Neil Diamond Disappointed He's Not in the Hall of Fame

Neil Diamond has been in the news lately, with the release of his new Rick Rubin-produced album and his cameo on American Idol. So it's not surprising that a reporter asked him about his absence from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The star is disappointed he is continually turned down by the panel - even though he thinks he has made a very significant contribution to the industry.

He says, "It makes me wonder. I've paid my dues, I think, and I think I've done good work. I'd like to be in there with my peers.

"Maybe you just have to keep doing it and I'll get in there some day."

Diamond has been eligible since 1988, and at some point over the past 20 years, the Rock Hall Nominating Committee has seriously discussed his credentials, but he has never appeared on final ballot.

The vast majority of Future Rock Hall voters (87%) are confident that Neil Diamond will one day be inducted.

Thanks, David & Tom

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