Cher discusses her Rock Hall snub with David Letterman

Cher David Letterman

Cher was on the Late Show with David Letterman over a year ago and Dave asked why Sonny & Cher weren’t in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (the relevant portion starts at 3:55).

It was an awkward exchange, highlighted by Paul Shaffer claiming with a wink that he didn’t know anyone at the Rock Hall, when in fact he has been on the Nominating Committee for years.

It’s common knowledge that nearly all of the questions during talk show interviews are pre-screened with the guest, so it’s interesting that Cher was theoretically willing to discuss the Rock Hall with Dave (and in the presence of Paul Shaffer no less). Her campaigning obviously didn’t work last year, but keep her in mind as a dark horse candidate for the 2013 ballot.

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