2008 Induction Ceremony Updates

The 2008 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be streaming live at BestBuy.com beginning at 8:30 ET (or VH1 Classic on TV). Keep checking back to Future Rock Hall for updates during the show.

8:15 PM ET - Settling in for what will likely be a 3 hour plus ceremony. If you're streaming the ceremony, you should see the Rock Hall graphic at this point.

8:18 - Never noticed this about the logo before, but the 'N' in 'AND' is subtly emphasized. Nice touch. The graphic logo not only represents the I.M. Pei-designed museum, but is a clever abstraction of a view down a guitar neck.

8:30 - Jann Wenner introduced as the Chairman of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Welcomes everyone to the 23rd annual induction ceremony. Possible induction order: Cohen, The Ventures, the DC5, Madonna, and Mellencamp.

8:35 - Kicking off the inductions with Gamble & Huff in the renamed Non-Performer category. Patti LaBelle performing "If You Don't Know Me By Now" with the resplendent Paul Shaffer and company.

8:39 - Wenner mentioned earlier that the new museum archives and library will be open in 2010.

8:40 - Standing O for Patti. Nicely done. On to the video tribute...

8:41 - "Every time we wrote a song, it was a hit." At least they're humble.

8:44 - Jerry Butler on to present the Ahmet Ertegun Award to Gamble & Huff. Whoa! Possibly the shortest speech ever. Was that even 50 words?

8:45 - Butler's the first to comment on the weight of the statue. Over/under is 3 1/2 mentions for the night. We're on our way.

8:46 - It's still unknown who selects the award winners in the Non-Performer and Sideman categories. Not the Nominating Committee and definitely not the Voting Committee.

8:49 - Celebrity sightings so far: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Bryant Gumbel, and Chevy Chase.

8:50 - Gamble & Huff wrap it up after a couple of nice speeches. Back to Jerry Butler for a performance.

8:53 - Video tribute to master of the blues harmonica, tonight's Sideman inductee, Little Walter.

8:56 - Ben Harper gets to induct Little Walter posthumously. Harper seems nervous, not looking up from his notes, fumbling some words.

8:58 - Wait, another short speech? Where's Eddie Vedder to stretch things out? James Cotton on for the performance with Ben Harper sitting in (literally).

9:03 - Backstage with original MTV VJ Mark Goodman! Reporting from the kitchen?

9:04 - Introduces a classic Rock Hall performance of "Satisfaction" from 1989. Not sure why they show these fantastic old clips -- just going to make tonight look pale by comparison.

9:10 - Goodman interviews Shaffer about the '89 clip. We mentioned this last year, but how long until Paul Shaffer gets inducted?

9:11 - The Ventures video tribute is next. John Fogerty will be inducting them.

9:13 - Fogerty: "[The Ceremony] was a lot looser when it wasn't televised."

9:15 - The Ventures have recorded over 250 albums?

9:17 - The Ventures are clearly thrilled to be there, but I think Don Wilson just thanked the Lieutenant Governor of Washington? Nokie Edwards thanks Les Paul and Chet Atkins for their inspiration.

9:23 - Lots of short speeches this evening. Maybe people haven't had enough to drink yet. It's still early.

9:24 - Performance time -- "Walk Don't Run"

9:27 - Now the Hawaii Five-O theme song . Anyone know who wrote the theme to CHiPs? They might get in next year.

9:30 - Leonard Cohen is next. Lou Reed will induct him, and Damien Rice will perform in his place. Still no reason given why Cohen and Madonna will be not be performing tonight.

9:33 - Reed in a sweet leather suit with pink shirt. Lots of "Looooouuu-ing" when he's introduced.

9:36 - The crowd seems puzzled by Lou Reed's speech. Probably not the first time.

9:37 - "We're so lucky to be alive the same time Leonard Cohen is."

9:40 - The crowd is getting restless as Reed delivers passages from Cohen's latest book.

9:41 - Cohen is introduced to a standing ovation.

9:44 - Cohen's speech is well done and given in verse. The crowd is eating it up.

9:46 - Rice starts out with an acoustic guitar performance of "Hallelujah" -- so much for having it end the night.

9:50 - Just one Cohen song? Must be, since the annual "In Memoriam" video begins.

9:54 - The video ends with Denis Payton and Mike Smith from the DC5. Very sad.

9:54 - Madonna is next. Justin Timberlake inducting her and Iggy & The Stooges will be performing the tribute.

9:58 - Timberlake turns on the charm and injects some sexual innuendo into the evening.

10:02 - Hey, it's a Britney Spears reference! Timberlake is turning this into a roast.

10:07 - Madonna gave Justin a B-12 shot in the ass? He's not joking.

10:08 - "The world has long been full of Madonna wannabes -- I may have even dated a couple of them."

10:10 - Madonna is ripped as usual. I think she needs to get under the umbrella of steroid suspicion with all that B-12 talk.

10:18 - Hospitals, synagogues, ecstasy...

10:22 - Madonna making the most of her time. Thanking all the people who helped her get to that stage including all of her collaborators.

10:25 - Madonna herself introduces "another ass-kicker from Michigan." Iggy & The Stooges kick it off with "Burning Up." This sounds nothing like Madonna. Fantastic.

10:29 - Right into "Ray of Light." Pretty sure Madonna picked Iggy because they share a physique.

10:30 - Based on this performance, how can the Rock Hall continue to keep The Stooges out? They are killing.

10:33 - A shirtless Iggy exits through the kitchen on the way to the press room. Don't call the health department just yet.

10:35 - Another classic performance clip. Led Zep with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

10:38 - Mellencamp's video starts. We'll be ending the evening with the emotional induction of the DC5.

10:41 - Unbelievable. They're playing "Our Country" in the tribute montage.

10:42 - Billy Joel introduced to induct John Mellencamp.

10:45 - The selection of Joel makes sense now. He's a natural at this, even though he's barely mentioning Mellencamp.

10:48 - Joel congratulates Mellencamp on outliving the music industry. The Joel takes some shots at VH1. Will that make the edited broadcast?

10:51 - Mellencamp takes the stage to accept his "shiny tsotske" (as Joel puts it).

10:55 - Mellencamp talks about having spina bifida as a baby. Touching story.

10:58 - Mellencamp has his speech on the teleprompter? Very professional until he tells someone to "scroll up."

11:05 - "The sword is a mighty weapon, but it ain't nothing compared to the songs that we sing."

11:06 - "Pink Houses" gets it started.

11:12 - A solo version of "Small Town" is next. Somehow works into the lyrics that his wife was 13 when he wrote this song.

11:16 - "Authority Song" with Mellencamp's son on guitar.

11:20 - This is the uncomfortable part of the evening where you encourage old white guys in tuxes to get up and dance.

11:22 - The Dave Clark Five are next.

11:29 - The crowd loves Tom Hanks -- putting a lot of effort into the speech is definitely appreciated.

11:36 - Hanks is on fire.

11:38 - Wow. Dave Clark looks exactly like Norm MacDonald in Burt Reynolds makeup.

11:50 - Nice speech by Dave Clark in tough circumstances. Tom Hanks introduces Joan Jett, who starts with "Bits and Pieces."

11:54 - Jam time! Jett, Mellencamp, Fogerty, Cotton, and Joel take the stage and start with the DC5's "Glad All Over."

11:58 - And just like that it really is All Over. A bit of an anti-climactic ending to a show in desperate need of a climax.
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