Does Jeff Beck deserve to be inducted?

Our friends over at A List of Things Thrown Together Five Minutes Ago, famous for their Keltner analysis of artists to determine their worthiness for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, have some thoughts on Jeff Beck's 2009 nomination, and why he shouldn't be inducted:
  • [Jeff Beck] clearly inspired Nigel Tufnel's haircut and wardrobe, and possibly Tufnel's childish petulance, in Spinal Tap.
  • [Beck] was unable to create a hit single in two albums with a young Rod Stewart (though he and Stewart much later had a hit with a bastardization of the Impressions' sublime "People Get Ready").
  • Jointly responsible for revitalizing the bloated charity benefit when he, Page, Clapton, Stewart, and Ron Wood staged the Rock for ARMS (Action for Research into Multiple Sclerosis) concert to benefit Ronnie Lane, which in turn prompted a delusional Neil Schon to muse that the 1980s equivalent of Clapton/Page/Beck was Schon/Santana/Van Halen.
  • Contributed to annoying pomp-rock fetishization of "Greensleeves," the sixteenth-century version of "Hey Ya."
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