The British Music Experience opens in March

What was previously reported to be the UK Rock and Roll Hall of Fame now appears to have become the British Music Experience, and will open to the public in March of this year. The museum will be on the top floor of the O2 arena, aka the Millennium Dome.

Th BME's website states they will be "dedicated to the history of popular music in Britain," and it appears that non-British artists will be left out, so it's not exactly duplicating what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame does.

Harvey Goldsmith, the chairman of the museum had this to say:

"When I first started this I saw the Rock and Roll hall of fame in America to reflect genres and we really needed something like this in the UK, a home for all of the history of UK talent and artists that make their name in the UK.

"We have such a wealth of talent from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to the Rolling Stones to The Who, its just endless how many great acts we've produced. It's important for us to reflect, look back and entertain something about music has developed."

Fortunately, the article also mentions there will be holographs prominently involved (such as our mockup of the Beatles above), so that's something to be excited about.
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