UK to Open Its Own Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

It was reported this week that Britain may be getting a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of its own, housed at the O2 arena (aka the Millennium Dome) as a part of a larger pop music exhibit.
Dubbed “Popworld”, the new exhibition will combine state-of-the-art technology and rare memorabilia from the likes of David Bowie and Arctic Monkeys to trace the evolution of popular music from the end of the second world war to the present day.

Visitors will be able to download classic tracks such as John Lennon’s Imagine on to their iPods or mobile phones as they tour the site and even record their own songs in a mini-studio.

The attraction could also include the country’s first permanent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to which new artists will be inducted each year.

Instead of having their names or handprints etched into the wall or floor, as with the Hollywood Walk of Fame, legends such as the Who and Led Zeppelin may be brought to life at the touch of a button through the use of holograms.

Do you hear that Cleveland? They're going to have holograms!

It is unclear whether the UK Rock Hall intends to honor British artists exclusively or if it will be similar to the US version, which is multi-national. It also doesn't seem to be affiliated with the UK Music Hall of Fame (although that wouldn't be such a bad idea), which actually may already be defunct after a short three year run of inductions that ended in 2006.

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