The 2009 Rock Hall Ceremony to take place at Cleveland's Public Hall

Back in 1997 when Cleveland first hosted the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, it was held in a ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel. For the 2009 ceremony, Cleveland is moving up to the historic Public Hall, (aka Public Auditorium). Capacity is 11,500, but that will likely be reduced to under 10,000 after the VIP tables get set up on the floor.

The large venue will allow for the public sale of tickets to the event for the first time. Typically, when the ceremony is held in New York at the Waldorf Astoria, a seat will cost you at least $2000, if you can get invited. But here, the Rock Hall has mentioned that tickets should be available for under $100.

The event will be held on a yet to be determined day in March of 2009.

In this same article, Rock Hall president Terry Stewart emphasizes that the new Rock Hall Annex is not a precursor to the entire museum moving to New York City. It's also revealed that the Rock Hall may open an annex in Abu Dhabi on the Persian Gulf (in addition to the planned one in Memphis).

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