Former Nominating Committee member calls Madonna's induction "an embarassment"

Steve Morse, a former Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominating Committee member for seven years, isn't happy with Madonna getting inducted this year.
"[I]f you think of rock 'n' roll, Madonna is not the first name that comes to mind," said Steve Morse...

He considers her selection, particularly in her first year of eligibility, an embarrassment.

Her music was never played on rock 'n' roll radio, he said. Some veteran rock artists like Deep Purple, the J. Geils Band, Steve Miller and Alice Cooper are still waiting for induction. Morse long and unsuccessfully argued on behalf of the late Gram Parsons.

"It seems like this is driven by commercial achievement and sales, rather than having anything to do with the rock 'n' roll genre," Morse said. "It's really a commercial move. They'll be able to sell more tickets to the museum and more people will watch the broadcast."

Morse may have been part of the Nominating Committee restructuring that went on a couple years ago, so he may have been an unwanted voice of resistance to opening the doors to hip-hop and pop.
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