Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Drops 50% Vote Requirement for Induction

Induction Process - 50percent
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently updated the Induction Process page on their website to remove the requirement of receiving at least 50% of the vote to be inducted. The revision does nothing to alter the current induction rules, since the 50% rule has been effectively obsolete for years.

We have previously written about the ridiculousness of the 50% rule here, here, here and here (4 years ago!).

The fact that the Rock Hall had left that requirement on their website for so long (and repeated it often) just shows their general indifference to the rules of induction, which ends up generating a lot of skepticism about the process. The Rock Hall doesn’t use an independent accounting firm to tally the votes like most major award organizations do (the Grammys), and never makes the voting results public (like the Baseball Hall of Fame does).

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