But the years listed represent the year of the Induction Ceremony, which usually takes place in March of the year following the actual inductions. In December, the artists are voted in when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation announces the results of their balloting.

For example, let's look at The Beatles, a band the Rock Hall would not wait one second longer than necessary to induct. The Beatles released their first singles in 1962, which made them eligible for the Rock Hall in 1987. In September of 1987, the Rock Hall Foundation nominated them, and three months later in December, they were voted into the Hall. But the induction ceremony didn't take place until 1988—26 years after their first record, and they are considered to be in the class of '88.

So when does R.E.M. get inducted? Assuming they get voted in the first year they are eligible, 2006, they will be a part of the 2007 induction ceremony.

Update: R.E.M. is eligible this year -- they released "Radio Free Europe" in 1981. (Thanks, Martin)
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