Steven Van Zandt: The 1980s were a "bloated era of musical horror"

"Little Steven" Van Zandt, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominating Committee member, let loose his opinions about the musical legacy of the 80's. While espousing the awesomeness of the video game Rock Band, and how it will create new drummers, he says, "Let this be the deathblow to those evil drum machines hanging around from that bloated era of musical horror we refer to as the '80s."

Van Zandt has already let it be known that he will be pushing for more '60s bands to be inducted into the Rock Hall next year. But these statements leave the impression that he will actively oppose bands who incorporated electronic music into their sound during the '80s (or even beyond). Not exactly what the Rock Hall was hoping for when it restructured the Nominating Committee two years ago.

Thanks, Casper.

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