Dave Mustaine on Metallica's Induction

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth frontman and one of the first members of Metallica, has finally made a statement regarding his former band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mustaine posted an open letter on Megadeth's website.

"Metallica, as you know, has been selected to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So, it is with much respect that I say congratulations!

"I also had the nice surprise of hearing that they called to invite me to the pre-ceremony party the night before, and then to the actual ceremony. Unfortunately, as you all know, I will be winding down our European tour with Judas Priest, so I will be unable to attend. However, I'd like to say to Lars (Ulrich) and James (Hetfield), I am so very proud of all you have accomplished. I will continue to pray for the very best for you and your families, as I always have.

"Thank you for the invitation and thinking of me."

It sounds like Metallica have handled this situation with class and Mustaine responded in kind. It's nice to see they're able to put their contentious years behind them.
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