The B-52's "should have been in four years ago"

Fred Schneider of the B-52's recently spoke out about his band's musical credentials and why he believes they deserve a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
"We've done tours with the Pretenders, the Go-Go's, Tom Tom Club, Blondie," Schneider says, rattling off several of B-52's' musical era contemporaries.

"Each time, each band had a new album out, so it was groups from the past with new records," he says. "It wasn't like an oldies tour. Well, except for us."

What most of those groups also have is a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (The Go-Go's the one exception, with the Tom Tom Club in through the back door as members of Talking Heads.)

The B-52's were eligible for the hall in 2004 – 25 years after their debut album appeared – but have so far been ignored by the nominating committee, possibly because their songs were always frothy, fun party music.

"We created our own genre," Schneider notes, which should count for something in Hall of Fame consideration. "We should have been in four years ago. The most recent years, (the acts) who got in are sort of our peers.

"But what can you do? Hopefully I'll be in there (some day) so my mother can have this plaque or something on the mantle.

Actually, the Nominating Committee has not completely ignored the B-52's, but they still haven't made it to the final ballot.

Future Rock Hall projects that the B-52's have a 44% chance for induction.

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