Judas Priest would welcome Rock Hall honor

Glenn Tipton, guitarist for Judas Priest, told MTV that if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ever inducted them, they would be proud to accept the award:
Though they still come out with fresh experiments like [their new concept album, Nostradamus], Priest have been banging their heads for more than three decades. But the veterans have never been considered for inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, despite being eligible since 1999. Tipton said it's an honor the band would welcome but one he doesn't expect anytime soon.

"We'd absolutely be honored by it, but we have no control over that," he said. "Besides, we haven't been noticed for 30 years. Maybe they'll notice us now that we've crossed that 30-year mark."

Maybe in researching the new album, Tipton discovered the writings where Nostradamus predicted that Judas Priest would be inducted in 2009. Given the current constitution of the Nominating Committee, it will probably take a lot longer than that before 70's and 80's metal get recognized by the Hall of Fame.
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