The 2008 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Official Ballot

Some interesting things to note about the 2008 Rock Hall Ballot:
  • The voting deadline is November 26, 2007 and votes received after that date "will not be counted." This is most likely in response to the controversy about the vote tallies from last year.
  • Voters don't have to vote for five artists, that is just the maximum. It's possible there may be quite a few ballots this year that are returned with only a couple of names checked off.
  • Voters are asked to rank their choices in order of preference. It's unclear if this information is used in counting the ballots. Previously, the rules stated that an inducted artist needed at least 50% of the vote, but that's no longer the case, since the Rock Hall has stated that exactly five artists will be inducted in 2008. It's very possible that artists could be inducted with less than a majority consent.
Cast your vote in Future Rock Hall's version of the 2008 Rock Hall Ballot here.
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