The A.V. Club asks "Who's In? Who's Out?"

The Onion's A.V. Club has taken a stab at predicting which artists will someday be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Let's take a look at their predictions and how they compare to the Future Rock Hall induction chances.
The A.V. Club predicts these artists will get in:
ArtistA.V. Club OddsFRH Chances
John Mellencamp2-162%
Beastie Boys3-183%
Pearl Jam3-181%
Public Enemy5-174%
The Replacements6-161%
The A.V. Club is pretty safe with these predictions even though their odds should be much higher.
The A.V. Club predicts these artists will be "on the bubble":
ArtistA.V. Club OddsFRH Chances
Tupac Shakur8-145%
The Smiths8-173%
Dave Matthews Band9-151%
New Order10-172%
The Flaming Lips15-158%
Again, the A.V. Club underestimates the chances these artists have. Remember, the Rock Hall voting committee will eventually be represented by a generation of music experts who grew up in the 80's and 90's, and will have a keen understanding of the significance of these artists. It may be 20 years, but it will happen.
This last group won't make the cut, according to the A.V. Club:
ArtistA.V. Club OddsFRH Chances
Hüsker Dü25-166%
Yo La Tengo50-147%
De La Soul100-140%
Future Rock Hall and its users have much more confidence that the Hall of Fame will someday recognize these artist than the A.V. Club does.

Overall, the A.V. Club chose an excellent sample of artists to highlight, the majority of whom will likely be in the Rock Hall within 25 years.

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